Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 34



[Lust & love 👄]

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .




A frown appeared on my face as I walked down the stairs to see the sight in front of me .


“Mom “I said in shock .


“Pierre” she said coming close to me. I stared at her as she hugged me.


” Is everything okay ? “I asked the minute I noticed Tega wasn’t comfortable in mom’s presence.


” Who is she Pierre ? “She asked and I walked over to Tega and pulled her close to me .


” Meet Tega my girlfriend “I said and her eyes flashed with hurt . She looked at her from head to toe with a look of disgust in her eyes.


“Your girlfriend ? I do not approve of her Pierre . I will not permit you to date a gold digger “she said and Tega stared at me in disbelief.


” And I don’t know what gives you the impression that you have the rights to tell me whom to date. I don’t need your permission to make decisions in my life , you have no place in my life ! ” I spat and she opened and closed her mouth in shock .


” Mine … “Tega whispered softly trying to control the situation.


” I am your mother , I should have the right to tell you what I think about the woman you intend to have something with ! ” She said and I scoffed in annoyance.


” Don’t let me say hurtful things to you Mom. You do not deserve to be called my mother with all you put me through , I’m Willing to let us live our lives in peace , so why do you think you have the rights to hurt my woman ? ” I asked and she looked away as tears rolled out of my eyes .


” You choose her over me Pierre ? “She asked in hurt .


” She makes me happy , genuinely happy mother at this point that’s all that should matter to you . Not the color of her skin or the fact that she is African “I said and she stared at Tega .


” I told you about my health condition Pierre … ” She trailed off.


” I didn’t know how to step foot in your house , considering the fact that I still held grudges deep down. I can’t fake it mom ” I said genuinely as my heart squezed in hurt .


” I understand “she said and turned to Tega .


” I do not approve of you although he proves to be stubborn by wanting to be with you , it might not work at the long run . You are world’s apart , I believe you are a smart girl “she said calmly.


” Forever might not be promised but he is worth it . ” Tega said making mom speechless.


I had a lot to say but I held it in . The woman was sick, saying anything would only hurt her and put her health at further risk .


We all moved over to the dinning table for breakfast and as we sat down Tega stood up to serve but I held her back .


” Mine , let me assist her “she whispered softly.


“She doesn’t like you , serving her would not change that fact “I said as we all had our breakfast akwaredly.


” I don’t see what he sees in her ” mom muttured under her breath and Tega looked hurt .


” When are you going back ? “I asked and she raised her eyebrows.


” Are you sending me away son ? “She asked and I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration.


” I did not mean for it to come out like that. You should have at least told me you are coming over to my house . I don’t expect you to show up and expect everything to be okay. Things don’t work that way “I said and she looked away.


” I believe I failed to be a mother to you , but that does not mean you should treat me like an outsider . I carried you in my womb for nine months . I love you … ” She said and my eyes stung with tears .


” Yet you thought I was better off with the maids or in the boarding school while you started a new family with another man ? Quit the whole act you know where it always ends ”


” Son ”


” STOP IT ! ” I banged the table in frustration .


“I’m done with all of this okay … It’s not working . It feels wiered to hear you call me son , I can’t wrap my head around the fact that you all want to be a part of my life after more than twenty years ! ”


” Do you have the slightest idea how long I waited to hear you call me son ? I waited for 25 years ! I waited …. I cried and craved for my parents to love me !


” You both went ahead to start your own family without a thought of the child you created together. I deserved to be loved , I deserved to have my own family ”


” I did not deserve to be damaged … and left alone ….. ” I trailed as my voice broke at the edge .


” Im so sorry …. I’m … Very sorry son “mom said crying .


” Right when I’m still trying to learn to forgive , you think you have the right to hurt my woman ? ” I asked in disbelief.



🥀 TEGA 🥀


” Mine, please calm down ” I whispered softly as I walked into his arms .


” Please “I said as he sniffed back tears . Seeing him in that condition brought back my own painful memories as tears rolled down my eyes .


” Everything is going to be okay “I muttured under my breath . His mom left after a while , she couldn’t stay due to the tension in the air .


” I’m sorry you had to see all of that “he said with his head on my lap.


” It’s okay “I said kissing his forehead as I stroked his hair .


” My parents got divorced when I was still a kid. …. ‘ he trailed off .


” It’s okay, you don’t have to feel compelled to tell me about it “I said and he shook his head .


” I want you to know about it ” he said and I fell silent.


” My parents did not have a love marriage , they got into a marriage of convenience. My Dad had the money and my mom loved the sex I guess ” he said with a shrug and I frowned.


” Even as a child I watched them have an open marriage , going about with different partners. I was always left alone with numerous nanies. Money was never the problem but loneliness was.


” They were never home even on the weekends , Christmas holidays or even my birthdays. “He said crying .


” They never showed up for the events that took place in school. Things got worse when they began to have the divorce case I couldn’t get passed the trauma for years.


” After the divorce , I basically grew up in the boarding house . They never showed up and shut me out to start a family with their respective partners”


” I don’t know how to start letting this people into my life , just because they have apologized . I can’t help but remember everything they put me through Tega . I can tolerate anything but hearing her say hurtful words to you , I lost it “he said and my eyes stung .


” I’m sorry … ” I said and he kissed my forehead then my lips. I smiled as tears rolled out of my eyes.


” I know I’m not perfect because I come with a lot of Sh! T but I’m willing to make this work . I cherish what we have together “he said and I smiled nervously .


His passed hurt , but it was nothing compared to mine or the bad things I’ve done to survive the things life threw at me .


How would Pierre see me if he learns about Chief ? I’ll be mad if I tell him that. Chief was my past and I am going to make sure the past remains in the past .


We went sightseeing together the next day and spent the entire weekend enjoying each other’s company . He took my shopping and cruising on his yatch. Pierre gave me loving memories throughout our time together .


” I willbge going back to Capetown Tommorow “I said and he frowned .


” Don’t go Love , I’ll miss you too much ” he said kissing my bare back .


” I have to go back to my business and Besides Imani would be giving birth soon , I should be there for my bestfriend ” i said and he laughed .


” Let me get you pregnant too … It’s going to be so much fun ” he said and I gasped .


” That’s not funny ” i said and he stared at me .


” You don’t want a baby ? ” He asked as his eyes flashed with hurt .


” I’m not the whole marriage and baby type . C’mon “I said looking away . The room filled with tension immediately as fell silent.


” Pierre “I called when I noticed he wasn’t saying anything . I kissed my way into his arms.


” I’m not interested “he said camly and my jaws literally dropped.


” Mine , Seriosely ? “I asked in shock . He stared at me and I noticed the hurt in his eyes.


” When would you be living for Capetown ? “He asked changing the topic .


” Are you sending me away ” I asked bitting my lower lip naughtily.


” Goodnight “he said immediately.


” So you won’t touch me ? “I asked playfully.


” Goodnight “he snapped and I ignored him . Taking off my stuffs , I got under the duvet in my natural suit .


” Fvck what are you doing . You can’t sleep like this we are having a fight “he said as his eyes roamed around my body .


” More reason why you should control your eyes and mine your business ” I said smirking.


” Tega what you are doing is devilish . You can’t set that wicked behind at me and expect me not to get hot . ” He said and I controlled the urge to burst out laughing.


” We are fighting and you should not get hot for a woman that you are mad at “i said and gasped as his lips met mine .


I kissed him back hungrily before breaking the kiss .


” Pierre we don’t have a … “I trailed and gasped when he kissed his way down there .


” Shhhhhhhh, just feel it My love “he whispered softly. My jaws dropped and my hands grabbed the shits in pleasure .


We were able to settle ourselves before I left for Capetown . I was tired by the time I got to my place .


Long distance was not going to be easy between the both of us , but we were willing to give it a try .


My phone pinged immediately I got t

o my door and I checked it . My hands felt sweaty immediately .As my heart pounded crazily Against my chest .


” Welcome to Capetown Flower. We will meet soon ”





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