The Perfect One – Episode 57 & 58

Lovestruck with you

( Lovestruck
with you…)

Chapter 57✰58

By, Bloom H.

◦•●◉ ✿◉●•◦

Though stunned for a split second, Sierra smiled against his lips before letting his tongue delve into her mouth. They kissed passionately till they were breathless.

Their foreheads remained in contact while their breaths fanned each other’s faces. Royce’s lips curled when he saw how swollen, plump and red her lips became.

“So who’s the better kisser now. Leo or Royce?” His finger grazed her chin sending tingles round her body

Sierra blushed, she moved back and retracted her hand from his neck then proceeded to taking off her boots

‘Curse his sexiness’ She thought biting her lips to relive the kiss

Royce who had been watching her closely let out a cool laugh then wrapped his arms around her body

“Royce?” She called in a warning tone

“Yes boss!” He laughed

“Take your hands off me” She struggled but his hold got stronger the more she did, and when she couldn’t leave his grip, she sat still with a pout

He pulled her head till it was placed on his chest, he ran his fingers through her waved slowly. Sierra’s eyes shut in delight

“I love it when I’m with you” He said and she smiled before clearing her throat to say, “Everyone loves it when they’re with me”

“When I thought I bore entitlement…” He rolled his eyes feigning annoyance, “I met you…Sierra Davies. Can’t you speak in terms for once?” He whined and a short laugh escaped her lips

What did he expect from the queen of sarcasm… Sweet talk covered with roses?

“I mean, everyone does love my company so…”

“Ahh. F*cking Christ. I hate you” He snapped, laughing

She moved away from his hold and flaunted her hair intentionally hitting his face

“I never liked you anyways”

“Fair enough” He stared at her till she looked at him before letting off an unnerving and sinful smile that made her cheeks warm senselessly

Sierra looked away and exhaled deeply, what was she doing, what on Earth are they doing? Her palms became sweaty, nervousness killing her as she looked outside the window of the limo

She could feel his gaze on her, but why?

“Chinese or Italian?” He asked suddenly and she looked at him, Royce had an amused smile as she blinked rapidly

It was eye-catching and she looked so adorable doing it

“Chinese!” She said simply

His smile broadened, “We’re compatible, ain’t we?”

“No we’re not!” She snapped and shrugged

“We are” She looked at him, eyes twitching but he quickly stole a kiss, sending her brain far away from her body, “I’d chose Chinese any day too, Sierra!” He winked and pushed back in the leather seat while looking outside with a satisfied smirk. The state which he put her in made him happy, he knew he had an effect on her and it made him love her more

Sierra gulped and palmed her face

“Whatever” She scoffed



Presley sat across Officer Crawford picking her nails idly. She came to bail Chloe out, she’s done the paperworks too

Soon an officer returned with Chloe behind him, Chloe ran to her embrace immediately

“These people are mad…” She paused when all the policemen and women turned their attention to her, “I mean they’re hardworking”

She pulled Presley out of the station ranting

“I was innocent… They left the culprits and took me instead…me, me, this innocent birdie, c’mon!!” Chloe whined while Presley laughed aloud

“Stop laughing!!” Chloe stomped. Presley raised her hands in a surrender and led her to her car

Through the drive, Chloe narrated how she ends up in jail while dialing Sierra’s line which went unanswered everytime

“She might be with Royce” Presley shrugged and Chloe giggled

“It’s weird seeing Sierra acting lovestruck. That used to be our thing”

“Tell me about it… It’s her first real love so she’s completely whipped, just hope Royce ain’t do nothing stupid”

“We’ll turn up and turn him up too. Just let him try playing with my baby’s heart” Chloe said childishly and Presley burst into laughter

“Yeah, just like she does for us. I mean she disfigured Easton’s existence, I’m actually worried about him like a human would…Sierra is a badass b*tch!”

Chloe kept chuckling



“No, I want my mommy!!”

“Asher get back here…and listen to me”

“No, you’ll never be my mom!!!” Asher’s cries filled the atmosphere, his face was all red from crying, he ran out of his room while Lilith followed behind looking frustrated. The kid didn’t even give her a chance to complete her proposal…

Apparently she tried brainwashing Asher against Presley but it seems to have backfired cos all Asher wants is Presley

Brandon was not home, he travelled out of town to attend a meeting, the few maids that were around tried pacifying Asher but he won’t stop crying

“Get back here you…” Lilith hissed. Asher scampered downstairs crying, he bumped into Mark and Liam when he got to the living room

“WTF, kiddo, what are you crying. Did someone hit you?” Mark picked him up but his cries increased

” Mommy, mommy”

“Asher!!!” Lilith yelled and the kid cried more. Mark handed him to Liam and went to where Lilith stood

“What did you do to him, huh? Why is he crying so much!” He snapped but Lilith scoffed and walked passed him to get Asher and as if on cue, Presley stepped into the house

Her heart sank when she saw Asher’s state.


“Mommy!!” Liam dropped him and the boy launched himself on her posessively

“I’m here, stop crying champ. Tell me, who made you cry huh?” Presley frowned as she glared at everybody in the room

Mark stared in amusement, his best friend never informed him of the new development

“She’s now Asher’s mommy? I thought they hated each other? Brandon never seizes to amaze me” He thought grinning foolishly

Presley’s anger rose when Asher’s tiny pinky landed on Lilith

“Asher…get down and come to me now!!” Lilith huffed taking bold steps towards Presley, “I’m your nanny while she’s nobody!”

Presley smirked, the moment Lilith tried grabbing the kid, she slapped her twice across the face so hard that the sound echoed in the building

“Jesus!!!” Mark flinched and jumped behind Liam who also flinched a bit

Lilith could swear that she saw the stars and angels waiting her arrival at the golden gates for her judgement. Her eyes stopped functioning for a second and her cheek had the imprint of Presley’s fingers neatly laced on it

“You don’t talk to a kid in that tone” Presley frowned, her expression was so scary that even Asher was shocked. He was staring directly at her face with mouth agape

“How dare you hit me!!” Lilith sprang up with teary eyes, her whole system shook from the impact. Her legs were wobbly

“I’ll do it again if I see your face here in the next milliseconds” Presley smiled at Asher and the kid giggled

“Me? I can’t leave…I’m his nanny” Lilith stuttered

“Then you’re fired till Brandon returns….Liam get this piece of nothing outta here before I decide to do it myself. I’m guessing you wouldn’t want that…” Presley frowned again heading towards the stairs. Liam quickly went to carry out the task he was given

“And you are?” Presley glared at Mark and he shivered

” I…”

“Uncle!!” Asher squealed and Mark exhaled deeply. Presley scoffed and ascended the stairs while ignoring the chaos downstairs

“I’ll report this to boss when he gets back!!” Lilith yelled as Liam led her out of the mansion

Mark chuckled and sat down,

“She’s nothing like Emma…she’s way spicy and difficult. Perfect!” He laughed throwing his head backwards

Upstairs, Asher insisted on staying in Brandon’s room so Presley had to stay there with him

She called Brandon but his phone was switched off

“He’s probably in a meeting” She wondered out loud, it was weird to admit but…she missed that grumpy rude man

She glanced at Asher on the bed, he was fast asleep already. She sighed

“We’ll complete the assignments once you’re up” She smiled. She’s grown attached to this kid so much that it haunts her.



“Should I come in with you?” Royce looked at Sierra as she unbuckled the seatbelt holding her in place. He was in the driver’s seat of the Rolls-Royce he had someone bring while they were at dinner.

He hates being driven.

“Nope” She hopped out quickly, then rounded the car to stay by the side in front of her apartment

“So, goodnight?” He asked reluctantly

“Goodnight!” She smiled raising her hand to wave slowly

“You really want me to leave?”

“Royce don’t get me started. Go, go” She placed her hands on her waist, kicking the floor like a child

Royce huffed, when his life is already messed up, he never dreamed to fall for the timid and hopeless romantic type…but he didn’t expect to fall for a stunningly mean lady

Now that he thought of it, he did love her, she made him do things he wouldn’t do usually. But would she ever believe if he told her how he felt?

He sighed tightening his grip on the steering wheel

“What are you thinking about…just drive your a$$ outta the estate I live” Sierra propped her face in through the window

“It’s obvious I don’t wanna leave…”

“Then park somewhere else that’s not my house…as for me, I’m going in. See you tomorrow boss” She smirked and twirled taking quick steps to her apartment

“Sierra! Wait!!” He called out but she blew him kisses before slamming the door behind her

“Damn!” He laughed before driving away

Sierra moved away from the window where she’d been watching, she chuckled and picked an apple from the bowl on the island, she ate as she headed to her room

When she got there, she laid on the bed faced up with her hair all over her face, Sierra chewed slowly recalling how the day went for them

“This is insane!” She grinned, then brought out her phone only to discover 23 missed calls from her friends

“Heck!” She sat up tossing the apple some place else. She called Chloe first

“Sierra you b***h!! Where the f*ck were you?” Chloe yelled the moment she took the call, Sierra had to move the phone away from her ear to stop the shrillness from deafening her ear

“Stop yelling f*cker and tell me why you girls called so much!” She snapped

“I spent two hours of my life in a police cell, that’s what”



“What!!” Sierra was finding it hard to believe that Chloe went to the station, especially when she ( Sierra ) was most likely to be jailed first


“No way!!” Sierra burst into laughter while Chloe explained everything to her


Royce’s arrival at his mansion had the maids on duty drooling, though they concealed their reactions so as not to be fired. Royce smirked, going to the dining area where Wren and Raymond were seated having a conversation

“Look who’s here, my one and only big bro” Raymond jeered the moment he got to them

Royce ignored him and pecked Wren sweetly on the cheek and forehead

“Welcome son…” She looked behind him, then back at him, “Where is she?”

“Who?” Royce sat down beside her, massaging her head, “Who are you talking about?”

“She…the girl who sent Eve out of our lives” Raymond laughed, receiving a death glare from Wren. Royce froze for a moment

“Ever? Where is she?” He quizzed

“She left… heartbroken, but don’t worry about that now. Where’s Sierra?” Wren raised a brow and Royce blinked feeling a lump in his throat

“At her house” He spoke casually

“Tsk, tsk…so she’s been in her house all day?” Raymond leaned forward, Royce flickered his gaze between the two to study their expression which had wittiness all over

What were they up to, and why were they doing that?

“Ye….eah” He dragged, getting up carefully, Raymond and Wren did the same too

“Oh really? That aside, when are you telling her?” Wren grinned rubbing his cheek

“Telling who what?” He stepped back, soon proceeding to the stairs

“You love her?” She probed and he sighed ruffling his hair

“You guys should stop teasing me already. I don’t know how this sh*t works and besides,I never said I love her” He started going up the stairs

“So you just go about kissing her like a fling?” Raymond fired, getting worked up already, was his brother playing Sierra too?

“She’s not a fling!” Royce snapped

“Calm down boys, Royce go take a bath, you just got back. Ray, come with me, we’re eating out tonight…” Wren dismissed them, Royce sighed before climbing more steps

“Ever?” He suddenly asked

“She left few days ago. We have no idea where she is staying, but I know she’ll be fine. You should speak to her when you’re free okay?”

“Speak! Don’t let her f*ck you. I don’t trust that b***h!”

“Raymond!!” Wren glared and he scoffed shrugging, “I’m saying the truth and we all know it”

Royce shook his head and went to his room. He tried Eve’s line thrice but it was switched off so he stopped, instead called Jason

“You forgotten about me?” He asked

“I figured since you’ve been spending time with your love I should give you guys some space” Jason chuckled and Royce smirked pouring a glass of bourbon

“Unbelievable! How’s Kelsey now?”

“She’s doing great. Don’t worry about her, I’m spoiling her with all my love”

” Does she even know you love her?” Royce drank, after a moment when Jason didn’t respond he laughed

“We’re f*cked, ain’t we?” He asked

“Yeah, what if she rejects me, I’ve never liked someone so much and differently before yunno” Jason sighed

“Life is hard!!!”

“I agree”



Chloe placed her hand under her chin, she had her eyes at the lower compartment where some Mexican chaps were throwing a party. It was more like a band playing Latino songs with native instruments.

She’d come by for dinner after a long nap only to meet the restaurant bustling with laughter and cheers. She hadn’t seen Adam too, she missed his company but this had her mind off him for a while

“Hey!” She spun around in a move to see Adam smiling at her. His hair was held in place with a bandana, his brown eyes stared directly into hers

Chloe felt her cheeks warm, she licked her lips and waved

“What’s going on here?” She asked and Adam looked down

“Heaven’s party”

“What’s that?”

“Like a gig from the customer’s favorite band for the season. The voting is done online on our website. You know we have a website right?” He returned his gaze to her face and she chuckled nervously

“I know now. Better late than never… So they voted Latino as their favorite, that’s good, Presley would go gaga if she were here…” She smiled

“She’s Latino?” Adam gave her a golden mask

“Si si { yes, yes } So where were you. I was bored out here on my own” She fixed the mask on her face

“I was in the kitchen but I saw you the moment you got here” He smirked

“I’m glad I get noticed by this sexy chef. Note the sarcasm” She scoffed prepping her hair. Adam kept looking at her as she did, when he felt he was staring too much, he looked away and ruffled his hair

“So what’s next?” She breathed, he stretched his palm out to her, “We dance”

“Dance? I suck at dancing so…. Adam!!” She was being dragged downstairs before she could complete her statement. They maneuvered throw the customers and found a spot were they danced senselessly to the music

Even though she stepped on his foot, once or twice. Tasha who was watching from the restaurant’s window folded her fist jealously. She had suggested this event when Adam was about to open the restaurant, she danced with him all the seasons and now he seemed to be happier with another person

He replaced her so easily, didn’t they have a special bond at all? Despite Rania’s warnings, she came to the gig to see Adam with another woman?… She looked at the mask in her hand, it was a black mask, she wore it and leaned on the window without making a move. She saw Chloe take a call and she seemed worried

Tasha smirked, “Leave b***h!”

“Okay that was fun but I gotta go. NOW!” Chloe picked her bag in a hurry,gave him a brief hug and ran off

Adam pouted as he stared at her retreating figure, he knew it was a call from work but why on earth would she go to work at such an ungodly hour

“Things people with white collar jobs go through” He thought shaking his head. Adam decided to go back to the kitchen since he didn’t have a partner and partying wasn’t his thing.

“Adam” Tasha came to him when he was about leaving, he looked at her and smiled, a smile that made her heart leap

“You came? Where’s your partner..?” Adam asked pushing his hands into his pocket

” I don’t have one. Uh, can we dance, since we’re… alone” she suggested and he shrugged, it was just a harmless dance, not like he had feelings for her or anything…

“Sure. It’s a gig. C’mon”

As they danced, Adam noticed she tried rubbing her body against his like old times but he did his best to stay away. Tasha frowned, why was he avoiding her body… She tried spinning but slipped, his arms wrapped around her body and pulled her back against his hard chest


“Be careful next time” He rolled his eyes getting irritated by her antics, when he lifted his head up, it felt like the world froze. Chloe was standing at the entrance staring at them rather seriously.

It was a blank look with many expressions behind it, she felt her heart prick so bad that she couldn’t move. Chloe blinked and walked in further, her gaze not leaving his

“I forgot to pay” She dropped a few notes on the table and left

Adam’s mind went blank, he didn’t know why but he felt like explaining himself to Chloe

He pushed Tasha off gently and made way to the kitchen

“Adam wait..” Tasha ran after him, she held his wrist, “Why did you leave?”

“I’m tired. You can enjoy the gig and don’t forget to be part of the poll for next season” He said and detached his hand from hers, then continued walking

“Adam we need to talk”

“About what?”

“About us…Adam I…I want you back, I’m really sorry I was stupid okay, it’s just I got so insecure…”

“It’s too late. I don’t want you back and I don’t want to go back to you”

“I love you, Adam. Take me back please…”

“Tasha, go eat up that love and maybe save some for yourself, we’re done!” He said seriously and tears fell from the corner of her eyes

“Adam… please..” she whispered as the tears fell like a waterfall

“Goodnight!” He rasped and headed to the backdoor. His mind was far from the conversation he just had with Tasha, he was thinking about Chloe. Strange!

“Fck, fck, f*ck!!!” He seethed grabbing his helmet from his bike
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“I just hope she doesn’t misunderstand things” He mounted the bike and wore the gear.

“Why do I care…and why did she look disappointed….oh f*cking God!!!” He took the helmet off and kicked it like a ball



The room is dark and in a swing chair by the window is a figure seated with her knees hugged to her chest

The door opened and a lady dressed in a smart attire stepped in with her heels clicking noisily

She made way carefully to where the figure was and cleared her throat


“What is it?”

“Your schedules for the month is ready”

Reluctantly standing up from the swing with a long sigh, the cloth covering her almost naked body fell and she stretched her arms

“Bonnie” she called and with a remote,she switched on the lights, “Am I pretty?”

“Yes ma’am, you’re a beauty” Bonnie bowed and she smiled satisfied with her response

“Wren’s birthday is in a week’s time. Get a presentable gift for me before then okay?”

“Yes ma’am” Bonnie bowed and left at her signal

Everleigh smirked and picked the glass of wine on the windowsill, she poured it in her mouth, gulping it down without mercy

“I’ll definitely attend that party…. To win hearts, to win Royce’s heart. He was mine first! And forever mine!” She seethed and threw the glass at the wall

It broke into pieces, but sadly a piece flew back and pierced her skin



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