Hugs & Kisses – Episode 61 & 62

Alex & Abbie

(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✮(𝔐𝔢𝔪𝔬𝔯𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔢 𝔑𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 1)✮

Bryce’s eyes dilated to a confused one as he stared at Alex.

“Here you go..” Alex spoke while handing him back the paper and that brought him back from his thoughts.

“Oh… Thanks” He muttered and collected it.

“So sir, what do you want to know about my family” Alex asked, standing back straight.

“Well… First, I’ll like to know. Is that a birthmark on your right palm?” Bryce asked and Alex nodded.

“Yeah, I’ve always thought it was weird but I’ve learned to like it” Alex smiled.

“I see.” Bryce said and sat down.

“Have a seat” He added and Alex did as told.

“So I wanted to ask you if you can tell me everything you know about your family… Their business, deals, everything”

“I would be very frank with you… Your family and the Cooper’s are the prime suspect of the mass kidnapping going on in this country” Bryce said and Alex’s eyes widened.

“Do you realize what you’re saying!? My family is innocent, it’s true we aren’t that family goal kind of family but we can’t do what you’re accusing us of” Alex flared up and Bryce chuckled.

“That’s what I thought of too… I once had a best friend, we were both cops. I thought he was the most kind police officer I’ve seen and guess what.. He was just a spy sent to kíll me” Bryce said.

“See? Reason why I’m telling you this is no one is to be trusted blindly.. We all have our dark sides. I’m sure you already figured out I’m here because I’m on a mission so if you would help me facilitate my task I’d be glad” Bryce said

Alex thought about it and sighed then nodded.

“Fine… I’ll tell you everything I know about my family” He muttered and Bryce smiled.


“… That’s all I know” Alex concluded.

“I see.. Well I don’t see anything suspicious in them.” Bryce said.

“Told you so”

“Except one thing… This thing between you, your girlfriend and your brother, something definitely doesn’t sit well with me” Bryce muttered.

“What do you mean?” Alex asked

“It’s not certain yet… Just a pointless thought of mine” Bryce said.

“Though I’ll need to speak with that girl… Abigail” He muttered

“You can now go to class.. Thank you for-”

“No, there’s another thing” Alex said, remembering one detail he forgot.

“There was this period, one thing led to another and we visited the shaman, the shaman asked me to save her… Then that very day someone made an attempt to sh00t me but failed. Then last two weeks I got ambushed and the person still said I should breakup with her or else they’ll kíll me” Alex said.

“Yeah you told me about this” Bryce said and began reflecting once more.

“Then all these means that that girl is their next and main target” Bryce said inwardly.

“Alright, thank you for your time.. You can now go” Bryce smiled

“Sure” Alex nodded and left too.

Bryce leaned back on his swivel chair and looked at his own birthmark on the palms.

“Is it possible to have such a striking coincidence? If not then does that mean he’s my brother and if it’s so then that is a crystal clear fact that Marshall Leighton is Don” Bryce said.

“Guess I’ll have no choice than to come home… Mom, dad”



Whitney kept rolling eyes and hissing as she walked to the court. She asked Lucas who told her Tyler was training

“Now I regret even accepting to date him” She said inwardly but sighed again.

That was the only choice.. Tyler will never trust her at 100% if she’s just a friend to him so she had to top up her game.

What she wants is for Tyler to trust her up to the level of telling her his secrets…

She walked in the court and immediately put up a bright smile on her face.

Tyler stopped training when she walked in. He was shirtless and his sweat was dripping down his abs making him look so hot but to Whitney eyes she looked like fat toad.

“Babe” He smiled and walked to her then held her waist.

She was quick to peck Tyler’s cheek before he tried to kiss her on the lips.

“How was training” She asked

“Was fun.. I missed you so much” Tyler pouted.

“Me..too” Whitney smiled

She gave a fake gasp when she saw the slight minor bruises on Tyler’s face

“OMG Tyler.. Why happened to your face?” She touched his face, trailing his fingers there and Tyler smiled.

“Nothing serious, I fell while trying to score” Tyler replied.

“Oh I see. I thought you go in fight or something, be careful next time okay?” Whitney smiled, trailing her hand down to his chest.

Tyler looked at her hands and gulped, it was slowly starting to have effects on him but Whitney feigned ignorance.

“Just know that,, each time you have a worry.. Just tell me okay? I love you and I’ll always be there for you” Whitney cupped his cheek, saying at his eyes.

Tyler nodded and she smiled. He leaned in to kiss her but Whitney placed a finger on his lips.

“Nah nah… Not now,, let’s meet tonight at your place.. 8 am” She whispered seductively to his ear and Tyler smiled.

“Sure” Tyler said

Whitney winked at blew a kiss at him before turning to leave. A smirk settled on her face the moment she turned

“Just a little bit more Tyler.. Just a little bit more”


“Can you please print a copy of this notes please?” Zoey said and handed it to the lady in charge of printing.

She collected it and began doing the printing. Almost a minute later, she was done.

“That’s be 50$ miss”

“Oh sure, just-”

Zoey paused when she dipped her hands in her pocket but couldn’t find her wallet.

“Sh*t where did I keep it” She thought as she searched her body.

“Here’s 100$. Keep the change” A deep voice said and payed.

She looked at her right to see it was Bryce. A frown settled on her face and she scoffed then began leaving

“Hey Zoey-”

“Don’t call my name… F*cking leave me, I’m tired of you already.. You’re my lecturer and I’m your student, know you lane” Zoey fired back and began leaving.

Bryce frowned and grabbed her wrist then began dragging her to his office. Luckily, no student were in the corridor.

“Hey! What are you doing! Let me go!! Are you insane!!” Zoey kept ranting till they got inside his office and Bryce locked the door before gently pushing her again it, caging her in the process

“Will you now listen to me?” Bryce smirked at Zoey who was glaring at him.

“I have nothing to say to you.. Once you’re tired you let me go” Zoey scoffed and crossed her hands, looking elsewhere.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you” Bryce said, surprising her but she still kept her poker face, not looking at him

Bryce sighed..

“Why are women so difficult” He said inwardly.

He cupped her cheek and made her face him..

“I’m sorry for yelling at you okay? I wouldn’t líe, I was mad at you then but you did what you did out of your instincts. Those people who attacked me are related to the reason why I came here in the first place. I’m on a mission to uncover the reason behind the disappearance of many young girls and they know it that’s why they wanted to silence me. You screaming my name, they saw your face and now they know you’re sort of close to me… So now I’m sure they’ll be after you to get to me” Bryce explained calmly and the angry look on Zoey’s face faded.

“Is that so? I’m… I’m sorry” Zoey muttered and looked down.

“It’s not your fault.. You just have a pea sized brain so I understand” Bryce teased and Zoey frowned. He chuckled..

“You said you’re here for a mission… So does that mean after it you leave?” Zoey asked.

“Well yeah.. I have nothing else to do here” Bryce said.

“Oh…” Zoey just said, quite disappointed.

Bryce smirked.

“Unless you want me to stay,, coz you’ll miss me” Bryce said

“I didn’t say that… Even the dogs don’t miss you, you think I will?? Oh please” Zoey rolled her eyes.

“I want to visit my parents tomorrow. Mind coming with me??” Bryce asked.

“What!! Your parents!! The president and first lady?!! The white house?!! No!!” Zoey exclaimed.

“C’mon, they don’t bite…” Bryce insisted.

“What if I trip and fall.. Or say something embarrassing?” Zoey panicked.

“Just act the way you’re acting as usual and you’ll be good to go” Bryce said and Zoey sighed then nodded.

“Cool, send me your address and I’ll come pick you up by 3pm tomorrow” Bryce said and she nodded.

“How’s your wound” Zoey asked.

“Wanna see it?” Bryce said, already holding his button to unbutton his shirt.

“No! No! Are you insane?!”



Estella had a weird look on her face as she stared at her mathematics textbook, not understanding a single thing.

It was like trying to read Chinese language writing with a very bad handwriting..

“That’s final… Books isn’t meant for me” She closed her textbook and pushed it aside.

“How many times will I tell you that each time you don’t understand something, make me know” Rudy said, settling down next to her.

“Oh babe” Estella said.

“Babe… I love the sound of it” Rudy smiled.

Estella smiled and stood up then sat on his thigh and hugged him tightly..

“I missed you so much” Estella gushed and Rudy hugged her back. If someone told her that this was the Estella that shun and ignored him, he couldn’t have believed it.

“How’s your sister?” Rudy asked, touching her hair.

“She’s fine. She got discharged days ago and wouldn’t stop asking about Whitney when I told her she was alive.” Estella smiled.

“I’m glad.. My mom wants you to come over” Rudy said and the smile on Estella’s face fell..

“Mrs Veronica Lewis aka the psycho mom? No, I don’t think I’m ready.. No” Estella immediately shook her head and Rudy laughed.

“C’mon, she doesn’t bite… Well sometimes she does but she’s cool” Rudy said

“What if she doesn’t like me about my past and-”

She was cut shut when Rudy kissed her lips. He broke the kiss shortly..

“Told you I’ll kiss you each time you try to talk about your past right? Besides.. It’s in the past, what matters is the present and future” Rudy said and Estella slowly smiled.

“She says you come on Sunday which is tomorrow” Rudy said and Estella nodded then hugged him again tightly.

“I love you!!” Estella gushed without knowing and Rudy’s eyes widened.

He slowly smiled and hugged her back then kissed her hair.

“I love you too… More than you could even imagine” He said with a voice full of emotion.



Well, plans got changed and Alex asked her to come over on Saturday which is tonight. Abbie got to his condo and rang the bell then began pacing to and fro.

“You got this Abbie… It’s just a fcking sx so you shouldn’t be this worked out for nothing… You got this!! You got this, you-”

Abbie paused when she heard a faint chuckle. She slowly turned and her gaze locked with that of Alex who was leaning on the door with an amused look on his face

“So are we gonna discuss on the fact that you’re scared of s*x or the fact that you actually know the password to my house but still rang the bell” Alex raised a brow with an smirk on his lips.

“Uh.. Uh..” Abbie took in her lips and looked down in embarrassment.

Alex smiled and took her hand then kissed it before pulling her in

“I’m sure you’ve heard an ear full from your mom before coming over.” Alex chuckled.

“Not really, I left before she came home… I’m not ready for her tantrums” Abbie shrugged.

“That means you haven’t yet eaten.. I was just cooking so we can have dinner together” Alex said.

“You can cook? Wow” Abbie said.

“Of course! I love cooking, it’s actually fun..” Alex said.

“Come let’s have dinner..”

“You’ll need that for what I’ll do to you later” Alex whispered to her ears.

She chuckled and hit his chest playfully. They both went to set the dining table and afterwards, they had their dinner while taking turns to feed each other.


Alex walked in the room with Abbie in his arms as he kissed her lips slowly but intensely with her arms wrapped round his neck.

The room was dimly lit with the candle lights placed at the four corners of the room. Scented petals of roses were spread everywhere round the room, even on the white sheeted bed giving it this romantic vibes.

He gently placed her on the bed and then broke the kiss to look her cute and innocent looking face. He smiled and rubbed his thumb on her swollen lips.

“Sunshine, it’s my first time” Abbie whispered..

“I know, don’t worry.. I’ll make sure you never forget this night and my touches too” He said sincerely yet that sounded so seductive and s*xy to the ear.

He bent his head and kissed her neck sucking on it, making sure to leave a love bite there. Abbie closed her eyes and bit her lips.

His hand traveled slowly up to her back and he slowly unzipped her gown before peeling her gown off her body…



  1. Take it easy Alex, it's Abbie's first time oo

    Bryce, your guess is right just give it a little time, their end is near

  2. Author hope no prob you have not updated the story we are all anxious 😰😔….
    Hope you are okay??

    Love birds 💖😻 awwn 🥺🥰

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