Soulmate Episode – 11

SOULMATE Episode 11

what are you going to do ” he asked
mwale I also don’t know what to do ,I love my wife “I said
tell your wife the truth ” he said
that’s not going to happen ” I said
she deserves to know the truth ” he said
I can’t ,she will be heart broken ” I said
I have to get going ,I have work ,will talk later ” he said getting
ever since I found out Anita my workmate was pregnant with my baby,it broke me and I was so upset with life and myself cause I promised never to hurt her..
my husband you are welcome ” she said
thank you ” I said
can I serve you ,your food ” she asked
I shook my head no
OK ” she said leaving the room ..
I went to the bedroom she was naked ,her body had bruises all over,my heart was broken ,how could I be this heartless ..I got up and touched her ,she got startled ,she had fear in her eyes ..
am sorry ” I said
Philip just leave me alone ” she said
my love ,you are everything to me ,I don’t know what’s wrong with me and why I always hit you like this ” I said
let me take a shower I need to study ” she said getting her towel
she went to the bathroom and I followed her
Philip please ” she said
I removed my closed
I will leave this room for you ” she said
leave ” I said
she didn’t say anything ,I joined her in the shower ,helped wash her back ,she was just screaming in pain each part body part I touched ..why did I turn into a monster ?
I couldn’t make love to her..
I promise to be a better husband to you ” I said
she just nodded ..
I left her studying that night ..
when I woke up ,I didn’t find her next..I found she had already prepared breakfast ..
my phone rung
yes ” I answered
you are not coming to see your baby mama ” she said
Anita ,I told you not to be calling me anyhow ” I yelled
don’t yell at me ” she said
look what if my wife answers the call ” I asked
that barren girl ” she said sarcastically
she is not barren are you crazy ” I yelled
better come here after work or I will come see your wife “she warned
whatever” I hung up
I got ready for work..
after work ,I passed by Anita’s place ..
my baby ” she said
don’t touch me ” I said
you didn’t miss me and your baby ” she said rubbing her belly
I didn’t ” I said
what’s with the mood ” she asked
why did you ask for me ,I need to be home ” I said
here ” she said handing me a piece of paper
what’s this ” I asked
read ” she said
I read through and it was a test for sexual transmitted disease ..
how did you get this ” I asked
through you of course “she said
but I don’t have it ” I said
in men it takes long to show ” she said
where on earth did I get it ” I asked
your wife ” she said
she doesn’t sleep around ” I said
are you always with her all the time ” she asked
I got up and stormed out Anita’s place ..
I got home and Jenny wasn’t home ,I was so upset with her ..she came back
where are you coming from ” I asked
I went to buy some groceries ” she said putting the plastics down
so its true ” I asked
what’s true ” she asked
you have been sleeping around ” I said
sleeping around ,Philip me ” she asked
I slapped her
Philip what have I done this time ” she asked with tears in her eyes
your boyfriend gave you STDs and you gave them to me ” I said
st..what me ” she asked
you are still denying ” I slapped her again
Philip if you want take me to any medical center and get me tested ” she said
you are an idiot ” I said
Philip ,I swear to God ,I don’t sleep around ” she said
am taking you to the hospital now ” I said
let’s go ” she said
we went to the hospital and got the test ..
you are married ” the doctor asked
yes ” I said
these tests are showing different results ” he said
what do you mean ” I asked
your wife doesn’t have STDs and you have ” he said
she is the one who gave me ” I said
sir your wife has never had STDs and she doesn’t have them ” he said
how is that possible ” I asked
Jenny walked out of the hospital
go to the pharmacy and you will be given these medication ” he said
Anita continues to deceiving me over and over again ..I couldn’t go home cause I was feeling ashamed …
I heard you impregnated Anita ” madam said
while news fries fast here ” I said
is it true ” she asked
look I have to get back to work ” I said
Philip you are talking to me like that ” she asked
look woman ,I have work to do ” I said
see me see trouble ” she said
I couldn’t go home for a 3weeks ..
when I went back home ,Jenny was doing the laundry outside ..
you are welcome ” she said
thank you ” I said
I wished she had a different heart ,a crazy heart but she was just calm,no matter what I have done to her she still welcomes me with a smile on her face .
I have served your food ” she said
thank you ” I said
I ate my food than took.a long nap ,when I woke up ,I woke up to a cake I forgot that it was my birthday ..
happy birthday ” she said
you didn’t forgot ” I asked
how can I forgot, you are my husband ” she said
thank you ” I said
she smiled
“God why am I a bad person to this woman
see what she has done for me ,she has sacrificed her family’s love and trust for me but I repay her with beating ,God forgive me please ..cleansing my soul and make me a better husband for my husband.




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