Dax dragged Lucas at point outside and surprisingly no one was trying to stop them and the people outside were not up to six.

“What the f**k is going on” Dax muttered under his breath. His plan was to fish out all the agents who will try to stop them but none appeared

“Watch out there is a sniper around and…” Jones was saying to Dax but lost signal and the call ended. Dax communicated in sign language to mad max and Jonas. He scanned the environment to locate the position of the sniper but to no avail.

Dax dragged Lucas towards the car prepared by mad max and Jonas but a sniper bullet entered into his left hand and he lose grip of Lucas. Lucas quickly took advantage of the scene and placed a gun at Dax head holding him as a. hostage too.

Mad max and Jonas also brought out their guns and pointed it at Lucas.

“I don’t think you will want to sh00t at me” Lucas joked buying time for his team to arrive

“Thank God you said you don’t think. so think about it why I will not want to sh00t you” Jonas confused Lucas with a mind game but Lucas didn’t act like he is confuse.

“Before your shot get to me, this your partner will be long dead” Lucas laughed

“And who told you that I care about who will survive here. To hell with my partner” Jonas added more aggressively shocking Lucas and mad max but Dax faked a shock expression

“You see the kind of people you teamed up with, he doesn’t even cared about your life” Lucas said to Dax with his eyes still on Jonas and mad max and Jonas cursed under his breath

“And there is no need wasting time for your people to arrive because you will…”

Jonas couldn’t complete his sentence as stray bullets rushed towards Lucas. He dived into cover leaving Dax at the mercy of the bullets but he was swift as he rushed behind a wall for cover. Stray bullets started to spray from different directions too.

“Boss we are around” Lucas heard in his ear

“Look for those bastards. Try your best to keep them alive but if they prove stubborn, ki*ll them” Lucas said to his men still hiding.

Dax brought out a tablet from his waist porch and swallowed it, the blood quickly stopped coming out. He removed his gun from it’s sheadth in readiness.



“Have you gotten the feeds” An unknown man who looks like a leader asked his hackers. They were in a dark small room with the screen of the computers as the only source of light.

“Yes sir we just got it with the help of the Nile satellite” one of the hackers replied

“Send me the link right away” the leader requested

He watched the video for some time but couldn’t get any thing useful from it and was about to quit it but decided against it as he saw a group of people spliting into four groups.

“Trace back this people for me, i want to know where they came from” The leader said to the hackers and they got to work immediately.

“Sir you need to look at this” A hacker said to the leader showing him something on the screen. The leader squinted at the screen for a while then he got up.

“Put a call through to Kamal” He ordered

“Hey buddy, the NIC took the bait ooo” The leader said to the person he referred to as kamal on the phone immediately it was answered

“Send all the agents to the house of our arrested agents and be fast about it” The leader added and hunged up

“Connect to the house of the arrested agents. And give me a link to the live stream there” The leader ordered and entered into another room with a big computer screen which look more like a projector.



Ben pressed the door bell for the second time and they waited for an answer from inside

“Try your best to avoid looking at the camera direction because you are being watched and I can’t deactivate the cameras they are highly secured” Jones said to Ben through the ear piece

Soon a young woman the same age as ben came out.

“Please is your mother around?” Ben asked politely

“Yes, please what’s the problem?” the young woman asked

“Am from the NIC and am here to invute you in for questioning” Ben said showing her the NIC barge and a warrant

“Who else is in this building?” Ben asked

“We are alone” The woman answered and walked away to call her mother

“Please I haven’t done any thing bad so as my daughter so why are you inviting us for questioning?” The old woman asked

“Am just a messenger, when we get there you will know what you did” Ben said and led them to his parked car and zoomed off.



Dax rolled to another position and shot his last prey in the process. He quickly got up and ran towards where Lucas run to.

Sniper threw his gun away as he run out of bullet and called his prey for a hand to hand combat. Sniper rushed him with a kck but he bent down and stamped sniper foot with his boots and sent a kick into his groins. He dealt sniper a punch to the face and sniper fell on the floor and did a chinese wake up almost immediately. He rushed the guy again with a punch and the guy bent down again but was unlucky as an elbow hit his spinal cord, Sniper swept him off his feet with his legs and sat on him dashing him punches.

Jonas peeped again and fired a shot. An idea popped up in his mind and he quickly picked a stone from the ground and threw it to where the guy was hiding. The guy tried to run back to cover when he saw that it’s a stone but was unlucky as a bullet lodged into his forehead and he dropped dead.

Dax rushed into the room where Lucas entered but everywhere was dark. He focused but still couldn’t see anything. He heard a footstep behind him and quickly turned but was met with a heavy punch sending him to the ground. He listened attentively as as he could hear someone coming closer to him. He calculated the distance between him and the person and quickly lunched a punch to the persons eye as the person bend to pick him up. He rolled away and focused again but there was no footsteps but instead a punch three punches hit his belly and he bend holding his belly but an.elbow to his back sent him to the ground.

“You did a terrible mistake following me inside here. Now say a word of prayer” Lucas said cocking his gun

As Lucas finger made its way to the trigger, three grenade gases landed in front of him filling the room immediately and both of them fell unconscious.




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