MELT ME SLOWLY – Episode 59 & 60

Addicted To You

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody


By, Ariel Mirabel

✮(𝓥𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓵 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓯𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓸𝓷)✮

Angelo made to pull the trigger again but his vision started becoming blurry and before he knew it, darkness consumed him.

Marco escaped!!


“Angelo, I saw your car outside. You’re still in here?” Brandon spoke as he enter their hideout.

“Angelo?” He called again when he got no response.

His eyes widened non stop when he saw Angelo laying down on his own pool of blood.

“Angelo!!” He immediately rushed to him.

Brandon immediately tore a part of his shirt then pressed it on Angelo’s wound to stop the bleeding.

He looked up to see the door to where Marco was kept opened.

“F**k!!” He cussed and his eyes went back to Angelo when he heard him cough.

“Bran…don” Angelo trailed as his eyes slightly parted.

“I’m sorry… H-he escaped but I have an idea” Angelo said weakly.

“Please save your strength, let’s take you the hospital. You’re losing too much blood.” Brandon raised Angelo up before placing his arms round his shoulder.

“No, it’s urgent.. Marco is currently after Harmony so we need to counteract him. Upload the video of him confessing to his deeds now and also send it to the police, let him be wanted. With that he won’t be able to get to Harmony..” Angelo gasped for breath.

“I promised Harmony I’ll protect her, just do it. Don’t worry about me” Angelo said slowly.

Brandon looked at him then sighed.

“That girl really bewitched you” Brandon muttered, bringing out his phone.

He immediately logged in to his anonymous account before uploading the video to the media, then he sent the video to the police station too

“Let’s go now… You’re loosing too much blood” Brandon dipped his phone in his pocket before leaving with Angelo.


Marco kept dragging his feet, holding his arm. Slowly, his arm was feeling numb and he fear he might stopped using the arm if he doesn’t extract the bullet earlier.

The shot Angelo gave him earlier just worsened things. Droplet of blood kept falling off his arms as he walked, forming a path behind him.

He spotted a woman coming out the grocery store, while heading to her car so he followed her.

Before the woman could make a move he blocked her mouth with his bloody hands.

The woman immediately freaked out, thinking it was a ghost because the way he looked at that moment was scary.

“If you make any noise imma ki*ll you right here. We’ll quietly enter this car and you’ll drive me to my destination.” Marco said and the woman immediately nodded.

“Hand me the first aid kit” He said and the woman quickly did so with shaky hands.

They both entered the car, with him at the back seat and the drive to Marco’s destination began.

“Argh!!” He cried out as he extracted the bullet himself.




Harmony texted Angelo for the 16th time today. She sighed and pouted, fighting back her tears.

“What is wrong? Did I do something wrong? Does he wanna breakup with me? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” She mumbled and a knock came up on her door.

She quickly wiped off the traces of tears before Mrs McGwire could enter.

“Ready for our movie night?” She asked and Harmony smiled slightly then nodded.

She stood up from her bed before walking to her mother and like that, they left for the living room.

Mr McGwire was sitting on the couch, waiting for them. They all sat down, snuggled close to each other.

Mr McGwire switched on the TV and a breaking news immediately came up.

“Minutes ago, an anonymous source sent this video to the police whereby a man identified as an example convict by name Marco Watkins confesses to his deeds 20 years ago…” The female journalist said and soon Marco was shown as he began with his confession.

The remote controller fell from Mr McGwire hand as they watched the news. Harmony slowly rose up from her seat with wide eyes…



“Mom! How on earth do you even manage to worry about that sick man! After all what he did to you?” Juliet scolded Glen who kept calling Marco’s phone non stop.

“You won’t understand… As a mother I need to keep my family united and together” Glen said, dialing Marco’s phone again but as expected the line couldn’t be reached.

Juliet rolled her eyes, obviously pissed off. She sat down on their small couch and then switched on the TV. The news also popped up too

Juliet’s eyes widened when a video of Marco was shown, blood everywhere on him

“Mom… Isn’t that dad?” Juliet said shockingly.

Glen turned to the TV and her phone fell off her hand when she saw the state Marco was in the video. She immediately rushed to the couch

“My name is Marco Watkins and I’m about to confess what I did 20 years ago…” Marco began speaking.

Joanna watched the viral confession with wide eyes. Even Juliet couldn’t believe her eyes.

“No… Marco what did you do?” She muttered.

The door to the entrance swung open and Kaylee appeared. She was breathing heavily, meaning she ran all way from Brandon’s place.

Traces of tears could be seen in her eyes as she breathed heavily..

“Mom, tell me this isn’t true… You’re my mom right? You’re the one who gave birth to me right? Dad didn’t steal me from another family… Juliet you’re my biological sister right? Please tell me this isn’t true” Kaylee said, tearing up.

“Kaylee…” Tears fell from Juliet’s eyes.

Kaylee began gasping heavily as she clutched her chest tightly, finding it hard to breath. Her vision started becoming blurry. Glen rushing to her was all she saw before her eyes shut down




Winter’s eyes were wide open as she watched the news on TV inside her ward. She actually woke up earlier in the morning.

Her parents went home to get her what to change in. They haven’t yet told her of the DNA results.

“No… No!!!” She screamed and shot the remote control at the TV. The TV screen cracked.

“No!! This is fake news!!” She screamed loudly, snapping out the drip on her.

She stood up then walked to the window and her eyes widened when she saw the reporters flooding the entrance of the hospital, all struggling to come in.

Winter shook her had, staggering back. Her mind went to the last phrase Joanna said before heading home.


Her eyes widened, now it all makes sense to her. Why Marco was so friendly to her, why he wanted Harmony gone.

The door to her ward opened and a nurse putting on a nose mask walked in. He pulled down his nose mask and her eyes widened when she saw it was Marco.

“Winter, there’s no time.. We need to get out of here” Marco said, going to hold her hand.

“Don’t touch me!! How dare you!! Upon all the men in this world you had to be my father!! I hate you!!” Winter began hitting his chest.

“Winter!” Marco snapped, grabbing her shoulder tightly that Winter winched.

“Whether you like it or not, I’m your father. You should be thanking me for what I did, because of what I did you lived a luxurious life in the place of Harmony.. Don’t worry, I have money now… I’ll buy you everything you want, let’s go daughter” Marco said and brought out a syringe to sedate her.

“No.. Let me go!! Help!! Help!!” Winter began screaming

The door burst open and three cops raided the room.

“Marco Watkins you’re under arrest for the murder Helen Cruz, for child trafficking, and for involvement in illegal businesses” The head of the cops said.

(Helen Cruz is the elderly woman Marco kílled in the club. She was the midwife)

Winter hit Marco’s tummy and he groaned painfully before releasing her. Winter quickly rushed to the cop’s side.

Marco looked at all of them and when he saw no way out, he slowly raised his hands up. The cop approached him and he was handcuffed.

Almost immediately Joanna and Noah rushed in the ward. They were actually the ones who called the cops to go and guard Winter.

Joanna walked to Marco and immediately landed a hot slap on his face. She slapped his other cheek almost immediately.

“You bàstard!! How could you!! You took away my baby!! Because of you my daughter grew up in an orphanage while her parents are still alive!! How heartless can you be!! I hate you!! I hate you!!” Joanna shouted as she kept slapping him non stop with tears streaming down her eyes.

“Ma’am please stop” The cops held her back.

“Read my lips Marco, what we had was in the past and I will never love you again… It’s quite the contrary. I loathe you!! I despise you!!!” She shouted at his face and Marco swallowed hard.

Marco continued staring at Joanna as the cop took him out of the ward.

Joanna slowly crouched down, crying her eyes out. Noah crouched down and hugged her.

“He almost killed our daughter… For almost 20 years my daughter grew up thinking her mother abandoned her” Joanna cried out.

“It’s okay” Noah consoled her.

Winter stood there as she watched. Her fists folded tightly as a drop of tear fell from her eye.

As usual, Harmony is about to steal all what she loves and holds dear.



“Angelo visited me but he eventually fell asleep at my place so I just thought it will be nice to inform you that he’ll be sleeping over.” Brandon said on the phone to Melissa

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.. Have a nice night ma’am” Brandon said and hung up before facing Angelo who was receiving blood transfusion.

“You’re lucky I’m blood type O. You would have díed like a chicken” Brandon smirked sitting down in front of Angelo.

He actually donated his blood to Angelo.

“Thanks for covering me up. I’m sure my mom would have freaked out if she heard I got stabbed. Please don’t tell Harmony too” Angelo smiled

“Sure” Brandon said scrolling through his phone.

“The video is among the top trending video in the world… Marco will not escape prison this time” Brandon chuckled.

“It’s fascinating how you’re smart in solving mysteries and coming up with plans but you’re a real dumbo when it concerns education” Brandon said and Angelo laughed.

His eyes widened when he remembered he had a program with Harmony today. He took his phone that was on a stand and his eyes widened when he saw 16 messages from her.

He smiled as he read through the messages.

“Cute” He thought.



Brandon rushed in the hospital really fast. Last night, when he got home and didn’t see Kaylee, he thought maybe they’re solving their family issues only for Juliet to call him telling him that Kaylee fainted and hasn’t woken up since then

The doctor said she nearly got a cardiac arrest as the news hit her really hard.

He barged into the ward and he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Kaylee laying on the bed while staring blankly at the ceiling.

She woke up few minutes ago and that’s what she has been doing since then.

“Lee..” Brandon walked to her and took her hand. That startled Kaylee and she turned to him.

“How are you feeling?” Brandon stroke her hair.

Kaylee sniffed and tears escaped her eyes..

“I don’t know… I don’t know how I’m feeling. How should I feel when I suddenly hear my whole life wasn’t actually supposed to be my life” Kaylee teared up.

Brandon pulled her in for a hug.

“I’m sorry, we had no choice than to reveal the news to you that way” Brandon muttered.

“Huh?” Kaylee looked at him.

Brandon just smiled and touched her hair.

“You stayed with me during my hard times, time for me to do so… Don’t worry I won’t leave you” Brandon said and brought his face closer

He stopped when their lips were just few inches away. Kaylee looked at him in the eye then at his lips before closing her eyes.

Brandon’s hand went to the back of head and he tilted his head to the side, gently pressing his lips against hers.

Juliet who was standing by the entrance slowly smiled.



Harmony ran out of the mansion and began looking around. Angelo texted her he was outside, waiting for her.

Harmony’s gaze finally landed on Angelo and she rushed to him.

“Candy…” Angelo made to speak but Harmony immediately hugged him tightly.

“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry if I did something wrong to you, please don’t breakup with me.. My head is in a total mess and you leaving me will kíll me, I’m serious.. I’m sorry.” Harmony began crying.

“Breakup?” Angelo muttered in confusion. Harmony nodded, still hugging him tightly.

“You ignored my texts the whole of yesterday” Harmony sniffed and Angelo almost laughed.

Her hand went to his wound and she pressed it unknowingly.

“Ouch..” Angelo hissed a bit making Harmony to release him.

“Did you hurt your tummy?” Harmony asked worriedly.

“No it’s nothing, I just-”

It was too late for Harmony already lifted up his shirt to see the bandage was already soaking red. Her eyes widened as her hand flew to her lips.

“You’re bleeding! What happened! Who did this to you” Harmony began crying even more.

Angelo smiled then cupped her cheek, wiping off the traces of tears in her eyes. He leaned down and pecked her lips.

“It was worth it okay? I promised I was going to help you find your real family right?” Angelo smiled and Harmony’s eyes widened.

“Don’t tell me..” Harmony gasped and Angelo nodded.

“Breakup will never be in our agenda. Even if we fight we make up the next hour. I’m addicted to you Harmony, you’re like the Candy I can never have enough of. I love you and I can go to any miles just to make you happy. Just continue melting me slowly like you’ve always done. I will-”

Harmony immediately slammed her lips on Angelo as tears escaped her eyes.. Angelo held her waist and kissed her back slowly

“Thank you..” She muttered

✎.. .. .. ..『𝐓.𝐁.𝐂

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