Not Another Love Story – Episode 13


Episode 13

“What’s with that look?” Allan asked me. He moved a bit closer and tried to touch me but I couldn’t let him.
“I feel dirty,” I said. It was almost like a whisper but still audible enough for him to get me.
“Why! because you are someone’s husband!” I sighed. The more I thought about it the more it screwed up my senses.
“Am not yet married. We are just engaged. After all ‘Nkobekela techupo’ (engagement isn’t marriage).” Allan said convincingly.
“We have to go…” I said. I knew that responding to his words wasn’t going to change anything at this stage, moreover, the intimate deed had been done already.

I waited for him to finish up dressing, for some reason he waited for me to finish.

When we arrived home, he locked the doors so that I couldn’t rush out.

“That trip for Livingstone is still possible if you want us to go.” He commented.
My silence from the Lodge until home seemed to bother him. Indeed, I was bothered.
“Can I go?” I asked him as I stared out the window.

He unlocked the doors and I immediately stepped out, I didn’t look back, I matched straight to the gate and ignored everything that he was saying. I knew mum would start questioning me about where I had gone since it had gotten a bit late, to avoid that, I went straight to the bathroom and showered.

I hadn’t noticed my sister’s bag when I entered the bedroom until her annoying voice sent vibrations across the room.

“Married people!” I said.
“Don’t start with me…”
She walked up to me, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.
“Why ain’t you married?” Chipo asked me.
“Who was that guy who drops you off? It must have been a busy day if you had to take a bath immediately after arriving…” She added.
“Chipo how is that your business?” I asked her.
“Am just concerned. So, who is he? Looks like he is loaded.” She said.
“Isn’t your husband loaded?” I asked her. She gave me an evil stare.
“Why are you even here?” I hit her with another question.
“Am asking for a K10. I want to buy sugar for junior.”
“The life you chose…” I said handing her a K50 from my bag.
“Thank you.” She said.
“That’s the last money I had. Use it well.” I responded.

My sister got the money and immediately left. I knew what she was doing, she was using the stunt I played of going to bath immediately to get money from me.
The thought of my sister was quickly replaced by that of Allan. I had just slept with a man who was about to get married and I didn’t feel any sense of guilt. The only thing that bugged me was him, ‘would he leave me after this?’

Once I was done drowning myself in thoughts that wouldn’t change anything, I went to the kitchen to join mum. She was almost done with the cooking, I helped out with what I could and dished out for everyone.

“Your husband will be enjoying your food.” mum commented.
“He has too.” I laughed.
“We can’t wait for that day…” She added. What was meant to be a comment was now turning into a conversation.
“Bana Junior got some mealie meal and a pack of chicken,” Besa said.
“What time?” I asked. I didn’t want to say anything about the money I gave her because mum didn’t like the habit of me always giving her money.
“The husband is there _ busy drinking and wasting his life and the wife is now left to lobby for things here,” Mum said in disgust.
“She chose her path…” I seconded. There I was busy condemning my sister, yet, I was no better than her. At least she had her own man.
‘Who am I to cast the first stone.’

I knew that Allan was spending time with her, and that was eating me up. I wanted it to be me, I wanted to be with Allan.

I dashed out of my bedroom, all dressed up and ready to move.

“Mum, am going to spend my night at Emily’s place,” I said.
“Who is Emily?” She asked, acting a bit surprised by my sudden plans.
“Emily… My friend from work.” I told her.
“But you just came back an hour ago? Okay. Tell your sister that you going out so that she can lock up.” Mum said.

I could tell that she wasn’t for the idea of me leaving the house. But there wasn’t much she could do to stop me either way.
I had already arranged with Allan and he assured me that he would come. After a few good minutes of walking down the road, I saw his car.

I got in. I suggested that we go to a different place and not Lilayi Lodge again since we had already been there in the afternoon.

“We will end up finishing all the hotels in Lusaka,” I said jokingly. He let out a smile.
He took me to a place that was hidden in Chalala called Open Gardens.
The place was something to marvel about. Our room, the one that Allan had booked had a beautiful view of the backyard.

“This is beautiful…” I said.
“Not as beautiful as you.” He said warmly. With his finger, he touched my nose.
“Close your eyes…” He said beneath his breath. I did just that, the next thing I felt was his lips on mine, before long, tables turned and we were naked in bed.

“What have you told your wife? Ivy, right?” I asked.
“You don’t have to worry about that.” He said.
“It’s crazy. Instead of being with your wife to be _, you are with me.” I giggled.
“And I love being with you.” He said as he kissed the back of my waist.
“Don’t go there… I need to rest a bit.” I said shyly.

I got up to turn on the TV.

“What movie is that?”
“It’s not a movie, it’s a Telenovela, Aurora,” I explained to him.
“I see…” He responded.
“I don’t watch such.” He added with a laugh.
“It’s okay.” I smiled.



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