THE BET – Episode 29 & 30

Trapped in Love

(Trapped in love…)

THEME: Strong desire


By, Mide L.


June can be seen in the kitchen making herself some breakfast before she goes for lecture later

After she finished cooking,she dished it and placed it on the dining table before settling down to eat when she heard a knock on her door

“That might be Ryder” she said standing up to go open the door ,she opened the door and met Jessie

“Oh It’s you” June said with with a little bit of disappointment

“You don’t sound enthusiastic,were you expecting it to be someone?” Jessie asked going inside

” Well kinda,but I’m glad you are here though” she quickly added

” So have you used the drug I gave you yesterday?” Jessie asked and shook her head

” Nope but I’m gonna use it after eating,trust me” June said

” Sure,I will be here waiting” Jessie said

“You can come join me in eating” June invited and Jessie waved it off with a wave of her hand

June came back to the sitting on after eating, holding a cup of water alongside her medications, Jessie spranged up when she saw her

“You are about using it?” Jessie asked eagerly

“Why are you so bothered about me using it or not?” June asked curiously

” Ah…no… actually I just want the best for you okay?” Jessie said and June nodded before sitter down to take her drugs

“Done , so are you satisfied?” She asked after she finished with her dose of drugs and Jessie let out a smile

“Should I tell you what that drug I gave you entails? ” Jessie asked and June nodded

” You said it’s for my heart disease or am I wrong?”

“Completely wrong because I just gave you a slow poison” Jessie said freely and June eyes widened

” You are lying, you won’t do that to me”

“I’m sure you have heard of the name Monica back in high school” Jessie started and June wonder where the conversation is going to

” How is Monica related to this?! You mentioned just now that you gave me slow poison or are you playing? ”

” I’m not, should I burst your bubble? I’m Monica”

” This isn’t happening, Jessie stop whatever you are trying to do, this joke is getting expensive” June said and Monica only laughed

” I’m serious it’s me Monica, the girl you usually bully back in high school. In case you are wondering why I look like Jessie, I did plastic surgery to look exactly like her in order to have my revenge”

“OMG! Since when have you been faking to be Jessie and where the hell is my best friend?! ”

” Well it was after that night at the mask party, and Jessie is in her house locked up by me”

” Geez but how come you know so much about everything around her? ”

” I asked her many things about herself and how she dress, talk and behave around people, I killed it right? ” Monica said and June looked at her hatefully

“But why are you doing this to me, I did nothing wrong to you” June said

” You may think so but June you really did something wrong to me and not just me but Vicky! Yes Vicky, I have always loved Vicky back in high school but he was too blind to see it because he was in love with you, he confessed his love to you and what did you do? You humiliated him and because of this the poor boy committed suicide! I hate you so much June Miller!!! ” Monica yelled at her and June remembered that day he asked her out

” I only told him I wasn’t interested, I didn’t tell him to ki*ll himself” June defended

” But your rejection made him to ki*ll himself, you made me lose the love of my life well thank goodness you will be joining him soon thanks to the slow poison” Monica said and June sat down slowly

” Is there a cure for this?”

“No cure for it,just get ready to die b***h! Even if you go to the hospital, nothing can be done about it”

” Do you know I can get you arrested for this?”

” You are free,you know where to find me” Monica said and left while June sat down with many thoughts going through her head. Her phone suddenly started ringing,it was a call from her dad but she ignored

“Just leave me alone please” she complained as they kept on calling her, the next thing she got was a text message from her dad


The atmosphere is really tensed right now, Damon is sitting on the chair looking so uncomfortable and he’s sweating from head to toe,the Millers on the other hand is looking so angry right now. No one is saying anything as silence prevail until June’s arrival

“What’s going on here please?” She announced her arrival and everyone looked up at her

“Tell her what happened” Mr Miller ordered him making June wonder why

“Tell me what?” She asked looking at Damon

” I have something to tell you but promise me you won’t be mad at me?” He asked and June nodded telling him to carry on

“Remember when I told you that we should keep our relationship status private back in high school?”

” Yeah and I still don’t know why”

” The truth is that I was scared of making our relationship public”

” Why will you be scared?”

” I’m not actually from a rich family,I am just a son of a common driver,I was scared that if your parents or anyone find out about me being from a poor family, they won’t allow you to date me” Damon said and June eyes widened

” WTF! You mean you are not rich? You have been lying to me?”

” I’m really sorry and about me going to manage my dad’s company was a lie too,I was actually called to come home because I was sick. And am also sorry about this one,I got myself a girlfriend too,I’m really sorry”

” Gracious Jesus! So you mean you have been fooling me all this while,you had another girlfriend all along,then why did you come back?!!!”

” Because I wanted to work in your dad’s company” he replied

” Why don’t you tell her the main reasons why you want to work at my company? Is it not to steal the company’s money and abscond?” Mr Miller asked and Damon couldn’t say anything

” When I arrived at the office this morning and I went to the safe only to discover all the money missing,I quickly alerted the securities that no one must go in or out of the premises,I then went to the security room to check the CCTV,guess who I saw in the camera? Damon. Thank goodness he hasn’t left the premises and that how we caught him” Mr Miller explained and June held her head,she can feel it pounding right now

“But why Damon? You have us all fooled! If you want money we would have given us” June said and he looked down shamefully

” The cops are on their way,you will surely pay for messing with my family” Mrs Miller said and Damon sighed out

Ryder and his friends arrived school that morning looking so dashing, letting the girls drool at them

🗣️You guys are looking dashing this morning,what’s the secret?

🗣️If only I can have one of them to myself

🗣️Ryder the Rider!

🗣️When will you ride us to eternity?

“Never” he bluntly said as he entered the class making everyone glance at each other

“Why are you like this , something happened?” Ace asked as they sat down

” You won’t believe that my parents thinks I’m the owner of Lily’s pregnancy, they even wanna accept the child after she gives birth”

” Then it’s simple,wait till she gives birth and we go for DNA test” Finn suggested

” Oh yes that’s true,I completely forgot. What do you think Ace?” Ryder asked him

” It’s…it’s nogood” Ace said stuttering a bit

” When did you become a stammerer?” Finn joked and Ace smacked him on his head playfully

” You are high” Ace said and they laughed

They looked up and they saw Jessie come in looking so tired,she wore a hoodie and shorts

“What’s up with your crush?” Ryder asked

“Let me find out,wish me luck” he said before going over to Jessie’s seat

” Hey gurl” he greeted and Jessie looked up at him

“Hey,do you need anything?”

“Wow you are nice to me today,I love that”

” Was I not nice to you?” Jessie asked

” Yes, you always shun me off lol. So how are you doing?”

” Pretty good as you can see”

” I doubt that,you look tired”

” It’s nothing”

” Lecturer Nip is coming guys” someone sitting at the window announced and everyone went back to the seat.

Finally she came in followed by June and Ryder smiled when he saw her

Don can be seen in the sitting room seated on a chair majestically while Rose and her family knelt in front of him

“Why are you doing this to us?” Emma, Rose’s sister asked and he chuckled

” Coz I derive joy in it, have I answered your question? ”

” It’s not fair! ” Emma cried out and with anger Don shot her on her leg and she screamed out in pain

” Emma!” Rose shouted trying to go meet her

“If you move an inch, I won’t hesitate to sh00t her again” Don said and Rose stopped on her track, her parents couldn’t stop crying at the sight of her shot daughter

“Rose go prepare yourself in the room ,I will join you” he said and Rose stood up reluctantly going to her room in tears

“Make sure your submit the assignment to your class president first thing tomorrow morning” Mrs Nip said before leaving the class and the peaceful class became noisy yet again

June and Jessie stood up at the same time heading to the cafeteria

“I’m such a bad friend,I should have known that you weren’t the real Jessie, the behavior was so different” June said as they walked

” It’s fine now,at least I’m back”

“So she gives you food once in a while,that’s so cruel”

” I was really surprised when she released me today,she said her work here is done. I wonder what that means?” Jessie asked while June pondered on whether to tell her or not till they got to the cafeteria and they went to the table at a corner to sit. They ordered for chicken nuggets and it was brought to them

“So how are things being and about your health?” Jessie asked

“It’s being good so far” June said not wanting to tell her about the slow poison at all

” I’m sure your heart disease will be cured soon”

“Same here,excuse but I need to visit the restroom” June said standing up

” Okay”

June left the cafeteria for the restroom, on getting there she met Mae who just came out

“Look who’s here? Ryder’s prey” she said

“What do you mean?”

” Oh you didn’t know, don’t worry I will tell you. Wanna know why Ryder has been close and acting friendly to you these days?”

” I don’t understand”

” Well Ryder is only with you because of a bet he did with his friends,ever since you rejected him in the class while everyone was watching,he swore to make you pay. He made a bet with his friends that he’s going to make you fall in love with him,steal your virginity and then he will leave you,now do you understand why I said you are his prey?”

” You are lying”

” I’m not , Ryder told me himself and you can ask him if you want” Mae said before leaving there

” No no no,this can’t be true” June said trying not to believe her,she stormed out of the restroom heading to their class. She saw him coming out of the class and when he saw her he went to meet her

“Hey June,we haven’t talked all day” he said

“Is it true you made a bet on making me fall in love with you because I rejected you?”June asked and Ryder’s eyes widened

” Who told you that?”

“That isn’t important right now,is it true or not?” She asked silently hoping it’s not true

” It’s true but….” He was cut short

“Enough! I have heard enough! So you are only been nice to me because of the bet! How could you?! She yelled and all attention turned on them,by now blood is dripping out of her nose

“You are pleading June”

“It’s not like you care anyway,you are only being friendly and nice to me because of the bet!” June shouted again and she could feel her head pounding seriously right now

“I have heard enough for today! Everything about today is so fucked up! First I found out that Damon has only been fooling me all along,there’s also Jessie’s situation to look at and now this!!!” June shouted on top of her voice and that was it,she became dizzy and Ryder held her quickly

“I’m so sorry please,stop shouting please” Ryder pleaded

” I…. can’t…brea…” June said trying to say the words but she was struggling to breath and before she knew it her eyes closed on its own….




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