COMPLICATED – Episode 27

Their Complicated Relationship


Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 27

Their complicated relationship

Warning: This episode contains matured contents

A few hours had passed since Atarah returned from Jayden�s home and she was still angry at her mother and felt so betrayed by her.

She had refused to talk to her, refused to tell her what had happened and had just locked herself in her room and sat staring absently out of the window.

Her face was devoid of any emotion whatsoever and her eyes were all red and puffy from crying.

�What will be my fate now?� A great sense of weariness swept over her sucking her energy with it and she hugged her knees to her chest and peered through her fingers. �Will Jayden still be with me despite his parent’s opposition?� She wasn�t too sure about this and it dampened her spirits completely.

�Open this door right now, Tarah.� The sudden sharp rap on the door should have startled her, but it didn’t as she had already expected it. She slowly moved her head towards the door and blinked blankly. �Or I am going to break it down, gosh.�

Maria was furious with her daughter�s behaviour as well as worried about her. She prowled up and down the sitting room restlessly, wondering how she was going to get her to come out of the room, wondering what explanation she was going to give her and what other lies she was going to tell her, �jeez!� She mentally facepalmed herself, but before she could knock again, the front door creaked open and Mary walked into the sitting room wearing a rare, evil smile that screams trouble.

�Hi, Maria.� She greeted her waving her hand and Maria’s head felt ready to explode with anger at seeing her.

�What are you doing here, madam Mary?� Her voice dropped to a hushed whisper as she walked towards her, stopping when there was a two-step distance between them. �I thought I warned you never to step foot here again.� She was fighting the urge to scream at her and push her out to the dirt.

Mary chuckled at her bluntness. �Chillax Maria, I didn�t come here to exchange words with you,� She stepped closer and whispered close to her ear, �I came here to make a deal with you……..�

�What?� Maria�s face turned pale on hearing that

�……I need you to get rid of someone for me.� And she swallowed hard, her heart pounding so loudly in her ears that she could barely hear.

�It should be an easy one for you right?� Mary made no attempt to conceal her smirk, �After all, you have done it before.�

�I am not interested.�Maria could feel her knees shaking with terror, but she put on a bold front and glared at her. �Go use someone else for your evil misdeed.�She half yelled.

�Then be prepared to lose your daughter,� Mary�s temper rose with her voice, �Cos I’m gonna go in there and tell your little daughter everything, I’m gonna tell her how you cut short the life of an innocent woman, a pregnant one at that. So…what will you say?� She pinned her with a stare, silently daring her to disobey and Maria could only stutter her protest.

�…asked……rid…of…her.�Her heart lodged in her throat and she was trying so hard not to cry

�And who would believe you?� Mary withered her in derision, �My husband? My Kids? The press? No Maria, no one would believe a poor maid like you.� Her bright gaze mocked her and her voice was lower than usual.

Closing her eyes for a few precious moments, Maria breathed deeply and let her breathe out in a long, frustrated sigh. �Who is this person you are talking about?� She asked calmly and Mary hesitated a moment before answering. �My stepson, Jayden Hobsons.�

Her response sent a chill down Maria�s spine and she looked around anxiously to be sure no one was eavesdropping. �Are you insane?� Her hands dropped to her side and she looked daggers at the witch in front of her. �How do you expect me to get rid of an innocent child?� Gosh! She was so furious that her head ached and was seething with rage.

Mary shrugged nonchalantly, not bothered at all by her angry outburst. �It will be easier for you since the kid is closer to your daughter.� She said simply and Maria felt like slapping the living daylight out of her. �What a demented crazy witch.� She�d to clench her fists to stop herself.

At that moment a distressed Atarah crept out of her room, shutting the door silently behind her. She had only heard a little of their conversation and was shaken to the core.

�What kid?� She asked in a fierce whisper and Maria spun around, startled by her harsh, crushing voice.

�Erm…Tarah,� She met her daughter�s gaze and her heart skipped a beat in fear, �erm…how….did you get here, I mean when….did you get here?� She stuttered foolishly and Mary laughed in spite of herself.

�I�ll return tomorrow morning for the feedback.� She gave her a poisonous stare, warning her not to dare go against her and with that, flounced out of the house in a huff.

A heavy silence fell, and Atarah stared at her mother intently without blinking. Countless words rushed to her throat and she swallowed, trying to decide what to say, what to ask first.

Finally, she choked out, �Why was that woman here?�

Unable to trust her voice, Maria merely shook her head slightly and Atarah almost went bonkers, her veins standing fully on her neck.

�What do you mean by no?� She scoffed aloud, derision in her voice, �Hun! Are you trying to tell me that she was here for no reason?�She spat her words out.

�No.� Maria shook her head again, her soft sobs muffling her voice. �She was here to…erm…see me…..�

�That�s enough,� Atarah half shouted, waving a hand in the air. She had no interest in listening to her cock and bull stories and just wanted to escape from reality.

Maria swallowed back her words and stared at her daughter helplessly as she started to voice out her mind.

�You can do whatever you want, mum,� Atarah�s voice was so cold and so serious. When her mother began to tear up, she added, �But the moment I find out that you conspired with that woman to harm someone, I will hate you forever and completely disown you.� She gave her mother a last threatening look and then ran back into her room, slamming the door shut.

�Please…Tarah,� Maria wanted to run after her but then her gaze was caught by the object sitting on the sofa, her daughter�s phone. With trembling hands, she picked it up and knew exactly what to do at that moment. �I should at least allow them to spend the last moment together and if their love persists, so be it.�

Unlocking the phone, she sent a short message to Jayden.
�Come to my home right now, Atarah needs you.� And without waiting for a response, she tossed the phone on the sofa and slowly walked out of the house, her heart hurting and her eyes blurred with tears.

~~~~~ The Hobsons mansion~~~~~~

Jayden was in the home bar drinking cocktail with Greg when his phone suddenly dinged, signifying a text message. He stared down at it to check out the sender and noticed it was Atarah.
�Come to my home right now, Atarah needs you.�

�Atarah? She needs me?� His brow furrowed in a guarded curiosity as he silently wondered why she�d texted him this way.

�What’s it, man?� Greg asked noticing the puzzled look on his face. Without a word, Jayden held the phone up for him to see and he squinted his eyes as he silently skimmed through the message.

�Well,� He shrugged and gave a little laugh, �It must have been sent by someone else.� He hinted and little by little, It dawned on Jayden that it was her mother, it could only be her. With a jolt, he leapt to his feet and pick up his car keys, tucking his phone in his pocket.

�I need to go check up on Tarah.� He muttered somewhat and Greg nodded his head in understanding.

�Can I come with you?�

�No,� Jayden replied bluntly and with that, stepped out of the house and ran into Nancy at the entrance to the garage. �What the f**k!� He hissed under his breath as she smiled at him sheepishly.

�Hi, Jay.� Nancy greeted him cheerfully as she always did and Jayden merely snorted in response.

�It�s been a while, you know. How have you………�

�Greg is inside waiting for you.� He cut her off abruptly as he was in no mood for chitchats. Briskly, he climbed into his car and when he stepped on the gas, sped off the road leading to Atarah�s home.

He got to the farmhouse in no time as he drove through a shorter route to avoid the afternoon rush hour. Slowly, and with one little step at a time, he alighted from his car closing the door behind him and walked into the sparsely furnished sitting room.

�Good afternoon.� He greeted, looking around in a daze and was welcomed with a stony and deafening silence. No one had heard him, �but why?� He drew in his breath and said a silent prayer before walking over to the only door in the room and knocking on it gently.

Atarah’s head snapped up and she eyed the door angrily. �Go away, mum.�She screamed piercingly, � I don�t want to talk to you, I don�t want to listen��

�Hey! It is me, Jayden.� Hearing the familiar voice effectively shut her up and she sprang out of bed and rushed to open the door. �Oh my god, Jayden!� She cried out in relief at seeing him and jumped into his arms with enough force to drive him back a step.

Jayden laughed softly and slid his arms around her, kissing her on the neck. �Why are you here?� Her question got him thinking and he gently brushed a stray strand of soft hair away from her cheek, noticing for the first time her red puffy eyes, �Or did you miss me that much, hun?� She gazed up at him, completely lost in his ocean-blue eyes and he was forced to smile.

�Why did you leave the front door open?� He asked instead, not wanting to tell her that her mother had sent him a message. Keeping it a secret would be the best thing to do, or so he thought.

�The door?� Atarah was confused. She tipped her head and looked towards the door to see that it was open. �It must have been my mother, I guess.�She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, �Didn’t you see her?�

�No,� Jayden answered truthfully.

�Well…..,� Was the only word Atarah said as she led him into the room and collapsed on the bed, bouncing up and down excitedly. �This is my little heaven.� She laughed, and Jayden found himself laughing with her. �So please do make yourself comfortable.�

He slowly let his gaze wander around the small but neat room and saw the paper drawing hung up on the wall, beside the mirror.

�Gwapo.� He spelt out the name written on it and was overcome by a sudden surge of jealousy which Atarah didn�t fail to notice.

She got up from the bed and hugged him from behind. �You are my one and only Gwapo.� She whispered, breathing in his scent and Jayden smiled a tiny, secret smile, meant only for himself.

�Tell me about yourself,� His voice was so cool that Atarah wasn�t sure she had heard him right. She swallowed hard nervously. ���about your family, your dad���

�My dad was an American soldier.�Her soft whispers made him stop talking and slowly, he turned around and gaze down at her.

�He died serving his country and this….this…..�She lightly ran her fingers over the neck chain around his neck, smiling through her tears, �…this…is….the only memory I have left of him.�

�And you gave it to me?� Jayden was awestruck by this revelation, he was blown away by the fact that she loves him to the extent of giving him the most priceless thing in her world.

�Because you are important to me,� Atarah muttered softly. Their eyes met, and the only emotions Jayden felt towards the girl standing in front of him were love, pure love and more love.

He leaned closer and gave her a kiss. A hungry kiss, filled with raw passion as well as lust.

Atarah whispered against his lips, �I don�t mind making love with you right here in my room.� She slid one hand through his hair. �I don�t mind at all.�

Jayden found her boldness welcoming and chuckled before sitting on the bed and pulling her onto his lap. �Neither do I.�
He shifted into the position she had just occupied, his back against the pillow, legs outstretched with her straddling his thighs, the covers left behind in the move.

Atarah blinked. �Oh, my.�

Realizing she was without undies, Jayden groaned, then urged her mouth to his. Swept away by the intensity of his kiss, she leaned against him.

He held her closer, one hand stroking the tension from her back, the other tangled in the hair at the nape of her neck.

Need and desire long dormant burst forth. Atarah rose to her knees, entwining her arms about his neck. She smelled of sunshine and tasted like cinnamon, mint and fine wine, a combination more intoxicating to his senses than the drink he�d sought to avoid.

He trailed his fingertips down her spine, feeling her soft flesh shiver beneath his touch and she shivered again when he stroked up the inward flare of her waist, lingering to cup the weight of her brea$t in his hand.

Jayden swallowed her impatient moan against his lips, breaking their mind-numbing kiss, then whispered
�We have all the day to ourselves, princess–there is no rush.�

She found his neck with her teeth, nipping the length, her breath coming to rest hot against his ear. �Sure, but I need to get rid of this tingling sensation burning inside me first.�

He laughed. �Then you�ll have to undress me.� Without wasting any time, Atarah unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it over his head and began to fumble with his jeans impatiently.

Jayden covered her hands with his own. He nearly choked on the laughter he fought to swallow. �Wait, let me help.� And with that, he slid down his jeans trouser easily and with no difficulty.

Atarah released her breath, gave a long sigh and pushed herself upright. And in one fluid move, she lifted her gown and settled herself onto his hot, hard flesh. Jayden sucked in a deep breath as she flexed and relaxed her thighs, sliding up, then back down the length of him.

She leaned forward and suckled his flat nipples into small peaks. Jayden went into a frenzy and grasped her thighs, guiding her movement faster as he thrust up to meet her.

Atarah rocked against him, seeking her own release, and he obliged with the pad of his thumb. She tipped her head back, and when she cried out his name, Jayden�s rasping voice mingled with hers as he shot wads of his stuff into her, until his body was well spent.

His cell phone rang just then. He leaned forward and lazily reached into his jeans pocket for the phone. Without checking the caller id, he received the call right away.

�Hello, Mr Hobsons.� A deep baritone voice boomed from the other end. �This is Mr Emerald, the police chief and your attention is needed at the Seattle station house right now.�

�Station house?� Jayden let out an audible gasp, shocked and Atarah looked at him rather too sharply. �For what reason, if I may ask?�

The police chief took a deep breath before answering. �There is a woman here who claims to have a hand in your mother’s death and………�Before he could complete his statement, the phone fell out of Jayden’s hand and landed on the bed with a soft thud.



  1. Tho, that's the right thing to do at the moment but would they belive maria for that if she tells them mary is the person manipulate her into poisoning miss hobson.

  2. Exactly! Cos this Mary is a sneaky snake.

    She might turn the table and put all the blame on Maria

    Hmmm! I wonder what will happen to Tarah and Jay's relationship now.

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