Mafia Queen – Chapter 53



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 53

“Her kidney’s?” Daniella repeated, a little frightened.

The doctor kept looking at the screen with an intense gaze while moving the machine around her stomach.

At the the point, Daniella was starting to become very worried at the fact that the doctor wasn’t saying anything.

“Are her kidneys there?”Daniella asked.

The doctor hummed and leaned backwards before putting the machine back.

“I can’t identify her kidneys at the present,” the doctor murmured.

“Although, it is still a little early.”

“Maybe you should keep looking,” Daniella encouraged, fiddling with her fingers.

“It will probably be more accurate if you do an fetal MRI. I’ll schedule an appointment with the hospital to conduct one with you. That way we can be certain if your child is missing just one or both.”

“What happens if it’s just one?” Daniella asked.

“Then your child will most probably live a normal, healthy life. One kidney is sufficient enough to function for the absence of the other. No problems there.”

“What about if she’s missing both?” Damien suddenly butted in.

Daniella glanced up at Damien as the doctor paused and sat back.

She then furrowed her brows and glanced back at the doctor with pursed lips.

“Unfortunately, they don’t have a chance to survive even after giving a successful birth. Four out of ten suffer miscarriages and the rest do not make it past the first few hours.”

“So there is no chance of survival if it’s born without kidneys?” he asked.

Daniella stayed silent, biting her lip.

“Unfortunately, yes,” the doctor replied.

Daniella froze and felt her blood pale.

“First cystic fibrosis, now missing kidneys?” Damien mumbled.

The doctor quickly jumped in after Damien’s concern.

“The MRI scan should be conducted first in order to see any conclusive results. Until then, we just need to sit back and relax,” the doctor said.

“The chances that the baby developed without two kidneys is very rare.”

Daniella didn’t know what to say.

Her child may not have a chance to survive?

It was a very scary thing to think about.

Daniella gazed at Damien who was wasn’t looking as calm as before.

What was he thinking about?

“If the unfortunate happens and she she does not develop her kidneys, people generally take two paths,” the doctor suddenly announced.

Daniella froze moved her attention the doctor.

“The first option is to continue with the pregnancy as per normal and give birth in order to see their child,” she explained softly.

“The other option is to terminate the pregnancy.”

Daniella looked at her already knowing what she wanted.

There was now question for her. Of course she was going to give birth to the baby.

“It’s up to you two to decide on that. If your child does have one kidney, of course you can continue with the pregnancy. If the first situation does occur, which again is very rare, then we can discuss those options before in more detail,” she recommended.

Daniella nodded, agreeing with the doctor, but before she could open her mouth, Damien went ahead of her.

“How does a termination work?” he asked.

Daniella gave him a silent look.

“Usually I would schedule an appointment with an ab0rti0n clinic for the couple and walk them through the process and provide any before and after care. Although, even before the ab0rti0n, the mother would often suffer from a miscarriage first.”

Daniella clenched her fists together hearing about the news.

Damien said paused.

“My wife and I would like to discuss this before we come to a decision,” he answered.

Daniella looked at him and frowned.

“Of course. Please come in again after the MRI so I can help with whatever decision you come to,” the doctor smiled.

Damien nodded back before helping Daniella out of the chair and taking her out of the clinic towards their car.

He opened the door for her and quickly got into the drivers seat before starting the car and driving off.

It was silent the whole drive back home.

No one said a word.

To her, she couldn’t come to terms with the fact that her baby might not even survive through to birth.

In the midst of the silence, Damien suddenly invaded her thoughts.

He put his free hand on her thigh and squeezed it gently.

“Don’t worry. She said that it’s very rare for a baby to not develop their kidneys,” Damien reassured.

Daniella bit her lip unsure.

“But what if it does happen?” she whispered.

Damien paused,

“Then we will deal with it then.”

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