Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 51

(One Night Changed Everything)
Chapter 51
Luciano’s POV
“I caught the sight of her and a guy grabbing her arm. “You bas***d” I gritted, launching at him. He staggered backward. I didn’t give him a space to retaliate but sent another punch to his face.

“Stop..please” Babe muttered, trying to stop me. But the rage in me isn’t backing out, how dare he touch her. Was he trying to rape her? I thought, sending more blows, perhaps disfiguring his face would do. But her pleading voice calmed me a little. She grabbed me from behind firmly, crying.

“Please don’t ki*ll him, please” she sobbed. I exhaled, glaring at the nincompoop that tried laying his hand on my woman. He spat out a bloody saliva struggling to get off the floor. I haven’t been this mad for a long time, this idiot just ignited the rage in me.

I turned to face her, grabbing her cheeks with my palm, softly.
“Are you alright, hope he didn’t touch you”

She shook her head negatively, giving me a calm mind. We proceeded out of the restroom and decided to leave immediately due to the fright she was having.

“I’m gonna make him pay for doing this to you” I muttered, just after we entered the car.
“No..please don’t do anything..he didn’t hurt me”

“But he grabbed your hand, he was about hurting you” I snapped loudly. I regretted it almost immediately. I shouldn’t have allowed my anger to take a better part of me, making me pour it out on her too. I gulped in
“I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have yelled, I was scared..I thought” I shuttered. She smiled

“It’s ok..I know..but he only wanted to talk to me. I just don’t feel a good aura around him..and when I tried leaving, he grabbed my hand making me shriek.”

“I heard a loud scream Babe” I noted. She shrugged

“I never knew I screamed that loud. Perhaps the fear in me made me do so.” She replied. She seem calm now, I really don’t want anything to ruin the night for us. I hope this haven’t done so already.
Babe’s POV
This would be the first time I’m seeing him this angry, if I hadn’t stepped in, he would have disfigured the guy’s face. The drive was a silent one until we got to the mansion. The scene of what happened earlier kept coming to my mind. I was about pulling the door knob when he touched my hand.

“Wait” he muttered. I turned to look at him. “Are you angry with me?” He asked, he had a sad look on.

“ I’m not” I replied, smiling a little to make him feel at ease. He sighed, holding my hand in his.

“I was just worried about you..I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did…I just couldn’t help seeing anyone hurt you” he whispered, making me smile out. I didn’t know when my hand went to his face, as I caress his cheek with my palm. He froze, I felt it. Gosh I shouldn’t have done that, but I pretended not to notice, taking my hand away gently.

“I’m fine..and I’m not pissed about that, you only showed that you care for me and I’m grateful for that” I responded.

Changing into my nightwear, I pulled out my hair straightener to straighten the curls in my hair; turning it on, I heard a knock on the door. Who would be knocking on my door at the hour of the day? I thought, dropping the hair straightener as I made my way to the door; the knock came up again.

“Who’s that?” I asked, opening it, as I came in contact with Luciano.
“Hey” he muttered, giving me a soft smile. I returned it nervously. I thought we parted ways few minutes ago, why is he here again.

“Erm .can I come in” he asked. Oh, I can’t believe I kept him standing at the door.
“Yes..please” I replied. He entered, feeding his eyes with the view of my room, while I close the door. I cleared my throat, bringing his attention back.

“Oh..sorry” he noted. “I..err..only came to check on you, and I think you left this” he raised up something in his hand. “Argg” I gasped. My phone. I can’t believe I dropped did it.

“The driver found it in the car and brought it to me..perhaps you dropped it without knowing” he muttered, handling it to me. “Yes I might have dropped it..thank you so much sir” I appreciated. He nodded, tucking his hands into his pockets. We both stared at each other, perhaps not knowing what to say more. I had intended on telling him about my pregnant state after the party, but right now, my mouth is heavy, I can’t even move a lip.

“Babe… Luciano..” we both called in unison.

“ wanna tell me something?” He asked, smiling. This smile is making me feel nervous, he should just frown for once. “Uhnn..yes I..Jesus” I screamed, running back to where I plugged the hair straightener, pulling it off the socket. I can’t believe I left it on.

“Are you ok..what’s wrong” Luciano asked, coming closer. He was already behind me when I turned to face him.

“Yes..I am..I actually forgot to..unplug the…” I shuttered, pointing to the object, I clamped my fingers together, rubbing my palm to ease the chilling feeling that struck me by just being of close range with him.
“Oh…hope you ain’t hurt?” He asked, not tearing his eyes away from mine. I nodded.

“Ermm..thanks for taking me to the’s an honor” I spoke up, trying to ease the intense atmosphere. He shrugged.
“I should be thanking you for agreeing to go with me…” He took a step forward, closing up the inch between us

“You don’t know how your presence there with me made me feel…I should be the one thanking you” he stated. He brought his hand to my face to caress it. “You don’t know how you made me feel when you touched my face earlier. What are you doing to me Babe?” He questioned, I gulped in, but my throat felt dry.

“Erm…sir..” I shuttered. “Shh…it’s Luciano” he whispered, placing his thumb on my lips. “Lucian” I breathed out softly, feeling his hot breath across my face. I know he could feel mine too. His lips crashed on mine, igniting the adrenaline in me.


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