SIREN, The Beautiful Killer � Episode 18

The beautiful killer

#Chapter 18?

Zeemah writes


“Wow…nice office” I smiled as we both walked into Darrel’s home office.
“Thanks” He smiled and went to sit on a new looking swivel chair.
“You ordered that?” I asked.
“Nah,i gat it from the store including this desk too” He said.

There are piles of books on the desk,two HP laptops;he was already working on one..
Files were arranged properly beside the stationery tray.
A desk lamp was placed just beside the second laptop.

He works at night??

The whole content on the desk were arranged neatly and i admired Darrel’s competence,even in arranging things.
My gaze switched to the wall, just behind his head, a wall planner was hung there.
There’s a waste bin too.

“How did you manage to create a beautiful office overnight?” I asked in amazement.
He smiled; Well, I’ve been on it for days,i just got to round it up today”

“’s amazing” I said.
“Thanks” He said.

I noticed the two chairs opposite Darrel’s.

“Do you plan on inviting guests?” I asked.
“No,just you and Nath” He said and i smiled.
“Are we all going to be working together?” I asked.
“At times, though i love to work alone but I’ll be needing your ideas in some aspect” He said.


“This is where I’m gonna be spending most of my time now” He said.
“That’s fine,you’re so keen on capturing this assassin soon”
“Yeah…I’m afraid she’ll ki*ll more people if i don’t capture her soon.” He said sadly.

“So how do you intend on doing that?” I asked and sat on one of the chairs opposite him.
“Im sorry, this is meant to be a private investigation. Only the CIA leader has the right to know about that” He said with a smile
“Of course…I’m just being curious” I forced a smile.

Why is he being so difficult!

“We look so much like business partners right now” He smiled.
“Yeah” I said.

“I should leave you to work” I said and stood up.
“Okay,you can come in here anytime you like”
I smiled and nodded.
“Work hard okay?” I said.
“Thanks” He said.

I walked out of his office and gently closed the door behind me.
I got to the living room and sat on a couch.

If only he had told me how he intended to capture me,I’ll start looking for ways to prevent it.
But he’s way too smart and strong-headed.

I need to go wash the dishes and go chat with Nath later.
I stood up and walked to the kitchen,i already placed the stained dishes in the sink.
I started washing them, thinking about how to get information from Darrel.

He won’t tell anyone a thing except to the CIA leader.
Should i just eavesdrop when he’s on the call with the CIA leader?

That won’t work.

He’s now very determined to capture me and I’m sure if he gets to carry out the plan he’s devising, it might weaken me.
I started rinsing the dishes and placing then on the drainboard.

I wiped my hand on the napkin after i was done.
I opened the fridge and brought out a chilled pack of juice with two glass cups.
I searched for cookies but couldn’t find any.

I will have to bake cakes and cookies tomorrow.

I placed them on a tray and walked out of the kitchen.
I headed to the door and pushed open with my leg.

Nath smiled and quickly grabbed out a chair for me when he saw me approaching.
He placed a stool in front of it too.
“Thanks” I smiled and sat down.
I placed the tray on the stool.

Nath sat opposite me grinning from ear to ear.
“I thought you weren’t gonna come again” He said starting to twist the cap of the juice.
“Darrel was showing me his home office and i must confess it looks great, even better than some real offices” I said.
“I’m not surprised cause agent Darrel is good at almost everything” He said and poured juice into our glass cups.

“Do you think he will succeed in capturing the assassin?” I asked Nath.
“I hope he does,because from what I’ve heard so far,that assassin kills anyone in charge of her case and it’s true cause she has been here and has attempted to ki*ll agent Darrel severally”

“Really?” I feigned surprise.
“Yeah,but I’m not sure how long agent Darrel will keep surviving her attacks. I don’t want to loose him soon. I wish he’ll just quit and leave, that’ll be more better than him getting killed” He said sadly.
“Yeah, that’ll be much better” I said and sipped my juice.


It’s night already,I’m done making dinner but Darrel is still in his office.
He hasn’t stepped out since that afternoon.

I dished out some macroons and spiced chicken in a flat ceramic plate.
I picked a bottle of water from the fridge and a glass cup.
I placed everything on a tray and headed to Darrel’s office.

I opened the door and walked in,he was busy scribbling something on a notepad,his desk lamp was on.
“Your dinner is here” I said and placed the tray on his desk.
“Thanks” He said without glancing up.

I tried to peer into what he was scribbling but i couldn’t see it clearly.
It was some sort of address.

I turned and started walking to the door.
“Smells delicious,what’s in here?” He asked.
I turned back to him. He has stopped scribbling,he was looking at me now.
“Macroons with spiced chicken” I said.
“Wow” He smiled and gave me thumb up.

I smiled and walked out of his office.
I need to go serve Nath his too.
I sat down to eat my dinner after going to serve Nath.

Was he scribbling an address?
Where’s planning to go to?

I bit into my chicken and savoured the taste for a while before i resumed my thinking.

My head is just gonna explode if i don’t stop guessing what Darrel is planning.
I should enjoy my dinner, there’s more time to think.

I felt Darrel’s absence at the dining.
I’m not very used to eating alone,we were always eating together at Pine estate.

‘should i go join him in his office?’
“Hell no” I groaned at the thought.

I continued eating..


“Darrel are you done eating?” I asked loudly, standing outside his office door.
I wanna pack the dishes and wash them before going to bed.

“No Mia,I’ll clear the dishes myself once I’m done” He said.
“You sure?” I asked.
“Yeah and why don’t you wanna come in?”
“I don’t wanna disturb you” I said.
“ you’re going to bed now?”
“Yeah…goodnight” I said.


I walked out of the bathroom in my pajamas after my night routine.
I sat on the bed and grabbed my phone from the stool.

I unlocked it and saw i had a new message.

?Check your email Mia.
You have a mission for tomorrow night.

“Yaay!” I exclaimed happily.


A notification appeared on the screen of my laptop.
I clicked on it.

? Hey, I’ll be having a mission tomorrow night by 9pm at Bond street, building 8. I dare you to meet me there.

? Anonymous


I wiped my eyes and stared at the message once more.
This is real!
Gosh! Exactly what I’ve been expecting.

I swear down, I’ll make sure she goes down tomorrow night.
I’ve been waiting for her message and here it is.

I smiled and picked my phone…
I need to inform the CIA leader so he’ll send some back up with me tomorrow night.

He picked up the call at the second ring.

?Hi, Mr Willmer.

?Agent Darrel. Is anything wrong? It’s quite late.

?Yes Sir,i just got a message from the assassin.

? What! Really?

?Yes sir.

?OMG! None of the past detectives has ever gotten a message from this assassin!

?Well… I did,she already disclosed the location and time she’s gonna be assassinating tomorrow.

?Wow! Are you sure it’s genuine.

?Yes sir,it is. I’ll need some backup. I will make sure she goes down tomorrow” i said determinedly.

?I’ll be very happy if you can do that,I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

?Okay sir,have a good night” I said and disconnected the call.

I smiled and dropped my phone.
I bet she’s not aware that I’ll be coming with backup.
I really wanna see how she’ll be able to defeat everyone tomorrow.

I pressed the power button on my laptop and watched it go dark.
I closed it and then stood up from the chair…

I stretched and yawned.
I’m starting to feel sleepy already.

I picked the tray and walked out of my office.
I’m so proud of myself to be able to construct a office with just an empty room.

Good job Darrel!

I closed the door behind me and took my dinner tray to the kitchen.
I actually felt Mia’s absence when i ate alone in my office and i nearly invited her to join me but then i thought against it.

I don’t want to believe I’m starting to get fond of her.
She has spent just two days here!
Get back to your senses Darrel.

I washed my dish in the sink and kept it back in its place.
I wiped my hands off a clean napkin before walking out of the kitchen.

I started climbing the stairs to my room wondering why Katy hasn’t called me yet.
Eric called me earlier today but Katy hasn’t,she hasn’t called me since she told me Mia is a criminal.

Is she pissed at me?

I should give her a call tomorrow but i can’t,I’ll need to prepare hard against tomorrow night.
I opened the door to my room and walked in.

I jumped on my bed..

How could you sleep without performing your night routine Darrel.

I groaned and reluctantly got up from my bed.
I headed straight for the bathroom.


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