The Perfect One – Episode 61 & 62

Lovestruck with you

( Lovestruck
with you…)

Chapter 61✰62

By, Bloom H.

◦•●◉ ✿◉●•◦
[ 50 SISTERS ]

Presley melted in his arms, she reciprocated the kiss matching his pace evenly. Goosebumps appeared on her skin as every touch of his sent sparks around her body

Brandon’s hand were holding her hips, he’d move them up to her back at intervals.

The tongue fight became more intense and rough which got Presley moaning senselessly. The way his tongue travelled round her mouth was so arousing

Skillfully, Brandon dropped her on the couch and pinned her down hovering her, Presley gasped breathing heavily

Their gazes locked in an intense stare, Brandon’s breath was heavy too, he smiled through it

“So do you feel fixed?” He teased and she turned red all over instantly

“You…How dare you kiss me?” She finally spoke and kicked him in the stomach, he groaned falling next to her while she jumped down

He laughed handsomely and placed his hand on his head with his elbow pinned on the couch. He watched as she paced about, embarrassed as hell

“If you didn’t like it, why were you moaning like we were f*cking?” He smirked and Presley halted feeling like the earth should just swallow her off the earth

She pointed at him with different pool of emotions flooding her

“You kissed me…and you’re slandering me now…ah!” She yelped when he dragged her close to the couch by her leg, she fell on top of him and involuntarily his hand went to her a$$

“Ahhhhh!!!” She screamed and punched him continously

“P.. Presley…that was a mistake…”

“I’ll call the police..I’ll send you to jail for sexual harassment…you kissed me against my will and touched my butt too…” Presley had never been so embarrassed like she was but what she didn’t realize is the smile that accompanied her complaints

She seemed to be enjoying every bit of his touch. She kept hitting him but stopped abruptly when she noticed he was smiling

“Stop smiling…”

“You’re adorable”

“Brandon are you drunk?” She asked and he nodded

“I guess so…maybe” He brushed her hair off her face to get a better view of whom he thinks about all day.

He must be crazy but it seems he’s foolishly head over heels for his supposed enemy…

“Let me go” She hit his strong arms, it was then he realized he was holding her down

Presley got up, picked her laptop and went straight to her room. Staying in that position got her f*cking wet and horny, she could feel his arousal too


Presley laid on the bed thinking and soon drifted to sleep with a smile on her lips


Presley had a white towel round her body, she just came out of the bathroom, her body and hair is dripping wet.

She didn’t bother drying up as she opened the door and headed to the kitchen. Since she lives alone, she does anything she feels like.

“It’s raining? Wow, how come I didn’t know?” She asked rhetorically, using the hem of the towel to wipe her shoulder

“You shouldn’t do that here”

Presley squealed and grabbed a knife twirling to attack whoever it was. Her shock tripled when she saw Brandon standing behind her

“Arghhhh!!!” Her voice was shrill, filled with horror, the knife fell from her hand as she pointed shakily at him

“G-ghost…go away from me, I-I will call the police…nooo!” She screamed as he stepped forward smiling teasingly at her

“How I wish I can capture this moment, you look hilarious” He smiled and she blinked

“You…it’s really you? What on Earth are you doing in my house, how did you get in, You broke into my house?” She panicked

“There’s nothing eye-catching about this place anyway, so be rest assured, I didn’t steal anything”

She frowned, did he mean she wasn’t eye-catching too?

“Well only if you let me steal you, I’ll gladly do it” He stared at her, she blushed and clutched the towel tightly

“F*ck you. How did you get in?”

“I never left. It started raining heavily the moment you went to bed, apparently” He informed and she scoffed cautiously walking past him

“Leave before I’m out of my room, else the police will be escorting you”

Ding Dong

Presley stopped and looked pleadingly at him to get the door but he didn’t budge, instead he stood like she wasn’t referring to him

“Jerk!” She snapped and went to get the door, she stood behind it and poked her head through the small space she opened

It was Easton and he looked hot – truthfully- Though there was someone hotter than him in her apartment right now

“Presley” Easton called hoarsely, “Can we talk?” He’d been hurt since they broke up and couldn’t control the urge to talk and maybe amend things between them

“Nope, bye” She said and tried closing the door but he held it pushing it gently, “Just once!”

“Some other time Easton. Not now and if it’s about us then a heads up, never!” She said but his attention was somewhere else in her room. She trailed his gaze and when it landed on Brandon behind her she rolled her eyes

When she wanted him to open the door, he refused.

Brandon stood closely behind her sending heat to her body, her p***y throbbed and she gulped

“Because of him right? Didn’t you once tell me you guys were enemies?” Easton said with a hint of mockery that didn’t go unnoticed

Brandon sized him up and smirked, it was no use arguing with the fool

“What’s he doing here Presley?” Easton’s voice sounded unfriendly, she scoffed

“None of your business. So go away”

“Haven’t you ever heard of enemies to lovers before?” Brandon mocked and kissed Presley’s shoulder causing her to shiver, he continued with his hands slamming the door to Easton’s face.

Presley abruptly turned and his lips landed on her lips, she was pinned to the door while being kissed. She arched her back and moaned

He broke the kiss and held her waist

“Enemies to lovers. Really?” She asked breathing heavily

“We do look like lovers right now, don’t we?” He asked in a baritone that sent pulses to her cl*t. Presley blinked, she flung her arms around his neck this time initiating the kiss which had him stunned for a moment

Nevertheless, he kissed back roughly and posessively owning every bit of her tongue. Their lips made sounds as they disengaged and slammed, Presley, lost in the moment jumped in him wrapping her legs round his torso. She moaned and it sounded like music to his ears

His little man fully up and agile.


“Sh*tt…Ahh” Presley cried as Brandon’s lips skillfully flopped over her hardened and perky n**ples. His other hand in between her thighs rubbing her cl*t. Her eyes were tightly shut as pleasure hit her like a truck made of candy

Right now, she was living the moment and nothing else mattered

Brandon didn’t stop, he inserted a finger into her warm wet p**sy and thrusted fast

“Ah..B-brandon..that..gosh” she couldn’t form words, her head was over the top and body was on fire so much that she was shivering. Ironic!


“Cum Presley…I wanna see you cum” He whispered and she gasped shaking her head and clutching the sheets as she reached climax

“Ahh.. ohh!” She came with a loud cry, back arched and breathing disoriented, he leaned in and kissed her passionately

“Oh my…I..” She fell back, exhausted

Brandon smiled caressing her belly, he looked at the bites on her body with pride. She was his and no one else’s, no matter what happened – and what will

“Brandon?” Presley called trying to force her legs close but she was so darn horny, she couldn’t, “F*ck me!”

He licked her juices off his fingers, “Enemies don’t fck you crazy woman” He pinched her nip*le and she moaned like a btch

“They don’t make out either fool!” She breathed, panting and sighing in pleasure.

“Then let’s stop” He tried getting off her but she threw her arms around his neck clawing his back dangerously

“Lovers do. And I think I love you Brandon, so f*ck me cos I’m freaking losing my mind from this feeling” She ordered caressing his hard chest.

He looked deeply into her eyes, then grabbed her neck lifting her head to his face. She moaned


“I won’t go easy on you Presley”

“I don’t want it easy…” She muttered and…



“That’s too flashy”

“Nope too outdated”

“Too expensive Royce, too expensive” Sierra folded her arms under her b**bs staring at Royce who looked frustrated and worn out from hearing her endless opinions

They couldn’t get the gift for Wren the previous day so they came today but Sierra’s idea of a perfect gift was almost driving Royce crazy

He looked at her, she wore a nosemask to avoid controversies, Royce was barefaced with his hair as usual sprawling over his face

He moved away from the show glass and stood by her side

“Everything in here is expensive Sierra. What were you expecting?” He rasped and she sighed

“What do you usually get for her?”

“Whatever Kelsey buys” He blurted nonchalantly

“What?!” She spun to look at him with shock and a bit of disappointment dancing in her eyes

“Don’t look at me with those eyes Sierra, I feel guilty as it is” Royce walked ahead of her and she followed. A few customers that saw them together gushed about them while others threw hate comments at Sierra which was greatly ignored

“Here, get her something not too expensive but worth it. This Jade is kinda rare and beautiful too” She pointed at a necklace that had a Jade embedded in it.

“Are you sure she’ll like it?”

“Trust me, she will” Sierra said without looking at him, she had all her attention on the necklace. It was beautiful, classy and meek at the same time, just like Wren’s personality

She didn’t come out as someone who had money at her feet. Her humility outshone those features, that is why she’s admired by everyone

Sierra smiled

“I’ll take this” Royce told the attendant who had been with them

The lady bowed and went to get it packed while Royce entwined his fingers with Sierra’s

👥 Ouch! I feel heartbroken

👥 Who is she anyway?

Sierra blushed, clearing her throat, she glanced at him, “I’mma use the bathroom real quick”

“Should I come along?”

“Pervert!” She smacked him lightly before walking away. Royce chuckled and pocketed his hands as he aimlessly moved in the room


After the attendant packaged and wrapped the necklace, she handed it to Royce. Sierra wasn’t back from the restroom so he went in search of her but soon as he got to the hall that led to the bathroom, he saw her with some guy

Talking and laughing while holding hands, they apparently hugged. Royce frowned as his gaze stuck to their hands, they were so close, this got him restless

He was jealous. Weird! He’d never been jealous before because of a woman but this wasn’t any woman, he loves her

Annoyed, he walked up to them and pulled Sierra away from the man – who he thought didn’t match half of his beauty –

“Hey man…”

“Let’s go!” He ignored the man and took Sierra’s hand

“Hey Cody meet my boss and boss Cody…wait!” Royce dragged her with him not minding what she was saying

“See you another time Cody..”

“You’re not seeing him anytime,” Royce snapped jealously and Sierra rolled her eyes

“He was my buddy at college, such a cool guy” She explained

“Just because he was your buddy doesn’t mean you should be close to him, you guys were almost kissing” He exaggerated and Sierra laughed teasingly

“Stop laughing… Stay away from people, guys especially. 3 out of five might be assassins” Royce whined and her laughter increased, he was cute with the jealous look on his face

“Why are you overreacting. Cody’s not an assassin”

“And how are you sure of that?” He snapped, “You should stop getting prettier everyday too. That’s becoming an issue” He hissed and she gasped

“OMG, why do you sound sooo jealous Royce, it’s not like we’re dating or anything” She chuckled as they got under the umbrellas put out by the guards for them

It was still raining a bit

Royce stopped when they got to the car then stared at her deeply

“Then let’s date. Be my girlfriend Sierra” He deadpanned with all seriousness written on his face

It was sincerely from his heart and right now, he didn’t care how vague he sounded

Whatever to get her to be his alone, he’d do. Sierra’s eyes widened and remained like that, she slowly took off the mask and collected the umbrella from the guard to hold it herself

She flickered her gaze at everything in sight except his face which habored sincerity. She was awestruck and flattered, that was not expected. No matter how her heart leapt, she couldn’t form words

Sierra heaved a deep breath and cleared her throat

“Uhh…” She drawled and looked at him in the face, “It’s getting cold out here. Let’s go already” She suggested

Seconds passed, they stood there staring at each other. Without saying a word, Royce headed to the car leaving her to wallow in forced guilt

She finally got in sitting with a good space between them, he didn’t spare her a glance as his whole attention was in his phone

Though it rang in his head that…she just left him hanging

“Rejected, man” His mind probed and he scoffed inwardly. Royce tore his gaze from his phone and glanced at Sierra, their gazes locked but they looked away immediately

Sierra’s hands formed fists by her sides



Presley rolled on the bed, the duvet covered her n*ked body. She opened her eyes and shut them back as regret washed her over like a downpour

She gave him herself so easily, she felt cheap

Presley sniffed and covered up to her head. Right now all she wants is to be alone. Her ears perked when she heard the door to her room open and her body tensed, he was still here?

She’d expected him to leave after f*cking her, but he didn’t. What is he driving at?

Brandon walked in feeling guilty and it reflected on his face. The truth is he doesn’t regret having her, she’s got his heart now more than ever, his first in five years. What he regrets is not being able to control himself but how could he when she unknowingly kept tempting him


“Can you leave, please?” She said quickly and sniffed


“Just go!”

“I’m not leaving till you hear me out Presley..”

“I don’t wanna listen to anything you have to say…we did it, and it’s nobody’s fault okay…I just wanna be alone so please..” Her voice cracked at the end of her statement which got him creasing his brows

She doesn’t regret, does she?

His heart clenched at the thought, he moved moved close to the bed, crouched and hugged her covered body on the bed then pulled the duvet a little off her face, it was tilted to the other side

Brandon placed light kisses on her hair and face before whispering

“I’m sorry for making you feel bad about yourself okay?”


Brandon sighed before leaving.

After a moment, Presley sat up with dark circles under her eyes. The first thing she saw was the purple marks – hickeys- on her body. She puffed her lips and ran her hands through her hair like a mad lady

She pulled herself away from the bed and stood upright with her, she looked around the room and sniffed. When she took a step, she felt something on her ankle. A leg chain?


A gold leg chain? Wow! She plopped back on the bed staring at it with keen interest

It had drop jewels round it and it shone brightly.

Presley blinked, she didn’t realize when she smiled

“Tch… He’s bribing me now? How dare he?” She scoffed.


“You did it with my boss?” Chloe’s voice rang. She was speaking via video call, she palmed her mouth at the realization of her tone, besides all attention at work turned to her

“Please stop making me feel bad than I am already” Presley sniffed and wiped her face with a tissue Sierra gave her

Sierra was noisily eating an apple with her mind far from their discussion.

Actually, Presley called her over after taking a bath and cleaning the apartment

Sierra is the one who video called Chloe

“Okay… that’s done, so how was he?” Chloe asked naughtily and Presley showed her the middle finger

“F**k off C. I’m in a terrible position right now. I feel awful and disgusted with myself, it shouldn’t have happened”

“Why?” Sierra asked casting her a meek glance, “Why are you so affected Pres.? I get you have a crush on him but you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, it’ll make you age quickly and I don’t want no grandma as my bestie”

Presley rolled her eyes and shrugged

“You have a crush on my boss!!” Chloe shouted again and quickly palmed her mouth. The girls glared at her and she blinked

“I said a lot of things Chloe but that’s all you heard, really?” Sierra asked and Chloe chuckled

“My ears pick up only relevant information” She replied and Sierra shook her head

Presley fell back on the bed blushing, she bit her lip remembering how he rammed deeply into her, his moans and the kisses. So good and – wait, wtf is she thinking –

“I don’t have a crush on Brandon!”

“Tell me more” Sierra said sarcastically and ended the video call despite Chloe’s protests

“I’m serious S”

“Yeah, I know…” Sierra smirked

“You don’t believe, do you?”

“Oh I do” Sierra smiled cheekily and Presley palmed her face knowing that Sierra had seen through her lies

Sierra always does. Sometimes they feel like she reads minds but it’s just a bitsy talent of hers

“Okay, I might have said something like , “I love you” to him…” She confessed and Sierra choked on nothing

“Eh?” She gasped holding her chest

Presley bit her lip, nervously fiddling with her fingers

“It slipped off my tongue”

“You love him don’t you?”

“I don’t know. I’m always in love ain’t I? Maybe it’s the same thing, it’s just this time, I didn’t get a ring which according to you is “abnormal”…” She rolled to her side sighing

Sierra laughed till she teared up

“Yeah…I’m proud of this development” She was still laughing as she spoke then pounced on her playfully

“You wanna know what I think?”

“What?” Presley punched her playfully in the gut, Sierra gasped falling in slow mo which got her laughing hard, “Thank God you’re not an actress cos that was wack”

“Thanks for your construed criticism Pres, are you ready to hear what I think or we should keep the criticism up?” Sierra feigned annoyance and Presley chuckled, nodding

Sierra wiggled her brows, “I’m glad you f*cked a fine a$$ man. That’s it!”

Presley gasped, “Sierra!!!”

“You were stupid but I’m not gonna judge you Presley, sh*t happens sometimes” She paused recalling how cold Royce had become towards her at the office after they returned from the jewelry store. Sierra sighed and continued

“It’s his loss if he played you. I mean, there’s more dudes out there so whatever. Take me as a case study, I’m not dead am I?”

“I hate your words of motivation…”

“You’re welcome, thank you” Sierra pounced on her tickling her roughly while she laughed, struggling underneath her

“Get off me you daughter of a frustrated flamingo..”




Brandon took all of Emma’s photos and few of her belongings to the outhouse. It’s been months, he hadn’t thought of her, it’s like she never existed in his life. It’s been months since he met Presley

And he’s never been so swooned before, not even Emma had him this cornered and trapped in love, they lived based on mutual understanding. Yes, she was his first love but maybe it wasn’t that deep

Brandon appeared devastated and tired. He’s never hated himself like he’s doing now, he entered the main mansion and plopped on the couch

“I love you” He remembered Presley’s confession and it sparked a few emotions in him, possessiveness especially.

But she sent him away!

The maids wondered why he was miserable and most concluded he must be heartbroken because of his demeanor – which in a way was true- cos he is

While they worked and kept making guesses, the prince of the house ran in with a bright smile gracing his face

Valeria came in after he did, she was holding his backpack

Asher jumped on his father excitedly

“Daddy!!” He squealed and Brandon smiled ruffling his hair

“Hey champ…how was your sleepover with Summer?” He asked

“It was great. Daddy guess what, Summer’s mom has a baby in her belly”

“Ohh…that’s awesome”

“Summer said it’s a girl…she’s going to have a baby sister” Asher pouted and Brandon raised a brow

“Hmm…what’s wrong, what’s that look?”

“I also want a sister in mommy’s belly” He said and Brandon sat up swiftly, he blinked


“I want..” Asher counted his fingers and when he felt satisfied, he grinned holding his hands up to Brandon’s face, “I want 50 sisters” He dropped the bombshell

“What?!!” The maids all turned fixating their gazes at the clueless kid

Brandon palmed his face


  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣……50 sisters indeed
    Brandon and Presley get set to work, that's assignment for you both

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