Hugs & Kisses – Episode 69 & 70

Alex And Abbie

(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


A drop of tear fell from his eyes when he read the results.

The results were none other that… POSITIVE!

“It’s true…. It’s really true” He muttered with a cracked voice as tears couldn’t stop coming out of his eyes.

He suddenly got emotional, the last time he saw his brother was when he was 2 and that’s all.. Words can’t express how happy he was.

“Our tests here are 99.9% accurate all the time” The doctor assured him and finally smiled.

Bryce smiled as he read through the results over and over, it was just like a dream… A dream finally come through.

“You don’t know how happy I am.. Finally I’ve found my brother” Bryce smiled, cleaning his tears.

“I can just imagine how happy you are… Congratulations, the president and first lady will really be happy” The doctor smiled.

“I’ll really love it if you keep this between us for the meanwhile.. I want to be the one to tell them, hope you understand” Bryce explained

“Of course! My tongue is tied” The doctor smiled..

They exchanged some few words and then shook hands before Bryce left. He looked at the results again and smiled widely.

Just then Zoey began calling him.

“S*xy pie?” He picked and Zoey blushed..

“Umm.. Where are you, we’re all waiting for you at the spa” Zoey said.

“Had a little job to do.. I’m on my way” He said and hung up then left.



“It’s done” The hairdresser said and turned the swivel chair towards the mirror

Abbie gasped as she looked at her new hairstyle. Her hair was back to the black color and they straighten it too.

“I didn’t know I looked this good!” She gushed while smiling.

“Girls, how do I look?” She turned to them

“You look cuter” Alma who was having a back massage said.

“Where’s the boys?” Zoey who was having a pedicure asked.

“At the room next door.. Having a steam bath or something like that” Whitney said.


“So guys I was wondering… What if women suddenly got extinct, what are we going to f**k” Everett asked as a lady massaged his shoulder.

They were sitting in a big hot tub as the steam coming from it filled the whole room.

“That’s all what you think about. If I was Alma I could have made you suffer for 2 or 3 more years before accepting you” Alex who was also getting a massage said

“Then I also wish you and Abbie didn’t kiss back then who knows, you could have still been in her body by now” Everett smirked and the others began laughing.

Alex squeezed up his face.

“First man in history to menstruate” Rudy laughed and the others laughed more loudly..

Alex hissed and rolled his eyes. He suddenly remembered the cramps he felt and immediately got goosebumps

“Is that really what she faces every month? Then I’ll make sure I pamper her each time she’s on her period” Alex thought

“Hope I’m not late” Bryce joined them in the tub.

“Sir!” Rudy smiled

“C’mon… I’m not that old, just call me by my name when we’re not in school” Bryce said.

He looked at Alex and smiled.. Alex simply smiled back.

“So tell us.. How did you and Zoey start?” Julian asked.

“No.. First tell us how did you do to have these packs. It’s heavy!” Everett said

“Oh well it’s simple.. Just close your eyes, sleep and dream about it” Bryce replied.

“Wooohh!!!” The boys said loudly while Everett scoffed..

They kept talking and talking while the massagers stopped their job to stare at how s*xy they looked though the boys weren’t even paying attention to them.

“I’m blessed… Five greek gods in our spa”


They already finished with Abbie’s pedicure and she was on her way to Alex when she bumped on someone.

Turned out to be Della and Beauty..

“Well.. Well.. Well if it’s isn’t the cheap backstabbing friend” Beauty scoffed

“Areum?” Abbie said and raised a brow.

“Don’t Areum me sl*t!! I asked you to help me get Alex but you went ahead and dated him.. Well,, I’m tired of even pretending I like you in the first place coz I never did… Keep your Alex to yourself but remember this,, I’ll never forgive you!!” Beauty said it to her face.

“Beauty..” Abbie’s face turned to a heartbroken one and Beauty smirked but the smirk fell when Abbie suddenly bursted out in laughter..

She laughed for a good 2 minutes before regaining herself.

“Well I know you’ll hold this grudge till your death coz everybody knows elephants do not forget” Abbie smirked

Beauty’s eyes widened. Did she just call her elephant??

“Well FYI, I knew about all these and how you suddenly became best friends with Blaire and this lapdog beside you but I just decided to play dumb,,, since that’s the only language you understand” Abbie smirked

“Me? Dumb? How dare you!!” Beauty made to slap her but Alma caught it before it could touch Abbie.

“You know, you should really watch where you place this bony thing of yours” Alma said.

“Also, eat well and gain weight so that you’ll start looking like human being and less of a skeleton..then you can come and compete with us” Whitney said.

“Beauty (scoffs). Were your parents blind before naming you that coz you look like the Chinese I wrote with my left hand… Completely meaningless” Estella smirked..

“Imagine being half as beautiful like us… Yeah keep imagining” Zoey winked.

By that time, Beauty was fuming greatly. She badly wanted to slap them but she knows she’s no match so she turned and left.

Della followed her.

The girls suddenly bursted out in laughter..

“We’re sick in the brain” Estella laughed.

“Omg! Check the news guys,,” Zoey gasped.

They did so and their eyes widened..


“F*ck… I wasn’t expecting this” Abbie said shockingly.

“Heart” Alex and the rest walked to them.

“Did you see the news” Abbie went to him and he nodded then sighed.

“Blaire’s mom passed away… It says the burial will be held tomorrow” Alex said.

“That’s really sad.. I feel bad for her” Abbie pouted.

Bryce just looked at them without saying a word. Since Alex is his brother that means Don is none other than Marshall and for unknown reasons wants to use Alex and Abbie.

“Should I tell him the truth?” Bryce thought.



Tyler walked in Don’s office and locked the door.

“Have a seat” Marshall said and Tyler sat down..

“Tomorrow is the day… I hope you remember the plan?” Marshall said and Tyler nodded.

“You didn’t tell anything to my son right?” Marshall asked and Tyler nodded.

“Good, tomorrow we execute the plan as said.. Remember, don’t ki*ll Alex.. He’s still useful to me” Marshall said and Tyler nodded.

Lucas who was eavesdropping on them frowned and folded his fists angrily then left the premise.

Almost immediately, Tyler came out of the office and went his way



Whitney got to his place and hesitantly, she rang the bell but no one answered.

“Babe? It’s me…” She rang the bell again but still nothing.

“Did he go out?” She thought.

Luckily for her, he gave her a spare key to his house so she opened the door and went in. Truly, he was not around.

Something came in her mind and she looked around then went and locked the door. She tiptoed up to his room and peeped in to see if he was really around and he wasn’t.

She went in and began searching for anything she can see about him. She searched his wardrobe and then moved to his drawers.

She was still searching when she saw pictures of Abbie. The picture looks like a picture taken when Abbie was coming down the plane, the day she landed in the US.

“Abbie? What does Abbie has to do with him?” She thought and opened an envelope to see information of a man but from the name it was a Korean name.

Her eyes furrowed as she stared at the details of the man then at the picture of Abbie, looking so confused.

She just brought out her phone and snapped everything she viewed as suspicious. She was still snapping when she heard the door of the entrance opening

Her eyes widened.

Like flash, she quickly began arranging the things she scattered and as she kept arranging it, the steps was getting closer and closer

Tyler opened the door to his room and his eyes widened at what he saw. He slowly smiled as he watched Whitney sleep peacefully on his bed.

“Were you waiting for me?” He chuckled and walked to her then kissed her hair and touched it.

He moved away and began heading to the bathroom to have his bath.

Whitney opened her eyes and exhaled loudly, calming down her nervousness.

“That was close…”



The grave yard was full to the brink with reporters, photographers and many more.

Other important personality were there, even Blaire’s classmates and lecturers they were all there to mourn the sudden loss of Mrs Cooper.

Della and Beauty was beside Blaire as they consoled her.. Even Alex and the rest were there too though they spoke no words to each other.

Whitney sent the picture she took in Tyler’s place and Bryce is currently under investigation… He was present too

Everyone was clad in black as they held pitiful faces.

“We’re so sorry for your loss” Marshall said and hugged Mr Cooper who hugged him back.

They broke the hug and Lilian hugged him too. Marshall faced Blaire who held a very horrified look on her face, she was literally trembling.

Bryce noticed that and that was enough prove to conclude who did this act..

“What is wrong?” Abbie who was standing beside him asked and he shook his head.

“Nothing” He brought out his hand from his pocket and touched her hair.

Abbie found it weird but said nothing.

“My child” Marshall said and hugged Blaire who instantly froze in his arms..

“Next time, don’t try to eat your cake and have it” He whispered to her ear and then broke the kiss with that same pathetic look on his face.

“I know you’re going through a lot but know that I’m always here for you” Marshall said and touched Blaire’s head.

He left their side. Marshall stopped when he felt the same gaze who has been starring at him ever since he arrived was still starring at him

He turned and his gaze locked with Bryce. Bryce didn’t even bother to look away, he maintained the eyes contact till Marshall looked away and went to another corner.

“I’ll make sure I kíll you with my own hands” Bryce thought with so much distain.

They all stared as the coffin was lowered six feet under with Blaire crying so loudly. The boys began covering it with sand.

Abbie’s phone suddenly began ringing.

“Babe, I’ll answer this call” She said and Alex nodded before she went to a calm place.

She made to pick up when suddenly the person hung up. Abbie furrowed her brows.

She shrugged and turned to go back but bumped on someone..

“Lucas?” She muttered and instantly scoffed then made to leave but Lucas held her back.

“What the f**k-”

“Abbie, listen to me.. We have to leave now, you’re not longer safe here.. Let’s leave before-”

“Don’t touch me!! Have you gone insane!! What rubbish are you talking about?” Abbie said angrily.

“Don’t come closer to me Lucas, I’m warning you” Abbie said and made to leave but Lucas immediately blocked her mouth and nose with a handkerchief

Her eyes widened and the moment she inhaled the substance in it. She immediately fell in a deep slumber..

“You leave me with no choice Abbie” He said and carried her in a bridal style before leaving

15 minutes passed and Abbie hasn’t returned. Alex became worried and went to the direction she took but couldn’t find her

He brought out his phone and made a phone call. His eyes furrowed when Abbie’s ringtone began coming out clear

He traced the ringtone and his eyes widened when he saw her phone on the floor.

Alex’s heart immediately began beating fast…


Lucas’s gaze was fixed at the front as he drove to the nearest airport with Abbie sleeping at the passenger’s seat.

His phone began ringing and he glanced at it to see it was his dad. Without wasting time he switched off his phone as he drove.

“You’ve enslaved me my whole life and turned me to the monster I never wanted to be and just when I’ve found happiness you wanna take it away from me? That’ll be over my déad body” He thought as he drove.

A car came out of nowhere then blocked his way forcing him to halt his car..

The car door opened and Tyler stepped out of the car he walked and stopped in front of Lucas’s car then brought out his gun, aiming it at Lucas with no emotion in his eyes.

“Hand me the girl Lucas…now”




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