JUST FOR LOVE � Season 2 Episode 19

(Love, why?)

(Love, why?)

Season 2
#Chapter 19

Zeemah writes

Dan’s POV

They kissed?
And why the hell am i crying!

I picked my phone up and dropped it on the bed.
I wiped my tears before walking out of the room.

No..I turned back and walked to the bed,i picked my phone up and zoomed the picture and damn! Their lips were almost touching.

I just can’t believe this, Anel and Travis? i know how much she dislikes Travis,did he managed to change her mind after four days i left school?
And i guess that’s the reason she didn’t check on me or even bothered to call me.

Our friendship is over, she can do anything she wants..i don’t freaking care but why am i so pained.
Anel followed the troup of girls who date Travis for his money.

I’m just so disappointed,i can’t believe she’ll do this.
Well…we knew each other for just two days so i can’t define her character.

I dropped my phone back on the bed and walked out of my room heading to the kitchen.
I need chilled water.


I opened the freezer and picked a bottle of water and a glass cup.
I rinsed the cup in the sink,open the bottle water and poured some into the glass cup.

I gulped it down and didn’t get the satisfaction i want.
I thought the water was gonna calm my nerves but it didn’t even help a bit.

I threw the glass cup in the sink and returned the remaining water to the freezer.
I held my head and felt like crying.

I walked back to the living room and sat on the couch,i picked the remote control and turned on the TV , a kdrama came into display and i forced myself to watch it.
The children are not back from school yet, Mum and her husband are away to work and i think Lena is in her room.


“Dan,your hold on the remote control is stronger than a pistol” I heard Lena said behind me.
I glanced at the remote control in my hand and noticed i was holding it damn tight.

I’m pissed!
I feel like hitting Travis and this is the only way i can suppress my anger but it isn’t even working.
I dropped the remote control and noticed my palm hurt.

“Are you okay?” Lena asked.
“Yeah” i forced a smile. “I am” i added.
“You sure?,you don’t look okay to me” She said.
“Well…my head hurt a little” I lied.

My head doesn’t hurt frequently anymore,it’s healing fast according to Nurse Ella.
She said the next time she’ll come,she’s gonna remove the bandage.

“Ohh… sorry,do you want anything?” She asked and i shook my head.
“I’m about to prepare lunch,the children will be back anytime soon” She said.

“I’ll help you” i stood up.
“Nay, don’t bother..you have to rest” She said.
“I want to help you” I said.

Lena is a fun person and i know she’s gonna make me laugh while we’re cooking,i want to forget psycho or whatever her name is.

“You said your head hurt” she said.
“Yeah,just a little. I want to help you” I insisted and started walking ahead of her to the kitchen.
“Good!” She exclaimed and walked behind me.


“I made sure i hit the can on his head before leaving the grocery store” Lena said and i laughed.
She’s telling me about how she fought two guys when she went to the grocery store.

“You shouldn’t have hit him,he was only showing interest” I said rinsing the vegetables in the sink.
“No he wasn’t,he was harassing me and i quickly gave him a taste of what being Lena is like” She said.

“Have i rinsed it enough?” I showed the vegetables to Lena.
“Rinse it once more” she said.
“Ah!” I groaned.
“You said you wanted to help” She said.
“Yeah” I rinsed the vegetables one more time and carried the bowl to Lena who stirred it into the water on fire.

“Help me switch on the second gas cooker” She said and i did.
She quickly rinsed a saucepan and placed it on it.

She applied little oil and sliced onions,she reduced the intensity of the flame and started making sauce.
I checked on the boiling veggies.

The aroma of the sauce she was making filled the kitchen and i sniffed at interval peering into the delicious looking sauce.

“Do you know what we are making?” She asked.
“Nay” I answered.
“India rice with Spanish stew” She smiled.
“Wow, I’ve heard of it but never tasted it.” I grinned.

“Yeah…it’s a rare meal,the veggies we are boiling will be used to garnish the rice” She said.
“Thank goodness I’m here with you, Mum and dad went to India and I’ll make sure i prepare this on their arrival”

“Wow! They’ll be so impressed” She said.
“Yeah, and how did you learn how to cook it?” I asked.
“My mum owns a cafeteria and we prepare various delicacies” She smiled.

“We’re home” we heard the children shouted from the living room.
“Go freshen up darlings and come have your lunch” Lena said.

“Is Dan there?” Mike asked.
“Yeah I’m here” I said.

“Okay” They chorused.

” So Why don’t you work in your mum’s cafeteria?” I asked.
“Well..I worked with my mum for years before i decided to be independent,i don’t want my cooking skills to go to waste” She said.
“I’m glad you told me that” I said.

“The sauce is burning!” She exclaimed and we both laughed.


We sat round the dining room, Lena was dishing out the India rice and Spanish stew.
Mum and her husband are not back from work.

Lena finished dishing out for everyone and we all started eating.

“Wow! Delicious” I said.
“Yeah it is” Mike grinned.
“Lena is the best at cooking” Sarah said.
“I want cereal” Todd said.

“I’ll help you make cereals once you’re done with your meal okay?” Lena said to him and he nodded.


“You all should come have your siesta” Lena said leading the children up to their rooms.
I stood up and packed the dishes to the kitchen.
I started washing…

“Dan! Why are you washing the dishes?” I heard lena ask behind me.
“Why shouldn’t i wash the dishes?” I asked and proceeded to rinsing.

“It’s my work,you shouldn’t help me with it” She said and i noticed she’s already beside me.
“Well…there’s nothing bad if i help you ” I said.

“Thanks Dan,I’ll miss you when you leave” She said sadly.
“Me too and I’ll try to be coming here frequently because of you” i said.

I’m the only friend she gat in the house.

“Ohh..I’ll be so happy if you do that,seems you’re done with the dishes” She said.
“Yeah” i said as i placed the last dish on the draining board.

I dried my hand and we both walked out of the kitchen.
We got to the living room,sat and resumed the kdrama i was watching.

I’m glad Lena is here to watch it with me.

Psycho please stop crossing my mind!
You’ve moved on and you won’t allow me to do the same!

“What’s with the frown?” Lena jolted me out of my thoughts.
“Huh? Uhm…the movie” I lied.
“It’s boring right?” She asked and i nodded,i wasn’t even watching it.

“Let’s play board game” She suggested.
“Yes!” I grinned.

?Anel’s POV?

I opened my eyes and was glad to see a new day.

But damn! I’m so worried about maniac.
This is the fifth day I’ve not heard anything from him.
I can’t bring myself to ask for Jacq or Karissa for his contact.

Even if i do,they won’t give it to me.

How’s he faring?
Is his head healing?
I hope he’s now very much okay.

I ache for maniac’s presence each time i sit in class.
I miss him so much,not knowing how he’s faring gat me more worried.
I want to see him,if not for anything but to check his well being.

I’ve been trying to fish out the perpetrator but I’m not getting positive results,the only thing i recognize is the tattoo behind his neck and i can’t possibly tell the students,teachers and everyone in school to reveal their necks..that’ll be crazy but I’m having the feeling that I’ll get hold of the perpetrator soon. I swear down, I’ll make him regret what he did.

He made maniac go through pain.
He made maniac miss school for days and;
He made me break up our friendship.

How can i get to see maniac?

I go to his house everyday after school and the stupid gatekeeper keep saying the same thing,he refused to give me the so called mum home address.

I stood up from the bed and walked to my wardrobe,i pulled it open and brought out my well ironed school wears.
I opened the drawer, selected my undies and walked back to the bed still thinking of how to get to maniac.

I set my school wears and undies on the bed and reached for my shoes.

I have an idea.

I’ll go meet Nurse Ella,she’s the one treating him and she should know his mum’s home address.

“Yes!” I grinned.
Why didn’t i think of that all this while.
Well I’m glad the thought finally came to my head.

I dropped my shoes on the bed and rushed to the bathroom.

I can’t wait to see his handsome face.
My handsome maniac.

Anel what the hell is wrong with you?


I adjusted my school wears after putting it on.
I stood in front of my mirror and combed my hair before styling it into my normal style.

I slide my socked feet into my shoes,i hung my backpack over my shoulders, picked my phone and walked out of my room.
I descended the stairs slowly and finally got to the living room.

I met no one,i guess they’re still sleeping.
I walked to the dining area and met Mary,our house help setting the table.

Yeah,we already hired an house help, Courtesy; Liam who said he doesn’t want Mum to work anymore, Mil goes to film location everyday and I offered to help with the house chores but they all refused.
We already hired a driver too.

“Good morning Mary” I smiled.
She’s a pretty lady, so nice and works diligently.

“Good morning Asanel,how was your night?” She asked.
“Nice, thanks” I said.
“Breakfast is ready” She said and pointed to my tray of breakfast.
“Thanks” I said and dropped my backpack before sitting down.

“I’ll go call Ana” She said and walked away..
I started eating my breakfast,it’s a piece of burger with cappuccino.


“Pumpkin” I heard behind me and sighed,already knowing who it is.
I’m half done with my breakfast.

“Anel” Ana appeared in front of me, dropped her backpack and sat opposite me, shifting her tray of breakfast closer.
“What?” I asked.
“Whatever” She answered and started eating.

I felt like knocking the hell out of her.


“Thanks Mary” Ana and i chorused after we were done with our breakfast.
We got up from the chair and backed our backpack.

“Goodbye,have a nice day at school” She said after us.

We got outside and met our new driver, Jack waiting for us.

“Good morning jack” we greeted.
“Good morning darlings,get into the car let’s move” he smiled.

He’s also as nice as Mary.

Recently,i found myself loosening up fast to people around me,i now greet people even if i won’t talk to them.
I’m not doing this willingly,I’m doing it because of Dan. His wish is to see me loosen up to other people apart from him.

I will still keep to myself,but greeting won’t hurt.

Ana and i got into the backseat while Jack got behind the wheels.

“Jack, don’t come pick me after school,i have a place to go” I said.
“Alright” He said and started driving out of the opened gate.

“You haven’t followed us home in the car for the past few days now” Ana said.
“I’m sorry but where I’m going to is equally important” I said.

“Dan’s place?” She asked and i nodded.
“It’s okay if it’s Dan’s place” She said.
I smiled, wondering why they all love Dan.


Jack pulled to a stop in front of my school gate.

I alighted and waved them “Bye”
They waved back and drove away..

I walked closer to the gate and showed my school ID card to the gate keeper.
He allowed me in and i walked straight to my class, answering some of the students who said “hi” to me.

I stepped into my class and closed the door after me.

“Hi Asanel” They chorused.
They started saying ‘hi’ to me since the day i responded to their greeting.
“Hello everyone” I smiled and walked to my seat.

They giggled happily making me feel like a goddess.

Do they like me that much?
I still put off any of them who tries to get close to me and I’m glad they all maintained their lane.
I made it clear to them that I’ll only respond to their greetings and none of them should come close to me and they obeyed,they were even glad im gonna respond to their greetings.

Dan, this is what you wished for.
I wish you were here.
You can see I’ve loosened up,even if i don’t talk to people,i respond to their greetings and i believe that’s something.

I sat down and dropped my backpack.
Dan,once i see you today. I’m gonna make up our friendship,I’m gonna make us go back to the way we were.
We should do this together like you said.
I’m sorry i chickened out but now I’m ready.
I’m sorry for ending our friendship but just wait for some hours..I’ll be coming back to you.

I miss you maniac…


I stood up from my seat immediately the bell for lunch break was rung.
Students trooped out of the classroom to the cafeteria but i walked out of the classroom to the infirmary.
I need to go see nurse Ella as i planned.

I was almost at the infirmary when i bumped into Karissa and Travis,they were coming from a deserted hallway.
They look so shocked to see me.

I wonder what they were doing..
I walked past them to the infirmary.

I got there and stood in front of the door.
It opened and i stepped in.
I walked to the nurses behind the desk.

“Good afternoon” I greeted.
They looked at each other in surprise.
“Did you just greeted us?” They asked.
I smiled “Yes”
“Wow!” They exclaimed.

“Is nurse Ella in?” I asked.
“Y..yes,oh..there she is” they pointed at my back.
I turned and saw nurse Ella walking towards the desk.

She looked surprised to see me.

“OMG Asanel, where have you been? I go to the cafeteria everyday in search of you,infact I’m coming from the cafeteria now” She said.
“I’m sorry,i don’t go for lunchbreak anymore since Dan has been absent from school” I said.

“Really? Come with me” She said and dragged me gently to a chair.
We both sat down.

“I’m here for his mum’s home address,i believe you treat him there” I said.
“Yeah,he asks of you everyday” She said and i smiled.

He misses me too.

“Please give me his mum’s home address,i have to see him” i said.
“Why don’t we go together when school’s over” She said.
“That’ll be great,thanks” I stood up.

“Asanel,I’ll love it if you continue this way. Being lonely doesn’t suit you” She said.
“Thanks” I said ‘loquacious nurse’ I added inwardly.

“See you when school’s over, I’ll be waiting by the gate” She said.
“Okay” I said and walked to the door.
I stepped out and headed back to the class, feeling so happy.


We had three more subjects before school was over.
I packed my books in my backpack,carried it and got up from my seat.

I started walking out of the classroom,i met karissa’s gaze and she looked down like she’s embarrassed.
What’s wrong with this one?
Of course i know she and Travis probably had sex but what’s my concern.

I got out of the classroom and cornered hallways before getting to the gate.
I showed the gatekeeper my school ID before stepping out.

True to her words,she was standing outside the gate.
She smiled when she saw me but i didn’t smile back.
I don’t feel like smiling and i don’t like faking smiles.

She waved an upcoming cab to a stop.

“County street, building 7” She said and we both got in.

I’m having this feeling,this bad feeling and i hope nothing is gonna go wrong.

Nurse Ella kept me busy with her talks till the cab man parked in front of a building.
She paid the cab man and we both alighted.

She went ahead and knocked on the gate while i stood behind her.
The gatekeeper opened the gate and they both exchanged smiles.

We walked into the compound and i was ‘wowed’ by it’s massiveness and beauty.
Nurse Ella led me to the door, she rang the doorbell and we stood beside each other waiting for the door to be opened.

It was opened by maniac’s younger brother and i bet he look happy to see me.

“Dan,beautiful psycho is here” He shouted.


Beautiful psycho!!!

?Dan’s POV?

“Dan, beautiful psycho is here” I heard Mike shouted from the living room.
Mike is a crazy boy.
Who is he playing prank on?

I’m in my room, reading a novel while waiting for nurse Ella to come.

I know she’s already here cause i heard her exchanging greetings with Lena.
I folded the part i stopped in the novel and sat up on the bed.

I smiled when the door opened.

“Good afternoon nurse El..” I was saying but stopped when i saw psycho beside her.
My smile vanished,my anger returned.
That stupid feeling returned and i felt more pissed.

I stood up Immediately.
“Dan” She smiled and rushed to hug me but i pushed her back and she let out a gasp.

“What are you doing here?” I asked..
“D..Dan i came to check on you” She said.
“On the fifth day?” I asked.
“I’m sorry..i can exp…”
“Keep quiet!” I cut her off.

Nurse Ella watched us without saying anything.

“Leave!” I said.
“Dan” She called,her eyes unshed with tears.
I felt bad immediately but how dare she kiss Travis!

“You can go on and kiss Travis for money just like other girls do,yo..” I was saying but was cut short with a slap from psycho.
I rubbed my cheek with my palm trying to stop the stinging pain.

I looked at her and noticed tears has started rolling down her cheeks.

“Yes! I kissed him. I had sex with him and do you know what? It was damn sweet, i enjoyed it just like you enjoyed the lies you were told. I came here to make up our friendship,but you gave me a better option. Daniel,this will be the final end of our friendship” She said in tears and turned to leave.

She turned back;
“Thanks for making me cry” She said and left.






  1. Serves you right…think before you take an action on what you've seen And have not heard…you cost your friendship.

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