The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Author: Vickie Dora
Tags: Dark Romance, Sacrifice, Mission, Blood Fight, Blood Bath, Possession, Magic, Reincarnation


A Millennium year ago, there was a rift between the vampires and human world, invoking a war which caused lots of beings to lose their lives. The war was eventually won by the humans, which actually infuriated the vampires.

Out of anger a curse was placed on the humans by the high priestess of the vampires. Every 300 years, a child will be born to the human world, bearing a mark of curse. To the humans, these children are special, but to the vampires, they are sacrificial lambs which need to be slain and offered to their goddess. They are called the lilies.

Lazarus, a very powerful vampire filled with power and strength to ki*ll, was ordained to become the seventh disciple, to serve the seventh king of the Vampic fall. How shocking will it be when being sent on a mission to sacrifice one of the lilies who turned out to be his mate?

Meet Megan, a crazy Rap artist who does not believe in fantasies. What will be her fate when she finds out about being not just a mate to a ruthless vampire but also a lamb to be offered as a sacrifice to the blood goddess?

What will happen if these two different worlds collide to fight off the curse of a thousand years?




So what do you think this story will be like?


I’m waiting for your comments


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?



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