Mafia Queen – Chapter 51



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 51

As if all her pent-up emotions were broken free, her eyes began to overflow with tears.

She sobbed and tearfully choked as she gripped onto the bed sheets beside her with clenched fists.

She began to punch the mattress with with her weak arms.

She threw jabs at the unsuspecting pillows and sobbed loudly.

Her face came sliding down onto the surface of mattress as she started to cry out even louder.

Unconsciously, she wrapped her arms around her body and clenched tightly onto her back.

Her body kneeled into the fetus position and she laid there crying to herself pitifully.

Did he hate her?

Did she do something to hurt him before?

Just why was he like this to her, and only her?




A few months later, and after some time adjusting to her new ‘home’, Daniella was sitting on the couch of their living room mindlessly reading a novel.

At first it took her while to come to recognise with the fact that Damien had forced himself on her.

At times she would want to vent about it but forgot that there was no one she could vent her frustrations to.

She still couldn’t contact her parent’s and she had no friends.

With all the inner turmoil she was experiencing, sometimes she was glad that Damien often had to work late nights just so she could just be by herself. Nowadays, doing nothing at home was beginning to grow on her.

“Daniella, do you feel like having a takeaway tonight? My company is sponsoring this fried chicken chain and from what I’ve heard, they are pretty good,” he said while reading the pamphlet.

“…You mean go out to eat?” she questioned, not bothering to spare him a glance.

Damien looked up at her from the dining table.

“That’s right. We can go there to eat straight after your obstetrician appointment since it’s in the afternoon anyways,” he replied.

Daniella sighed inwardly and made a troubled face.

She forgot about that appointment.

They were going there to have an ultrasound and to receive the results from what they called a chorionic villus sampling.

It was supposed to help determine if her baby was going to be born with any genetic or chromosomal disorder.

To her, disorders or whatnot never bothered her in the first place even though she wasn’t ready for a baby in the first place.

“Can you believe you’re already twelve weeks along?” he said, getting up from the table and standing behind her from the couch.

He slowly bent down and kissed her on the head while gently laying a hand on her stomach.

“Yeah…” she mumbled.

For her, it was hard to believe that she was pregnant.

A lot of things happened back then but after they realised she was pregnant, the situation calmed down.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to contact Ryan much during that time. Even though Damien didn’t tell her to she couldn’t contact anyone, she didn’t even try to. She found herself being preoccupied with thoughts of her pregnancy.

Because of that, it often left her with a few misread messages and a series of late replies between Ryan and her.

As she pondered on this, she recalled a short conversation she had with Ryan a few weeks ago.

“Daniella?” Ryan asked through the phone.

“Ryan,” Daniella said happily.

“You finally picked up,” he said with a sigh of relief.

“I thought he would try to stop you from calling anyone or something.”

“Believe me, I’m still on house lock-down,” she murmured quietly.

“Are you alright? He hasn’t done anything to you, has he?” he asked concerned.

Daniella stayed silent for a few seconds contemplating on whether or not to tell him what happened the first night.

She ultimately decided that talking about it with Ryan would only bring up bad memories.

“I’m fine… Just trying to settle back in,” she stuttered.

“He moved us to a house.”

After a second of silence, she thought the phone disconnected but that wasn’t the case.

“sh*t,” he cursed.

“I’m so sorry, Daniella. I should’ve been more alert about this. I didn’t think he’d find you so quickly.”

Daniella smiled into the phone.

“It’s not your fault. I’m sorry you had to deal with me in the first place.”

“What are you talking about?” he scoffed.

“You’re not a bother at all. I promise I’ll try to get you away from that ba$t�rd as soon as possible.”

Daniella thanked him sincerely,

“Thank you, Ryan.”

“I’ll try to contact you as much as I can and please take care of yourself. Of he does anything crazy to you, call me right away.”

“I know, I will,” she replied.

“Just wait for me, okay? I swear you won’t be there for long.”

Daniella closed her eyes and took his words to heart as it was a sense of healing and comfort.




  1. Interesting.
    Author please where is this story leading to cuz I don't seems to understand it anymore with the title

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