Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 37


[Lust & love 👄]


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .



” What do you mean by you can’t find her ? I’m about to loose my fvcking mind “I bursted angrily.


Everything felt like a bad dream at that point because I did not what to do or say . My mind was really messed up and my body shook with fear .


” Calm down Pierre , i know this sounds crazy but we are going to find her “Leonardo said and I walked around restlessly.


” It’s been two days . Two freaking days and still no sign of her Leonardo ! ” I bursted angrily as I sat down with both hands on my head .


Averyl noticed something was off when she couldn’t contact Tega , She reached out to me and I got on my private jet to Capetown . I got there the following day and immediately we checked the CCTV camera , I lossed my mind . The worse thing was the fact that the car that took her away did not even have a plate number.


” I am certain of the fact that she is alive, Tega is a strong girl “Imani said even if her eyes looked swollen.


” There is someone I want you all to meet ” Imani said and we all stared at her calmly as we watched a dark skinned man walk through the doors .


” Who is he ? “I asked and he took a deep breath in and out .


” I’m Efe Williams , Tega’s older brother. I’m not exactly proud to say I am her brother considering the fact that i never stood up for her when she needed me the most ,I was never there “He said as his voice broke at the edge.


” Of course you were never there when she needed you . When life threw thorns at her you were never there to hold her hands “Avyrll bursted angrily as she moved to attack him but Leonardo was fast enough to hold her bound.


” You dare not stand there and tell us some sob story after everything you put her through “she Said pointing angrily at him as her body shook furiously.


” Calm down Avy please …” Imani said weakly and Avy glared daggers at his direction.


” What’s going on ? Can someone explain what’s happening before I fvcking loose my mind “I said and Imani rubbed the tears that rolled out of my eyes .


” We wanted Tega to tell you herself Pierre … She ” Imani trailed nervously.


” Imani , please tell me what’s going on . Does she have any enemies ! ” I asked and Avy gave a nod.


” She used to have an affair with a rich business man in the past , he used to sponsor…her through school and stuffs … Tega has wanted to back out for years but he is up with one threat or the other . It’s not what you think … I just think Tega is in the best position to explain things”she said and I didn’t know how to react at that point .


” I’m calling up Penny . We are going to get my woman out of this sh! t” I said without another thought .


” Are you okay ? ” Leonardo asked in concern .


” For now her safety is more important ” I said and the girls heigved a sigh of relief .


” What do you know about this man ? “I asked her supposed brother as he rubbed his face .


” Everything you need to know “he said and I gave a nod .


I’m mad at Tega , I’m hurt that she didn’t trust me enough tell me the things going on in her life , but then I need to get her out of this mess in one piece that’s the most important thing .


Lucky for us Penny was in South Africa due to some business meeting , definitely related to the mafia. She promised to get to Capetown by tonight.


We did not bother to involve the police , Penny can get this wrapped up immediately . Involving the cops would only further complicate things. After all they knew about the case and we haven’t gotten any positive response from them .


” Everything will be okay man “Leon said as he pulled me in a comforting hug .


” Hey poo bear “Penny said as she pulled me in a hug .


” Who’s that ? “I asked immediately my eyes met the guy behind her.


” That’s Oscar , he is a friend . He can track her easily “she said and I raised my eyebrows.


” How ? ” Imani asked before I could open my mouth .


” Oscar is a Genuis just let him do his thing “she said and for once in my life I wanted to believe .


Oscar sat down as he set his laptop to work .


” First of all I need to hack into his personal system so I can get his schedule , I’m preety sure the links will be there “he said and Penny have him w thumbs up .


” Please be safe Tega , I don’t want anything else right now but to see you safe ” I thought as my hands went over to the watch she bought for me as a gift and my eyes stung with tears .



🥀 TEGA 🥀


“Don’t try to act smart with me flower , I left what I intended to do because there is no need to rush . With time you will get used to it ” he said and I looked away as tears rolled outta my eyes .


The fact that he beats me up anytime he wants just makes things even worse .


” We will be leaving the country soon , immediately everything is set , I will make sure no one knows when we leave “he said and tears rolled outta my eyes .


I don’t even know how we got to this place , What if we are no longer in Capetown .


” Just be a good girl and I will consider not slitting your thro*t “he said and chills ran through my spine as I hugged myself close .


He walked away and I two guys walked in , their eyes looked at my direction . I have to find a way to leave this place , even if it means hurting myself and someone.


It was getting dark already and from the corner of my eyes I noticed the guys eating some oranges , my eyes moved to the knife and I smirked softly.


Calmly I started devicing a plan on how to get the knife.


” I’m thirsty “I said and one of the guys stared at me in disgust.


” Do we look like helpers to you ! “He said and i stared at them cutely.


” Please , my throat really feels dry at this moment and we can’t afford me dieing at this point , it’s okay if you want to explain how I died to your boss ” I said and they stared at each other then at me .


The other guy signaled his collegue as he walked out to get me water.


” Hey “I said and the guy raised his eyebrows in amusement. Immediately he walked over to where I stood , it felt like the universe was in my favor because his phone rang and he stupidly dropped the knife and plate on the table next to me as he walked out to pick the phone call .


I used my mouth to pick the knife and dropped it on my lap as I struggled with the ropes my hands got free and I sighed in relief .


At that moment I heard the noise of someone coming close I hid my hand behind me .


” Here is your water “the guy said and I stared at him gesturing him to feed me . He hissed in annoyance and poured the water in my mouth then my head drenching me with water .


” You don’t get to send me like I’m your personal servant ! “He bursted and walked over to his position . I cut the rope on my legs and got up immediately.


I tiptoed behind him and he seem to sense someone behind him , immediately he turned I pushed the knife in his stomach .


My lips quivered in hurt as I pulled out the knife and checked his pocket for anything I was going to find useful . I got some cash and tucked it on my pocket .


I have been bare footed for days and my legs hurt , I rushed out of the door and hid immediately I heard the other guy coming close .


I hid behind a door and stared running into the forest .


” The girl has escaped ! ” He said and I heard their voices as they hurried behind me .


My feets bled as I ran in the thick forest .


” God please help me “I cried in my heart and yelped in pain as I fell down and hurt myself.


They caught up to me and one of the guys raised me up and and I gasped as his hands h*t my face.


” I will make sure you regret trying to get away from us ” he said and tears rolled out of my eyes as I tried to get away.





” I’ve found the location ” Oscar said and I got up immediately .


” Where are they ? ” I asked and he smirked .


” Still in the city , We should start going if we want to get there right in time “he said as he got up .


” She’s a strong woman trust me ” Penny said as we got up to leave .


” I’m coming with you ” Imani said and Avy joined her .


” No , it’s dangerous we will make sure everything goes smoothly trust me ” I said and they gave a nod as we left accompanied by her brother Efe .


It took us about 45 mins to get to the place , a warehouse in the forest . It wasn’t really a big forest but it’s close to the beach .


Penny got out of the car and bolted the door as we got in Oscar brought out his gun too .


” That’s the building “Oscar said and we walked towards the building , ready for whatever they had planned for us .


I watched penny fire at the men and it turned out to be a game of bl**d .


” Go get her “Oscar said and I went in search of her .


Immediately I got to the room I heard her screams as she cried .


” Please let me go ….! I’m begging you ! “She cried and I got to the place and pulled the guy off immediately and hit him on the face.


He staggered backwards and pointed his gun at me .


” I won’t try to act smart if I were you ”

he said and my eyes moved from the gun to were my woman sat looking hurt and battered.


” She belongs to me ! “He said with a sinister laughter to match .




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