The Perfect One – Semi finale Episode 79 & 80

Lovestruck With You

( Lovestruck
with you…)

Chapter 79✰80

By, Bloom H.



Wren had seen how restless her husband, Roy was ever since he returned from the office. The man had grown pale of recent and she didn’t know what was wrong

“Goodnight Royce”

“Goodnight Mom” She smiled as she passed by Royce’s door, he always left it open while he was still studying. Then closed it when he felt sleepy, that was because sometimes Raymond sneaked in so he was making the job easier for his kid brother

Wren walked in on her husband coughing furiously, she rushed to him with a glass of water

“What is wrong Roy, are you okay? It seems like you’ve caught a cold” She said worriedly, he didn’t reply. Instead after a long stare at her, he sauntered to the bathroom

“What’s wrong with him, a cold all of a sudden?” She wondered going to lay on the bed, her leg collided with the drawer mistakenly and a white paper fell.

Tempted, Wren went through it. By the time she was done, she was a crying mess. That man was in the last stage of cancer


“We’ll scale through this together” Wren said but he shook his head

“I love you but I don’t want you to keep living for me. I’m a dead man Wren”

“I’m not leaving you if that’s what you’re driving at. Till death do us part, Roy. What about the kids, huh?”

” Why won’t you listen to me. I feel pathetic and I hate the look you’re giving me, so just leave along with the boys. Take them with you!”

” I won’t, what will I tell them huh? Their father is a coward??!” Wren snapped

” Suit yourself!” Miserable Roy growled and mistakenly pushed her, she fell painfully on the floor

He left not casting her a glance and that was it! He began abusing her to push her away but the more he did, the more she clung to him

Roy hated himself everyday when he saw Royce treating her wounds but he was already too gone to amend, till one day Royce left and never came back to see him or Wren

He lost his son and not even on his death bed did Royce come

The boy was out of reach the whole day, he didn’t give a damn!

“I’m sorry” Roy apologized weakly, he was on a hospital bed looking pale and almost unrecognizable. Only Wren was around since Raymond was on a school trip

“I love you Roy” She cried and he smiled, his tears were uncontrollable too


“He will come..”

“He won’t. He’s my son, I know him well”

“I’m sorry…I tried talking to him but…” She sobbed like a child

” It’s not your fault. It’s mine. I forced him” He coughed for a long while

Wren had to call Raymond via phone to speak to his dad that day and after a few words, Roy passed

Wren was devastated and without the boys, she almost lost it



“Dad used to hit you?” Raymond blinked as he looked at his crying mom. Royce, without a word, got up from the foot of the stairs, he went to the cella and grabbed a bottle of wine then headed upstairs

He was too shocked to speak or react

Raymond stormed away to his room too leaving Wren to cry herself to sleep



“Yes dad. I’ll be coming back tomorrow. Yeah, love you too” Presley ended the call with her dad and sighed moving away from the window. She’s in Brandon’s suite.

As she moved to one of the chairs, Brandon entered the room. They stared at each other for a moment, none speaking

Presley took her head down when she couldn’t keep staring, she felt too guilty to continue

The next second, she found herself being engulfed in a hug

“I missed you” Brandon said hoarsely and she pouted

“I left and I’m sorry”

“I understand…”

“No you don’t Brandon. Men leave after making promises to me, but I guess I shouldn’t have counted you as one of them. I’m sorry” She hugged him back

“You might be annoying but I won’t leave you ever” He said and she pulled away from the hug glaring at him

“I’m annoying is it?” She huffed and he smirked

“Believe it or not ma’am you’re damn annoying”

“You’re being mean to me” She whined and he chuckled cupping her face in his palms, his eyes staring deeply into hers

“I love you Presley Martinez”

“You should, cos I’m one of a kind”

“The only one who’d run off with an engagement ring, I see” He teased and she groaned, blushing embarrassingly

“I’m sorry..” She mouthed and he smiled leaning to kiss her. When their lips met, it ignited a passion within them and they kissed like long lost lovers

The kiss got heated and intense, they stopped to catch their breaths. Brandon ogled at her, he missed her and right now his desire to have her was at the top


“Yes, I want you too” She threw off her shirt from her body then jumped on him wrapping her legs round his torso and they resumed kissing more heated than before

Their tongues kept swirling and lips making cute sounds as they joined

Slowly he placed her on the bed and hovered her with their lips still locked

Brandon broke the kiss and took off his shirt hurriedly, then…

“Mommy!!!” Asher barged into the room, for a split second Presley glared at Brandon, why didn’t he lock the door

“Hey are you guys fighting?” Asher blinked when he saw how his parents were positioned. They looked like those fighters he’d see on TV

Brandon rolled off Presley’s body and Asher didn’t waste time jumping on her. Brandon scoffed jealously and glared at Asher causing Presley to giggle

He’s such a baby, imagine being jealous of your own kid 😂

“Mommy I missed you so much. And I miss the pizza you always make for me, promise you won’t ever leave again?”

“I promise kiddo, and I promise to make you your favorite pizza tomorrow morning okay?” Presley wrapped her pinky finger round his and he giggled

“Yayy,.. mommy guess what?”

“You want us to lock your daddy outside?” Presley asked grinning and Brandon gasped, turning to look at them aptly

“Can we?” Asher asked and she nodded

“Seriously? I’m right here” Brandon frowned slightly. This duo never seizes to amaze him, they act like soulmates, whereas, she’s his soulmate

“Oh, hey” Presley waved and Asher burst into cute giggles

Brandon couldn’t help but smile, he moved over and held them close to him, he kissed Presley’s shoulder lightly and ruffled Asher’s hair

“I love you guys so much”

“And I love mommy” Asher grinned

“What?!” Brandon sat up, Presley burst into laughter rolling on the bed senselessly, “What about me?”

“Be happy you’re still in here old man” Presley laughed and Brandon’s jaw remain dropped

“I’m 32!”

“That sounds like old to me” She laughed harder


“So you’re the man my daughter ran away from” Martinez chuckled and continued, “Don’t mind that girl…she’s always been one with a loose nut”

This time Brandon laughed, they hugged

Presley and Adelia eyed them from the table where they were putting lunch in place

“He’s handsome” Adelia complimented Brandon and Presley blushed

“And the kid is cute too. You hit the jackpot girl” She added and Presley giggled turning to look at Brandon, their eyes met and he winked causing her heart to skip a beat

“You really want to marry my dad huh?”

“Why? Worried about the age difference? I’m 37 Pres, just so you know” Adelia said and Presley smiled

“But still…

“I love him and that’s what matters. Your father is a nice man, and besides if you don’t mention it, one would think he’s 35. Sometimes I feel older” Adelia whined and Presley laughed

“Thank you Adel…for choosing my dad. I hope you keep each other happy” Presley hugged her and she grinned

“Same to you Presley. Wait, step daughter!” Adelia said and they laughed again

The men watched them from where they stood with warm smiles on their faces

“Asher, come over. I made something special for you” Presley called out to Asher who was busy playing games in his dad’s phone

Her dad and Brandon joined them soon. Throughout the lunch, Brandon kept making flirty moves at Presley while she blushed cutely

“I’m still not full” Brandon whispered loud enough for her or hear

“That’s your business” She whispered back

“I wanna eat you next” He squeezed her thigh and after much thoughts she understood what he meant


“Any problem, dear?” Her dad asked and she shook her head

She then glared at Brandon who sat innocently. Asher giggled in his spot, he’d seen the glare and found it funny

“Idiot!” Presley mumbled



“Thank you ma’am” Sierra paid off the guys she’d hired to repaint the Audi. She smiled and waved at them as they left

She twirled squealing as she gazed at her now dark purple electric car.

“My newest baby!!” She checked it out, the coating was dry and ready to be driven.

After gushing over the car for almost thirty minutes, she breathed and dailed Royce’s number for the umpteenth time

It was switched off! Again! It’s been two days since they returned from Paris and after he dropped her home they haven’t spoken

Sierra had been tempted to go to the mansion but she felt it’s best she doesn’t, at least not now

After trying his line again to no avail, she called Chloe instead

“Wassup baby” Chloe beamed the moment she picked the call

“Guess what I fixed?” Sierra asked

“I don’t know…your a$$?”

“F*ck you Chloe” Sierra said and she laughed

“So what did you fix?”

“I fixed my car, wanna go for a ride?”

“A ride in an SUV, seriously?”

“Not the Jeep stupid, the Audi”

“Wait…you still have that car? I thought it was yellow.”

“Well it’s now purple. You interested or not foodie?”

“I’m not a foodie and yes…I’m very interested” Chloe squealed and Sierra chuckled

“So this b***h is storming your workplace in the next twenty minutes”

“I’ll be waiting sweetheart” Chloe beamed and hung up

Sierra smiled and looked at the car before heading towards the exit, she tried calling Raymond this time but his phone was switched off too

Sierra sighed, “I wonder how things are going with them”

“I miss you” She mumbled referring to Royce as she entered the apartment



Royce had placed everything in him on deck before embarking on the trip back to the Villa in Brooklyn. The same place he left ten years ago because he couldn’t stand his father

Turns out the old man was a scaredy cat. Royce flinched when Raymond tapped his shoulder lightly

He came along with him, the brothers decided to face the truth together

“Gosh, I’m not a ghost” Raymond teased and he snorted

“This place looks the same. I thought something might’ve changed” Royce admitted as they walked in, Raymond had his arm over his shoulder

The maids in the mansion bowed as the young masters entered.

“What could possibly change. Dad said only you had the right to decide the changes in here” Raymond told him and he raised a brow

” He did?”

” Those were his last words. Now that you’re here, please change the interior decor. I mean these are old-fashioned…” Raymond kept blabbering away while Royce wandered off till he found himself in his old room.

He strolled to the window side and gazed down at the pool in the backyard, Royce smiled. Nothing changed, really!

From there, he went to his wardrobe, it still contained his clothes – laundered and neatly folded. Some he hadn’t even used, especially the customized ones

“I don’t think I’ll use these again” He muttered

“Sir?” Sera, Wren’s caretaker and the head maid called entering the room with a cup of coffee

“Donate these to… charity? Just do something about it. I’m never using them again” He said to her as he collected the cup and she nodded before leaving

He resumed scanning the wardrobe and when he touched a particular spot, a white envelope fell from there.

“What’s this?” He bent and picked it, “To my son, Royce” He smirked as he read the write-up on it. No doubt it was his dad’s handwriting

“Wow, classic Roy Evans” He thought and smugly plopped on the bed tearing open the envelope

Meanwhile, downstairs, Raymond was a smiles as he chatted with Alessia. The girl is so naughty while texting and a whole package of timidness in person. He can’t love her less. She’s wild

“Sir, lunch is ready” A maid informed and he followed her to the table. When he sat to eat, he saw Royce coming downstairs looking less stiff and free. He was smiling too and in his hand was a brown file

Raymond smiled back, Royce was so perfect. He’d always admired his brother and wanted to be like him… except being a playboy.

“I love you bro” He said and Royce eyed him making faces

“Now I’m scared of you. Hope you aren’t gay or something?” Royce asked as he took a seat

” Can’t I say I love you to my brother?”

“No. Only my girlfriend has that right. You, shut up!” Royce said sternly and shrugging while Raymond chuckled

“What’s that?” He asked referring to the file Royce brought along

“The key to permanently destroying Dervantes. Turns out our old man was smart after all” Royce smirked and gave him the file

Raymond’s eyes widened and he went through the details, he gasped and looked at Royce who in turn smiled evilly


“Yeah, shtt!” Royce smirked, just when he was about eating, his mind wandered to Sierra and he gasped

“F*ckkk, she would be worried” He but his lip guiltily. He should have texted her at least, damn!

“Who? Sierra?”

“Who else. We’re leaving after lunch!!” Royce deadpanned and Ray nodded, not like he planned to stay anyway



Sierra’s Audi pulled over in the parking lot, they kept singing baby don’t hurt me by David Guetta. Chloe was looking more cheerful than before. It was a long drive around town, she’d seen places she didn’t know existed in the city

And she didn’t really dwell on Adam like she usually did

“OMG! That was crayy!!” She screamed and hugged Sierra tightly, “I love you S.”

“Same here C.” Sierra kissed her cheek and they laughed crazily
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“So what next? Presley seems to be having the best time back in Carolina. I’ve got work, so what about you? You’re now like… unemployed” Chloe sighed and looked at her

Sierra smirked

“I low-key suck. Don’t I?” She asked and Chloe chuckled, “Well I’m taking this baby to the countryside”

“You’re going home?” Chloe’s eyes widened and Sierra nodded

“Right now?”

“Yeah, so get your fat a$$ out of here” Sierra started the engine and Chloe smirked before stepping out

“Say hi to Mom on my behalf”

“Yeah, sure. Don’t worry about the chef too much. He’s not a kid. I’m sure he’d be back soon” Sierra teased and Chloe blushed embarrassingly

“Yeah yeah, go already and drive safe” Chloe waved as she drove out of the parking lot. She released a soft sight then took short strides to the building entrance.

Chloe was tempted to look behind when she saw the receptionists and guards doing same. Her brows creased when she did, they were a fleet of black sedans lined up by the roadside

Since when did Brandon start going around with escorts…she wondered

Moments passed and when everyone thought the show was over, the main sedan was opened by a guard and Chloe almost passed out when she saw the one who stepped out

Adam? Freaking Adam? She might have lost it cos WTF!

Chloe found her legs moving forward to where he stood looking different. He was wearing an expensive Armani suit, his hair was combed slick back. The jewels that adorned his hands shone brightly as the lights hit them

Chloe’s jaws were dropped by the time they faced each other

People, most especially ladies held their breaths anticipating what will happen next

“A-Adam?” Chloe stuttered and he nodded with a breathtaking smile gracing his face. Seeing her again after almost two weeks, rekindled a fire within him. He f*cking missed her.

He could have called but he couldn’t, he has been put through the test of working his a$$ out for the company and catching up with his dad. He usually got exhausted and the first three days he passed out from overworking

“Jesus Christ!” She jumped on him hugging him tightly, he gasped but held her waist protectively

Ladies lost consciousness, they passed out on the floor

After the long embrace, they pulled away. With rage filled eyes, Chloe lashed out

“Motherf*cker, how dare you suddenly disappear, you made me wait like some kid. I looked everywhere for you. Do you know how worried your staff at the restaurant are? I know you care less about me…”

“I’m sorry. Chloe. Don’t say I don’t care about you. It’s just the circumstances I found myself in..”

“And why are you dressed like this…you’re so fine” Chloe scoffed with her face squeezed

Adam chuckled and hugged her again, but she moved away quickly

“Stay away from me, I’m just glad you’re safe and healthy. Now get your escorts out of where I work” She spat angrily and began walking away

” Chloe wait” Adam went after her and held her forearm, “Chloe please don’t leave…”

“I’m not leaving, this is where I work” She shrugged

Adam sighed, he knew she was really mad and he could feel the rage. He didn’t want her to leave not after he just met her after those torturous days. Adam had realized how much she meant to him in that short while, he would see her pretty face everywhere. Damn! He had gone delusional for a while

“Don’t leave me” He muttered and her heart sank, she turned to him

“I’m not as cruel as you are” She smirked and kicked her legs like a child

“I know this will come out absurd but Chloe I think I’m in love with you…so bad that I can’t seem to concentrate on anything, I keep seeing you everywhere around me. My world revolves around you and your choices. You might not be my first love but you’re the first to make me feel complete Chloe…so please…” He whispered the last statement, Chloe was red all over by then

🗣️ Aww…this is so sweet!

“So?” She asked shyly biting her lip

“Let’s date” He said and she blinked



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