Hugs & Kisses – Episode 63 & 64

Alex And Abbie

(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✮(𝔐𝔢𝔪𝔬𝔯𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔢 𝔑𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 2)✮


His hand traveled slowly up to her back and he slowly unzipped her gown before peeling her gown off her body…

The shirt he was putting on was gone too

He pulled it off her body and her white bra came to view. He unhooked her bra and pulled it off too. Without wasting time, he took in her n*pples in his mouth.

Abbie moaned out.. She really missed this feeling she gave her last night. She dipped her hand in his hair, pulling him closer.

Alex sucked her like a baby while his hand traveled to her waist. He held her pantie and slowly pulled it, off her legs then tossed it away.

His hand ran s*xily through her long smooth and spotless legs, leaving behind a lingering sensation in her body

His hand came in contact with her pssy and she jolted a bit. He paused and when he felt her relaxing, he began rubbing on her clt.

“Babe.. Mmm” Abbie bit her lips.

Alex released her br**sts to look at her beautiful face. She stared back at him, biting her lips while trying to suppress a moan.

“Ahh!” She released it when Alex plunged a finger into her wet c*nt. He smirked, staring at the lustful yet cute look on her face.

Abbie on the other hand, felt a bit weird having his finger inside her but at the same time it came with this tingling kind of pleasure.

Alex fingered her slowly making sure not to hurt her and with the look on her face, he knew he was doing that right.

He pulled his finger out of her and licked it. Abbie grunted in disappointment.

“Why did you stop?” Was what went through her mind but her senses jingled at what Alex did next

“Alex!!” She released a sharp moan when Alex’s lips met with her honeypot.

His warm breath, hitting on her down there together with the cràzy things his tongue was doing to her heated up her body really badly.

She ached her back as she spread her legs apart, giving him more access. Alex tongue probed in and out of her hole as he occasionally sucked and nibbled on her pinkish cl*t.

He has never licked a girl before but just wanted to make sure his Heart never forgets their first night together.

“Alex…ahh!!” Abbie moaned out loudly, pulling his face closer.

If only she knew what those moans coming from her did to his body. He was as hard as a rock that he began wondering if he’ll really go easy on her like planned.

Each moans escaping her lips acted like a fuel being poured onto his unquenchable desire for her.

She began shaking when Alex began rubbing her cl*t with his thumb in a circular motion. She felt herself being teleported to a whole new world of sweetness, a sweetness she wouldn’t even know how to describe if she was being asked to

Her eyes rolled to the back and before she knew it-

“Alex!!” She moaned loudly as she came undone.

Alex licked her clean and smiled satisfactorily. He raised his head and kissed her lips, making her to taste how sweet she is.

Abbie kissed him back hungrily. She wanted more..more

She broke the kiss and dipped her face on his chest, kissing and occasionally biting him. Alex closed his eyes and released a groan as his hand unbuckled his belt.

He pulled off his trouser and tossed it away and Abbie’s gaze traveled down to his member and her eyes couldn’t help but widened.

She has sure seen it before when she was in his body but how come in grew longer and thicker?

“Are you sure about this… Coz I guarantee you that once I have a taste of you they’ll be no turning back” Alex paused.

“You’ll be mine forever” He whispered to her ear

“Then make me yours” Abbie said and kissed him which he instantly reciprocated.

Abbie quickly broke the kiss when he entered her slowly…

“F*ck!” She said painfully and Alex stopped halfway, allowing her to adjust.

When he felt her relax in his arms, he slammed his full length inside her.

“Ahh!!” Abbie cried out when she felt a sharp pain hit her when her hymen was torn.

“Sunshine,, it hurts” She said as tears escaped her eyes.

“I’m sorry, just endure.. It’ll go away” He muttered and kissed her neck as he slowly began moving in and out of her

Alex groaned pleasurably. She was so warm, so tight, so sweet for him… The way her walls wrapped warmly round his d*ck was driving him cràzy.

“Mmm baby” Abbie moaned when the pleasure began kicking in and Alex increased his pace

“F*ck yes!!” She screamed and Alex took back her br**sts into his mouth.

“Faster love… Yes!!”

“That’s it… You’re hitting it,, ahh!!”

“F*ck!! I love you Alex!! Ahh!!!”

The bed began making squeaky sounds at the hard thrusts he was giving her.

“Heart..” Alex groaned pleasurably

He grabbed her waist and switched positions such that she was now on top.

“Ride me baby”

Abbie nodded and did like she watched in the movies. She raised herself and slammed his length inside her.

Her eyes widened as the pleasure felt even more sweeter. Alex licked his lips with his eyes closed as Abbie bounced on his d*ck.

“Baby!” Alex moaned when Abbie slammed hard onto him. He began thrilling her p*ssy from beneath.

“Ohh f*ck yes!!” She moaned..

Alex sat up and squeezed her àss as he claimed her lips, kissing her hungrily. He increased his pace and Abbie broke the kiss to moan out.

“Fuuuccckk…” Alex pulled out of her shooted his c*m on her thigh and àss.

“Let’s go for my favorite position” Alex smirked and made to go all fours on the bed.

He spanked her àss and groped it before delving inside her immediately. Abbie moaned sweetly at his intrusion, it was as if his d*ck was honey-coated.

He began thrilling her from behind and Abbie moaned out senselessly as his hands roamed round her slender yet curvy body.

Abbie shivered at his touch.. It’s fascinating how his touches did insane things to her..

The night was a really long one because they had s*x all night and almost everywhere in the room, even the bathroom.



Tyler looked at the time and sighed.. It’s almost 10 PM yet no signs of Whitney. He hates cooking but he cooked for them and even burnt his hand in the process.

He was sure the food was already cold.

“Where could you be Whitney? I hope you’re okay…” He called her and like earlier, her line wasn’t available.

“I hope nothing bad happened to you” Tyler thought worriedly as he paced round the dining room.



“F*ck you Tyler!! I love you Lian”

“Harder babe… Harder”


Whitney moaned as Julian gave it to her from the back, he squeezed her b**bs and she moaned sweetly to that..

“I love you too” Julian kissed her back tenderly

“Ahh!!” She moaned.



Abbie opened her eyes slowly and smiled as the flashback of what happened last night came to her.. She surely wasn’t going to forget how last night felt, the insane things he did to her and how he made her feel like lady.

Alex tightened his hands round her waist and she turned to him to see him sleeping peacefully.

Her smile grew more wide. He looked so handsome like this that she wish she could stare at him all day

“Think I should cook for us” She thought but immediately sighed.

“Wait… I don’t even know how to cook” She said

“But there’s YouTube” She thought and nodded then sat up.

Her eyes widened at how messy the room looked. Did they really do all these?

That’s when she realize she’s putting on one of Alex’s white shirt..

“How cute, he wore it for me” She giggled

Abbie stood up from the bed and her legs wobbled immediately such that she had to hold onto the bed not to fall.

“You naughty tiger… You drained me!” She thought as she stared at Alex who was sleeping.

She slowly walked to the door and when she made another step, her legs wobbled and she began going down. She closed her eyes expecting to fall but instead landed in someone’s arms.

Alex carried her up in a bridal style and walked back to the bed then placed her on it.

“You shouldn’t walk… With all what happened yesterday I’m surprise you were able to stand on your feet” Alex chuckled.

“But I wanted to cook for you”

“Really? And since when did cooking become your thing?” Alex smirked and she pouted.

Alex chuckled then kissed her pouted lips

“Thanks for last night… I promise I’ll honor the trust you put in me, I’ll never leave you that’s a vow” Alex said and Abbie smiled.

“Give me 20 minutes.. Let me make our breakfast” Alex winked and left.

Abbie puffed out air and looked at the bed then she glanced at the sheet to see the blood stains on it. She smiled and picked her phone then took a picture of it.

She send it to their group chat with the caption “Guess what??”

Zoey was the first to reply.

Zoey 💬 Oh ma gawd!!! You’ll tell me every details on Tuesday

Abbie 💬 😂😂😂

Alma 💬 I wanna see Alex’s naked body girl😁

Abbie & Zoey 💬 Alma!!

Estella 💬 Where’s my sister?

Alma 💬 Probably f**king with Julian.

Zoey 💬 Wait… What??

Estella 💬 Sis is that true??

Whitney left the group chat

“F*ck! So it is true” Abbie laughed..

Alex walked in the room with a tray of delicacies and Abbie quickly kept her phone aside as Alex sat beside her.

“Today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday. We have no lectures so you’ll stay with me,, please?” Alex pouted and Abbie chuckled.

“Of course Sunshine” She said and Alex smiled then began feeding her



Whitney sat up and ran her hands through her hair before yawning. She turned to look at Julian and smiled..

“You’re really getting more addicted to me these days” She chuckled and went to his wardrobe.

She brought out one of his favorite shirt and wore it before going to take her phone, switching it on. A smirk settled on her lips when she saw all the missed calls from Tyler.

“This is just the beginning fóol…” She said and texted him.

💬 Sorry, my phone was switched off and I caught this terrible flu so I had to stay home. I’m really sorry for not honoring the visit bae❤

She sent it and that’s when she saw some messages on their group chat, she quietly left the group.

“These girls… I certainly can’t hide anything from them” She chuckled and kept back her phone before walking to the door

She opened it and all colors drained from her face the moment she saw Mrs Adams standing in front of her.

Actually she came back not long ago and was about to knock when Whitney opened.

Her eyes narrowed as she scanned through the shirt on Whitney’s body and it widened when she caught a glimpse of Julian sleeping shirtless on the bed

“What have-”

Whitney blocked her mouth..

“Don’t wake up Lian please.. Let’s go to the living room, I’ll explain everything to you”


They were both seated in the living room and Whitney explained everything to her without leaving out any details. After all she owes her her life, if not for her she would have been déad.

“Gosh so many things happened while I was away.. You don’t know how I’m so relieved that I’m not the reason why you were like that.” Mrs Adams.

“Words can’t express how I’m so grateful for everything you did for me ma’am” Whitney said and held her hand.

“Oh don’t mention, I’ll always treat you like the daughter I never had and if you want you can live here as long as you want” Mrs Adams touched her hair and she smiled.

“So back to what I saw earlier… My hunch is right right? You and my son had s*x” Mrs Adams.

Whitney looked down and slowly nodded.

“We.. We are dating aunt” Whitney said.

“Yes!! Finally I’m assured that my son isn’t gày, I won’t lie you at one point I began doubting his s*xuality.” She said and Whitney laughed.

“What? It’s true… How can a guy be a virgin till 23 years, will be 24 next month, no interaction with females, always sticking around with Alex.. I even began thinking he was in love with Alex” Mrs Adams blabbered and Whitney laughed more.

Julian who was standing by the entrance of the living room shook his head as he looked at his mother. He became worried when he woke up and couldn’t find Whitney so he went to look for her only to see her gossiping with his mom

“Son! Come join us!” Mrs Adams said and Julian walked in.

“Can’t believe you actually thought I was in love with Alex” Julian said and Mrs Adams laughed.

He stood behind the couch they were sitting and hugged them then pecked their cheeks.

“I love you two so much!”

Whitney and Mrs Adams smiled..

“I love you too” They chorused.



“Wow… I’ve never been to Washington before!” Zoey gushed as she stared out of the car and Bryce looked at her then smiled.

The drive from New York to Washington was a bit long but they’ve arrived there.

“Zoey, I want you to do me a favor.. Whatever questions my mom asks you, I want you to just reply with a yes.. Can you do that for me?” Bryce said.

Zoey narrowed her gaze, wondering why but she just shrugged and nodded.

“Oh! Can you stop there, I wanna take pic” Zoey pouted.

“Stop doing that, you look ugly” Bryce smirked and parked his car.

They got down the car and Zoey’s mouth formed an “O” as she looked around. She’s never being to Washington before.

She gave her phone to Bryce and went to pose in front of the building. Bryce took several pictures of her as she changed pose.

She did another pose where she placed her hands on her thigh and slightly bent down, sticking her tongue out… She looked so s*xy.

Bryce frowned for some seconds as he looked at the guys who were ogling at her round firm àss. He sighed and just took the pictures..

“Hello miss, please can you take a picture of us?” She asked.

“Sure” The lady smiled and Zoey took her phone from Bryce then handed it to her.

“Come let’s take a pic together so I won’t be able to forget your ugly face once you leave” Zoey pulled him to where she was standing.

They paused and the lady took several pictures of them. Bryce suddenly held her waist and pulled down his nose mask before kissing her, Zoey’s eyes widened and the lady took a picture of them like that.



“Don’t talk to me!! Talk to me when you’ll stop kissing me without my consent… I’m not even your girlfriend to begin with” Zoey scoffed.

“Then I ask you out then will you accept” Bryce said while driving.

Zoey gave him a bombastic side eye and Bryce sighed.

“Fine,, I’ll stop kissing you out of the blues… Well I’ll try” He muttered and Zoey scoffed then looked out of the window.

Her eyes widened when she saw the huge magnificent building they were driving in.

“Oh My God… The white house!” She gasped.

The guards stopped them but the moment Bryce pulled down the nose mask he has been wearing, they immediately let him in.

Bryce drove in and Zoey’s eyes kept widening at all the luxury she kept seeing. Bryce parked and got down, Zoey got down too..

“Welcome back sir” The guards greeted and he nodded.

“Zoey? This way..” He said and Zoey got back to her reverie before following Bryce with the guards tailing behind them.

“Sir,, I’ve informed Mr President and the first Lady about your arrival. They’re waiting for you at the study room” A maid came and told him and he nodded with a straight face.

Zoey stared at him and the aura of authority oozing from him here. It was completely different from the perverted and cocky one he had back in New York.

That’s when she started realizing the huge social gap between them and she suddenly felt small beside him

He flicked her forehead and she came back to herself..

“Are you gonna continue starring at me this way or should we move in..” Bryce smirked and she frowned.

“No! I was wrong,, he’s still the same… Always cocky and annoying” Zoey thought, rubbing her forehead.

They both resumed their walk as the maid stared at them with a look of bewilderment.

👥Was I dreaming just now? The young master smiled at a lady

👥 The last time a lady tried to smile or flirt with him, he had her arrested.

Bryce and Zoey got in the study room and the guards opened the door for them to enter.

“Son!!” Lucia exclaimed and ran to hug Bryce.

“Goodness, you’re back to us.. What got into, you eloped immediately you were through with college and didn’t even contact us” Roland said.

“I’m sorry dad but I’m on a mission and I’ll only return home fully once I achieve that mission” Bryce said

That’s when Lucia’s and Roland’s attention went to the lady who came with him.

Zoey stood there, looking like a lost puppy as she stared at the most important figures in the country standing right in front of her.

“Son, who’s she?” Lucia asked.

“Oh… Uhh, Meet Zoey,, my….girlfriend” Bryce gestured and Lucia gasped.

Zoey just stared at them with the usual dumbfounded look on her face. It took almost a minute for her brain to register what Bryce just called her.

“Wait.. What?” She exclaimed and swiftly looked at Bryce.

“OMG! You’re the girlfriend he once told us about!!” Lucia exclaimed happily.

Whatever questions my mom asks you, I want you to just reply with a yes..

That’s when she understood what his request meant. She glared daggers at Bryce with folded fists and gritted her teeth.

Zoey exhaled with closed eyes..

“Yes.. Yes, I’m his girlfriend” She muttered, annoyance clearly hinted in her voice



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