Diary of the Watterson � Episode 31

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



The Parker

“Mom! Boris! Hope you’re done with your stuff, we’re leaving” Melody exclaimed immediately she got home.

“Really? That was so fast!” Mrs Parker said, coming out of her room.

Melody went and helped her carry her things downstairs.

“Yeah mom. Mrs Watterson wants us to come live with them” Melody said.

“Really?! There are so nice” Mrs Parker smiled.

“Yeah, one of driver is waiting for us outside” Melody said.

“Okay, let’s go” Mrs Parker replied.

“Yay!!! I’m gonna be living in a villa! Can’t wait to brag about it at school” Boris exclaimed.

The driver helped them pack their things and load it in the car. They all got in the car and the drive to theit new home began.

Boris kept talking and talking of how cool it will be to live with wealthy billionaires. It took them 15 minutes to arrive at the Watterson villa.

The driver together with some other maids helped carry their things upstairs to their respective rooms.

Melody helped her mother climb the stairs leading to the interior. Boris and Mrs Parker couldn’t help buy gape at the hugeness and beauty of the house.

“I only saw this kind of house in my dreams” Boris blurted out.

“Oh Melody and the family, welcome to your new house. Feel free” Arnold who was coming downstairs with his wife smiled.

“Good evening Sir Arnold” Melody smiled.

“Good evening Mr Watterson” Mrs Parker greeted.

“Call me Arnold and here’s my darling wife, Julia” Arnold said.

“And I’m Diana. Thanks for letting us stay here, we promise that we’re gonna be helping the maids with some chores so that we won’t be that much of a burden to you” Diana said.

“Oh please… This house is huge enough to accommodate everyone. Feel free” Arnold said.

“You’re too kind Mr Arnold. Thank you” Boris smiled.

“Here’s my little brother Boris” Melody said.

Before Arnold could say something, Angelo ran downstairs like a mad man. He stopped in front of them, breathing heavily.

“So mom wasn’t joking around with me. She’ll be living with us” Angelo thought

A wide smile spread on his lips as he stared at Melody.

He suddenly stopped smiling when he realized that all eyes were on him and he’s been smiling like a fool for like 2 minutes.

“Uhh, good evening Mrs Parker. I’m Angelo” Angelo said after clearing his throat.

“Oh yeah!, you’re their second son. You look more handsome in person than on TV” Diana smiled.

“Hi I’m Boris” Boris said.

“Hi Boris” Angelo smiled.

“Melody!!!” Monica screamed, rushing downstairs.

She pushed Angelo aside and jumped on Melody, hugging her tightly.

“I’m so happy! Finally gonna have a girl around…” Monica said.

Melody just smiled. Monica released her and turned to Diana.

“Pardon my manners ma’am. Good evening, I’m Monica.. The Benjamin of the house” Monica smiled.

“Just look at how cute you are” Diana said.

“You’re pretty” Boris said.

Melody hit his head.

“Behave!, you’re 10 and she’s 17!” Melody said.

“But I just complimented her!” Boris frowned, rubbing his head.

Monica chuckled, watching their drama.

“Dinner is ready!” Stephanie said, rushing to the dining room.

“That’s my big sis, Stephanie. When she’s hungry, the rest doesn’t exist” Angelo said.

“Will you mind joining us for dinner?” Arnold said

“With pleasure” Diana replied.

They all walked to the dining room with Angelo stealing glances at Melody.

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett came out of her car, feeling so tired. She looked at the time and it was 9pm,, gosh!. Well Stephanie went back home earlier due to cramps so she had to finish the load of work she had,,, alone!

Scarlett literally dragged her feet into the house. She saw Raymond sitting on the couch, watching TV.

“You’re late” Raymond said without looking at her.

Scarlett sighed tiredly. She walked to him and then fell on his thighs. Raymond just glared at her.

“Get up!”

“I’m so tired” Scarlett whined.

“Get up from me” Raymond said.

“Or else? What you gonna do? First you tried to kiss me now what? You’re gonna spank me?” Scarlett said.

“I don’t even see that �ss” Raymond said glancing at it.

“Jerk…” Scarlett hit his stomach. She turned back and laid properly, her head on his thigh while looking at his frowning face.

“Why are you so uptight?” Scarlett asked, poking his cheek.

Raymond looked at her hand. He sighed and concentrated back on the TV, ignoring her.

“Is it because of your deceased wife?”

Raymond immediately looked back at her..

“Oh, I’m sorry if it’s too personal” Scarlett immediately said.

“To answer your question,, yes. She was my source of happiness and joy” Raymond said.

“Oh…” Was all Scarlett said. Somehow, what he said hurt her.

“How was she?”

Raymond shook his head and flicked his finger on her forehead.

“You are too curious” Raymond said.

“Well when I met her, she was from a humble background and I was that rich dude which every girl would want. She was the kind of a girl a man can easily fall for, sweet, gentle, caring, kind and also funny. She didn’t really discriminate and was ready to help anyone who was in need. Not to forget she was a maid in my parent’s house and that’s how I met her. I fell for her the instant I saw her” Raymond said.

Scarlett smiled as she watched him speak. His eyes glimmered with affection and emotions as he spoke and he was smiling, a genuine smile.

“You two must really love each other” Scarlett said and yawned sleepily


“Now are you happy?” Raymond said and looked at her. He furrowed his brows as he watched her fall asleep.

Raymond brushed her hair from her face as he stared at her. Suddenly, the image of how he found Aurora death came to him. He slowly retracted his hand from her face

He carried her in a bridal style and went upstairs to her room where he laid her down on her bed. He removed her shoes and covered her with the duvet

He turned to leave but his eyes landed on something on the table near her bed. A pink book.

He curiously opened it and almost laughed when he went through it, a wish list.

“Can’t believe a woman of 24 has a wish list” Raymond thought.

An idea came to him so he took a picture of the page before keeping back her notebook. He quietly left the room, closing the door behind.

? ? ? ? ?

Morning, The Watterson**

“Bright morning to you” A voice said.

Melody frowned and slowly opened her eyes. She squinted them as she saw a blurry silhouette in front of her. Wait,, isn’t she alone in this room.

“Ah-” Melody made to scream but someone blocked her mouth.

She blinked twice and frowned when she saw it was Angelo. She was mumbling words but it was inaudible since Angelo blocked her mouth.

“Shh!, keep it down. They’ll think I’m stalking you” Angelo said.

Melody removed his hand from her mouth.

“Wait!, isn’t that what you are?! How did you get into my room” Melody said.

“Through the spare keys duh..” Angelo rolled eyes.

“What are you doing in my room..” Melody asked, getting off from bed.

“I couldn’t help it, you look cute while sleeping” Angelo smiled.

Melody rolled eyes and hit him with the pillow.

“Get out! I wanna have my shower” Melody said.

“I don’t mind helping you scrub your back” Angelo smiled like what he said was so innocent.

“You?! Never knew you were shameless” Melody said. She pushed him to the exit.

“Go get ready for school” Melody pushed him out and locked the door.

She leaned on it and shook her head. Looks like living here will mean constant stalking.

“Mel, I know you’re there… I love you” Angelo whispered before leaving.

Melody smiled and touched her cheek, blushing.

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett woke up to a bright morning. She yawned and stretched her body before coming down her bed.

Wait how did she get up in her room?

“Looks like he’s a human being with feelings after all. I thought he’ll leave me there in the living room” Scarlett thought, heading to the bathroom.

She stopped when she noticed an assortment on a sofa nearby with a note on it. She picked the note.

Wear it else I’ll kiss you

Scarlett rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom. She brought out her toothbrush and paste to brush her teeth.

Her thought drifted to how her and Raymond fought in the mud, how she teased him and then how he almost kissed her not to forget how he saved her life.

“Stop thinking about him Scarlett, you’re better than this…” Her subconscious self said.

Scarlett stopped brushing her teeth and closed her eyes. The whole of yesterday while working all she thought of was of him and she had to admit that she was happy seeing him last night.

“You’re starting to loose your mind Scarlett” She said to herself and continued what she was doing.

Once she was done bathing, she wore the clothes Raymond bought for her. Once she was through, she looked at her reflection on the mirror and smiled. One thing good about him is that he has taste of fashion

She was wearing a white mini skirt with a red crop top and white sneakers with a white cap and a red handbag, she looked so much like a teenager.

Scarlett decided to put on some light makeup before going downstairs. She was heading to the dining room and halted on her steps. Her jaws dropped to the floor.

Raymond was leaning beside the door, his eyes glued on his phone. He was putting white sneakers, white jeans, red colored shirt with a white jacket and his hair was styled differently giving him this young yet s*xy look.

They were wearing matching outfits!

Raymond looked up at her with his usual look.

“24 hours,,, you get this for 24 hours” He said

Scarlett stared at him in confusion.



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