A Night With Him � Episode 97


Zeemah Writes

Chapter 97


“Okay, According to the result of the test,we discovered Mr Ethan Weston’s blood matched with the baby’s with a range of ninety nine percent which means…” Doc Cyril paused and sighed.
“Mr Ethan Weston owns the baby” Doctor Cyril said and Harold felt all the blood drain from his system.

“Mr Harold” Harold heard someone call and jolt him.
His eyes opened clearly and he saw Doc Cyril stretching the result to him in an envelope.
“I hope you’re fine, we’ve been calling you for some time now” Doc Cyril said and Harold sighed in relief, knowing he had been imagining.
He glanced back at Irene and saw how anxious she looked,her chest was heaving a bit fast and her forehead was covered with sweat.
Have the doctor announce the father of the baby while he was deep in thought?
Could it be that he had not been imagining?!
Did it happen for real?
Ethan is the father?

Cold sweat broke out of his forehead but then he looked at Ethan,he didn’t have a smirk or say any mockery word and Harold knew the doctor hasn’t announced it yet.

But he still felt so unsure that he had to ask the doctor.
“Have you..like..have you read out the result?”
“No, you might want to read it yourself, here is it” Doc Cyril said and Harold refused to collect the envelope.
Doc Cyril sighed.
“Mr Ethan,you can have yours” Doc Cyril said, stretching another envelope with the same content to Ethan.
“Read it to our hearing” Ethan said.
“Mr Harold,do you want it that way also?” Doc Cyril asked and Harold gasped.
This was how it happened in his imagination.

Everyone waited for his answer but it looked like he wasn’t going to say anything.
“Mr Harold” Doc Cyril said and Harold refused to say anything, afraid the imagination might turn to reality.
“Go ahead, he’s too numb to speak” Ethan smirked.
“Okay..” Doc Cyril said unsealing the envelope,he brought out a white sheet containing some printed words.
Harold wanted to stop him but he knew no matter how he delays hearing it,he’s eventually going to.
He’s here for this isn’t he? And he has assured himself to accept whatever happens.

“According to the result of the NIPP test…” Doc Cyril started and Harold sighed deeply.
He tapped the table with his nervous fingers,forming a rhythm someone could dance to.
“And just so you know,this is coming straight from the lab,I’ve not even checked it myself so whatever is in here is nothing but the confirmed truth,no form of manipulating results,i don’t do such” Doc Cyril said and Carrle glanced at Ethan who believed Doc Cyril just had to say that.

“The test result in my hand reads;

? According to the blood samples from each man,a genetic profile compared the fetal cell present in the mother’s bloodstream to each of the blood sample and the result showed Mr Harold Marshall blood matched with the fetal cell in the mother’s bloodstream with the range of 99 percent.
Mr Ethan Weston’s matched with the range of 1% .
In conclusion, Mr Harold Marshall is the biological father of the baby.
~~This result is 99% accurate.


Harold stared at Doctor Cyril in what seems like shock.
He was shocked,he shouldn’t be but he was shocked.
He couldn’t move,he only sat and stared,his heart threatening to burst with excitement.
His hands shook as he picked up the test result himself,he stared at it and Yes,he’s the father.
Irene’s deafening scream returned his strength and they both couldn’t tell how they ended in each other’s arms.
They didn’t know how it happened,they only found each other in a tight embrace.

They had tears in their eyes but Harold stopped his from flowing.
Irene cried and he hugged her closely, wiping her tears.
“We’re going to have a baby Irene” He whispered to her and kissed her hair.
She bursted into a loud cry, she had longed to hear ‘we’re going to have a baby’ again from no one else but Harold and it happened!
Harold understood how emotional she was now, he held her without saying a word,he only carress her soft hair.

They both seems to be unaware of the people around them, Ethan recuperating from shock while Carrle didn’t care, thinking the baby is dead anyway.

“Crying crystal” He teased and she smiled up at him,eyes glistening with tears.
He wiped her tears again and kissed her forehead.
“I’m sorry..for causing you so much pain” She said in a voice barely more than a whisper.
“I..” She continued but Harold stopped her.
“I deserve an explanation but not now okay?” He said and she nodded.
He smiled as she touched his face with longing in her eyes.
She missed him as much as he missed her.
She’s back,the baby is theirs. He can’t be more happy and grateful.
He had prayed and his prayers was answered.

“Congratulations Mr Harold Marshall, you’re a real man” Doc Cyril smiled, stretching his hand forward for a handshake.
Harold gladly accepted the handshake, though he didn’t let go of Irene.

“What the hell is going on here!” Ethan slammed Doc Cyril’s table, sending files flying in the air.
“You’re joking right?” He asked Doc Cyril breathing heavily.
“I’m not, this result is authentic,no manipulation” Doc Cyril smiled.
“Where the hell is my money!” Ethan yelled and Harold and Irene looked confused as they stared at him.
“Your money will be brought in now, Mr Ethan, it’s just so funny to see that Mr Harold who hadn’t even attempted to make me manipulate the result owns the baby, despite you paying me to manipulate the result..the baby didn’t even turn out to be yours..” Doc Cyril said and Irene and Harold gasped.
“One of my duties as a Doctor is to be candid with results and i stick to that. No matter how much you pay me,i would never do such. You’re a very corrupt man” Cyril said.
Ethan stared at him in shock knowing he had been fooled.

“Little wonder he was so sure about owning the baby, he’d tell me with confidence that the baby is his” Irene said and Harold laughed.
“I’m not surprised he can do such. It’s Ethan. And to think he doesn’t even own the baby in the first place” Harold smiled mockingly.

“W.. what are you doing with him?” Ethan asked Irene,his whole body shaking in anger.
“What does it look like? He’s the one i love and i can never ditch him for anyone,not even the most handsome and wealthiest man on Earth,i was only in your house to get some things done and gladly it was accomplished, thanks for being a dunce all the while,you really made my investigation easier” Irene said.
Ethan felt like collapsing with shock,he stared at Irene in disbelief. His shock grew to rage and he made to hit her.
“Damn it!” Harold scowled, grabbing Ethan’s hand halfway and twisting it behind his back.
Ethan groaned in pain.
“How can you be so petty to want to hit a woman and not just any woman but my woman! While I’m here! You’re so funny” Harold twisted Ethan’s hand tighter, making it more painful.
Ethan struggled to release himself from Harold’s tight and painful grip but he wasn’t strong enough and when Harold finally released him,he staggered back and forth groaning in pain.

“I told you she’s not to be trusted Ethan! She betrayed you” Carrle yelled and Ethan regretted not listening to her.
How can he be so blind to everything!
It was so obvious,so clear but he just doesn’t know what clouded his sense of reasoning.
He’ll make sure he doesn’t spare Harold and Irene once he gets out of here.

“Betray?” Irene asked Carrle who glared at her menacingly.
“No,you can only use the word ‘betray’ for good people,just like you betrayed Harold who was so good to you. I didn’t betray Ethan,I’m only fighting for the innocent souls he has killed and hurt”
“Whatever! Doc Cyril, won’t you be performing the baby scan?” Carrle asked and Irene laughed.
“The baby scan we’ll be performing next is to know the sex of our baby” Irene said holding Harold’s hand to her baby bump.
“Joker” Carrle laughed hard.
“I’m not the joker here, you are. Don’t blame Ethan for been dumb, you’re equally dumb. Anyway,i didn’t take a sip out of the packs of juice you poisoned” Irene said, shocking Carrle to the bone.

“She tried to poison you?” Harold asked in disbelief.
“Of course, Ryan one of the bodyguards came to my rescue and it was all thanks to you for telling him to protect me. Thank you so much Harold for making a move to protect me even when i was in another man’s house” Irene stared lovingly at him.
“I knew you weren’t safe in their den. They are both terrible people” Harold sighed,glad Irene is safe.

“Ryan!” Carrle screamed in anger.
“I’m so going to ki*ll him and i won’t spare you also” Carrle said, making to barge out of the doctor’s office.
Irene pushed her back and she landed on the chair with a thud.
“Fool. Are you about to walk out just now? You think you’re going to get spared after attempting to poison me. No silly, you’ll pay for it” Irene said.
“Where is my money!?” Ethan yelled at Doc Cyril who was seated, enjoying the drama in smiles.
“Bring in his money” Cyril said.
The door opened to reveal two cops,one of them holding a suitcase.
They didn’t looked like the two unknown men Irene had seen with Cory and Tom earlier.

“Mr Ethan Weston, you’re hereby arrested for the attempt to manipulate a test result” One of them said, sticking out an arrest warrant.
Ethan laughed. “Really? Where’s the proof that i gave him the money”
“Well..Mr Ethan,I’m pleased to inform you that all you said that day was recorded in the tape recorder i had in my pocket” Cyril winked.
“Just like i had a tape recorder installed in your room” Irene said and Ethan felt his head swim in another round of shock.
His palm went wet and he started sweating.

“You all are going to pay for this!” He yelled after stabilising himself.
“I’ll be out in no time,i know all of your bosses and I’ll make sure you both get fired” Ethan threatened the two cops.
“Well..that’s too late” The door opened to reveal Cory, Tom and the two men Irene saw earlier.

“What are you doing here Tom?” Harold asked.
“We’re in this together. Tom and i ” Irene smiled as she gave Tom a hug.
She hugged Cory also and shook the two men’s hands saying thank you.
“We’re going to explain later Mr Harold” Tom smiled, noticing Harold’s confused look.

Cory turned to Doc Cyril. “You’re lucky,i thought you would actually manipulate the result and i won’t waste time in arresting you together with these criminals. But congratulations on escaping that. You even summoned cops to have him arrested..Wow, the society needs more of you” Cory shook Doc Cyril hand.
“Thank you” Doc Cyril smiled.

Cory turned to Ethan and smiled.
“Hello, I’m Cory. A CIA agent” he stretched out his hand for a handshake but Ethan just stared looking lost and angry.
“Well..I heard you earlier saying you know all of their bosses and you’ll be out in no time, you just made a grave mistake in adding to the list of your offense,those bosses of theirs who has been working with you for a long time will also be arrested. And don’t think you know my bosses,even if you do. They won’t be able to help you out this time, the evidences i have with me is enough to have you prosecuted in the court of law” Cory said stretching his hand towards one of his colleagues who handed him two handcuffs.

Ethan shifted back, breathing heavily.
Carrle bursted into tears knowing there’s nothing that can be done again.
Their game is up.

“Mr Ethan Weston, you’re hereby arrested for fraudulent acts,crime, corruption,theft,illegal deals,threatening and harming innocent people, planning the murder of Mr Harold Marshall with your accomplices” Cory said clamping the handcuff around Ethan’s wrist.
“My..m..y murder?” Harold asked.
“Yeah, he’s planning to poison you with his accomplices” Irene said.
“What!” Harold exclaimed.
“You shouldn’t be surprised yet, wait till you see his other two accomplices” Irene said.

“Mrs Carrle Weston” Cory turned to Carrle who was hiding her hands behind her back.
“You’re hereby arrested for being Mr Ethan’s accomplice,for knowing about his dirty deals and refusing to report to the police,for the attempted murder of Irene Noris,for stealing Helena’s necklace and lastly for the murder of Helena, Harold’s godmother” Cory said and Harold fell into a chair in shock.
Irene tended to him as Carrle was handcuffed .

“Com’on Harold,you need to brace up. I was shocked also. We should be glad Helena’s murderer is finally arrested, Helena is finally going to rest in peace” Irene consoled Harold.
He nodded. “I’m only shocked Carrle could do that to Helena,i knew she and Helena doesn’t get along but i never thought..” He sighed.
“She poisoned Helena because Helena threatened to reveal her secret affair with Ethan, they started having an affair while she was pregnant with Ivory” Irene said and Harold eyes were laced with tears.
“It must be so hard to take in, i know you feel betrayed once again” Irene rubbed his hand gently.

He smiled sadly “Betrayed? No, I’m glad she had an affair with him or i wouldn’t have met you,I’m just so pained Helena died because of that,her life was wasted just for nothing”
“And we’ll make sure they pay for it” Cory assured.
“See what you caused!” Carrle screamed at Ethan in tears.

“I’m going to make you pay for this!” Ethan yelled at Harold and Irene as he was about to be led away with Carrle.

“Wait” Irene said.
“You know i told you I’m going to give you a kiss once we get the result and the baby turns out to be yours” Irene said, standing in front of Ethan.
“Well..it’s so sad the baby isn’t yours so how about this instead” She said, slapping his a$$.
It made a loud funny sound and everyone laughed except Ethan and Carrle who stared daggers at her.
They were finally led away.

Harold smiled and got on his feet.
Helena’s murderer finally apprehended,it made his heart free and made him relieved.
He felt happy.
He thanked Doc Cyril and walked out of the office, holding Irene.

“Why are they arresting Alex?” Harold asked, seeing Cory handcuff Alex before leading him away with Carrle and Ethan.
“What’s going on?! Alex didn’t do anything wrong,they must have mistaken him for one of Ethan’s bodyguards” Harold said, making to stop Cory but Irene pulled him back.
“Well..your ‘innocent’ Alex is one of Ethan’s accomplices who had joined Carrle in successfully poisoning Helena to death,he has been a spy in your house for years and not only him but Marie” Irene said.


Harold walked into his living room and was a bit surprised to see everyone sitting and waiting for him.
His parents, Mrs Nola, Allysia and Ivory.
They all stood up, looking expectant.
“How did it go?” They asked in unison and Harold smiled.
“I don’t need to explain” He said and moved out of the way.

Irene stepped in and the scream of Allysia and Ivory was deafening.
They plopped into her almost knocking her off her feet.
Mrs Nola and Mr Marshall stared with smiles on their faces while Mrs Marshall struggled to hide her own smile also.

Two cops walked in and Harold asked Mrs Nola where Marie was.
“She should be in her quarters” Mrs Nola said, confused.
Harold told Rob to take the cops there and few minutes later Marie was led out with handcuff clamped around her wrists, she was staring at her feet dejectedly.

“What’s going on?” Mr Marshall finally asked.
“Well.. Marie has been a spy in my house for years,she’s Ethan’s accomplice, together with Alex” Harold said, shocking everyone.
“I knew there was something about her” Mrs Nola lunged at Marie, dragging her hair.
Marie screamed painfully and the cops had to pull her from Mrs Nola’s grip.
She was finally led away.

“I..still don’t understand a thing” Mrs Marshall said, looking confused and shocked at the same time.
“Irene is yet to fully explain to me also” Harold said.
“Well..i suggest we should go to the dinning and eat while i explain. Little Ivory is starving” Irene said and they all got the message immediately.
Irene’s carrying Harold’s baby!
And she’s back!


“Who would have thought Carrle would be that cruel” Mrs Marshall sighed after Irene finished narrating without leaving out any part.
Tom was eating with them also..
Harold sighed..he couldn’t believe Irene did all that for him.
He was so touched that he was near tears.
If anything had happened to her, he wouldn’t have forgiven himself.
She went through a huge risk just to make him happy, she knew her life was on the line but still went ahead.

“Irene..thank you, thank you so much” Harold held her hand tightly.
“I’m so touched you could do that for me” He added, looking so emotional.
“It’s fine, you worth what i did for you, Harold.. you’re just the most kind hearted man I’ve ever seen” Irene said.
“Tom,i should thank you also. Thank you so much” Harold said to Tom who nodded and smiled.
“Anything for you Mr Harold, Ethan is a man that needed to be brought to book . I’m glad i took part in ensuring that” Tom said.

“Irene,you’re so brave” Mrs Marshall commended and she smiled.
“Thanks to both of you and everyone else that made Irene’s plan a success.” Mr Marshall said.
“I knew Irene would never leave Harold for Ethan. Never” Mrs Nola smiled.
“She acts so well..you needed to see when she was telling me she’s going to make me pay for dropping her off in the rain. Gosh” Harold said and everyone laughed.

“I thought you had left us and i was so angry but seeing what you were trying to do made me feel so ashamed of myself” Mrs Marshall sighed.
“It’s fine Mrs Marshall, no one wants to see their son looking sad, i would have been angry at me too if i were you” Irene said.
“Still..i should have trusted you like my husband and Mrs Nola did. I’m sorry” Mrs Marshall said.
“I’m sure you wanted to trust me but everything seems so real, and the fact that I’m a good actor made it seems difficult” Irene said dramatically and they all laughed again.

“To think Alex could do such.. though I’ve always been suspicious of Marie but not Alex” Mrs Nola said.
“I should have listened to Irene when she told me about Alex but i trusted him so much” Harold said.
“No one should be trusted,this world is full of deceit. One needs to be extra careful and observant ” Irene said.
“Indeed” Mrs Marshall nodded in agreement.
“Well..I’m glad everything is over now,I’m just so glad” Mr Marshall smiled.

“You don’t know how happy i am to have you back” Allysia grinned.
“Because of the dress i want to make for you?” Irene teased and they shared another round of laughter.
“I can’t wait for you to start reading me interesting bedtime stories again” Ivory smiled,she was sitting close to Irene, they both are not willing to let go of each other anytime soon.
“So..the ones I’ve been reading to you are not interesting” Allysia rolled her eyes playfully.
“Gross. You even sleep off in the middle of reading me a bedtime story and i use to be the one reading it to you in the end” Ivory said and everyone laughed again.

There was so much joy in everyone’s eyes,the atmosphere was serene.
They all felt fulfilled and happy.

“When is Christiana and the bodyguard that protected you resuming work here?” Mr Marshall asked.
“Christiana will be coming with me tomorrow but i don’t know Harold’s plan for Ryan” Irene said.
“I’ll employ him as one of my bodyguards,he’s going to take Alex place” Harold said and Irene felt glad because Christiana would be so happy to see Ryan everyday.

“Tom..come to me later,i have something for you” Harold said to Tom.
“Okay Mr Harold” Tom smiled.

“Irene,will you be sleeping here tonight?” Ivory asked.
“No, i need to go home, to explain everything to my family,I’ll be resuming tomorrow” Irene said.

“How’s the baby?” Mrs Marshall grinned.
She’s so happy to be having a second grandchild.
“Baby?” Ivory asked.
“Ivory, Irene is carrying my baby” Harold announced to her and she gasped.
She stared at Irene’s stomach.
“There’s a baby in there?” She asked in surprise “My sibling?”
Everyone nodded.
Ivory stared at everyone and she knew they were serious,but why isn’t Irene’s stomach big..she wondered.
“Why isn’t her stomach big?” She voiced out her thoughts.
“The baby is still growing, it hasn’t grown fully yet” Allysia explained.

“Ohh” Ivory blinked and everyone watched as she gave Irene an affectionate hug.
Irene hugged her back and rubbed her tiny back.
“I’ll be having a sibling, yaaaaay. My friends have siblings too, I’m going to tell my friends” Ivory giggled happily and they smiled.

“And you know what?” Irene asked.
“What?” Ivory asked.
“Your sibling loves strawberry flavor just like you do” Irene smiled.
“Oh my God! Strawberry is simply the best flavor, even the baby recognizes it” Ivory said happily and everyone chuckled.
“Is that why you stole my strawberry muffins?” Ivory asked and Irene nodded.
“You should have told me it’s for the baby!” Ivory whined.
“I’m so sorry sibling,I’m so sorry for complaining that you ate my muffins,I’m so sorry for being mad at Mum for giving you my strawberry muffins. I promise to give you more when you come out” Ivory said, rubbing her hands together in front of Irene’s stomach.
She was looking so serious about it that everyone laughed.

“Harold..” Irene said opening her purse.
She brought out Helena’s necklace and saw his eyes glisten with tears as she wore it around his neck.
He felt the sense of relief he hasn’t felt in years.

“I love you so much Helena. Rest in peace” He said, kissing the necklace.
There was silence,in respect to Helena.

Harold smiled and turned to everyone. “She’s resting in peace”

He pulled Irene with him as he stood up.
“I love you so much Irene,I’ve never loved a woman this way” He said as he kissed her fully on the lips.
Her heart reached out to him like it always does and she returned the kiss without hesitating.

Everyone felt the love in the air and they all smiled approvingly..

“Hey, you’re not supposed to be looking at that” Allysia whispered to Ivory.
“Same goes to you” Ivory whispered back with a roll of eyes and Allysia felt like giving her a painful knock.



  1. Yaaaaaay…. I cannot count how many butterflies in my stomach right now because I'm more than happy with the turn of events
    Thank you Zeemah for this wonderful, amazing and interesting episode and story. Much kisses ?????

  2. ?????
    What a Happy Moment ?
    Ethan n Carrle see U both in the court of law n finally say goodbye when u both are been thrown where u belongs to ?

    Ally n Ivory will not be the End of each other ?

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