Soulmate Episode 33

SOULMATE Episode – 33

being a doctor you intend to meet different type of people ,some good and some bad ,at 30 I wasn’t married but I was one of the richest person in Suffolk ,and I really was a beautiful woman ,yeah I do want to get married but Everytime I feel in love with someone ,I end up heartbroken ,now I was sick and tired of these men ..
doctor the patient is awake ” the nurse said
which patient ” I asked getting up
the one in room 6″ she said
I followed behind ,we lost hope in the patient but I knew he will wake up ..i started examining him .
how many fingers am I holding up ” I asked
4″ he said holding his head
how are you ” I asked with a smile
my head ” he said
you will be fine ” I said
sorry where am I and who am I ” he asked
you don’t know who you are ” I asked shocked
he nodded
it must be the accident ,it made you have amnesia” I said
accident” he asked
yes ” I said
but where am I ” he asked
in Suffolk ” I said
what am I doing here” he asked
you were brought here when your plane crashed” I said
he laid down on his pillow ,how am I going to locate his family ,and how on earth will I know his name ,..he had a wedding band on his finger that showed he was married ,I examined him again I wanted to know if the amnesia he had was temporary or permanent .. luckily it was temporary .
a week later he was discharged ,I didn’t know where he was going to stay because the hospital already signed his discharged papers
this house is beautiful ” he said
thank you ” I said
he starred at his wedding band
what can I offer you ” I asked
water ” he said
I went to the kitchen and brought him some water ..
he smiled at me when he got the water .
he was so handsome ,the wife was so Lucky
Is there anything on my face ” he asked
no ” I said
let me go freshen up so that I come prepare some food for us” I said
I took a quick shower than went to the kitchen ,he followed me and I started telling him about our city ..
don’t you get scared here alone ” he asked taking a bit of his chicken
no” I said
where is your family,sorry for asking” he said
it’s fine ,my family were murdered” I said
he held my hand
am sorry ” he said
it’s okay ” i said
so it’s you against the world” he said
yes” I said
when we were done he helped me ,wash the dishes ,we started watching fifty shades of grey ..
can I call you Michael” I asked
I like that ” he said with a smile
a kissing scene came and I looked at him.,when he looked at me I faced the other side .
you are shy ” he asked
not really” I giggled
look at me ” he said.
I looked at him ,in a shy way ,he looked deep into my eyes ,I felt a great connection with him ..he planted his wet lips on my and I went with the flow .
he caressed my thighs ,I was just put on a shirt with a pant on ,am not a fan of pants and am used staying alone ,when am home am always wearing long t-shirts with no pants ..he made me lay down .he kissed me ,I felt my body dancing to his tone ..
he got to my girly part and I lost it ,I moaned on top of my voice ,he continued kissing ,this man knew what he was doing .
let me get some condoms ” I said
he nodded
I wasn’t getting pregnant
let’s go to my room ” I said
he got up and we went to my bedroom ,and the magic happened .I wasnt ashamed that I slept with my patient ,I really enjoyed every moment of it .
someone is blushing” Sasha said
am happy ” I said
ivy you are happy ?” she asked surprised
yes I am very happy ” i said
what’s making happy ” she asked
remember that guy who was in this hospital for months ,” I asked
yes ” she said
he woke up like two weeks ago ” she asked
and so ” she asked
he is the guy am seeing” I said
wait your patient” she asked
yes” I said
yes what ,are you insane ” she yelled
lower your voice” I said
is he not the same patient I heard that he lost his memory” she asked
yes but….she Interrupted me
but nothing ,what if that man has a family” she asked
Sasha please let me not think about that ” I said
what do you want to think about ,you will be heart broken” she said
I think you need to go back to work ” I said
when you get heart broken,don’t come crying to me” she said slamming the door ..
I doubt if he will ever remember his family..
you look exhausted'” he said giving me a shoulder massage
ummmmm I need that ” I said
he kissed my neck
and that ” I giggled
you need more ” he asked
yeah ” I said faced him
he placed me on the dinning table and we made love from there ..this man was sent from above ..
I prepared some food ” he said
you know how to cook” I asked
I also don’t know ” he laughed
this man was just too perfect ..
that night we made love over and over again .
job for what babe ” I asked
you can’t be bringing money here alone ,I can’t be staying here for free” he said
am not complaining am I” I asked
I know you are not but ,come on” I said
I moved closer to him
I kissed him
is that a way of telling me no” he said
yes my love” I said
you are not fair “hr complained
you look hot when you complain” I teased
is that suppose to turn me on ” he asked
is it working” I asked
he smiled
cause am high” I laughed
go get a cold shower ” he laughed
really ” I said
yeah ” he continued laughed
we will see who will laugh last ” I said
you ” he spanked my a$$
I moaned
spanking your a$$ you moan ,what more ” he asked
I laughed
he pulled me closer
you are amazing” he said
I love you” I said
he kissed my forehead
I never want this to end ,I prayed that he never remembers ,I just want to be the two of us




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