Hugs & Kisses – Episode 67 & 68

Alex And Abbie

(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✮(𝔇𝔑𝔄 𝔗𝔢𝔰𝔱)✮


“So Zoey, how old are you and what do you do as a living?” Lucia asked

“Well I’m 22 and I’m in my second year in college” Zoey said, eating her meal

Lucia just nodded..

“This beef stew is good.. Here, have a taste” Bryce said and brought his spoon to her lips.

Zoey glanced at his parents who were starring eagerly at them. She shyly ate from his spoon and it stained her lips.

Bryce brought his thumb to her lips and wiped off the stains before licking it. He smiled at her.

“Awwnn… Honey they’re so cute!! They remind me of us!!” Lucia gushed and Roland chuckled then pecked her cheek.


They finished having dinner and now it was time for bed. Bryce walked out of the bathroom in only his shorts while drying his hair with a towel

He paused and furrowed his brows when he saw Zoey partitioning the bed into two with pillows

“What are you doing?”

“I’m setting boundaries.. You sleep on this side of the bed and I sleep on this one” Zoey said.

“Huh? But we’re-”

“No no! It doesn’t matter if we’re now dating or not.. We’re still at our early phase so we sleep this way” Zoey smirked and nodded.

Bryce looked at her with a funny look on his face. He rolled his eyes and walked to the bed then grabbed a pillow.

“Oops!” He threw it off

“Oops!” He threw another pillow away

He continued till he threw away all the pillow she used to make a barrier.

Without warning, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down the bed with him hovering above her..

Zoey stared at him and gulped down as her gaze trailed down to his abs then back up to his face.

“Should we start arguing as usual or you wanna sleep?” He smirked.

“Arguing will lead to something steamy,, let me inform you” Bryce whispered to her ear.

“Let’s.. Let’s sleep!” Zoey quickly said

“Wise decision” Bryce said and got off her, laying beside her. He pulled her closer by the waist and then covered them with the duvet.

The duvet covered Zoey completely and she peeked her face out, looking so adorable that Bryce didn’t know when he smiled.

He kissed her lips before kidding her forehead.

“Goodnight” He said

Zoey smiled and snuggled closer to him..

“Goodnight” She muttered too, closing her eyes as sleep took over



In a dark, silent and eery room… A body could be seen dangling, half unconscious

Tyler walked in with a bucket of salty water and poured it on the body..

“Argh!!!” Mrs Cooper let out an agonizing scream as the salt on the water badly sting her bruise.

The lights came on and Mrs Cooper looked so unrecognizable. They stripped her off her clothes and lines of whips could be seen all over her body, she was also bleeding so much from the stabs she received on her thigh and her face was something to write home about,, in a bad way.

“Let me go… Please” She cried

“You’re still not ready to tell us why you wanted to eliminate Lucas and his father?” Tyler smirked.

She clamped her lips tight. If she talks, then that means her husband and daughter’s life will also be at stake.

Never in her wildest dream will she have thought that Lucas could be involved in things like this and Marshall? Marshall??

It’s at that moment, she began regretting ever having something to do with that family.

“Argh!!!!!” Her thought was cut shut when Tyler dipped the end of a wire in the pool of water that formed under her and it began electrocuting her

“Stop?! Please!!!… Argh!!!”

Tyler brought out the cable from the water. He grabbed her neck tightly.

“Still won’t speak huh? Or you want us to involve your precious daughter and husband” Tyler said and fear immediately gripped her.

“At this very moment, our men have your place surrounded.. Just one call to them and your family will be memory” Lucas said, entering the room with his hands in his pocket

“I give you 3 seconds to decide. 3…2..”

“I’ll speak!! I’ll talk!!” Mrs Cooper said in tears.

“The.. The plan was that we get Blaire married to Alex and with that done, we get rid of you and your father and with Alex as our in-law and the only heir,, all your family wealth will go to us” Mrs Cooper said weakly while look.

“I see… And now that my dad has broken the engagement, you wanna eliminate us” Lucas said and suddenly laughed..

“This is really funny yunno…” Lucas said..

“That pest Blaire, she’s really so selfish. Will you believe if we tell you she knows about this organization yet she decided to hide what her family is planning. She’s really playing with fire” Tyler joined to laugh.

Mrs Cooper’s eyes widened in shock.. What did she just hear..

“We have to teach her a lesson.. Something she’ll never forget” Lucas smirked.

“How about we render her motherless huh?” Don spoke, coming in.

“That’s a great idea dad” Lucas said.

“Marshall.. Marshall.. Please have mercy on me, I didn’t know any of these. Please forgive me an my family” Mrs Cooper begged.

“Boys leave, I’ll take care of everything” Marshall said.

Lucas and Tyler left as told. Marshall paid deaf ear to her pleading and walked to a table. He picked a sword and smiled at how sharp it was.

Mrs Cooper’s eyes widened.

“In your next life, when you hear Marshall Don Leighton.. You run” Marshall said menacingly waking to her

“No.. No.. Marshall please forgive me.. Marshall I beg.. Mar- Arghh!!!”

Blood splattered on the wall..



“We’ll be going back now mom..” Bryce said.

Unfortunately, Roland had a conference to attend so he couldn’t see them off..

“Bye son” Lucia hugged Bryce and kissed his cheek.

She hugged Zoey too.

“Please take care of my son okay? He can be sometimes reckless and annoying but just manage him that way” Lucia said and Zoey chuckled then nodded.

“And you take care of Zoey okay? If you dare make her cry I’ll break your head” Lucia warned and Bryce raised his hands in defeat.

They both got in the car and then waved one last time at Lucia before driving off..

“New York, here we come!!”



Alex hugged Abbie to himself as he stroke her hair, admiring how cute she was while sleeping. Abbie slowly opened her eyes and she pouted before looking at Alex.

A smile spread on her lips.

“Good morning Sunshine!” She said and Alex smiled then pecked her lips.

“How was your night?” He asked, stroking her hair.

“So good! With me in your arms” She said, snuggling closer to him and Alex chuckled

“Today is Monday but we have no lectures.. What should we do?” Alex asked.

“Umm.. Let’s get together with our friends and enjoy the day together.” Abbie suggested.

“If that’s what my heart wants then I’m okay with it..” Alex said.

“Cool! I’ll text them! I’m sure Zoey is on her way back with Bryce so she’ll definitely join” Abbie took her phone from the stand

“I also ordered us matching outfits. They’ll arrive any minutes from now.” Alex said.

“Awwn thanks babe” She kissed his lips but Alex held her and deepened it.


“I’m also done!” Abbie said, coming out of the room.

Alex who was sitting on the couch while pressing his phone look up and smiled.

“How do I look?” She twirled around.

She was putting on a white big shirt half fitted in a blue jean mini skirt with white canvas and her hair was let loose.

Alex was also wearing assorted clothes too. White shirt with same design as hers, sky blue ripped jeans and white canvas plus shades, looking like a top model.

“You look s*xy.. Makes me wanna do unholy things to you” Alex muttered and licked his lips.

“C’mon” Abbie chuckled.

Alex stood up and she hugged his arm..

“You look so perfect that I sometimes can’t believe I’m dating you” Abbie said as they left his condo.

“What?” Alex laughed…



“What! What do you mean by you haven’t found my wife… She’s been missing for more than 12 hours!!” Mrs Cooper ranted on the phone.

Blaire got down the stairs, wearing skimpy outfits. One could tell she was about to go out.

She saw her father ranting on the phone and she rolled her eyes.

“Quit the yelling dad.. Mom is probably enjoying a good d*ck at someone’s place” Blaire said, heading to the exit.

She opened the door and almost bumped on the maid who was carrying a box in her hand.

“Miss… Here’s a delivery for you” She said.

“Me?” Blaire thought and slowly collected it.

She never ordered something so why are they delivering things to her. She made to open the box when she saw a letter stuck to it

Blaire took the letter and opened it then read

💌 My little naïve Blaire,
This is a little warning from us that next time, you shouldn’t try to play the smartass with us.. You caused it upon yourself and don’t even try to tell on us if you love your parents or should I say,, what is left.. Lol 💌

Blaire immediately began trembling and she pocketed the letter. With shaky hands, she slowly opened the box and was welcomed with the gruesome view.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!?” She fell on her butt without being pushed.

Mr Cooper immediately turned to see Blaire crying silently, starring with wide eyes at the box. He quickly rushed to her.

“What’s happening… Are you-” He paused when he saw what was in the box.

His hands immediately flew to his mouth as his eyes remained wide out of shock.. In fact shock was an understatement

Inside the box was the head of Mrs Cooper, her eyes were gorged out and her hair was completely shaved… Only the pungent smell coming from it will confirm it was from her body.

“My wife no!! Who did this to you!!! No!!!” Mr Cooper fell too, crying loudly..

Blaire kept crying silently as she kept her gaze fixed on the head of her mom..

It’s all her fault… If she persuaded her parents to abandon the idea of trying to take over Marshall’s wealth the moment she found out about their organization, all these wouldn’t have happened…

Her selfish desire to have Alex and more fame led her to this. She wanted to kíll two birds with one stone and this is were it led her to.

“I killed mom..”

“I killed mom…”

Those were what kept ringing in her ears as she sank more and more deeper into the pool of guilt

“My wife… Tell me this is a dream,, no!!?” Mr Cooper wailed bitterly.


Bryce who was disguised as a cleaner stopped in front of Alex’s condo. He brought out the cleaner’s card and swiped it in a slot, the door opened

He looked around and then sneaked to his room then began rummaging through Alex’s things.

“Can’t believe I’ll stoop this low into doing this but I have no choice” He thought, searching for something

“Bingo!” He smiled when he picked Alex’s hairbrush. He removed some of Alex’s hair stuck in it and put it in a small nylon and just the same way he came…that’s how he left



“Oh my f**king god!! So much happened during this weekend.. Like you and our lecturer are now dating? But how” Abbie asked as she ate from her cake.

“It’s a long story and at the same time short too.” Zoey chuckled.

“Zoey dating the president’s son… Wow, you hit the jackpot” Alma smiled.

“I’m happy for you and Everett too” Zoey said and Alma looked at Everett then smiled.

“So that means we should throw a goodbye party to our single life” Estella said and they chuckled.

“Where’s Bryce by the way..” Alex asked, feeding Abbie his cake.

“He said he had something important to do..” Zoey said

“I wonder what he’s doing…” Alex muttered

“After this.. Let’s all go to the spa and relax, besides I wanna wash off the dye on my hair like my sunshine said” Abbie said cutely..

“Awwn… Poor me” Whitney gushed.

“I’m I a joke to you?” Julian raised a brow and they laughed.



Bryce kept pacing to and fro in the doctor’s office as he waited for him to return. For the first time in his life, he was so nervous and a bit scared.

What if the DNA results comes out negative? What will he do next? What if it then comes out positive, what will he also do?

Just like that, his thoughts immediately became messed up but his thoughts were cut short when the doctor came in.

“The results are ready” The doctor said with a face that one couldn’t even figure out the results by looking at it.

With sweaty palms, Bryce collected the results and read it thoroughly. A drop of tear fell on the paper when he read the result.

The results were none other than…




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