Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 36


[Lust & love 👄]

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .



” Goodevning sir “I said to the middle aged man who smiled softly .

” She is a strong woman , I’m certain of the fact that she would come out of this in good shape “he said and I gave a nod .

I got something for the girls to eat and their father walked outside to sit with me .

” Pierre “he said and I stared at him with pain in my heart .

” She told me she had cancer , I just didn’t think she has been getting this attacks . I thought it was still in his first stage “I said and he sighed sadly .

” I told her to inform you . She had gone for the surgery last year and things didn’t really turn out as planned , Your mom has been going through a lot of pain ” he said as his voice broke down at the edge .

” When were you guys planning to tell me ? When she is dead ? “I asked as tears rolled out of my eyes.

” I have every right to be mad at her ! For once in my life I wanted to feel her affection before forgiving her , what’s the use when she is going to leave again ? This time to the world of no return ! ” I bursted angrily as tears rolled outta my eyes.

” I have spoken to the doctors, she still has a few months with us Pierre. I know I am the last person you want to listen to at this point , but your mother needs you , she needs all of us “he said and I burst into tears .

” This hurts , this fvcking hurts so much ” i said choking on my words as he pulled me into his arms.The doctors let us into her room the following day . I watched her laying Vunerable on the bed with pipes on her nose and body .

” Mom … “I said staring at her as my lips quivered .

” I don’t even know if you can hear me right now , but you need to get well . I have craved for your love so bad and I just want us to get to know each other properly before everything ends. There is more to life than hate and grudges “I said as tears rolled out of my eyes .

” I’m sorry …. I’m sorry for letting anger get the better of me ” I said crying badly. At that moment I learnt something really important , to let go of things that hurt and move because sometimes those feelings does nothing but hurt us even more .

Leaving the hospital after spending a few hours my phone rang and it was my girlfriend . A soft smile played on my lips as I stared at the caller ID.

” Hey , you said you would call me. “She said and I can’t help but imagine the frown on her face .

” Yeah , I got really busy and couldn’t meet up “I said and she fell silent on the other end.

” Have you been crying ? ” She asked and my heart warmed up at the fact that woman knew me so well .

” I…. ”

“Don’t lie to me Pierre , what’s going on ” she asked worriedly.

” Mom is in the hospital , and I just found out she has a few months to live . I still love her so much despite everything Tega ” I said and my eyes stung with tears .

” Take it easy on yourself mine. Everything is going to be okay trust me “She said and tears rolled out of my eyes.

” You know I love you right ? I love you so much ” I said and I could hear a sniff at the other end.

” I love you more Pierre , always remember that ” She said and that seem to help with my mood .

” I can’t wait to see you after all of this ” I said and she chuckled softly.

” I miss you too baby” she said and I smiled .

At that moment I knew I wanted nothing more than living the rest of my life in the company of that gorgeous black woman with a big heart .

” Congratulations man ” I said to leonardo on the phone and he chuckled.

” Thanks man , how is your mom doing ? Adonis told me ” he said and I smiled . Adonis had visited the hospital earlier , I had intended on not telling Leonardo at least until he was settled in with his wife and child .

Knowing leon , he would be worried about how was coping with all of this.

” I will be fine , tell the baby about the godfather in Paris “I said and he burst out laughing.

” I will ” he muttered under his breath . We talked about random stuffs before ending the call .

” Bro , mom regained Consciousness”Melissa said running into my arms.

” Really ? “I asked and rushed with Melissa to see for myself . We walked in and relief washed over me .

” Son ” she muttered under her breath as she stared at me happily.

” Mom “I said and walked over to her. She hugged me emotionally and cried her heart out .

” I’m sorry … I’m so sorry son “she said over and over again .

” It’s okay ,you need to rest we have a lot to talk about”I said and she smiled softly .

Her husband and I talked to the doctors and mom insisted on going home. She wanted to live the last moments surrounded by members of her family .

*Let’s meet tomorrow over dinner * i texted my father and tucked my phone back in my pocket .

Life was indeed too short to hold grudges.

🥀 TEGA 🥀

Efe has continued to check up on me almost daily ,I don’t even know how to react considering the fact that he has never been this caring . The girls and I decided to meet over at Imani’s place for dinner .

I checked out my outfit in the dressing mirror as I put on some lipgloss . Placing my phone in my bag , I made sure my credit cards and other important accessories were inside before walking out of my apartment .

I looked around suprised at how quiet the compound was . It was just 7pm in the evening and I don’t understand why the compound is quiet today . I pressed my key to open the car and I felt an ugly feeling of someone behind me .

My eyes widened in fear when I noticed the huge guy behind me . I opened my mouth to scream and gasped when I felt an handkerchief pressed against my nose .

It wasn’t too long before before I felt my eyes weak and darkness was all I could remember .

I woke up In fear to see myself tied in a dark room with red lights . My hands and feets were tied and my heart pounded crazily against my chest .

” Help ! ”

” Help ! ”

” Somebody help me please ! “I screamed in fear as my eyes moved around my the dark room .

” Your screams turn me on just like they used to when we were still together little one ” he said and my eyes widened in horror

” Chief ….. Youuuu” I gasped in shock .

” Yes me , what exactly did you think Tega ? That you can get away from me after everything I did for you ? “He bursted angrily his eyes filled with rage I had never seen in my life .

” You had the guts to choose that french guy over me , what did you think ? That you can have a happily ever after without me ! I gave you a life , brought you out of that slump. “He said and slapped me.

The sound of the dirty slap echoed in the room . My lips burst open and drips of bl**d trailed into my dress .

” Chief let me go please …. I just want to live a peaceful life , I will repay you times two of what you gave me if that would take you away from my life. I am tired please….. ” I cried helplessly.

” Money ! You fvcking think this is about money ? ” He asked as I cried .

” I own you fvcking body , I’m the one you should love not that boy ” he bursted angrily.

” He has a name ” I said In anger .

” I don’t care ! I don’t want to know his name or what he has done for you , I made you oghenetega you should be grateful for eternity “he said and I stared at him in disbelief.

” Made me ? This girl sitting before you , made herself who she is today . You make it sound like you gave me the money in good faith . You are the most terrible human being to have ever existed . ” I bursted and he grabbed my shoulders.

” You will still be in the slumps of warri if I did not fvck you and give you a life ! “He said grinning like a maniac .

” Does that stupid boyfriend of yours know about your shenanigans with a married man ? What would be of your cliche relationship if he gets this interesting piece of information ? ” He asked and my voice broke at the edge .

” Leave Pierre out of this , he doesn’t deserve any Nonsense you have up your sleeves “I said angrily.

” I could forget about all of this if you give me another chance to have you in my arms . It is going to be a romantic night , I can let you go around with that bas***d if you do ” he said and I spat at his face in disgust .

” Gracing your bed will be the last thing I ever do ! Those nights with you has me throwing up . I never enjoyed those time with you I did it for the money ! “I raised my voice and cried in pain if his a$$***lt

” I will be your worse nightmare Tega . By the time I’m done with you , let me see what that lover boy of yours can do about it “he said and I screamed in horror as he ripped the down part of my dress .

” No ”

” No ! ”

” Please No ! “I cried out in horror .



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