MELT ME SLOWLY – Episode 65 & 66

Addicted To You

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody


By, Ariel Mirabel

✮(𝓑𝓲𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓭𝓪𝔂 𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓽𝔂)✮

Barbie’s spoon fell from her hand in shock.

“What… What did you say?”

Barbie, Kaylee and Cassidy all held a shocked look on their faces. They did not see that question coming at all, especially from Harmony.

“The thing is that… Argh! It’s so embarrassing!” Harmony buried her face in her palms.

Kaylee slowly smiled.

“So you want to ask Angelo for s*x and you worry if it’s gonna hurt?” Kaylee asked and Harmony slowly nodded.

“F*ck! I did not see that coming” Barbie said, picking up her spoon that fell on the table.

“The thing is that… I wanna take our relationship to the next level other than holding hands and kissing. I think it’s time” Harmony said.

“I hope you’re not doing that because you feel insecure. Angelo is crazy over you, one can see it in his eyes that he’s in love with you” Cassidy said.

“Yeah, I know I’m not doing it because of that” Harmony said.

“Well if it’s so I can’t really answer your question coz I’m still a V” Kaylee said.

“Same here” Cassidy shrugged

They all turned to Barbie who was innocently eating her meal.

“Why are you all looking at me like that! Do you really think I’m that naughty? Okay fine, I’m not longer a V” Barbie rolled her eyes.

“So Harmony they’re tons of ways you can use in asking your man for sx. You can just dress sxily before asking him or if you feel to shy to ask directly you go the indirect way, dress provocatively and let him do the asking” Barbie shrugged and Harmony nodded, giving it her utmost attention.

“And if you’re still a V, it’ll hurt if it’s your first time but I think it all depends on the person breaking your virginity. If he’s good in it, you won’t feel too much pain” Barbie said and Harmony nodded again

“So what are you planning to do…” Cassidy asked


“No!!” Barbie exclaimed and immediately hid under the table when she saw Dennis coming towards them with Brandon

“What’s wrong with her?” Cassidy asked.

“Babe” Brandon pecked Kaylee’s lips before sitting down next to her.

“Why is Barbie hiding under the table?” Brandon asked.

“I’m not hiding under the table.. I dropped something there” Barbie chuckled nervously, slowly coming out.

She looked at Dennis and when she saw Dennis was also looking at her, she quickly looked away.

Dennis sighed then grabbed her wrist.

“Come with me” He muttered and dragged her away.

The others just looked at them as they left.

“Do you think something happened between those two?” Harmony asked and Cassidy shrugged.


“Hey! Let me go!” Barbie released herself from his grip.

“You’ve been avoiding me since that incident. Thought we agreed we’ll act like nothing happened.” Dennis frowned.

“It’s not really easy you know” Barbie bit her lips, looking down.

“How should I act normal when everytime I close my eyes, your touches, your kisses, what you made me feel always comes back in my mind. I think I’m going crazy at this rate” Barbie said inwardly, biting her lips even more.

“I’m really sorry… I should have controlled myself back then” Dennis sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

“Maybe it’ll be better if we start avoiding each other” Dennis said.

“What? No!” Barbie quickly said.

“If we continue seeing each other, then things will only get weirder and I fear at this rate I might just dié out of guilt and…” Dennis kept talking but Barbie’s mind was already far away.

Her gaze was fixed on his lips that kept moving as he talked and he occasionally licked it, making it look even s*xier.

Barbie gulped down and closed her eyes before standing on her toe, pressing her lips against his.

Dennis immediately stopped talking and his eyes widened so much.. What the f**k is happening just now!!

Kelly who was walking by stopped when she saw them kissing. She folded her fists tightly as tears dropped down her eyes.

“He moved on so fast! How dares he!!” She thought.



“Mhm..” Juliet groaned as she sat up on the bed. She looked at her chest and sighed when she saw hickeys all over.

“That jerk… Can’t believe I passed out on him” She thought and held the sheets to her body before standing up

Her knees began wobbling greatly as she began taking baby steps towards the bathroom. She stepped on the sheet and that caused her to stumble, falling on the floor.

Just at that moment, Romeo walked in the room. He smirked when he saw her on the floor.

“You look like a baby, curled up in those sheets” Romeo chuckled, crouching down in front of her.

“Looks like you can’t walk properly” Romeo smirked

“And whose fault is that huh?” Juliet glared at him.

“I warned you not to tempt me okay? Do you know how many months I went without s*x and you woke the sleeping beast in me” Romeo shrugged.

Juliet glared at him then hissed before standing up. She resumed with her baby steps as her legs kept shaking.

Romeo chortled lowly before walking to her. He carried her in his arms before walking to the bathroom.

“Hey! Drop me down!” Juliet glared at him.

“I’m sorry okay? Let me help you clean up, I made dinner for us” Romeo said and kissed her forehead



Harmony clicked her tongue in her mouth as she slept, hugging Kaylee as they both slept comfortably.

The girls actually had a sleep over at her place last night

Almost immediately the sound of confetti reigned in the room, making loud noises.

Harmony and Kaylee jumped up from their sleep with wide eyes..

“Happy birthday!!” Mr and Mrs McGwire, Barbie and Cassidy together with Joanna and Noah exclaimed loudly.

“Awwn thanks everyone” Harmony smiled.

A knock came up on the door and Angelo with Brandon peeped in.

“Hello, we heard today’s the birthday of the prettiest girls in the whole wide world” Angelo said, coming in with a white Teddy bear, same as Brandon.

“Doll..” Harmony stood up and rushed to hug him.

Angelo pecked her lips before handing her the Teddy bear

“Thank you” She smiled

“I love you” Angelo smiled.

“Will you two stop oppressing us? Come over and blow this candle” Barbie rolled her eyes and they laughed.

👥 Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you girls
Happy birthday to you 👥

Harmony and Kaylee blew the candle at once and the rest clapped happily.

“Can’t believe my two babies are now 20” Mrs McGwire pinched Kaylee and Harmony’s cheeks.

“Too bad Winter refused to celebrate it with us. I miss her” Joanna sighed.

“Don’t worry, I believe she’ll one day come around” Noah said and Joanna smiled before nodding.

“Let’s go and get ready for the party!!” Barbie exclaimed loudly and they all nodded, leaving the room you have breakfast.

Harmony made to leave too but Angelo pulled her back, pinning her against the wall.

“What?” She blinked her eyes cutely.

Angelo just slammed his lips on hers, kissing her deeply. Harmony’s heart skipped a beat but she closed her eyes and wrapped her hands round his neck, kissing him back.

“You have no idea of how much I love you” Angelo whispered in the kiss.



Winter walked out of her room while carrying a bucket with her dirty clothes in it. She halted when she saw Glen standing in front of her.

“What do you want” Winter glared at her.

“Happy birthday Winter.. I know it’s not much but please accept this, I promise I’ll buy you a better gift next year” Glen brought out money from her purse then stretched it towards Winter.

Winter looked at the money then at Glen. She rolled her eyes and walked away, leaving her standing there.

Glen bit her lips and slowly brought down her hand, keeping back her money.

“When will she ever love me?” Glen thought, fighting back her tears.

Winter got out of the house and she poured water in the basin then began washing her clothes.

“Happy birthday Win!” A voice said behind Winter who jolted up in fear.

She turned to see it was Chris.. Ever since she became his neighbor, he wouldn’t stop asking her out

“If you came here to ask me for a date, my answer is no so just f**k off” Winter rolled her eyes.

“Not today.. I came to celebrate your birthday with you” Chris said and sat down in front of her.

“Here I used up all my money to buy you this” Chris brought out a bracelet.

“That looks cheap” She twisted her face.

“Hey just accept it okay?” Chris whined.

“If I accept it, you’ll stop pestering me right?” Winter asked.

“I’ll try” Chris grinned.

Winter looked at him then hissed before stretching her hand towards him.

Chris grinned more and quickly wore the bracelet on her wrist. Winter looked at the bracelet and frowned

“Never in my life will I imagine putting something as cheap as this” She spatted.

“Are you doing your laundry? Mind if I help you?” Chris said and before Winter could reject, he was already helping her.

He dipped his hands inside the water then brought out a red colored thong.

“Looks s*xy.. I wonder how it’ll look on you” Chris licked his lips

“Give that back!!” Winter snatched it from him, feeling embarrassed

“And just go away would you!!”



The hall was filled to the brink with guests who came to attend the party, both adults or teenagers came to attend it

To them, it was an opportunity to see the girls up close. Even the photographers came and was taking pictures of the guests.

The hall was decorated pink (Harmony’s favorite color) and red (Kaylee’s favorite color).

Their pictures were displayed almost everywhere in the hall with birthday wishes written on it.

A big round table stood in the middle of the hall where the guests kept their gifts and the table almost even full already.

“You look dashing” Angelo said.

“You too, can’t believe I’m impatient to see her… Almost feels like it’s my wedding day” Brandon said

“Same here” Angelo laughed.

“Dude, what did you do to convince your father to come. I nearly got a heart attack when I saw him here” Evan who was standing beside Angelo said.

Angelo smiled and looked at Daniel who was sitting at the VIP seats, sipping his drink slowly with than usual cold look on his face

“He said he wanted to meet Harmony so he came” Angelo smiled.

Almost immediately the lights dimmed and the spotlight was shun on the stairs.

Harmony and Kaylee appeared, standing next to each other. Harmony was wearing a pink long gown that had a slit on one thigh, the gown was backless exposing her spotless back. Kaylee was wearing a red gown, same design as Kaylee. Even their hairstyles were identical.

They both smiled at each other before they began descending the stairs. Angelo and Brandon’s eyes remained wide opened as the stared at them

The two girls descended the stairs till they got to their parents. Almost immediately the guests swoon around them

👥 OMG! Is she Harmony? She looks so pretty, just like her mother

👥 Kaylee too.. They look like princesses!!

👥 So pretty!?

Harmony smiled at the compliment she was receiving. Her eyes traveled through the crowd till she spotted Angelo.

“Doll!” She rushed to him and hugged him.

“How do I look?” She asked but Angelo remained mute, still staring at her.

“Is it that bad?” Harmony pouted.

“I.. I don’t know the right words to describe how gorgeous you look” Angelo stuttered and Harmony smiled.

“Here’s my gift to you” Angelo brought out a red rectangular box then opened it to see two matching bracelets

One was made of pure gold while the other was made of diamond.

“I spent a whole month searching for this but it’s worth. It’s one of it’s kind” Angelo said and picked the diamond one then wore it on her.

He wore the golden one and smiled at her.

“Here, we’re officially connected for life” Angelo smiled.

“Awwn you shouldn’t have” Harmony gushed and immediately hugged him

“I’m ready to do even more for you” He smiled, hugging her back.

“Uhh Harmony” A voice called and she turned to see Tasha standing behind them with her head down

“Tasha?” Harmony’s eyes widened

“I’m… I’m sorry… Harmony please… Forgive me” She said slowly, tears falling from her eyes.

Harmony smiled then went and hugged her..

“Mind if we dance?” A guy walked up to Kaylee.


“Do you wanna díe?” Brandon said, standing in front of Kaylee.

The intimidating and menacing aura coming from him made the guy to scurry off.

“Can you believe this guy? Asking you out in front of me” Brandon scoffed.

Kaylee chuckled and pinched his nose

“You’re too jealous” She said.

“I’m a possessive guy… Especially when it comes to you” He smiled and pecked her lips.

“It’s time for the birthday celebrants to cut their cake” The MC said and almost immediately, two giant cakes were brought in the hall


The cab stopped in front of the venue and Winter got out of it. She looked at the hall and gulped down before heading to the entrance of the hall.

“Why I’m I here?” Winter said inwardly.

She decided to just ignore everything and let today pass but something kept prompting her to come.

She walked in the venue and just then Harmony and Kaylee cut their cakes.

The crowd went wild with claps. And Joanna came forward to hug Harmony, same as Mrs McGwire.

Winter watched everything with a pained look on her face. They all looked happy, they all looked so happy without her, it was as if they all forgotten about her

“Mom, you promised me nothing will change between us.. That I’ll always be your favorite daughter. You promised you’ll throw a grand birthday party on my 20th birthday” Winter said as tears fell on her eyes.

Her gaze left Joanna and went to Harmony who was smiling widely.

“I hàte you… I hate you Harmony!” Winter shouted then ran out of the venue in tears.

She continued running aimlessly, not caring where she was heading to as her tears made her vision blurry.

She was still running till she bumped on someone, falling down on the floor.

“Ahh” She winced as she bruised her knee.

“Look who we have here..” His deep voice sounded.

Winter looked up and she felt cold chills run through her body when she saw how intimidating the man looked.

The man crouched down in front of her and lifted her head up by her chin.

Mamba smirked.

“Are you by chance… Marco’s daughter?”



“I’m so tired…” Angelo groaned as he fell on Harmony’s bed.

Harmony strangely asked him to sleep over.

“Can’t believe my dad said he likes you” Angelo smiled.

He looked up when he felt the room was too silent.

“Candy..” He called when he didn’t see her.

The bathroom door opened and Harmony peeped out.

“Doll, can you… Close your eyes for some seconds, please” Harmony said slowly.

“Huh? Oh sure” Angelo said and closed his eyes.

Harmony bit her lips and slowly stepped out of the bathroom with her gaze fixed on the floor.

She heaved in deeply, trying to calm her racing heart.

“You can open them now” She muttered and Angelo did so

Shock immediately slapped his face at what he saw. His eyes bulged out and refused to close.

In front of him was Harmony, wearing a see through gown with nothing beneath the gown. He could see everything, literally everything!

Harmony slowly pulled off the gown and it fell off her body, rendering her completely naked.

Angelo eyes widened even more.

“Let’s… Let’s have s*x” Harmony said.

Angelo’s eyes widened even more..

“What… What did you just say?”

✎.. .. .. ..『𝐓.𝐁.𝐂


  1. So happy d birthday party went well
    Oh My God!!! Harmony r u 4 real?!
    Oh no, i hope Mamba does nt cook any evil plan with Winter

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