The Perfect One – Episode 77 & 78

Lovestruck With You

( Lovestruck
with you…)

Chapter 77✰78

By, Bloom H.



“Home sweet home!” Sierra proclaimed the moment she stepped into her apartment, her hands were up in the air as she jumped about

Royce came from behind with her bags, he pecked her cheek and neck briefly before moving in fully.

“Hey I’ll take those in myself. You should go home, your mom will be waiting” Sierra advised and he smirked

“You’re so considerate” He said sarcastically and she giggled, she walked to him and hugged him with her hands diving under his sweatshirt to rub his abs

Royce chuckled, this girl keeps growing possessive every second, even when they’re indoors and to think he likes it when she’s wild

She’s adorable. His adorable woman!

“Sierra?” He called and she hummed, “Stop that, else I will be tempted to eat you up” He said and she smirked

“Okay…eat me please”

“You seem to be getting naughty as the day passes”

” I’ve always been a naughty girl” She wrapped her legs around his torso as he lifted her up skillfully throwing his sweatshirt over his head leaving him topless.

“Gosh!” He kissed her. It was fierce and rough tongue kiss with possessiveness in every swirl of their tongues. When they disconnected, she was straddling him on the couch, their faces remained super close and their breaths fanned each other.

Sierra swatted her tongue over her lips while maintaining eye contact

“Sexy” He flirted

“I love you” Her eyes glistened and he blinked. Did she just say she loves him?

“I’m not saying it again” She said quickly when she saw his lips parted, Royce smiled breathtakingly and pouted

“Just once, you don’t know how I’ve been dying to hear you say that” He pleaded

“I love you, Royce.” She said seriously with a smile on her lips

” Man, that sounded creepy, I’m used to hearing you say how much you hate me” Royce teased and she huffed

“I hate you!”

“Yes, that’s it” He smirked and she giggled hugging him. “I love you” He said snuggling her close

After spending time together putting her apartment in place, Royce decided to go home

“Call me, okay?” She said and he nodded smiling

Sierra sighed, she knew he was going to have a talk with his mom about the most sensitive topic in his life. She hopes he’ll be fine

“I will” He winked and hopped into the car, she watched it drive out of her driveway before going back inside

On his way, Royce kept smiling as her words rang in his head, she loves him!

“Yes!” He chuckled nodding his head to the cool music from the stereo

As he drove, a call came in his phone. He sighed when he saw the caller ID, it was Everleigh


“Can we meet. Please?”



“Okay, you pick a spot…an open space” He stressed and she replied yes before hanging up



“Hello to the latest millionaire in town. I mean you were a millionaire but you’re now a bigger shot” Chloe squealed as Sierra connected the call. It was a video call with the girls. She rolled her eyes and bit her lip

“Girl. You’re taking us shopping like hell…you ain’t gonna complain the least even if I buy the whole store” Presley gushed and Sierra chuckled, she also has to pinch herself every minute to believe she’s actually Royce’s girl

She used to hate his guts. Life!

“You guys keep saying this over and over. I just got back from Paris” She sighed and they giggled

“It was broadcasted live. You’re now a celebrity milady” Chloe smiled and on her screen was valley’s cute furry face popping up. Presley and Sierra gushed at how cute it was

“So Pres. When are you planning to come back to New York? I mean you need to return the ring right?” Sierra burst into laughter and Presley frowned. Chloe was forced to laugh due to how hard Sierra was, Presley’s face reddened she wished the earth would swallow her up. When her friends decide to make life difficult for her, what else does she want…

“Stop it!!” She fumed and Sierra’s laughter increased

“Now that S finds it funny, I do too. Sorry Pres but I can’t help it” Chloe laughed

” I hate you girls, what type of friends are you?” Presley whined and Sierra stopped laughing

“Sorry, sorry. Gosh! Presley WTH.. taking that ring with you and fleeing, is called theft. As a lawyer you should know better” Sierra teased and Presley glared at her

“I’m already so f*cked and all you guys can do is make fun of me” She sniffed

“Aww. You f*cked yourself sweet. But, I still love you and if you feel you’re good, then it’s cool” Sierra comforted and Presley sighed

“I’m a very terrible person…I wonder what he thinks of me and Asher…oh my baby, he’ll hate me”

“He misses you actually and Brandon is now a shadow of himself. Presley you did them bad, they need you so please come back soon, I miss you too” Chloe pouted and she blinked

“I miss only Sierra”

“Just because she’s now richer than before?”

“Yeah, why else b***h…my best friend is rich!!!” Presley squealed and Sierra grinned

“I’m hurt” Chloe said dramatically and they laughed

After talking to her friends for almost an hour, the call ended. Sierra sat alone in her apartment, bored and missing Royce. She blushed when she recalled how she confessed to him

Her first genuine confession to a guy. She usually played them. Sierra sighed and got up from the couch, heading towards the door and once she was out, she faced the garage

It’s been quite a while she stepped foot in there. In the garage, her silver SUV was parked idly, there were a couple of boxes neatly arranged at a corner but what caught her attention was the new and unused customized Audi parked at the far end. It was covered to prevent dust.

Sierra smirked and threw the material off, the car still looked brand new. Leo had got it for her while they were still together, but she didn’t used it because it was yellow.

She hates the color yellow, especially on cars. Since then it’s just been there, she never really paid attention to it or else she might’ve sold it off sooner.

“Leo, I wonder what he’s doing now?” She shrugged walking round the car aimlessly

“I should work on it” She stopped walking and slowly slid down resting her back against it, “Then I’ll take it for a ride” She muttered going through her phone contacts

” I miss her” After much contemplating, Sierra dailed her mom’s number and after the second ring, she picked up


“Hey Mom!”

“Oh my goodness. I’m calling back, mama, papa, Sierra called!!!” She ended the call and called back immediately but it was a video call

Sierra waved at her grandparents while they stared at her in awe, it’s been a year…

“Hiii guys…” She smiled

“Oh my baby…” Her Mom burst into tears



Royce met Everleigh seated in the VIP section of a fancy restaurant. He became worried when he saw how pale she looked

“What’s up Leigh. Are you sick?” He asked worriedly and she smirked

“I’m leaving New York”

“Okay, you’re done with your sh00t already?” Royce asked and she fumed, jealously.

“Yeah, I might be moving to Australia permanently”

“Ohh. Australia is a nice place, you’ll love it there” Royce said nonchalantly and she frowned banging her hand on the table

Royce was startled, he raised a brow


“You act fine after breaking my heart… You cheated me Royce, why didn’t you choose me, why her. What’s so special about her!!” She ranted angrily and he rolled his eyes in exasperation.

This was him trying not to break their bond of friendship but she was pushing him to the edge

“Is that why you called me here?” He gritted and she scoffed

“That’s it, I’m leaving. I hope you find happiness wherever you’re headed” He stood up and she stood too, fuming badly

“I don’t know how but I hope she’s unfortunate just like your mom was…” She stopped when she realized what she just said and looking at Royce, he was hurt and it was clearly shown in his eyes

His eyes widened and he shook his head

“Royce…I’m sorry..I didn’t mean…”

“I know what you meant Everleigh. Just freaking stay away from me cos from today we’re no longer friends” He said and walked away before she could speak

”, no..” She fell back on the chair sobbing silently

“What have I done!!”



Jason and Kelsey stepped out the car looking hot. Their appearance screamed made for each other. The ladies who’d crushes on Jason almost died out of jealousy when he wrapped his arms around her waist

“Thanks” She said shyly when he took her hand and led her into the classy restaurant. This would be their first date since they became a couple and like Royce, Jason made it public and surely it broke lots of hearts

“Oh my God, this place looks expensive” Kelsey gushed as she gawked at the interior of the lavish room

It was just a restaurant so why the hype. Rich people and squandering money, she shook her head.

A waitress was one to serve them but what Kelsey noticed was the lady’s attempt to seduce her man. What!!

“Anything she orders. What would you like to have sweetheart?” Jason was focused on her but Kelsey was too mad to reply, the lady’s skirt was too short to be ignored, what if?

He was once a playboy right? She’s feeling damn insecure right now

“Kels” He called and she forced a smile before ordering her favorites

Not getting the attention she felt she deserved, the waitress huffed and waltzed off with their orders. Kelsey sighed softly

“She’s not even that pretty”

“She’s definitely not as pretty as you are” Jason cooed and she pouted

“She was seducing you”

“That’s her business, cos I’ve got eyes only for you Ms Jade. I know I don’t have the prettiest reputation but I promise to make it up to you even if it means tying myself with you” He said seriously and pecked the back of her palm

Kelsey blushed and bit her lip

“Thank you Jason”

“I love you Kelsey”

“I love you Jason”

They were talking and laughing when their orders returned. The lady glared at them angrily and stomped away.

He didn’t even look at her, gosh!



Presley was out taking a walk around the town she grew up in. She opted for this so as to clear her head, walking past a few lovers, she wouldn’t deny she missed Brandon even though she troubled him throughout their enemy to lovers phase

She smirked and fixed the ring on her finger then kissed it

“I love you grumpy rude man” She smiled as she walked, “And I believe I owe you a piece of land” She chuckled and shook her head

Suddenly a flashy black car pulled over by her side, a man stepped out. Presley started maneuvering her way out but he followed which got her alarmed

“Miss please wait” He caught up with her and was about speaking when her phone rang, it was her dad calling

Presley eyed the man and took the call. After listening to what her father said she followed the man without hesitation

But then she kept wondering who the important person was…like her dad had said

For Presley, her dad, friends, foster parents, Brandon and Asher were the most important so who could it be…


Presley was left alone in a mansion. She sat down on one of the couches and played games in her phone.

After a while, she heard footsteps coming from the stairs. Lifting her head, Presley sucked in breath as she stared at the woman who almost ruined her life – with two girls who looked identical and resembled her a lot

Anastasia Martinez – oh wait, she was no longer a Martinez for 20 years now, she was now Anastasia Waddler, the icon popstar

“OMG mom, she’s our sis? She’s so cool” The one who appeared cheerful ran to her

“My name is Trixie, and i love you, I wanna be a Barrister like you when I get to’re my role model” Trixie kept gushing to the uninterested Presley

She forced a smile

“Gosh, Trixie stop bugging her with your lies. Hey sis, I’m Viva and I’m the aspiring lawyer here…” Viva pushed her twin aside and stood in front of Presley

Anastasia smiled guiltily from the foot of the stairs where she watched them, even hell knew Presley was not finding them cute. Not at the least!

The anger, hurt, pain and jealousy she was feeling was enough to burn them down. Her Mom Anastasia was a selfish person, back in the days when she was still married to Martinez, she sang in a bar with dreams of being a popstar and when she got the opportunity, she ran to it instantly breaking her family and husband’s heart

She didn’t care about them, she cared only about herself and the moment she ran to the famous producer, Noel Waddler’s arms, Martinez divorced her

Presley glared hatefully at her while the twins kept ranting. After all these years, what does she want. Hasn’t she ruined her enough?

Or was she just flaunting her perfect family to her face. If only she knew that she ( Presley ) got double perfection after she left

Sierra’s family was enough to kick Anastasia’s memory out of her head. Presley suddenly smiled when she recalled how Sierra’s mom used to treat her while they were still young – like Sierra’s twin. Then after graduating, she was introduced to Connor’s firm and his family

She has brothers too { Connor’s sons } so what the heck Ana was doing suddenly didn’t bother her again.

Presley realized she had it all and her all was now complete and waiting for her in New York – Brandon and Asher

“You girls will do great in your ambitions” She smirked and the girls giggled

” I love your voice”

“I love your hair…sis we should go shopping sometimes…”

” Trixie no shopping…you’re such an obsessed shopping geek” Viva dragged her out of the house

” Love you Mom” They chorused

“Don’t stay out late. Love you too” Anastasia smiled as she moved to sit on a couch adjacent to where Presley sat

A moment of silence passed, Anastasia felt guilt eating her up every second as she took in her daughter’s features, the same seven year old she denied on her wedding day to Noel Waddler. Presley was now a woman, a Barrister that had won major cases and…she was married?

Anastasia’s heart leapt out of joy when she spotted the ring on Presley’s finger

“You’re married?” She beamed

“Are you still in touch with my dad? Isn’t that like cheating on your beloved husband?” Presley spoke with sarcasm, shooting her a glare that had her squirming on her spot

“I happened to see you the day you arrived in Carolina so I reached out” Ana explained

“Okay, please don’t reach out again. We feel belittled”

“I..I’m sorry..”

“Sorry for? You’re pathetic Anastasia. Don’t get me started with the reasons why I think so. Since I’m here, what do you want from me?” Presley sat upright, “Do you have a case for me? As you know, I’m a lawyer..”

“I know…and I’m proud”

“Don’t jinx my life with your pride. Save it for your kids”

“I’m your mother Presley and..”

“Your blood just happen to run in my veins don’t get the relationship wrong”

Anastasia bit her lip and took a deep breath, “I know you hate me right now but I still have to say it..I’m really sorry for..”

“For leaving a scar on me? I’m scared of cameras cos of you, and if you feel you leaving caused a turmoil in my life then Mrs Waddler, you’re wrong. So please don’t apologise, it will make you feel entitled” Presley cut her off, after she was done, she told up

“Presley please…stay a little longer…” Anastasia’s tears were flowing freely, Presley scoffed sending a hard glare at her

“So you feel forgiven? Mind you, I hold no grudges against you since you’re not significant enough even for my hate, if I hated you Anastasia, I would be cussing you right now. Didn’t you want the gold, you have the gold so why are you pleading for dirt to stay. I advise you stay away from me and my dad’s affairs and focus on your family..the type you always dreamed of. It’s just sad, only your kids value you so save the love for them… I believe I’m clear” Presley smirked and eyed her before storming out of the building

Ana crashed down on the couch and wailed, her greed and selfishness made her miserable. She wanted a flashy life , she got it but where’s her husband now. Noel Waddler turned out to be a manwhore, he probably would be in bed with another woman by now. Only Trixie and Viva were the solace she had, though they were times, they never got along

Her career ended earlier than expected, though she had the certifications, this was not what she wanted…what she actually wanted was lost and she’d never get it back. Ever!

Presley had tears in her eyes as she walked away. She had been through the pain of losing her mom and she’s doing the same to Asher

She brought out her phone and was about calling Brandon when his call came in, she blinked and tucked her hair behind her ear before picking

“Hello” She said in a tiny voice, face down as she sauntered down the road

“Mommy I miss you so much”

“Asher.. sweetheart I miss you more. I’m sorry for leaving, mommy had important work to attend to, I promise I’ll be back tomorrow..”
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“ are you crying?” He asked and her heart skipped a beat, she wiped her tears and shook her head as though she could see her

“No dear..”

“That’s a lie…you are crying, why are you crying and why are you walking so fast” The kid said with a hint of excitement in his voice

Presley chuckled wondering how he knew what she was doing, “Asher, can you see me?”

“Yes! Daddy is coming…” He hadn’t completed his statement when she bumped into someone and the phone fell

“Dude!!” She snapped ready for a fight but all her intentions fled when she looked up and saw Brandon’s intense gaze on her

She blinked twice and pouted like a baby.

“I’m sorry” She burst into tears and all he could do was pull her in for a hug



After Everleigh’s proclamation, Royce got wasted at a bar. Wren stopped watching the documentary the moment she saw him, she smiled at first but when she noticed the state he was in, a frown graced her face

All day she’d been waiting for him, mostly the stories of his love life and now he’s home drunk?

This boy!

Sluggishly she went over to assist him, Royce hugged her instead and whispered

“Why did you leave the first time he did it?”

Wren’s body stiffened, she needed no soothsayer to tell her what he meant

Splitting images of what she’d gone through flashed through her head and she bit her lip

“Royce, you’re drunk. Why did you drink so much?” She tried changing the topic but he was insistent

“You could’ve run away. You had plenty options, so why the f*ck did you choose to stay with that monster, godamnit!”

” It wasn’t his fault..”

” You’re such a coward. I see where I got the traits” Royce staggered backwards and began walking away

Wren’s heart clenched at his words

“He did it so we could hate him!!!” She shouted and he hiccuped suddenly becoming sober


“He had cancer. He died cos of cancer not a heartattack” She fell back on the chair crying while Royce laughed pathetically

After all the hate, he gets this? He hates his father and even if he did have cancer, why did he hit her…

And Everleigh, why did she say such things to him, the very least she could do was respect their friendship. Royce was miserable, he kept chuckling as he looked at his mom, his phone kept buzzing but he didn’t bother checking it

He knew it’ll be Sierra calling

” What?!!” Raymond who happened to hear her confession gasped

Royce sat down on the foot of the stairs and held his aching head

Wren looked at Raymond with a mortified expression. He just returned after dropping Alessia home

“What did you say?”

“Ray Ray?”


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