Hidden Pleasure 2 – Episode 32


[Lust & love 👄]

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Romance love , Hot , Erotic , Insecurities, friendship , billionaire , lust .


🥀 TEGA 🥀

” What’s funny ? “He asked and I chuckled .

” You literally just said , answer me in Jesus name Oghenetega ” I said mimicking his last statement and he laughed .


” That’s what you make me do and it’s not even funny “He said and I laughed.


” Admit it , you like me to a fault ” I said and he fell silent on the other end.


” And you rejected my feelings for you ” he said making an uncomfortable silence grace us.


” Tommorow is a weekend , will you be going to your restaurant ? “I asked and he sighed softly.


” No , I will be in my house ” he said and I let it slide . It’s not like I would tell him about my suprise visit tommorow. He might go out of his way , convincing me to stay back .


The next morning , I woke up and went straight into to the bathroom to take a quick shower . Wore a fancy top and black skirt that ended just after my butts , which I paired with a pair of black boots . Picking a long jacket to help with the weather , I left the house .


Leonardo’s driver dropped me off at Pierre’s and I raised my eyebrows at the exterior of the house , it’s not surprising considering the fact that the man is a billionaire .


” Good morning madam “the guard at the door greeted me with a smile .


” I am here to see Mr Schmitt “I said and he chuckled.


” I know who you are miss Williams , It’s no news ” he said smiling and my cheeks heated in a blush. Wait , his workers know we have something ? How does news fly so fast .


” You are welcome madame “he said in his thick french accent , I smiled at him as I made my way inside .


I rang the door bell and stood patiently .


” Good morning madam “a woman in white said as she moved away for me to come in .


He had workers moving around and I can’t believe he’s still so humble .


” Is Mr Schmitt at home ? “I asked and she gave a nod .


” I will just inform him of your presence “she said and I shook my head .


” It’s okay , he’ll meet me when he comes down ” she said and I smiled .


” What do you want me to offer you ? “She asked and I admired her sweetness .


” Water , thank you “I said and she left , it wasn’t too long before she arrived with a bottle of water and a clean glass .


My eyes wondered around his sitting room . I stood up and moved towards a space where he hung beautiful photos . Suprisingly there where no pictures of him and his family. He had pictures of him and his friends . Pictures with Penny and leonardo’s parents . Penny has always been part of his life , I bit my lower lip and fought the pang of jealousy in my heart .


” Awwwwwwwwn look who we have here “I heard her voice and turned . Controlling the urge to roll my eyes I walked towards her .


One glance at her and my mood went soar . Penny was wearing Pierre’s sweatshirt which ended before her knees . The designers slippers on her feet belongs to a guy , it was obvious because it wasn’t her size .


” Tegs… “she said sweetly.


” Penelope “I muttured under my breath with hands folded against my chest .


” What are you doing here ? “I asked before I could stop myself .She raised her eyebrows in amusement as she Smirked.


” I should be asking you that question considering the fact that you live in Capetown sweetie “she said getting on my nerves.


” Penny this is not funny ” i said and she walked close to me .


” What’s not funny , is you leaving him and then coming back like he doesn’t have ba choice. I told you I wanted Pierre right ? I backed out and you let him go . ” She said and that hit home .


” We are both adults , I have my own problems he has his own problems and if we are going to make this work we do not need a third party in our relationship ” I said in one go .


” There was no relationship in the first place , you guys were just having s*x . What’s wrong if I want something serious with him “she asked mockingly.


” I don’t have to exchange words with you penny. He might be mad at me but trust me when I say I’m the only one existing in his heart. It’s me , it has always been me ” i said and she laughed.


” It’s the confidence for me honey . You say that to a woman that has been sleeping on his bed for close to two weeks now. ” She said and I ignored the thoughts that fought with my mind .


” I trust him . “I said before I could stop myself .


” Besides what do you have to give him penny , he sees you as a friend and nothing more . I have no battle when it comes to Pierre , staying here will only hurt you “I said and she laughed .


” What’s going on ? ” I heard his voice and turned .


” Babe ” he said and she moved out of the way .


” Ma fraise { my strawberry }” he said and walked over to the both of us .


” Wait I hope it’s not what I think it is ? “He asked looking from penny to me .


” She was still in your clothes , I figured it was high time I draw the line . You don’t want a situation where things go wrong ” I said and Penny Laughed .


” Penny ” he said and she raised both hands in surrender .


” She really means business Pierre . What’s with Tega thinking she can scare me ? “She asked smirking in my direction.


” For your information , I’m not a man snatcher . I Know I had plans of making you cry , but I can see Pierre has done a good job with that ” she said making my jaws drop as she laughed.


” Has anyone told you , you are crazy ? ” I asked frowning.


” It’s no news Tega . I’ll be leaving immediately after breakfast , I got called last night ” She said smiling.


” Got called ? ” I asked cluelessly .


” She’s so innocent ” she said laughing and Pierre pulled me close to him protectively.


” Penny , let’s just have breakfast ” he said and I stared at him cluelessly. Penny walked back upstairs and he kissed my cheek.


” You didn’t tell me you were coming over “he said and I raised my eyebrows.


” You don’t want me here ? ” I asked and he shook his head .


” That’s not it . I just don’t want you to fight with Penny , before you say I am trying to protect her it’s you I’m trying to protect . ” He said and I blushed .


” Oh , she’s leaving because of her family business ” I said finally understanding what Penny meant .


” Yes ”


” So have you forgiven me ? ” I asked and he stared at me.


” I was never really mad at you “he said and I gasped .


” Pierre you literally acted like I was nothing “I said and he shook his head .


” I was hurt , but my feeling was greater than my anger Tega. ” He said and I blushed .


” You are blushing a lot lately ” he said and I tried to walk away but he pulled me into his arms .


” I have to go back to my place after … “I trailed and he shook his head .


” You’re staying at my place untill you decide to go back home “he said and I shook my head .


” You said no when I wanted to stay here ”


” That’s because you could have had a dirty fight with Penny . I just don’t want you getting into trouble “he said and I smiled.


” I’m still going to my house ” I said playfully.


“”You are not going to your house , infact you don’t even have a house here in Paris . I’ll ask Leonardo to kick you out ! “He said and I burst out laughing .


” Pierre , you want me to be homeless ! ” I said and he bit his lower lip.


” Ma fraise , please make breakfast ” he said kissing my neck sweetly.


” Wait , is that you trying to bribe me ” I asked and he laughed.


” I miss seeing you in the kitchen “he said and I laughed.


” This guy wan run me street “I said laughing and he raised his eyebrows .


“You’re using Nigerian language to confuse me again “he said and I laughed .


” It’s called Pigin language , it’s not only Nigerians that use it , it’s used in some African countries like Ghana for example ” I said and he gave a nod.


“I will learn it soon ” he said and I gave a nod .


I removed the jacket and threw it on his couch , he picked it up and I could feel his eyes on me the entire time .


” Why are you staring at me like that “I asked and he frowned.


” Did you wear that skirt from your house to mine ? “He asked and I laughed.


” I’m a single lady ” I said and he shook his head .


” You’re my girlfriend ” he said immediately .


” Since when ? ” I asked and he pointed at me .


” Tega ” he called as I got into the kitchen . I was still busy in the kitchen when I felt him kiss my neck from behind .


” You’re my girlfriend “he said again .


” Is it by force Pierre ? You haven’t popped the question yet “I said and he slapped my backside.


” Pierre ” I laughed.


” Don’t wear that skirt again Belle { beautiful } I’ll burn it on your body the next time you wear it “he said and I blushed .


Penny joined us for breakfast and the workers took her stuffs outside .


” Stay safe penny”he said as they hugged . She walked over to me and pulled me in her arms .


” If you hurt him again , I’ll move from any place in the world and fvcking murder you “she said with a beautiful smile on her face .


“Take care penny “I said and she chuckled . We watched her leave and he he pulled me into his arms as we laughed .


” Pierre “I said and he chuckled


” You’re all mine “he said naughtily and I gasped .


“I’m on my periods “I said immediately and he burst out laughing.


” You’re not on your periods “he said and I chuckled.


” Are you me ? “I said and he stared at me in amusement .


” You’re crazy Tega ! ”


” You’re head over heels for a crazy woman . You are more crazier “I said and he laughed



” So what are we gonna do now ? Let’s see a movie ” I said and he smirked .


” Let me see your movie ” he said teasingly and my jaws literally dropped as he laughed .


” Bad guy ”



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