Mafia Queen – Chapter 78



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 78

Daniella p.o.v

I wasn’t able to answer.

Looking at all the flowers, I noticed that the sobbing sound eventually came out of my mouth.

I was just so overwhelmed with their beauty that the word ‘like’ was not even appropriate for them. These roses were everything to me from now on because they symbolized that he actually cared.

I decided to get out from the receptionist’s desk and walked towards the center of the lobby.

I wanted to know how it was to feel when you were surrounded by bunches of flowers sent by that special someone.

And the feeling was amazing. I wanted to cry..

“They’re the best,” I quipped.

“You should see how beautifully they are arranged now.”

“Though I want to see it myself, can’t go there today. I’m at the airport right now.”


“I’ll be out of the country for two weeks. It’s actually unexpected. There was just a change of schedule. It’s something that money can’t even prevent. Wish I were there with you, princess.”

So he was leaving…

He was always this on-the-go.

“I’ll be missing you,” he stated so sweetly to my ears.

I’m actually missing you right now, Damien Mason.

I wanted to say.

“Do you know how many roses are there?” he asked.

How many?

“Now, you’re making me guess,” I said, giving a quick look at the roses surrounding me,

“or do I have to count them one by one? Do I really have to?”

“It’s five hundred pieces,” he answered it anyway.


There were actually five hundred pieces!

“Damien, you’re overkilling it! Why do you have to send me five thousand roses?”

“Five hundred is my estimation of the number of days that I missed sending you flowers, starting from the time that you started living with me. I should have done that months before, you know. I’ve really wasted a lot of time, Daniella. Now, I’m making it all up to you. Starting tomorrow, you’ll receive a piece of rose from me on the daily.”


There, he just made me speechless.

“Sorry if I haven’t sent a note together with the roses. It’s just I want to hear your voice so I decided to just call. I missed your voice.”

“It’s okay,” I said, wanting to tell him that I missed his voice as well and I was really glad he called.

“I love you,” he said.

He always told me these three words lately even if I was never replying him.

My heart went drumming that familiar beat.

“Okay, I already said it… and it’s boarding time now. You can hang up now,” Damien said.


“I won’t be hanging up on you, princess, so you hang up first.”


“Bye, princess,” he said very, very sweetly, like it was sugar-coated.


And I did press the end key… without even saying ‘thank you’ for the flowers.

Why did I even forget it?

I groaned at my stupidity.

After the call, I heard the excited shrieks of the girls.

They were even more excited than me.

“Was it the CEO?” they asked almost the same question.

Blushing hard, I nodded.

They even shrieked more.

*Time skip*

Truly, it happened.

Everyday, he do send me a piece of flower.

my phone rang, I dug it promptly from my handbag.

The Brute flashed the screen.

Well, that was just how I entered him in my contacts.

“Hello, princess,” it wasn’t too recognizable because of the loud sound in the background but I still managed to hear it.

“Hey, what’s up?” I greeted him.

Oh, I missed this voice.

I stood up and excused from my colleagues to find a silent spot where I could talk to him more privately and conveniently without the loud thumping sound in the house.

He was talking as I was trying to find a place and I wasn’t able to hear even a word of it. My feet brought me to a narrow passageway, probably a way to the comfort room.

“Hey,” I repeated when I found a suitable place where I couldn’t be distracted.

“Where are you?” he immediately asked.

“Uhm… at a bar,” I hesitated but I said it anyway.

“The sound tells it,” he muttered.

“Who are you with?”

Why did he sound like a possessive boyfriend?

“I’m with my colleagues. Cynthia is also with me.”

There was no response from the other line.


“Are there guys with you?”

“You seem like interrogating me,” I mumbled as I leaned my back on the wall.


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