Hugs & Kisses – Episode 75 & 76

Alex And Abbie

(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel



The machine stopped beeping as all it showed as was a flat line.

The doctor gave him another shock from the defibrillator and that revived him back as the machine resumed beeping..

He sighed in relief, sweat was already dripping from his face. The doctor checked Alex’s vitals and made sure everything was okay

“Stay by his side till morning… It’s the president’s son we’re talking here,, we can’t afford to lose him” The doctor informed a nurse who nodded

The doctor then left to attend to other patients..



Marshall jolted up from his long slumber when water was splashed on his face. His eyes widened when he realized he was laying inside a coffin, in a hole already dug for him

“What… What is happening?” He muttered and made move but he couldn’t even move a single inch of his body yet he was tied up.

Looks like he got paralyzed..

“What is happening!!!” He began shouting, still trying to move but.

“It’s useless trying to move Marshall.. With the dose of injection I’ve given you, I doubt you’ll even be able to move an finger” Lucas said, coming to view.


Lucas jumped in the hole and squatted beside him.

“Son what is the meaning of all this… Why are you doing this to your father? Is it because of your mom.. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was going to explode.. You wouldn’t kíll your own dad would you?” Marshall began spewing gibberish.

Lucas couldn’t help but laugh. He laughed so hard that tears were escaping his eyes.

“Are you seriously asking me if I’m gonna kíll you? How can you ask an answer” Lucas smirked.


Lucas couldn’t help but punch him.

“Shut up bas***d!! You ruthlessly kílled mom, she never knew any of these… All she has ever done was blindly love you!!” Lucas said with so much anger in his eyes..

“I’m sorry son”

“Shove that sorry into your àss… Oh wait,, you can’t even move” Lucas laughed

“Yunno.. I wanted to just bury you alive but, I guess you’ll be feeling lonely so I brought company” Lucas said and lifted the bag he jumped in with.

“Three angry cobras!” Lucas smiled and Marshall’s eyes widened, he wanted to shake his head but couldn’t even move

“No… You can’t do this to me Lucas, I’m your father!?” Marshall shouted

“And mom was your wife!!” Lucas shouted..

Marshall immediately began crying…

“Hope you’re proud of me dad.. You turned me to the monster you’ve always wanted. Say hi to the devil for me” Lucas said and released the cobras inside the coffin

“No… Ahh!!!” Marshall screamed loudly when the snakes bit him at the same time.

Lucas smirked devilishly as he closed the transparent coffin. Marshall kept screaming but the coffin was sound proof so Lucas couldn’t hear it.

“Scream all you want. It’s just a matter of time before you either díe by snake poisoning or suffocation and if by any non existent chance you escape, there’s no way out for you coz you’re in the middle of a vaste forest” Lucas smirked.

He got out of the hole and picked the shovel and began covering the hole with sand. Marshall’s eyes we’re already red in tears as he watched Lucas cover the hole to the very last bit

Once Lucas was done, he got into his car and drove off..



“Zoey for the up tenth time no… I’m not letting you come with me, it’s too dangerous.. That dude is really dangerous, I’ll regret it my whole life if something bad happened to you” Bryce said, dressing up.

“But I can’t allow you go by yourself! Your arm isn’t fully healed what if something bad happens to you” Zoey argued

Bryce looked at her and sighed. He could already see from his face that she wasn’t going to change her mind.

“S*xy pie…” He cupped her cheek and she held his hand.

“Promise me you’ll be safe” He said seriously and Zoey nodded.

He smiled slightly and kissed her lips, pouring all his affection in the kiss.

“I love you Zoey…” He said and Zoey smiled.

“I love you too” She replied

Bryce kissed her forehead and hugged her briefly before they left the room for the living room.

Zoey was surprised to see someone sitting in her living while sipping a glass of wine.

“Thought you’ll spend an extra hour in there” Lucas said and looked at them.

“You!! What are you doing here!!” Zoey flared up, anger boiling inside her.

“Calm down,, I asked him to come over” Bryce held her shoulder.

“Why!! He’s the reason why all these is happening!?” Zoey flared up.

“First, you’re wrong… If I didn’t inform Bryce beforehand about Marshall’s deed you guys wouldn’t have known about all these. Secondly, I know where they’re keeping Abbie” Lucas said..

Zoey’s eyes widened and she turned to Bryce.

“Is… Is it true?” Zoey asked and Bryce nodded.

Zoey scoffed.

“That changes nothing. I’ll think about forgiving you when Abbie and Alex are safe” Zoey snorted

She glared at Lucas before leading the way out of the house.

“I see she’s always in a ‘very good’ mood” Lucas said sarcastically and Bryce chuckled. They both left the house…



Lucia smiled as she caressed Alex’s hair. Roland couldn’t come because as the president, he has duties to attend to.

Earlier, Bryce called saying he’s fine so that uplifted her shattered mood.

She kept smiling as she touched Alex’s cheek..

“Fox eyes,, just like me” She said as she caressed his hair.

Alex’s finger shook slightly and like slow mo, he opened his eyes.. Lucia’s eyes widened and brightened..

“Where… Where I’m I?” Alex muttered weakly, starring blankly at the ceiling.

His eyes widened when he remembered the last thing he saw.. How Alex was taken away in a helicopter.

“Son…” Lucia’s voice came up and that’s when he noticed someone else was in the room

Alex turned to her and his eyes widened…

No need for DNA when he saw her… It was no doubt he took after her facial appearance.

Lucia smiled as she cleaned her tears.. She took his hand and rubbed it.

“I’m so happy you’re awake… How are you feeling? Are you hungry” Lucia asked.

“I’m not” He replied.

Lucia nodded and touched his hair..

“I know it will take time but I promise I’ll catch up for all the time lost son,, I promise” Lucia said and kissed his forehead

Alex slowly smiled but the smile fell when he thought about two person… Lilian and Abbie.



The drive to Washington took them hours but they arrived. Currently, their car is parked in front of a mansion and no doubt it was that of Seo Jun.

Lucas was disguised as one of the men working for Seo Jun while Zoey was wearing a very short skimpy gown with makeup on her face

“You’ve heard the plan right?” Bryce said and they both nodded

“Alright, go! Lucas I’m warning you.. If something happens to her you won’t live another day to say what I will do to you” Bryce said and Lucas just shrugged

Lucas and Zoey discreetly got down the car and Lucas grabbed Zoey’s hand, dragging her harshly.

“Be gentle fóol!” Zoey frowned.

Bryce immediately switched on his tablet and began watching everything from the micro camera on Zoey.

“Stop!” One of Seo Jun bodyguards stopped them

“Here’s the girl boss ordered” Lucas said and the man nodded, letting them in

Actually they ambushed the car bringing the actual sl*t and then knocked them off before switching clothes with them

The guard showed them the way…

Inside a very big and luxurious dining room, Abbie was sitting there in front of the man. Sweet delicacies were placed in front of her but she just stared blankly at the food

“Eat up princess… You’ll need energy coz in few hours we’ll be leaving Washington for an island were no one will find us” Seo Jun smiled, eating his meal.

Abbie glared at him with so much hatred flashing through her eyes.

She tightened her grip on the table knife, already making out a plan on how to escape. As she made to react-

“Boss..” One of the guard opened the door.

Abbie slowly say back.

“The woman he ordered is here” He said and left.

Abbie’s eyes widened when Lucas and Zoey came in. Zoey looked at her for some seconds before diverting her gaze to the man.

“Karl really has good taste in women” Seo Jun licked his lips before he turned to Abbie.

“I hope you aren’t the jealous kind of coz I’m a lady’s man… Don’t worry, my heart belongs to you” Seo Jun smiled and stood up then walked to Zoey who was smiling seductively at him.

His eyes traveled through her body and he nodded in approval. He then slapped her àss, squeezing it..

“Soft…” He smirked

Zoey at that moment felt like kílling him but she can’t blow up the plan. She still kept that smile plastered.

Even Bryce wasn’t spared.. He felt like kílling him from where he was watching

“Let’s go…” He said and held her waist, they both climbed the stairs.

“Keep an eye on her…” Seo Jun turned and said.

“Yes boss” Lucas said and looked at Seo Jun till he was out of sight

“Abbie, let’s go” Lucas made to touch her but she slapped him hard.

“Don’t you dare touch me… I hate you” Abbie spatted in anger

That word hurt Lucas a lot but he had to just swallow it. It’s partially his fault anyways

“I know and you can slap me all you want and hàte me all you like but first let’s get you out of here while Zoey keeps him distracted.” Lucas said

“Wear this..” He said, bringing out the clothes from the cross bag he was wearing. Thankfully, no one noticed it since they were too busy ogling over Zoey.

Abbie looked at him for some seconds. She doesn’t trust him one bit but at this moment she had no choice.

She took the clothes and Lucas turned around as she quickly changed to the skimpy clothes and heels.

“Wear this” Lucas handed her a scarf she used to cover her nose and mouth so they won’t notice her..

“Good, let’s go” Lucas said

As they walked, he pressed a button on his ear bud.

“Bryce, my mission is done here.. You can come get Zoey, hurry up before something you don’t want will happen” He said


They both left quietly and thankfully, all the guards believed she was one of their boss’s women.


“Honestly, you’re the s*xiest woman I’ve ever had on this bed.” Seo Jun said as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

Zoey just sat on the bed

“Bryce where are you…” She screamed inwardly.

Seo Jun walked to her and caressed her thigh. Zoey’s heart immediately began beating fast as she didn’t know what to do..

His hand slipped under her hand and began crawling up as he made to touch her s*x,

“Bàstard!!!” Bryce barged in and threw him off with a heavy punch

“How dare you touch what’s mine!!” Bryce rained his face with punches.

Seo Jun was taken in surprise that he didn’t even know how to defend himself. Bryce punched and kicked him really hard.

“This is the end of you idíot… I’ve already informed the cops and the moment we speak they’re on their way here. Don’t even bother thinking coz we froze all of your account and all the dirty businesses you do on hiding, they have all been apprehended” Bryce said and punched him then brought out his gun to sh00t those hands he used to touch Zoey

“Babe!! No please” Zoey quickly hugged him from behind to prevent him from shooting.



Abbie ran in the hospital with Lucas tailing behind her. She was wearing a trenchcoat to cover the short one she was wearing beneath.

She asked direction before running all the way to Alex’s ward.

“Sunshine!” She barged in the ward and Lucia who was feeding Alex paused as they turned to her.

His eyes widened…

“Heart…” Alex said and made to stand but was feeling too weak so he slumped back.

“Alex!!” Abbie ran and hugged him tightly, tearing up..

Alex hugged her back, burying his face in her shoulder..

“I missed you so much..”



  1. AHHHH….at last
    author u really gave me an heart attack
    thank God all is going on well
    hopefully….bryce and zoey will be safe too

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