Hugs & Kisses – Episode 65 & 66

Alex And Abbie

(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✮(𝔄 𝔇𝔞𝔶 ℑ𝔫 𝔚𝔞𝔰𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔱𝔬𝔫)✮

“Yes, yes… I’m his girlfriend” Zoey muttered, annoyance clearly hinted in her voice.

“Gosh!! Come here, you’re so cute!!” Lucia hugged her and her eyes widened.

The first Lady… Hugging her?? Someone calling her cute??

She didn’t know if it’ll be right to hug her back but she slowly hugged her back.

“Thanks… Ma’am” Zoey said.

Roland just looked at them, especially the look on Zoey’s face. Somehow, he felt like it was a facade..

“It’s 4pm. You guys are going to sleep over right?” Lucia asked.

“Yeah… Sure” Bryce smiled.

“Great! I’ll have the maids to prepare your room” Lucia said.

“Umm… What about mine?” Zoey said slowly.

“You two are a couple.. It won’t harm if you two sleep in the same room incase you’ll want to” Lucia wiggled her brows and giggled before leaving.

Zoey frowned.. Sleeping in the same room with Bryce??

“I’ll leave you two. Have an appointment to attend to, please feel free.. It’s your home after all” Roland smiled and left.

Zoey nodded with a smile. Immediately he was out of sight, the smile on her face fell then she glared at Bryce.

“So this was the reason why you wanted me to come over and say yes to whatever they asked me!” Zoey flared up.

“Will you stop flaring up for once? Let me explain myself… The thing is that, my parents keep forcing ladies on me and I hàte that.. I knew they were going to try it again so that’s why I brought you here so they’ll think we’re dating and finally let me breath” Bryce explained.

“Oh really? What will it have have caused you if you just said it to me that way instead of twisting it around!! I would have at least know I was coming here to pretend instead of giving me false hopes!! I thought…” Zoey paused the shouting as her chest rose and condensed rapidly. She looked down.

“I thought that you wanted me to meet your family because you thought of me as maybe more than a friend” Zoey said the statement calmly while looking down.

Bryce’s eyes widened and he started feeling guilty.. Maybe that wasn’t the good idea to go about it.


“Umm sir, the room is ready” A maid interrupted them.

“Show me the way..” She muttered and left with the maid.

Bryce sighed and followed them..

The maid led Zoey inside the room and she looked round the room as she walked in. Bryce’s room was really huge and screamed wealth.

She went and sat on the soft and fluffy bed to remove her shoes..

“Zoey, why were you even mad earlier? You shouldn’t be, remember all men are the same and besides he’s the president son. Did you really think he’ll one day pick interest in someone like you? With all the high class s*xy and sophisticated women out there?” Her subconscious mind said..

“Yeah, you’re right..” She sighed and just then Bryce walked in the room.

He went to her and sat beside her…

“Zoey I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was playing a fóol out of you with my plans. I’m sorry if I hurt you” Bryce said

“It’s okay.. You wouldn’t have known besides there’s nothing between us so I’m in no position to get mad” Zoey said with a poker face.

“Where’s the bathroom… I want to have a shower” Zoey asked.

“The door over there..” Bryce pointed.

Zoey nodded with no hint of smile on her face as she went in the bathroom.

Bryce sighed..

“She’s still mad”

Zoey made herself a bubble bath before she stripped and entered the tub. She sighed as she stared at the wall like there was something interesting in it.

“Why… When did all these happen? When did I started falling for him? I can’t let it happen… Don’t want to experience that pain I felt” She thought.



The guards opened the door for Bryce and he walked in the study room. His dad was back and he was seen, sitting on a sofa while reading.

“Dad..” He called and Roland turned to him with a smile.

“Son, come sit beside me” He said and Bryce did so..

“I know you coming here is not because you missed us.. You have a motive, what is it?” Roland asked and Bryce chuckled.

Roland always have this bad,, or should I say good habit of always saying what he feels.

“I can’t hide anything from you dad.. Though I missed you two but I also wanted to know something. I wanted to know the day my brother Kingston was kidnapped and how he looks like, did he have this birthmark on the palm too?” Bryce asked.

Roland sighed and closed the book.

“That day Kingston got kidnapped was one of my saddest day and I can clearly remember it like yesterday.. Back then I was still a senator and it was on his 1st anniversary.. On the 3rd of August” Roland said, reminiscing on the painful past..

“To answer your second question, yes… He has a birthmark on the palm like you and also he has fox eyes with naturally red lips and brown eyes.. That’s all I know but up till now, I’ll recognize my son no matter how much he has grown” Roland said.

Bryce nodded…

“Like I promised before leaving this place dad… One day I’ll fully return will be with my brother and I’ll make those who took him away from us pay. Dad, I can feel it… I’m so closed to achieving it” Bryce said..

“It isn’t necessary son.. I don’t want to loose you too they’re many ways to find him other than being a cop.. What if those people are bad guys and they decide to come for your life?” Roland said.

“I know dad… But sitting around will do us no good, what if those people have my brother and they’re willing to ki*ll him at any given moment?” Bryce said.

“I’ll find my brother and bring down those people then like I promised you,, I’ll quit the police and become a CEO like you’ve always wanted me to be” Bryce said.

Roland sighed..

“You’re so stubborn” Roland smiled.

“Just like my father who married mom despite the social gap between you two.” Bryce smiled.

“Alright.. I give you my blessing to find Kingston but please don’t do it at the expense of your life.” Roland said and Bryce nodded.

“And also.. I know that girl isn’t your girlfriend, I could see it with the look on her face but I think she has something for you and you too. If it’s so, follow your heart son… Make her yours before some other dude does”

“Yes Mr President” Bryce saluted and Roland laughed



“Can’t believe they died” Abbie cleaned her tears..

She was in one of Alex’s shirt and they were both seated in front of the TV, watching “Titanic” with Abbie sitting in between Alex’s legs.

Alex wasn’t even with the movie but was busy starring at her. It’s just so fascinating how she just becomes more beautiful at each passing day.

Abbie felt his gaze on his and she turned to look at him..

“What? Is there something on my face..” Abbie asked, touching her face.

“Yeah.. Beauty and cuteness” Alex replied while smiling.

“Awww stop making me blush this way” Abbie gushed, fanning her red cheeks and Alex chuckled.

“Heart, can you go back to your natural hair color? I wanna see how it looks on you” Alex said and Abbie touched her hair.

“Really? You think so?” Abbie asked and Alex nodded.

“Then I’ll do whatever my sunshine wants” She smiled cutely and Alex kissed her lips.

He deepened it and carried her in his arms before standing.

“Let’s go for another round” Alex said and Abbie giggled.

“Just go slowly.. It still hurts abit down there” She muttered as they went in his room.




“Stop laughing!” Everett said

Everett frowned and rolled his eyes then hastened his step while Alma followed behind him, while laughing.

The weather was a bit chilly so you could see both of them clad in pullovers. They were both taking a walk round the city when they bumped into each other and decided to continue together.

The road was not that crowded and the sun was setting, making the city look even more beautiful.

Everett once told her one of his embarrassing moments and Alma couldn’t help but laugh.

“Really? Your ex disgraced you the next day after you lost your virginity to her. She posted your d*ck and tagged it ‘toothpick for sale'” Alma laughed.

“Yeah… But it was back then, I was like 16 or 17, I’ve grown” Everett said.

“Really? Did you really grow or you decided to take enlargement pills” Alma said and laughed.

Everett sighed and dipped his hands in his pullover then began walking. Alma caught up with him and hugged his arm.

“Stop frowning… You look uglier” Alma smirked.

“I’ll stop frowning if you kiss me” Everett said and Alma rolled eyes then released his arm

“But on serious note, what should I do for us to date? I really like you” Everett stopped walking.

Alma looked at him then smirked.

“I’ll date you and even marry you this instance if you make snow to fall right here, right now” Alma said.

“Snow?! But we’re in summer?” Everett exclaimed and Alma nodded..

Everett sighed.

“You’re very lame for a guy yunno.. Why don’t you make me fall for you.. Buy me gifts, ask me on dates, kiss me out of the blues, seduce me… Anything that’ll make me fall for you” Alma said

She took slow steps towards..

“That’s all what any other guy would do but you’re not any guy. You’re Everett, the annoying guy I’ve always liked since high school but never noticed me” Alma said and Everett’s eyes furrowed in confusion.

“Do you remember me.. Miss fatty, the girl who once confessed to you but you humiliated her publicly?” Alma said and Everett’s eyes widened.


“Did I change so much? Is it coz I now act tough or coz of my short hair or coz I’m now a tomboy? Or..” Alma chuckled

He could still remember back then, when he was 18 a chubby girl came to confess to him but he rejected her publicly

“Alma, I’m so sorry.. I-” Alma pecked his lips

“It’s okay, well partially coz I really hated you for that especially when you approached me at the pool back then. Those hurtful words you said made I decided to loose weight and get back at you but as I got to know you now, I can see you’ve changed a lot and besides you were still a kid then” Alma said

Alma took his hand then began dragging him away

“Come.. I know a pork restaurant who makes great pork meat.. Let’s-”

Everett turned her around and without wasting time he claimed her lips, holding her waist. Alma’s eyes widened but it slowly closed and she slowly responded to it, dipping her hands in his hair as the night breeze blew on them



Bryce walked in the room and met Zoey searching in his wardrobe with his towel wrapped round her body. She turned to Bryce when he entered.

“Oh.. I’m sorry for prying in your privacy… My clothes are dirty, just wanted to borrow one of your shirt” Zoey said.

“Sure” Bryce nodded and turned his back for her to dress…

“Zoey,, you’re still mad right?” Bryce asked

“Not really,, at least I know my stand here” Zoey said, wearing the shirt.

“I’m done” She said and Bryce turned to her

“What do you mean by stand?”

“I’m not ready for another heartbreak Bryce… I mean Mr lecturer. You’re the president son and I’m just a daughter of a business man ” Zoey said.

A knock came up

“Dinner is ready… Sir,, miss” The maid said and left.

“I’ll be in the dining room” Zoey said and made to leave but Bryce pulled her back and pinned her against the door.

“What if I want nothing to change Between us huh? What if I want to continue pissing you off to see how cute you look when mad… I don’t really care who you are, whether I’m the president son or not, your lecturer or not… I don’t really care but please don’t change anything between us. I’m really sorry if what I did earlier hurt you” Bryce said and tugged a piece behind her ear.

Zoey just stared at him, eagerly expecting him to say something else

“I like you,, a lot.. There I’ve said it” Bryce said.

“I’m not generally a lady’s man or someone who associates a lot with girls nor I’m I generally this lively with people but I don’t know,, ever since I saw you at the club..looking cute when drunk, I just felt..attracted to you and the more we spend time together, I just could not longer imagine my life without you” Bryce said.

He took her hand and kissed her knuckles..

“Will you my girlfriend for real this time?? I know we’ve known each other for a short while but that’s enough for me to know that I want to have something serious with you… I promise I’ll-”

Zoey pulled him down to her level and slammed her lips on his. She broke it shortly with his face hovering above hers.

“Just kiss me”

Without wasting time, Bryce held her waist and reconnected back their lips together… Kissing her slowly just like he always does.



“I’m really sorry you had to go through all that.. I’m glad you’ve found back your sister and everything is slowly falling back in places. Good thing my son helped you if not I could have disowned him” Veronica said and Estella chuckled.

Like promised, she came over and at the beginning she was really nervous but with the warm way Veronica and Mr Lewis who just happened to come back from one his trip welcomed her, she felt just at home.

They were currently in the kitchen, cooking dinner for the family since Estella who came along with Aileen will be sleeping over.

Aileen was in Kate’s room while Rudy was playing chess with dad in the living room.

“Feel free to come over with your sister okay? You’re both welcomed in this family..”


“I love your long hair.. You’re so pretty!!” Aileen gushed as she was tied Kate’s hair in cute pig tails.

“Thanks cutie… Though I’m not that cute like my sister, trust me.. She’s a living doll” Kate said.

“Where’s she?” Aileen asked.

“She went to her boyfriend’s house… I’m sure they must be f**king right now” Kate said

“Just like my other sister. She literally lives with the guy” Aileen sighed.

“We really do have questionable sisters” Kate sighed and Aileen sighed too.


“How was your trip to Australia dad?” Rudy asked..

“Was really tiring.. I’m just glad it’s over and I can fully focus on the company”

“I hope you didn’t replace mom with some chick there” Rudy said.

“C’mon son.. How can I replace her? Besides I’m not ready to die an untimely death” Mr Lewis whispered and Rudy laughed

(Some will be wondering where’s Rudy’s real mom… Well she díed when Rudy was just a baby)

“Well you better don’t cheat on me because if not…” Veronica said, coming in.

“Dinner is ready” She added.

“Cool! I was starving!” Mr Lewis stood up. He suddenly grabbed Veronica by the waist and kissed her.

Veronica blushed and looked down.

“18 years and nothing changed” He said..

Veronica scoffed and left, tapping her red cheeks. Rudy chuckled, watching them with his hands in his pocket.


Mrs Cooper parked her car in front of a club and came out of it. She smiled and wore her shade before going in.

Music was blaring from all corners of the club. Some young couples, were dancing wildly while some were drinking

Her eyes scanned round the room and she smiled when she saw who she came for..

“He said he’ll be sitting at the right corner of the club” She said and walked to him then sat in front of him.

The man was sitting at a dark corner so his face and body couldn’t be deciphered, only his silhouette..

“Are you the man, I’m supposed to meet?” She asked.

“The one and only… Who are you hiring me to kíll and why?” The figure spoke.

Mrs Cooper opened her purse and placed then brought out two pictures and placed it on the table.

Well since the engagement got cancelled, her husband is still thinking of another way but she just can’t stand and do nothing.. She wants the power and money right now even if it means hiring someone to kíll them.

With Marshall and his first son gone, Alex will be so pained and frustrated that he’ll have no choice than to find refuge in them

The man picked Marshall’s and Lucas’s photo she placed on the table and he stared at it..

“I want you to eliminate those two.. They’re posing as a hindrance in achieving what I want” Mrs Cooper said.

The figure stared at the picture and suddenly let out a chuckle, then another chuckle before he began laughing softly.

“I’m not even handsome in this pic”

“Why are you-”

The remaining words got stuck in her throat when the lights of the disco ball shun on the man’s face and it came to view.

Mrs Cooper’s eyes widened and her purse fell of her hand due to shock.

“Lu- Lucas??”



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