Not Another Love Story – Episode 10


Episode – 10

“I think I want to practice being a patient man,” I told Lucas. It was almost time for us to go for lunch, thus, I had gone to his office to wait for him.
“Patience has never been your thing dude.”
“Don’t say that… I feel like am being too hard on Ivy when I should be treating her like an egg. Moreover, she holds my inheritance here.” I told him. He laughed.

Thereafter, we drove to Latitude 15. I wanted to see Mwape and hopefully grab something to eat. Once there, we sat at our usual table and nor sooner had we sat than a young lady walked up to us.

“Good afternoon. I’m Emily, I’ll be your waitress for the day.” She said politely.
Lucas wasn’t in the mood to waste time, he immediately began to list out what we needed.
“Is that all?” She asked him while looking at me.
“Sorry… Is mwape around?” I asked Emily.
“She is… I will check on her and notify her of your presence. If that’s all, then I will be right back.” She smiled.
“Thanks a thousand. I’ll appreciate it.” I responded smiling back.

It then hit me after she left that she actually knew me. She was the same waitress I had asked to call her for me the last time I was checking out.

“Mwape!” Lucas rolled his eyes.
“The what… Is that she has become a topic of discussion. Which begs me to ask, what is going on?”
“Nothing. She’s a good girl. I admire her tenacity.” I said. He chuckled.

30 minutes later Emily came through with our food but didn’t say anything concerning Mwape.

“This is food!” I exclaimed with a smile. Lucas laughed.
“I swear Ivy will ki*ll you if you keep this up.”
“There is something I don’t get, You and Ivy literally grew up together, right? How come you didn’t know then that she couldn’t cook?” He asked.
“We grew up together because of our parents. That doesn’t mean I was friends with her. Besides, the whole story about us getting married sounded like a joke back then.” I told him.

I got a tap on the shoulder and when I turned around it was Mwape. Lucas was just looking at me, busy being observant as usual.

“Hey, beautiful…” I said.
“How are you, sir…” She said looking at Lucas and ignoring my greeting.
“I haven’t introduced you guys to each other…” Lucas shook his head.
“Lucas here; Is my best friend, I’ve known him since I was a lad. On the other hand, this is Mwape _ the lady that has stolen my heart.” I said looking at Lucas. I wanted to create an impression that I had already spoken about Mwape with Lucas which happened not to be the case. Mwape smiled.
“Nice to meet you… Mwape, right?” He smiled.
“It’s my pleasure. I have to get back, Emily told me that you are here and I thought I say hi.” Mwape said warmly.

She had that glow that made me just want to knock her up. I know it’s an evil thought _ you can’t blame me.

“I will pick you up after work…” I said. She nodded.
“What time?”
“You can be here at 6 PM.” She said.

“Now I see the real reason why you suddenly want to meditate on patience.” He winked.
“Shut up… We need to be going back soon.” I laughed.

Once we were done, I went to the bar and ordered myself a shot and then we left. I didn’t drink during my working houses, however, this was different… I was going to meet up with my father as he had requested to have an audience with me.

“Hey, father…” I said as I opened the door. My secretary had already told me that he was waiting for me.
“Still terrible at keeping time.” He commented.
“It’s just 5 minutes,” I said taking a seat.
“Just 5 minutes you say, Stories Written became a billion kwacha company in less than 2 minutes son. You need to mind how you keep time.” He lectured me. I wanted to tell him that we weren’t a publishing house and that example didn’t apply to us… However, I decided to keep my mouth shut because I knew what was good for me.
“Am sorry dad. I went out for lunch since the wife you got for me can’t cook.” I said passively.
“Don’t you have a maid? Stop trying to find excuses and seeking unnecessary attention.” He answered me.
“A maid? Come on dad… This isn’t Europe, what good is a wife that can’t even cook for her husband? It’s not like am going to marry the maid.” I told him.
“Lower your voice when you talk to me boy… Do you think you are the first black man to marry a lady who doesn’t know how to cook? Get your maid to teach her if you want her to cook that so badly.” He cleared his throat.

Dad was the type of man who took control of the atmosphere once he was in a room, especially if given the chance to say something.

“Let us get on with the meeting.” He said.

Dad always made me question myself, if at all I was his son. I recall years back when I scored a 70% on a test _ he beat the crap out of me.
Since mum was married before and already had two children _ I always thought there might have been a mistake somewhere. But that was just the hardship of growing up under a father who expected a lot from his children.
The meeting with my father took two hours and on the dot, we were done. It was 4 PM.

“I hope the engagement party is still on…”
“Yes, it is.”
“Have you paid for the venue?” He asked.
“I’ve been busy lately, I will pay for everything soon,” I told him.

The moment dad left the building I was also out. I had not told Ivy that I could drop by, for that reason, she wasn’t expecting me.

I found the bedroom door was open, on the floor were Ivy’s clothes scattered around as if she was forcefully undressed. I walked in, from the direction of the bathroom came a sharp moaning sound. I was confused. Without thinking twice I tiptoed slowly Until I reached the bathroom door, I took a deep breath and then opened it.

“What do you think you are doing?” I asked her.

I don’t know why I even asked her because I could clearly see that she was pleasuring herself. She got a towel and covered herself.

“You don’t allow me to touch you and here you are busy.”
“I don’t allow you! When was the last time you even tried touching me since I came back?” She asked me.
“You are unbelievable!” I yelled. Realising that I was the one at fault made me feel stupid. The best I could do was throw a tantrum and walked out.



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