The Perfect One – Episode 75 & 76

Lovestruck with you

( Lovestruck
with you…)

Chapter 75💝76

By, Bloom H.

[ MURDER!! ]

Kelsey was shocked but through that, she reciprocated kissing him back with the same zeal while moaning in between

She’s been fantasizing about this for a while now…

When it became hard to breathe, they disengaged both breathless

She looked at him and blushed before looking away shyly

“Uh.. Jason…” He placed a finger on her lips

“Shhh…I’ll do the talking” He cut her off, “I know I’m not the one you want and maybe I’ll never be. But I have to say that you Kelsey Jade are a beautiful woman and I’m helplessly head over heels for you. Just a smile from you melted me in many ways I’d never felt before, I was slow and maybe if I’d realised sooner you wouldn’t have gone through some shtts. I love you so much I’m disappointed in my life’s choices. A playboy? WTF was I thinking! My heart aches badly when you’re out of my reach and…

“I love you too” She sniffed and rubbed her teary face with the back of her palm

Jason blinked

“Just don’t break my heart, okay?” She cupped his face and he nodded quickly going for her lips again

“I swear I won’t Kels” His lips landed on hers and hungrily fed on it like his life was rooted there



Presley rushed out of the airport with her eyes searching the vicinity. The flight to here was just an hour, and the last hour had been a torturous one for her since she’s been seeing Brandon’s face everywhere

Presley was tempted to scream but she didn’t, she couldn’t risk spending the night in jail especially as it was particularly cold at the time

She wrapped her arms around her body. She stood at a spot waiting for her dad to come pick her up

“Mia Vida ( My life )” She heard a familiar voice call and on raising her head, a smile appeared on her face as she saw her old man

She ran into his arms instantly

“OMG daddy, I’ve missed you so much” She squealed as she squeezed him till he started coughing

“Presley…I can’t breathe..” He managed to say and she broke the hug looking flustered

Mr. Martinez smiled and scanned her from the top, she had nothing with her except from her phone and she appeared pale.

His brows creased

“What is the matter my love, you were crying when we last spoke” He asked as he led the way out of the airport

Presley blinked and rubbed her forearm, she didn’t feel like discussing anything related to Brandon. She was tired

Looking down at her finger, the ring glittered as the lights hit it’s surface. She sighed, “Dad I don’t wanna talk about that right now”

“Okay, it’s been a long night. We’ll have this discussion some other time. Right now, I wanna treat my daughter to a special meal” He said and she squealed linking their arms

“Then you’ll tell me everything that’s been going on in your life lately” She beamed

“Just so you know, I have a fiancee and we plan on getting married soon” Mr Martinez informed and she gasped

“Really?? You’re getting married when I’m not yet married? Such luck!”

” That’s your problem woman!”

“It’s not fair..” She started but stopped when she realized she ran away after being proposed to

Presley sighed roughly and palmed her face

“Screw me, please”



On the floor sat a miserable figure and next to her lay empty bottles of alcoholic wines. She had tears in her eyes, hiccuping as she watched the same headline of the news over and over again

★Royce Evans confirmed dating rumors with his former personal assistant★

★Famous businessman, Royce Evans split wealth into two, other half belonging to his girlfriend★

After all those years she waited, she isn’t the girlfriend in those photos but someone else

Everleigh burst into fresh tears and threw the TV remote angrily



Sierra groaned as she woke up to the sound of the news on TV. This was the second time, she’d be waking up, the first, Royce explained everything that happened last night, she almost cried but he assured her that he dealt with Dervantes already and the man didn’t do anything.

She stretched her arms, yawning as she ached her back pushing herself to sit up. Her eyes went to the TV and when she saw the news headlines, a blush crept on her face

★Royce Evans and Girlfriend stuns the Elite’s dinner party★

“God…” She palmed her face when she recalled she was now worth over five hundred million dollars. Royce really meant everything he said last night and worked towards updating her status

Going online, her followers had increased too. Damn! She wanted calling her friends but first, she made way out of the room in search of him

She found him in the kitchen, shirtless. Sierra sucked in breath as she admired his broad toned back, she was turned on already and badly

Gosh! What type of reaction was this?

Royce on the other hand seemed pretty engrossed in the sandwich he was making, he was doing it after so many years so he was putting his all in it.

While still working, he felt soft arms snake around his body to his hard chest and a head resting on his back

Royce exhaled, her touch was enough to send shockwaves round his body and arouse his little man. If only she knew what she was doing

“How do you feel now?” He asked and she hummed softly

“I’m fine. Uh, you said a lot of things last night, Royce, I’m happy for the recognition I got but don’t you think it’s too much?” She moved uncomfortably but her hands kept rubbing his chest

Royce closed his eyes and opened them sharply before turning to face her, his eyes haboring a wild glint of emotion. It was filled with lust and desire

And when he saw how she was looking at him, he smirked, she was intentionally doing it. Naughty!

He held her waist and pulled her closer to himself before hoisting her up on the counter

“Nothing is too much for you, cupcake” He whispered against her neck and she shivered

“Sandwiches or me?” He asked after a while of designing her neck with hickeys. Sierra’s legs were pushed apart to accommodate his statue

“Both!” She said breathlessly as he fingered her at fast pace, Royce smirked and picked one from the plate and made her eat while slyly taking his head down to her p*ssy

“No!” She gasped when she felt his wet tongue down there, the sandwich fell from her hand. Why in Earth will he eat her out, she hates that idea but…

“Oh my gawd!!” Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he skillfully explored her walls with his sinful tongue

“F*ck… Royce…ahh!” She bucked her hips lifting it as he sucked. Her hand went to his hair pulling and tugging

His tongue stuck in and out so skillfully trapping her in the throes of pleasure

“I’m..cuming… God, Royce!” She breathed, soon a sharp cry escaped her lips as she squirmed laying down on the counter. Royce licked every drop of her juices like bees and nectar. He licked his lips with a fulfilled grin, she tastes so f*cking good, he might as well start eating her everyday

“Sweet” He commented

“Oh my God. That was…ahhh…my legs feel numb” Sierra breathed and he smirked, lifting her up in his arms

“That was just an excerpt of the real deal” He said as he took her inside. Sierra could only shiver and blink anticipating what’s next

Moments later, after using his tongue on her again, Royce had her screaming his name as they f*cked. It was going to be a long steamy morning



Days have passed and two depressed souls have scaled through it. Brandon is more engrossed in work these days and it’s more than four times he did before

His employees have been overworked but he doesn’t give a damn. Chloe on the other hand is okay with the new style since she thinks less about Adam

“Nice. Make out a plan and start working o it immediately” Brandon grumpily handed Chloe a file, she nodded and began walking towards the door but it fell open before she could touch the knob

Asher barged in running to his father, he had a small frown on his face

“Champ, what are you doing here?” Brandon asked picking him up

“I want you to take me to mommy” He whined and Brandon sighed

Valeria entered then, she was breathing heavily. She exhaled in relief when she saw Asher safe in his father’s arms

“She went out of town to do something important. She’ll be back soon” Brandon said sadly, will she be back? Where was she in the first place

Asher pouted and sniffed as tears trickled down his chubby cheeks, “She doesn’t want me anymore”

Brandon panicked

“Don’t cry champ. I’ll take you to her…but first, we’ll get icecream, okay?”

“First mommy!!”


“Kiddo, come to me” Chloe who had been watching them spoke up, she was slightly annoyed with Presley for leaving the poor kid without a word

Brandon sighed as Asher got off him and ran to Chloe, she crouched and picked him

“Guess what?” She wiped his face, “We can speak to your mommy. I’ll call her with my phone”

Valeria bowed apologetically when Brandon shot her a glare.

“And for the douches who care… She’s in South Carolina as we speak” Chloe said loud enough for Brandon to hear before leaving

He did but frowned upon realizing she called him a douche




Sierra couldn’t stop gushing she viewed Paris from the tower’s height. She had no idea how he was able to get them in here but she couldn’t care less. He had his ways

“OMG this is insane” She gushed hopping about like a child which got Royce smiling proudly. She was happy and weirdly that’s all that mattered to him, seeing her so elated warmed his heart

“Royce, take pictures” She squealed and he chuckled bringing out his phone to take shots of her. Going through his phone, he realized that she was the only content in his gallery

He smiled

“This is the best…” She beamed as she hugged him tightly, she’s grown attached to him as days passed so hugging and kissing at her free will is now a norm, “Okay, second best vacation ever!” She drawled pouring kisses on his face

He frowned playfully, “Second?”

“Yeah, the vacation I and the girls went for in Hawaii remains epicccc” She kissed his lips briefly

“I’m jealous” He grinned and she rolled her eyes


The couple could be seen sitting next to each other as they stared at the city

“It’s beautiful” Sierra complimented snuggling close to him

“Royce are you okay? You’ve been lost a lot lately” She asked and he hummed

“I love you” He said and she blushed

“I know”

“I’m addicted… and obsessed with you”

” ki*ll me..” She laughed, his confession was erupting butterflies in her stomach. She knew he loved her but it always made her flutter when he said it

“And I trust you” He completed and she smiled moving to straddle him after making him lie down

“Yeah. Me too” She smiled and Royce sighed softly as his hands caressed her heavenly backside. Possessive! She moaned and squirmed when he groped it sensually

“Seriously?” She eyed him

“You look like candy right now. I wanna devoir you” He flirted and she scoffed, blushing as hell but she regained composure quickly

“This is not what you wanted to say or do. I’m sure”

” Yeah you’re right, but I feel ashamed to say it. I’m being a coward again”

“You’ll never be like him Royce.” She said lovingly and he blinked, he didn’t say anything so how?

“I got the hints…a lot of times. You don’t have to say it, it’s his loss of he never valued your mom and you…you were a child for fucks sake, what could you possibly have done… Stop putting down yourself and hold your head up high. I mean you should, you’re my boyfriend after all” She bragged after making a great speak that was for a moment getting him emotional

Now he was laughing, so hard that she kept staring like he was some muse

“Yeah laugh all you want but I said it. Roy Evans was a coward, a prick and a deserving shithole. But you are the best to ever exist, though you can be an a$$ bag sometimes, I forgive you, hmph”

Royce was laughing his lungs out by this time, this was suppose to be emotional but…

This pretty foul mouthed tyrant just changed everything

“Laugh often, you’re a beautiful person” Sierra said sincerely and he stopped and stared

“Thank you”

“I deserve it” She flaunted her hair and laid on top of him while he rubbed her back, he suddenly felt a new vibe surge through him

He knew he would have to speak to his mom about a lot of things when he got back but till then his time was for the lady with him, just her Alone!



It’s been a couple of days since Presley fled from New York with an engagement ring 😂. She and her dad did a lot of catching up, she was introduced to his fiancee too. Presley feels elated for him, she’d asked him several times to remarry but he didn’t and now he did in his old age… everyone deserves happiness

( POV: He’s 51 BTW, but it’s old. Right? )

Maybe she did too

Currently sitting on the couch in a crisscrossed position, she had a bowl of popcorn in her laps, she and Martinez just finished watching a movie

The old man got them soda drinks and plopped on the chair adjacent to the couch where she sat

“It’s been three days, now young lady, spill” He drank from his soda while she crunched dreadfully on the popcorn. Presley took a deep breath and stuffed her hand into her pocket bringing out the ring Brandon gave to her
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“This…” She dropped it on the center table and his eyes widened

“That…” He pointed at it

“Someone proposed”

“That’s great news, this is the sixth best news I’ve ever gotten in my life” He said happily and she chuckled


“Yes, when you were born, when you were done with Highschool, college, when you became a lawyer, when Adelia said yes to me and this, you getting married” He counted and she grinned, blushing.

“Awww…You love her a lot don’t you?”

“I do. Now, did you and the girls start the preparations already? And if you did, what are you doing here, aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for the d-day?” He asked seriously and she sighed

“Okay, so I kinda..never said yes” She pushed popcorn into her mouth and munched like a squirrel

Martinez coughed, “What?!”

Presley drank her soda till the half mark, she burped out loud and leaned back in the couch before explaining everything to him.

By the time she was done, Mr Martinez was faking having a heartattack.

In this world, he just discovered his daughter was the dumbest person to exist

“I did a terrible thing, didn’t I?” She asked after seeing his reaction

“You could’ve said no, but you had to take the ring, my dear daughter for a lawyer I must say, you’re dumb”

“Speak to me like my father. Stop speaking like a woman!” Presley whined and Martinez laughed, she was right, he was being her mother right now but he couldn’t help it. He’d been her mom and dad like forever and had gotten use to adapting to her situations

“As a father I would say, don’t be hard on yourself. But as a father who desperately wants you married… Presley what the heck did you do!!”

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay sweetheart, I’m not pressuring you at all. My baby does what she likes, it’s all you and at every step, I’ll always be there for you” He said and she smiled poutingly, “But I strongly believe you shouldn’t have ran off especially when you’re head over heels for him, who knows someone else out there might have eyes…” He wiggled his brows and Presley swallowed, the thought of Brandon with another woman caused bile to rise in her throat

She frowned and huffed jealously. Her dad laughed

“You look so cute right now. I love you angel” He said

” I love you more Dad and Well…” She scratched her head in a suspicious manner and he shook his head expecting more of the f*cked up decisions she made

“My phone’s been off since I left, the thing is I actually blocked his number…”

” Ahh!” He gasped and she suddenly started feeling guilty. She bit her lip, and before she could say anything his slippers came flying in her direction

It hit her head and she rolled her eyes funnily before crashing down

Just then, the door opened and Martinez’s fiancee entered with a smile on her face that changed to a frown when she saw Presley acting lifeless on the floor


“Murder!!!” She screamed

Martinez: “…!”

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