Mafia Queen – Chapter 47



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 47

“Daniella, do you want a mocha or a cappuccino?” Ryan asked through the kitchen.

Daniella was on the couch skimming through a series of documents that Ryan gave to her about the divorce, although it would take a while until she would be able to file for a divorce.

“Any is fine,” she said preoccupied.

A minute later, Ryan came to her with two mugs, steaming with freshly brewed coffee that got her attention.

“Here you are,” he said, handing it over to her,

“two of the finest coffee’s made by the two finest hands.”

Daniella rolled her eyes and chuckled while taking the coffee and sipping on the warm beverage.

It was both creamy and smooth on her tongue but let the taste of the beans roll on her taste buds, filling her with a sensation of warmth and vitality.

“Are you sure you made this?” she teased.

He looked at her offended.

“Of course.”

Daniella laughed at his expression.

A weird face pulled by a serious man.

It was quite amusing for her.

“So how’s the progress going?” she asked, as Ryan sat down next to her.

Ryan made a thin line on his lips before smiling sheepishly.

“Not great if I’m being perfectly honest. He’s got quite the sneaky system going on. Can’t find anything on him,” he replied.

“Really?” she asked downhearted.

“How much longer do you think this will go on?” she asked.

He hummed and brought a hand to his locks.

“Well, it can take a few months minimum to get sufficient evidence but in reality, it will probably take a few years just to find something for someone as powerful as he is,” he said honestly.

She quietly nodded her head in understanding but couldn’t help but feel downtrodden.

She wasn’t a person who was into business or law so she didn’t understand it all. All she knew was that she wanted to get away from his crazy a$$.

“I’ll try to help as much as I can,” she said solemnly.

Ryan smiled at her but before he could utter something, her mobile rang and disrupted the two.

At first they were both surprised at the sudden ringtone; she hadn’t heard her phone ring since she was friend’s with Marie and that had been a few months ago.

“Is that your phone?” Ryan asked.

Daniella furrowed her eyebrows,

“I think so?” she said unsure.

She quickly began to look for it, rummaging under the pile of documents and folders spread all across the living room.

She tried under the coffee table, under the carpet and even under the couch seat until she heard something drop in the kitchen.

Snapping her head toward the sudden noise, she looked over to see her phone vibrating on the ground.

“There it is,” she said while scurrying over to it.

“It must have fell of the kitchen counter.”

She quickly grabbed it off the floor and looked at the contact name on the screen.

Her eyes became wide eyes and her body trembled in it’s place.

“Who is it?” Ryan asked.

She didn’t hear him the first time.

Her mind was clouded with heavy thoughts while the name was buzzing about in the middle of the screen.

After a minute or so, Ryan asked her again.

“Daniella? You okay?” he asked concerned.

Daniella suddenly snapped out of her thoughts and glanced up at Ryan with a stressed face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, getting up from his spot.

“It’s nothing,” she said.

She contemplated on whether or not she should just end it right there but there was a thought at the back of her head that held her back. For some reason she had a feeling that she needed to answer it.

“Damien Mason…” Ryan read aloud.

Daniella whipped her head backwards and saw that Ryan had looked over her shoulder to read the name.

“Don’t answer it,” he said abruptly.

Daniella pursed her lips together and looked back down at it.

“You’re right,” she fumbled.

She quickly swiped it to the red button and watched the buzz come to a halt.

It left the room terribly quiet. Now she was just staring at a black screen that showed her reflection.

But not even a few seconds could she feel relieved when the phone started to ring once more.

She looked at it in surprise and saw Keenan’s name at the front again but before she even dwelled on it, she quickly ended it with a swift swipe to the red button.

It stopped for a seconds. She waited for it to ring again within the next minute before realising it wouldn’t ring.

She gave a sigh of relief before connecting her phone to her charger and leaving it alone.

Ryan suddenly came out from the bathroom and put on his jacket, catching her attention.

“Leaving?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said while fumbling his arms into the sleeve.

“I’m heading back to my office now. I’ll leave the stuff in here since I know you’ll be staying here. I gave you the key to this place so don’t be scared to go out but be careful. He has people all over the place that could provide him info about you,” he warned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” she smiled reassuringly.

“Thank you.”

He gave a light smile in return before walking to the front door.

“Don’t mention it.”

“No really, you’re really helping me out. I can’t believe Damien would say you were only out to get my money,” she commented earnestly.

He rose an eyebrow and smirked.

“He said that?”

Daniella shrugged her shoulders.

“Anyways, if he calls don’t pick up, got it?” he said with a stern look.

Daniella nodded her head fervently “Right,” she replied.

He smiled and took out his car keys.

“Good,” he said before popping his head back in.

“Just remember, I know it’s been a week but he can still come back. Think about what you do carefully,” he said giving one last ‘you-got-it?’ face.

“I know, I know,” she replied.

She watched as the door finally closed behind him and the room becoming uncomfortably silent.



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