Hugs & Kisses

Alex & Abbie

(Alex And Abbie…)


By, Ariel Mirabel

Genre: Romance

Tags: College Romance, Hate to love relationship, deep secrets, suspense, jealousy, comedy, s£x, betrayal, unrequited love, love triangle, trafficking, fun and entertainment.


Alexander Leighton, popularly known as Alex is the second son of CEO Leighton. His family owns a larger share of the college and they own a big technology-producing company with many branches all around the world.

He’s 23, in his second year and a popular basketball player in his school.. Not only that but he’s handsome and fréaking s*xy with eyes capable of putting any girl in a love trance, lips that every girl dream of kissing and he’s tall and has an athletic body.

Girls always swoon around him, throwing themselves at him and him being the arrogant playboy that he is, who is he to refuse??


Meet Abigail Ha-rin Kim popularly known as Abbie, half Korean- Half American. Her parents divorced when she was 5 so she spent her childhood with her father in Korea.

She’s a pretty girl of 22, with heart-shaped lips, round pretty eyes, and long brown curly hair. She’s not the busty kind of girl, but she’s not flat too. Let’s just say she’s in between the two.

Abigail is a kind soul, always ready to help those in need but that doesn’t mean she’s the kind of girl you’ll step on whenever you want.

Let’s just say she’s a fuzzy warm ray of sunshine with a little touch of cràziness.

What will happen when Abigail comes to America to live with her mother and she’s then transferred to ‘L&C University’?

What will happen when arrogant meets cràzy??

Chaotic right??

Join me in this fun-filled ride!!!


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