Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 29

(On Night Changed Everything)
Chapter 29
Babe’s POV
“What???” I cut in, showing a shock expression. I mean, why will someone agree to pay a sum of 10,000$ per month, just for a nanny job. That’s huge, so huge. I thought within, trying hard to comport myself, but my earlier expression had sold me off.

He arched his brows, squinting. “What’s wrong with the amount….is it small?” He asked. Now, this is becoming a joke. Like, what the hell…heaven knows I ain’t backing out of this job, I’m finally gonna become rich in a space of time.

“No…no no..I mean, its ok…I ain’t complaining” I cut in quickly, taking a deep breath. He stared weirdly at me. I gulped in. “But sir…is that the usual payment made to nannies you hire” I asked out of curiosity. If this is what he pays his workers, then I wonder what people working in his company, directors and mangers will be collecting.

“Miss Collins, I will ask you for the last you have a problem with the payment”

“No sir” I replied hastenly, to avoid him changing his mind. “Good should resume tomorrow”

“Huhn” I blurted out. He rolled his eyes. “One last rule..when I give an order, don’t reply with the sound ‘huhn’, I think’ yes boss’ should be the best reply”

“Ok…boss” I noted, pressing my lips together. Can’t believe I’m getting sweaty palms, his aura can be quite intimidating. Funny enough, I wasn’t captured by it during our first contact.
“You are to resume tomorrow…”
“I’m sorry sir…but I need time to prepare…you know, pack up” I gave a sizzling chuckle. He shrugged. “Fine…so when do you think you will be done packing…up” he asked, deepening his stares; I am beginning to feel nervous, which is unusual.

“Perhaps Wednesday….I promise to be done by then”

“Cool…one of my men will come pick you up first thing on Wednesday morning, 10am to be precised. One more thing, you ain’t expected to still work as a waitress. Your work stops today, you will still get your payment for this month though ..I will speak to your head of department but just make sure you submit your resignation letter.”

“I will do that sir…” I replied, getting on my feet just after his dismissal.

“Phew….that’s huge” I thought, referring to the amount to be paid for the job. Thank goodness I didn’t decline. My face was filled with smiles, as I rub my hand slightly on my tummy. The bulge is already erupting, thanks to the baggy clothes I wear. And that’s exactly what I will keep up with until the month in which it won’t be hidden from the eyes of people.
Babe let out a hard sigh on placing the last piece of clothes into her box. She wouldn’t be taking much with her since she has the opportunity to visit home by weekends, and whereas, the clothes available are tight fitting clothes, she only got to pick the few baggy clothes she has.

“I will need to do more shopping on big clothes….damn” she exhale, relaxing her butt on the bed. Just then the door cracked open, as Helen peeped in.

“Hey pumpkin” Babe voiced out, stretching her hand forward as Helen stepped in, closing the door behind. She had a sad look on, walking sluggishly towards her.

“What’s making you look dull” Babe inquired. Helen sighed. “Are you really leaving” she asked
Babe gave a sad smile, nodding. “Missing me already?” She teased. Helen rolled her eyes, pouting.

“Yes…I wish you can just work from home…isn’t it possible”

“No…boss made it clear that I live in his mansion, to meet the needs of his daughter.” Babe explained, raising her hand to her cheek as she caressed it. “But I will be coming back every weekend to check on you and mum, not like I’m leaving forever” she smiled. Helen reciprocated

“If that’s the case…I will partially agree…damn” she smack her temple. “I will miss you so much”

“I will miss you too sweetheart ..but you know, we really need this money. My first payment will be enough to clear off our debt and the others will be used for our needs. Mum needs to have a business of her own, instead of this daily cleaning job she gets that pays less. And you also need to attend a good school…hmm” she noted. Helen nodded, stretching her hand to touch her stomach.

“And the baby doesn’t need to suffer…and you also need a plan for yourself…sis” she replied. Babe gave a frail smile.

“Yes…sure. All this will happen…all we need is time and’s gonna be ok”

“Thank you sis..for taking this big decision and sacrifice to help our family…and don’t forget…the big clothes” Helen winked. Babe laughed out loud. Helen has been telling her ways to keep her pregnancy a secret…the baggy wears..she hope she can keep up with it without the boss or anyone suspecting.

“Ermmm…Helen” “Yes sis”
“I wanna erm, ask you something..I need you to answer me, please. You know, I won’t be staying with you both anymore…I just need to know this”

“Do you know the father of my baby?_ she asked, staring intently at Helen for a reply. Helen sighed

“Mum told me never to talk to you about him…yea I do”

“Because he is part of your past…he hurt you so much, though I hope you get your memories back, but it will be of good if you don’t, atleast for now”

Babe nods, gulping in. “What’s he like? I mean…I just wanna know the kind of child I’m carrying” she shrugged

Helen face beamed. “Trust your baby is gonna be so cute..he is an handsome freak, rich and…damn, I shouldn’t say more than that…I’m going off to school” she exclaimed dashing out of the room

Babe exhale, rubbing her tummy. Atleast, her baby won’t be an ugly freak, it’s not new that she love cuties. She has perfect choice of speck.
Luciano’s Mansion
“So what colour of shoe do you wanna put on today” Luciano asked his daughters, as he scamper through the shoe rack. Little Angel arched her brows, pointing her tiny index finger towards a direction. “I wanna wear the purple one” she noted

“Okay…this one right” he picked out a small fitted shoe with black stripes on. Angel shook her head, forming a pouting face. “Not that” she exclaimed. Luciano sighed
“But this is purple sweetheart” “That’s lilac dad..not purple, the one beside the green shoe is purple” she noted on a high pitch. He chuckled pulling it out for her. He wonder how she managed to know each colours at such tiny age when he couldn’t state each correctly when he was at her age.

Wearing each into her feet which fitted perfectly, he tend to her hair, creaming it as he pack it into a bun. He had promised to dress her up this morning, which the maids should have done. But sometimes, he feel like sharing this bond with his daughter, not everything is about work, family comes first.

“Thanks dad” Angel smile brightly showing her milky teeth, in appreciation. He smiled, giving her a soft peck on her cheek, squatting to her level
“Guess what sweetheart…”

“You will take me to the park today” she grinned. He scoffed, chuckling. “Nah…not that..but I will surely do that by weekend”

“Her smiley face lost it’s brightness. “Come on, don’t frown..I have a big surprise for you…but that will be after you return from school ” he winked.

“Why can’t you show me now?”

“Nah…that’s too early, come…let me drive you to school, and when you return, you will meet your surprise” he noted. She smiled, nodding. “Ok daddy, let’s go” she grabbed his hand in hers, not covering one quarter of it as they walk out of the room.
He smiled, satisfied at her current mood. He wish Babe help put more smiles on his sweethearts face; he doesn’t love seeing her moody, not having that motherly love.

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