Diary of the Watterson � Episode 40

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Raymond just looked at her…

He looked front, wondering who could possibly be behind this.

“If I decide to find out who did this, I will in the next hour but… Is that really necessary?” Raymond wondered.

He shook the thoughts away from her head and looked back at Scarlett. He held her hand and she looked at him.

“Do you want me to find out?” Raymond asked.

Scarlett immediately nodded. Raymond nodded too and pulled Scarlett’s head to his shoulder, his other hand running her back.

“If I get myself involved, I can’t guarantee to you that the culprit will be alive” Raymond said inwardly..


Angelo slowly walked in the room. He felt like crying when he saw Melody’s pitiful state.

Tubes were connected on her body and the machine beeped slowly as an oxygen mask was placed on her mouth. She looked so pale…

“Melody… My Melody” Angelo called and sat down next to her.

He took her pale hands and caressed it before placing a kiss on it.

“I’m sorry you took this shot for me, please just open your eyes…wake up babe please” Angelo said, fighting back his tears.

He made to talk again when the machine began beeping crazily. Angelo looked at the machine in confusion.

“Doctor!! Doc!” Angelo rushed out.

The door opened and two doctors rushed in the room. One checked her vitals and shook his head

“We’re loosing her…” He said.

Ingrid immediately began to do everything possible to stabilize her condition.

Angelo just watched it like it was a horror movie, praying so hard in his heart.

? ? ? ? ?

Later, Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett came out of the car with Raymond, feeling so tired and emotionally down.

“Are you hungry?” Raymond asked.

“No, not really…” Scarlett said as they went in the house.

“How’s my grandmother?” Raymond asked a maid immediately her got in the house.

“She’s sleeping as usual” The maid replied before he went to his room.

He changed and took a quick bath before putting on a short. He picked up his phone and made a phone call.

“Bro, what’s wrong? I was sleeping” Lucy mumbled while rubbing her eyes.

“You said you were prepared for anything when you signed up as my right hand so get used to it. I’m sure you must have heard of the incident that happened at Howards University. Find the culprit for me..” Raymond said, putting on a white singlet.


He hung up on her before keeping back his phone. Raymond laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling, strangely he wasn’t feeling sleepy not even a tiny bit.

His mind was full of one person, one darn human being…Scarlett

He had to admit to himself that seeing her not smiling, not picking unnecessary fight with him…it kinda disturbs him.

He smiled when he remembered the face she made when teased her at the pool and also ghe face she made when they kissed.

His whole life, she’s been the second woman he kissed. Yeah even with Luna, to him ever since Aurora died no other women could replace her I his heart.

Raymond sat up and shook his head before staring at the floor.

“What’s wrong with you… Don’t tell me you’re catching feelings for her bro” His mind told him.

“No that can’t be,,, I’m doing all these for my revenge” Raymond said.

“Yeah sure!, you kissed her coz of revenge and you’re thinking about her coz of revenge… Nice bro” His mind said.

Raymond laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

“I’m I really falling for her?” He muttered.

“Y-E-S bro… Dude, you’ve been holding onto your dead wife for 2 freaking years…Two! The past is in the past, nothing can change things” His mind said.

“What if she’s the one who k�lled my wife but is just pretending to be a saint..” Raymond rebuked.

“Your stup�dity stupefy me dude… How on earth will someone who k�lled your wife agree to marry you” His mind said.

“But I have to admit it, she’s really s*xy…” His mind added.

“Shut up!” Raymond snapped.

A knock suddenly came up on his door. Raymond stood up and went to open it, his gaze met with Scarlett’s.

“Are you okay? You’ve been talking alone for 5 minutes now” Scarlett said.

“Soon you’ll run mad Raymond” He said inwardly.

“Oh sorry, I was thinking out loud.” He said.

“I’m not feeling sleepy. Can I sleep here?” Scarlett muttered, blinking her eyes.

Raymond looked at her natural red lips before looking at sparkly brown eyes.

He inhaled hard before nodding, making way for her to enter. He closed back the door.

Scarlett walked to his bed and covered herself with the duvet. Raymond laid beside her, she hugged Raymond and snuggled against his chest without thinking. Looks like she’s starting to get overly clingy with him.

“Goodnight…” Scarlett muttered.

“Goodnight” He replied, hugging her back.

He closed his eyes to sleep but after five minutes, he opened them. Scarlett kept shaking, looking for a comfortable position to sleep on.

Raymond groaned..

“Stop..” He suddenly said.


“Stop shaking,,, please.” He said.

“Okay, sorry” Scarlett said.

Raymond breathed out a sigh of relief and closed back his eyes to sleep. His opened them back when she began shaking.

“Scarlett…” He said slowly.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t know..” Scarlett said and pouted cutely.

Raymond closed his eyes to sleep again but she began shaking again. Raymond frowned and opened his eyes again.

He switched position with her, pinning her on the bed.

“Even when you don’t mean it, you’re still stubborn” Raymond said.

“It’s not my fault” Scarlett said and frowned cutely.

“Don’t you know the effect it has when you do that” Raymond said.

“Huh? What?” Scarlett said

Raymond rolled his eyes, wondering how a woman who is 24 can be this naive.

“You’re a woman and I’m a man…” He said slowly.

Scarlett pondered over it for some few seconds before blushing in realization.

“I’m sorry” She muttered.

Raymond smiled and held her cheek. He leaned forward to her. Scarlett slowly closed her eyes before his lips landed on hers.

She dipped her hands in his hair as he feasted on her lips. Raymond’s hand went down to his waist, pulling her closer to his body.

Scarlett moaned sweetly in his mouth and that almost made him loose control,, almost…

Raymond broke the kiss and kissed her on her neck. Scarlett closed her eyes and bit her lips, enjoying the feeling of his lips on her body.

Raymond trailed his kisses to her earlobe, nibbling gently on it. Scarlett moaned out, running her hands in his hairs.

He claimed back her lips, running his hands on her back while pulling her closer. Scarlett kissed him back too, releasing soft moans.

Raymond broke the kiss for them to catch their breath. He removed some stands of hair from her face.

“I love you…” Scarlett blurted out without knowing.

Raymond immediately looked at when he heard it. They began staring at each other for what seem like eternity.

Scarlett didn’t know what to say, she just senselessly blurted out her feelings for him and right now, she was scared. Scared of being rejected.

Raymond on the other hand was having some mixed feelings in him. He felt happy, happy that he finally achieved his plans and also felt happy for another reason which confuses him. He equally regretted, he regretted making her fall for him and he also felt sad..


Scarlett pushed him off him and rushed out of his room. Raymond looked at the door she left before falling on the bed.

He ran his hands through his hairs as he closed his eyes..


? ? ? ? ?

Lucy got down the car in front of the building where the gunshot was fired. If the gunshot was really fired from this building, then on thing is sure that the shooter will come back to clear off the traces of his act

Due to the fact that it harmed Melody, the Parker and the Watterson were in so much shock and panic that they didn’t have the idea of informing the cops.

“Tomorrow morning I’ll surely make Raymond pay! Making me go out of my house, leaving my warm hubby to go out in this cold” Lucy grumbled, climbing the stairs quietly.

She got to the rooftop and as expected a masked person was seen, kneeling down while wiping off the rails and the places he touched.

The man froze when he felt something on his head.

“Move just one inch and watch as I blow off your skull…kapow!!!”


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