A Night With Him � Semi Finale Episode 99


Zeemah Writes�

Chapter 99 (SEMI-FINALE)


A week later

It was a Saturday, the day Ethan and his accomplices would be given a deserving judgement.
Nurse Tasha who had given Carrle the slow poison has also been arrested,she was seated with them,handcuffed.

Harold’s family were present excluding Ivory, Mrs Neave and Damien were present also.
Marlene and Blaine also made their appearance including Christiana,Ryan and Cory.
Marl, Dam, Blaine and Ally had planned to go to the palace later in the day..
The press were outside, waiting,few of them allowed in the courtroom.
It was all over the news that Ethan has been arrested alongside his wife.

Ethan was seated with Alex, Marie,Carrle,tasha and his lawyer, he still wore an angry look and didn’t look a bit remorseful.
He stared at Harold and Irene with fury.

Irene sat right beside Harold, holding his hand and laughing at something he said to her.
“I want you to come with me somewhere after we leave here” He said.
“Ohh.. okay,are we by any chance going to the hotel?” Irene teased.
They haven’t had anything together since she got back to the house, she has been busy attending to orders and by night, she’d be tired and Harold respected her enough to always allow her rest.
They already checked the sex of their baby and it’s a boy! Mrs Neave has started knitting little blue sweaters and teddy bears for him already and Mrs Marshall shops almost everyday for the unborn baby that has just clocked four months and a week .

“Com’on” Harold laughed. “You want me so badly?” He teased and Irene rolled her eyes.
“Not a bit” she lied.
“Ohh..that sounds like a lie from someone who suggested we go to a hotel” Harold said.
“I didn’t suggest it, i only..well,i only guessed” Irene sighed softly.
“How come hotel is the only thing that came to your mind? You want me! Liar” Harold laughed. “Badly” He added with a chuckle.
“f**k you!” Irene hit him playfully on the shoulder and he laughed again.

“Hey, you both. We’re in the courtroom” Mrs Marshall reprimanded them.
“I bet you won’t want your asses whisked from here” Mrs Neave added.
“The judge is here” Allysia said quietly.

“All rise,this court is now in session” The bailiff said and everyone rose to their feet.
Mrs Chantelle Padgett who was the judge sat down and told everyone else to sit. She’s a woman known to be strict and righteous in her judgements.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we’ll begin the first case,based on the order of incidents of the indictment,case number 2020GH1002. We’ll open the case. Are the legal representatives of both parties ready?” She asked.

“Yes,your honor”

“You may begin” The judge said.

“Your honour” Charles, who was Ethan’s attorney got to his feet.
“Mr Ethan Weston should be termed innocent because he wasn’t in his right frame of mind when doing all the allegations leveled against him..”
“Objection your honour” Harold’s attorney, Simone interjected.
“Objection sustained. Both of the attorneys are allowed to go ahead to state their facts with evidences” The judge said.

“Mr Charles,those shouldn’t be called allegations! because there are evidences that proved he really did it” Simone said.
“Mr Ethan isn’t someone to do all you accused him of in a right frame of mind” Charles said.
“Can you please explain what you mean by that Mr Charles” The judge said.
“Your honour” Charles cleared his throat.
“Mr Ethan Weston is suffering from a psychological issue” Charles claimed.
“The proof?” The judge asked.
“Well.. Mr Ethan recently told me that. It was too late to get the proof. Your honor,you have to believe him,no one in his right frame of mind would do that” Charles said.
“Until i see the medical record that says Mr Ethan truly suffers from a psychological issue,your claim is dismissed” Mrs Chantelle said.

“Mr Ethan Weston suffers from a psychological issue? Would you say the same for his accomplices? He pulled them all into his dirty game” Simone said.
“They joined him because they wanted to! ” Charles said.
“Okay..so now,you just agreed that Mr Ethan actually did all he was accused of but wasn’t in his right frame of mind when doing it” Simone smiled,rolling the sleeves of her shirt to her elbow,she was looking smart and beautiful in her pink shirt and black pants,her blonde hair was in a ponytail and her lipgloss almost matched with the color of her shirt.
She’s Harold’s lawyer who had helped him win the divorce case between him and Carrle.

“I never said that,do not put words in my mouth” Charles said.
“You did mean that by saying they joined him because they wanted to, and didn’t you say Mr Ethan did all that because of a psychological issue he’s battling with? That answers the question already! Mr Ethan wasn’t wrongly accused and if you insist..i have tons of evidences here” Simone said.
“Sure you do but your evidences won’t count because Mr Ethan is not mentally okay” Charles claimed.
“You haven’t provided the evidence for that yet and you keep speaking for Mr Ethan alone, aren’t you here for his accomplices also?” Simone asked.

“Of course I’m here for them all but Mr Ethan is the accused here”
“You claim he’s not mentally okay. What about his accomplices?” Simone asked.
“Well..” Charles trailed off.
“You see! You’ve been speaking for Mr Ethan alone!”
“I was starting with Mr Ethan,I’m going to proceed to them later on”
“Really? Will you be saying they are mentally derailed also?” Simone asked.
“Objection your honor” Charles shouted.
Objection sustained

“Mrs Simone,you have no right to talk to my clients that way” Charles said.
“I’m sorry for that Mr Charles, can we proceed?” Simone asked, she knew Charles wanted to use that to buy time so he could come up with fresh ideas but she isn’t going to give him that chance.
“And mind you, Mr Ethan Weston is innocent until proven guilty!” Charles said.
“With the evidences i have with me, he’s guilty” Simone said.
“Not until the judge confirms it and there is a reason behind Mr Ethan’s act!”
“Whatever the reason is,what he did is illegal!” Simone said.

“As I was saying my honor, would you please believe my client..”
“Without his medical records? It’s your duty to provide that as evidence, you do not expect me to believe just words right?” Mrs Chantelle asked.
“Your honor, i made this discovery quite late and that’s the reason I’m not able to get the medical record as a proof”
“The name of his hospital? His medical records will be sent to me in seconds” Mrs Chantelle said and Ethan wiped sweat from his forehead.
“That is the only way i can believe your claim” Mrs Chantelle said after seeing Charles hesitation.
He told her the name of the hospital and Mrs Chantelle ordered one of the two lawyers in the court to contact the head doctor immediately.

“I shouldn’t be doing this for you, you’re a lawyer,you should gather your evidences before a trial but you’re pardoned because your client opened up to you late.”
“Thank you your honor”
“Is the psychological problem the only reason Mr Ethan committed those crimes levelled against him?” The judge asked.
“Yes your honor” Charles said wishing he had gathered more reasons but there’s nothing he can do. Ethan had truthfully committed those crimes.
“What of his accomplices?” Mrs Chantelle asked.
“I hope you pardon them your honor” Charles bowed.
“You don’t have any reason to justify their actions?” Mrs Chantelle asked in confirmation.
“Yes,your honor” Ethan said.

“Alright,Mrs Simone, will you please tender your evidences” Mrs Chantelle asked.
“Yes your honor” Simone picked the files on the table with a flash drive and a tape recorder.
The bailiff collected it from her, walked to the clerk and handed it to her,then it was passed to the judge.

“Mr Ethan Weston’s medical records has been sent your honor” The lawyer said, passing the laptop to the judge.

“Court adjourned for ten minutes” Mrs Chantelle said and stood up.
She needed time to go over the evidences and medical record.


The judge walked in after ten minutes and everyone rose to their feet again.
She sat and ordered them to sit also.

“The witnesses should please come forward” The bailiff said.
Irene,Cory, Tom and Ryan got up and were led to the clerk by the bailiff.
They proceeded to the witness stand after they got sworn in.

“The lawyers may begin your questions for them” The judge said.
“Mrs Irene Noris, it’s stated that you were in Ethan’s Weston’s house for a week and you set up a tape recorder in his room,under whose legal authority did you do that?” Charles asked.
“Mr Cory Williams” Irene said.
“That is a great offense!” Cory slammed.
“You have no right to set up a tape recorder in my client’s room with no legal authority” Charles said.
“Mr Cory is a CIA agent” Simone said, shutting Charles up.
“Mr Cory..will you please explain?” Simone asked.
“I’m a Cory,a CIA agent who has been trying to bring Ethan to book for years, Irene is more familiar with him than i am so i knew it’d be more easy to get her to do it. As you know, we CIA agents are more like detectives and we’d use anyone whom we know would be of great help to our investigation ” Cory said.

“Mr Tom, you were involved in these illegally, what do you have to say about that?” Charles asked Tom.

“I’m just a law abiding citizen interested in seeing bad people pay for their deeds. As a good citizen, i should be able to help in bringing a criminal to book, besides i worked hand in hand with Mr Cory who is a CIA agent, so my actions is nothing illegal!” Tom slammed Charles.

“Mr Ryan, please confirm to the hearing of everyone that you truly saw Carrle Weston inject Mrs Irene packs of juice” Simone said.
“I was once a bodyguard in the residence of Mr Ethan Weston and one of my duties as a bodyguard is to make sure everyone is safe, i was going round the house when i sighted Mrs Carrle in the kitchen injecting Mrs Irene packs of juice then i heard her on a call later confirming from someone if the poison would really ki*ll Mrs Irene’s cells” Ryan explained.

Tasha bowed her head in deep regret.

“Are the legal representatives of both sides done with questioning the witnesses?” The judge asked.
“Yes your honor”
“Well..i must commend you guys for a job well done. You can return to your seats” Mrs Chantelle said.
They all returned to their seats.
Harold held Irene’s palm and smiled.
“I saw how nervous you were up there” He whispered to her and she nodded.
“Good job” He winked and she smiled.

“Mr Charles, the medical records indicated no form of psychological issue. Mr Ethan is very okay medically” Mrs Chantelle said.
“He ‘thought’ he might be suffering from it” Charles said.
“Well..turns out he isn’t, he’s medically okay so this claim of yours have been dismissed. It doesn’t justify his actions” Mrs Chantelle said.
“Does the attorneys have anything else to say?” She asked.
“No, your honor” Simone and Charles said in unison.
“So say you both?” The judge asked in confirmation.
“Yes,your honor” they said in unison.
“Having thoroughly gone through the evidences…Mr Ethan and his accomplices are found guilty for the allegations leveled against them” The judge said and Carrle and Marie bursted into tears while Alex tried hard not to cry.
Tasha bit her lower lip painfully,stifling her tears.
Ethan glared at the judge,like he would strangle her if he wasn’t handcuffed.

“Here is my judgement..” The judge said and everywhere went silent.
The press focused the camera on her and some of them were prepared to scribble her words.
The atmosphere was tensed and only Carrle and Marie’s sobs were heard.

“Mr Ethan Weston, you’re hereby sentenced to life imprisonment for so many crimes committed,same goes to Mrs Carrle Weston and Alex Winters. Marie Baird,from the evidences,you didn’t join in the killing of Mrs Helena but you joined in the plan to ki*ll Mr Harold Marshall,for attempting to murder Mrs Irene Noris by pushing her into the pool,for being an illegal spy for years, for planning the murder of your employer,for wanting to hurt little Ivory Marshall, you’re hereby sentenced to forty years imprisonment. Nurse Tasha,you breached the rules of your occupation, you’re therefore banned to work in any hospital and you’re sentenced to twenty five years imprisonment”

“All rise!”


“I really felt pity for them” Irene said,she was in the car with Harold. They were heading to where only him knows.
They were alone in the car and he’s the one driving.
“Yeah,i also felt pity for them also but they are paying for what they did. Everyone should take responsibilities for their actions” Harold said.
“Of course” Irene sighed.

“But anyway,I’m happy.. we’re finally free and Helena was vindicated” Irene said.
“Exactly” Harold smiled, touching Helena’s necklace that hasn’t been off his neck since he found it back.

“Are you probably kidnapping me?” Irene teased, seeing Harold turn into another street.
“Yes i am” Harold said.
“And i wonder why none of them refuse to come with us in the car,do they know you’re taking me somewhere?” Irene asked.
“Well.. you’ll be seeing them soon” Harold smiled.
“Ohh..at home” Irene said.
“No” Harold said.
“Geez, you’re scaring me” Irene said and he laughed.
“Okay, we’re there already. Will you please close your eyes” Harold said, halting the car.
“It’s a surprise” He said and she quickly closed her eyes.
He smiled as he stepped down from the car.
He opened the car door for her and held her hand as he led her into an open gate.

There stood his parents, Ivory, Mrs Neave, Damien, Allysia, Marlene, Blaine,Tom, Mrs Nola Christiana, Ryan checking out the massive fashion store he built for Irene.
Irene didn’t see them yet,her eyes were still closed.
He patted the engagement ring in his pocket and grinned happily.

“Open your eyes” Harold said to her and she did.
She saw everyone and was a bit startled,they all stood staring at her with a knowing look in their faces.
Even Ivory who hadn’t come to the court with them was there, grinning. Her hands behind her back.

Irene looked confused, she didn’t seem to understand what was going on until she raised up her head slightly and there inscribed boldly on the top of the building.


She seemed to be in shock for a while,her head swimming.
This is what she always imagine,this is what she always dream of.
It could just be an imagination or a dream right?
But even in her imaginations and dreams,her fashion store isn’t always this big,it isn’t always this beautiful. This is so big and beautiful that’s it’s almost stealing her breath away.
This fashion store is far bigger than Tanya’s which is ranked the biggest in San Francisco but not anymore,this one in her imagination is far bigger and more beautiful than Tanya’s.

She finally brought down her head and wondered why all these people are in her imagination.
She sniffed and realised her cheeks were wet.
She has been crying.
She doesn’t cry in her imaginations or dream.
She turned to Harold and saw Ivory was now standing beside him,her hands were still in her back. It’s unlike her to have her hands behind her back.

“Harold wh.. what’s going on? Is this a dream?” Irene asked.
Harold shook his head “it’s not a dream babe”
“It’s an imagination then” She said.
“No, sweetheart. This fashion store is yours,it’s a gift from me to you. Please accept it” Harold said.

“H..h Ha..rold, y..ou gave me this?” Irene asked,not able to control her tears.
They dropped from her eyes like raindrops.
“This is too much” She bursted out crying, finally realising this wasn’t a dream nor imagination.
This is real!
“OMG…” She said, breathing pretty hard as she shifted back to examine the building properly.
Her breath, catching in her throat as she took in the splendour of the building.

The building stood tall and elegant, painted in her favorite colors, the structural design was just too perfect,she couldn’t wait to get in and check it out.

“Harold” She said, wiping her tears as she rushed to hug him.
She cried loudly on his chest.
“You’re so full of surprises” She said in a baby voice hitting him playfully with tears in her eyes.

“Always acting like a baby when she’s carrying one” Mrs Neave said and Marlene laughed.

“Thank you, thank you so much” she said and he nodded.
“And please let your ‘thank you’ stop there, your mum and Damien thanked me enough” He said and she laughed.
“I can’t believe this…you just made my dream come through. Harold,thank you so much. I..i.. this is just too much,thank you” she said,tears building up in her eyes again.
“Com’on babe,i know you’re a cry baby but its okay” He teased and she smiled.
“This must have cost you a lot.” She said, glancing around. The building even has a big parking space.
“Are you saying that to a billionaire?” He asked,with one brow raised up, feigning a proud billionaire look.
Irene laughed, cleaning her tears.
“Thank you” She said again and Harold sighed.
“Okay I should stop saying thank you but thank you so much Harold” She said, blinking back tears.

“You deserve more than this babe” He kissed her forehead lovingly.
She looked up at him smiling happily.
“Damn! You’re not gonna ki*ll me with your beauty,are you?” He asked and she laughed.

“Finally” Damien said when Irene turned to face them.
“You all knew about this” She smiled brushing back her hair.
“We knew about this but we didn’t know about that” Mr Marshall said pointing to Irene’s back.
She turned and another surprise was awaiting her.

Harold was on his knees, holding the most beautiful silver ring she has ever seen,it has little shiny black crystals gathered in the middle.
Her palm covered her mouth in another shock when ivory also knelt before her holding a golden crown, Irene realised that was what Ivory has been holding behind her.
She sniffed back tears and when Harold and Ivory popped their questions,her tears were uncontrollable.

“Meeting you has been nothing but a blessing to me,i don’t ever want to lose a gem like you ,let’s be together forever babe. I love you so much Irene, will you be my mine forever?”
“Irene,thank you for always caring for me, reading me bedtime stories, dressing me up and making me happy,thank you for not maltreating me like other nanny does. I want it to continue, will you please be my mother?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Irene’s scream was deafening and Damien was scared she would burst her throat.
Harold beamed as he slid the ring into one of her fingers and she bent a little for Ivory to place the crown on her head.
She almost went crazy with happiness,she hugged Ivory tightly before jumping into Harold’s arm.
She has never felt so happy.
“I’m engaged!” She screamed, rushing to everyone like they were not there when Harold proposed.
“And I’m officially Ivory’s mother!”
They all congratulated her, hugging and kissing her cheek.

“You should study photography” Blaine teased Allysia and she laughed.
She had taken tons of pictures and made several videos,she captured every moment,from the moment Irene and Harold had stepped into the gate.
“What’s that on your mouth?” Blaine asked.
“What?” Allysia asked, wiping her mouth with her palm.
“It’s still there…I’ll help you get it off…uh” He said and quickly stole a kiss before walking away like he did nothing.
“Hey!” Allysia shouted, laughing as she ran after him.


Harold walked into his room and the sight that met his eyes almost took his breath away,there were fire and flames but they came from dozens of scented candles set all around the bedroom,thin ones.
He halted in the hallway,one hand pressed to his fast beating heart as he saw Irene walked out of the bathroom in a white lace half bra that gave her full brea$t a tempting cleavage and below was the sexiest white lace thong he’d ever seen.
She looked stunning and the fire made her skin glow,her round stomach even made her look more beautiful.
Her ring glistened brightly on her finger.

She smiled at him before walking over to the bed.
“You were right baby, i want you” She said.
“Come” She added in a sexy whisper that made him more hard.
He started pulling his clothes as he walked to her and by the time he got to the bed,the only thing left on him was his briefs that showed how hard he had gotten.

Their moans filled the room minutes later and they both felt like they were out of the world.




  1. Happy New Year everyone
    This episode is the best New Year gift Zeemah
    So interesting and real that I'm imagining myself at the scene of Harold's and ivory's proposals ???
    Thank you Zeemah
    Wishing everyone of us a prosperous, progressive and fun filled year ahead. Love you all ??

  2. Wow. Pleasant New Year gift from Zeemah to all of us, including Harold and Irene, Ethan and Carlle, etc.

    This should have been the quarter finals and not the semis.

    What of Damien and Marl?
    Visit to the palace?
    Ivory Royals?

  3. Danm i am more than happy for them, i kept imagining the whole thing like i was a movie, thanks ZEEMAH for the new year gift

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