Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 28

(One Night Changed Everything)

Chapter 28
Babe later related the job proposal stuff to Morris, who equally confirmed the fact that his earlier request was also from Luciano. They are currently in the cafeteria, druing her leisure time.

“So he told you about it” she asked as he nods. “It’s a good thing you heard from him yourself, like I wasn’t expecting this, and the fact that I didn’t introduce you to him is quite interesting. It means something; fate.” Morris explained with smiles on his face

Babe sighed. “I don’t want to be away from my family” She pouted. Morris smiled

“I understand, but you will get to see them, perhaps weekends” he noted. Babe sighed again, slightly holding her stomach. She felt the urge to tell him about her condition; the large wears she had been wearing has been a means of covering it up

“But If you are not ok with the job then…” He shrugged. “But trust me, you won’t find it stressful, you can even do any other thing pertaining to your life, your job is just to take care of his little girl” he added.

“Ok…I will just…give him a reply”

He smiled briefly; the smile fell into a frown, afterward. “But I’m gonna miss seeing your pretty face everyday….just that, since you needed a well paying and less stress job, it’s a better option.”

“Yea I know” Silence took in afterward; both, having different thoughts in their minds.

“Babe….Morris…” They called each other subsequently. Morris chuckled. “Ok….ladies first”

Babe felt uneasy, though saying her mind out is the best option, but she needs to confirm something first. “About Lela” she noted, reading his expression. He sighed, bringing his hand up to his temple as he rub it a little, trying to ease the arch his brows made.

“Is she your girlfriend? And you’ve never mentioned anything about her…” She gave an uneasy chuckle. He nods

“Yea ..she is…my…gosh, we used to be betrothed..until she left. I didn’t hear from her for a long time, not until she came back.” He replied, not wanting to prolong the topic, but he has to.

“I don’t love her ..I just can’t help her nagging and all parents caused this” he ended his sentence.

Babe sighed. “It’s ok, you just need to be..erm..patient with her. But why did you agree to the relationship in the first place, you should have spoken up for yourself.” She noted. He rubbed his temple, holding her hand in his, slightly. “I wish i could then, we’ve been betrothed since our teenage age…” He wanted to say more but decided to end it there.

Babe felt for him, doing something against your wish for the sake of your parents isn’t something she would want for herself.
Luciano’s Office
Walking out of the elevator leading to the seventh floor, Babe took a deep breath in, making her way further. She has decided in her heart to take up the job, despite her condition. She vowed to work for a few months and quit when her baby bump is visible enough.

“I’m here to see the boss” she spoke up, as Tessa, the secretary looks at her with disdain. “He is busy” she mouthed, flipping through the files on her table. Babe rolled her eyes, not giving her a chance to ruin her mood.

“Please, I have an appointment..he asked me to come” “But he didn’t tell me to allow you in” Tessa snapped. Babe scoffed

“And how is that my business, you should go in there and ask him if I’m permitted to go in”She resorted.

“And for goodness sake can you just let me think? What word in ‘ he is busy’ do you not understand?_ Tessa seethed getting on her feet. Her eyes darkened, sending dagger glares at Babe who returned the same expression.

“Fine…” Babe noted with a cold voice. She doesn’t know why Tessa dislike her this much, but the feeling is mutual too. “I will just leave and come back later…but trust me, I won’t wait for your permission to go in” she stated, turning or leave. “B!tch” she heard Tessa say; the word seem like an arrow being pierced in her heart. She hates people calling her that with passion.

“What did you just say?” She quried, turning back to Tessa whose expression had changed to a calm one. She doesn’t want to respond. “I asked a question” Babe snapped.

“What’s going on here?” A cool voice sounded from behind her. She froze on the spot on hearing his voice. Turning to look behind her, she saw the handsome creature, who she calls a demi-god; her boss to be precise.

“And what’s the question?” Luciano asked, his two hand tucked into his pocket as he drew closer, not closing up the space between them, but Babe was sure that she could smell his cologne from the distance he stood. He smells so nice. She thought.

“Nothing boss….just that this lady came here to create a scene. She wanted to go in without my permission despite telling her you weren’t on seat” Tessa lied. Babe gasped. She felt like pulling her ugly hair off her scalp but kept her cool. She attempted speaking up for herself when Luciano chipped in.

“Go wait for me Miss Collins” he spoke up in a calm tone. She wasn’t expecting this reaction. Giving a curt bow she went in. Luciano glared at Tessa for a while, expecting an explanation from her, but she kept mute.

“There is one thing I will like you to know Tessa; the fact that you are in a higher position doesn’t give you the right to look down on the others below you…I heard the whole conversation” he warned, not giving her a chance to reply before going in.
“Erm…sir, I have decided to take up the job” Babe muttered just after Luciano entered. He nodded, picking out a file.

“Fill this and sign” he ordered, placing the piece of paper in front of her. She arched her brow, trying hard to read the letters which seem to be written in a Canadian language.

“I don’t understand this sir” she tried enquiring about it. “It’s the form you need to fill for the job..don’t bother about the language.” He noted. She nod, filling in her signature in the require place. He pointed to where she is to write her name which she did

“Ok…done” she muttered. He gave a brief smile, checking it out. “So, you don’t need any more interview from me, except some lay down rules”

Babe gave a slight nod, giving him a listening ear. “First of all, being a nanny to my daughter require staying in the will be given the chance to go home during weekends and return on Sunday evenings. Aside that, you can go about your daily duties after she had gone to school…I don’t give a damn to whatever you wish to do, as long as it isn’t a bad act”

“Ok sir” she chipped in. He continued “My daughter has her own rules, don’t feel like she is a four years old, she have things she loves and hates, so she’s gonna have some rules for you when you arrive. About bringing in friends or family members; this is your work place, so bringing in a third party wouldn’t be allowed except for important cases…I don’t tolerate crowd in my house.”

He kept on giving more rules that she couldn’t take in all. “So about your payment…state your price” he clamp his fingers together, relaxing his jaw on it, staring intently at her. She gulped in, avoiding his eyes.

“Erm…I should be the one to state the amount you wish to pay me”
He squinted
“Like 1$” “Hell no…” She chuckled, covering her mouth after realizing her weird reaction to his joke. He smirked, relaxing back into his swivel.
“Fine…for now, you will be getting a sum of 10,000$ per month…”
“What???” She cuts in, showing a shock expression.


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