A Night With Him � Episode 96


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 96


“H..hey. Don’t you want to know about your fat..her’s death?” Ethan’s drunken words brought her legs to a halt.
She turned sharply.

“My..m..y my father? What did you do to my father?” Irene asked, breathing heavily.
They knew her father had died grieving over their mother’s death,he couldn’t get over her death and that raised his blood pressure.
Could Ethan be speaking out of drunkenness?
Or is there more to her father’s death than they knew.

She dragged her suddenly heavy legs towards Ethan’s bed.
“What did you do to my father?” She asked again, calmly this time.
“Mr Natalie is just one of the people i swindled and he fell into depression after realizing he was duped,he closed down his little fashion store,turned into a drunkard and died of depression” Ethan smiled…
His eyes were closing already and he didn’t even see the drops of tears that fell from Irene’s eyes.

She gripped the bed spread tightly and sobbed.
Ethan caused her father’s death.
He made them live in poverty after his death and she had to do that impure job to make an income.
Ethan ruined her family.

She slowly sat on the floor,still sobbing.
She watched the sleeping Ethan with daggers in her eyes.
He was much more cruel than she had thought.
He isn’t human,he’s a monster. Someone who deprive pleasure in killing and hurting others is nothing but a monster!
She’s going to see to it that he pay for all he has done.
She’s so glad he had made the confession in his room, Cory had heard everything and would include it in the list of evidences.

Irene remained seated on the floor for minutes, grieving over her father’s death.
She wiped her tears and rose to her feet.
He’s dead already…he can’t possibly come back to life.
She wondered the amount of people Ethan would have caused so much pain.
She can’t be more glad to be brave enough to want to put an end to his bad deeds.
She hadn’t even known that her father was involved in his swindling list.

‘Well.. Ethan,your game is up’ She said inwardly and sighed.
Knowing her father hadn’t died from what they thought but from Ethan’s cruelness hurt her so much.
Her father must have been in deep pain,he didn’t open up to anyone,no one knew he was swindled,he handled the whole pain on his own. It must have been so tough on him.
Dealing with his wife’s death and also battling with been defrauded..
Tears slipped out of Irene’s eyes again,her heart was in so much pain.

Her father had probably got himself involved in a business with Ethan, hoping to make profit so they could live a better life.
She turned to Ethan and felt like hitting him without stopping.
Well.. she might get to do that tomorrow.
She can’t wait to see him led away by the cops,she just can’t wait…that was the only thing that consoled her at the moment.
Knowing he’ll pay for his deeds made her happy.

She walked out of his room and quietly closed the door behind her.

“What’s wrong?” Christiana asked her worriedly as they walked towards Irene door.
Irene’s eyes were red like she had cried and the expression on her face depicted sadness.
“I just want to be alone Tiana” Irene said.
Christiana nodded and stood by the door,she watched Irene walked into the room and gently closed the door behind her.
She hope she’ll be fine.
Irene stood in front of the oval mirror in her bathroom.
She just splashed water on her face and she watched the droplets trickle down her face to her neck.
She smiled.
She’s happy and sad at the same time.
She completed her mission here already,she got more information than she had even planned to, but she’s sad on the new discovery about the cause of her father’s death.

Ethan knew he caused her father’s death yet he acts all nice around her,claimed to love her and even had the guts to want to meet her family.
Damien is gonna rip him off to pieces if he hears of this.
She’d better keep it to herself until Ethan is safely locked up.

But yes!
She’s super proud of herself,she’s happy but she’s yet to feel fulfilled until she sees Ethan to jail.
Her only worry now is the baby being Ethan’s.
Well..even if it turns out to be his,she has no choice than to keep it.
Her bump was starting to show,her baby was growing.

She can’t wait to return into Harold’s arms.
She miss him so much.
She walked back to her room, dabbing her wet face with a towel.
She sat on her bed with a sigh and then grabbed her phone.

? I’ll be home tomorrow” She texted Damien.

?Really? We can’t wait to receive you!” Damien’s reply came almost immediately and she smiled.

She should call Tom also.


Irene ordered the cooks to serve Ethan soup after he was awake,he looked tired and didn’t remember anything as usual.
He asked if he said something while he was drunk and she said no.
He only blabbed about finally winning the contract.
“Aren’t you hungover?” Irene asked,she was sitting on the couch in his room while he sat on his bed,shirtless.
She tried not to show her anger and anyone would have thought everything is normal by just looking at her face.
She looked completely normal that Ethan was convinced he hadn’t exposed anything to her.

Tom had told her not to be fully relaxed until they see Ethan and his accomplices to jail.
He said she should be careful cause anything can sprout up within the few hours left.
She’s not safe until Ethan and his accomplices are locked up and she won’t deny that made her a bit scared.
The thought of Ethan finding out about why she’s really in his house terrified her.

Tom said he would be waiting in the hospital tomorrow with Cory and other cops.
The evidences are filed already and Cory has been granted an arrest warrant.
Irene feels so happy all this is finally coming to an end.
But she can’t be so sure yet cause there are still hours to go and anything can happen within that time.

“Not really,just a bit tired” Ethan groaned.
“You’ll be fine once you take the soup” Irene assured and he nodded.
“And congratulations once again on the contract” She added with a smile.
“Thanks Irene,I’m so happy and to think we’ll be visiting the hospital for the result tomorrow is making me happier cause I’m so sure the baby is mine” Ethan smiled.
Irene nodded and wondered why Ethan is so sure that the baby is his,she won’t be surprised if he has pulled another stunt.

“Carrle will be returning tonight” he announced to her after checking his phone.
“She just messaged me now”
“Ohh..” Irene said..
“Don’t you think it’ll be better she comes with us to the hospital tomorrow?” Irene suggested, knowing it’ll be easier for their arrest that way, Alex would also accompany Harold to the hospital.
And they’ll get to arrest Marie later.
“You think so? Well..I’m going to tell her and if she feels up to it. Fine” Ethan said.

“By tomorrow night, Harold would be poisoned” He said in a whisper before laughing wickedly.
“Yeah,i can’t wait” Irene joined in the laughter.

One of the cooks walked in and served him a bowl of hot soup.

Irene smiled as she watched him devour it, knowing that’ll be probably be one of the last good meal he’s gonna have.


Carrle returned late in the night after they were done with their dinner.
She looked pissed and hadn’t even responded to Irene’s greetings.
She hadn’t caught Irene by the camera doing anything suspicious and that made her mad.

She should have just installed a camera in Irene’s room like she wanted to.
Well… Irene would still remain in this house,there’s still more time to watch her.

And she’s more pissed the baby is yet to get lost.

She was thrilled when Ethan informed her after she finished freshening up that she’ll be going with them to the hospital.
Watching the pain on each of their faces when the doctor announce the baby in Irene dead would be a pleasure.
The two puppets waiting to be announced as the father of the dead baby would be so disappointed..haha!
Carrle ordered Aimee to get Christiana after she was sure Irene has gone to bed.
Christiana walked into her room with Aimee and Carrle sat up on her bed.
“You all should go to bed” She said to her personal maids who were looking tired and sleepy.
They bowed and hurried to their rooms.

“Hi Madam Carrle” Christiana said.
“Hey, i want to ask you something now and i want nothing but the truth okay?” Carrle said and Christiana nodded, she was in her pajamas,ready to go to bed when Aimee came to get her.
She knows what all this is about.. Carrle want to ask her about Irene.

“I know you’re now so close to that thing,i want you to tell me everything you know about her that we don’t. Everything” Carrle said.
“I..i don’t understand Madam Carrle” Christiana said, feigning ignorance.
“I mean,is there anything off you noticed about Irene, like is there something she’s trying to hide from us?” Carrle asked.
“No Madam Carrle, since i started working as her personal maid, I’ve not noticed any weird move from her, i don’t think there’s something she’s trying to hide, she’s always her normal self whenever we’re together” Christiana said.

Carrle sighed “Are you sure?”
“Yes Madam Carrle”
“If i find out there’s something you aren’t telling me,I’m not going to spare you,trust me” Carrle threatened.
“I would never lie to you Madam Carrle, you’ll forever remain my boss and I’ll always be loyal to you. I can be watching her closely if you want” Christiana suggested and Carrle’s eyes lit up.
“Exactly!” She smiled. “I like the fact that you’re so smart. I want you to watch her closely and give me a detailed report on whatever she does”
“Okay Madam Carrle” Christiana bowed.

“You’re going to get a huge reward from me” Carrle said, impressed with Christiana.
“I’ll try to do my best ma’am” Christiana smiled.
“Alright,you can go to bed now” Carrle said.
“Goodnight Madam Carrle”
“Goodnight Christiana” Carrle smiled.


Harold walked into the kitchen in the dead of the night.
He couldn’t sleep,he kept tossing in bed.
He was so worried, scared and confused.
The thought that the baby might not be his saddens him.

He’s going to see Irene again tomorrow..he’s glad but he’s so confused and doesn’t even know what to do.
Is she going to talk to him?
Will she finally leave with Ethan if the baby is confirmed Ethan’s?
Will she come back to him?
Different thoughts ran through his mind at the same time that he felt exhausted.
His mind is unsettled.

He opened the fridge door and took out a carton of milk,he glanced round for a glass and concluded that was too much trouble,so instead he raised the carton to his lips.
The milk was so cold and refreshing.
He savoured the richness before wiping the smear from his upper lip with the back of his hand.
He sat on one of the chairs in the kitchen and gulped more of the milk.

Somehow, Irene’s words reassure him,she had told him to be patient but he didn’t know what to expect tomorrow, he assured himself that he should be able to handle anything that comes his way.
He’s ready for it.


“Everything will be fine” Mrs Marshall said to him the next morning he was ready to leave for the hospital.
The appointment was scheduled for 9am and it’s almost time,he had gotten up late and hurriedly took his bath and dress up.
Ivory and Allysia were still sleeping,they get to sleep more on weekends.
Mr Marshall patted his back affectionately.. “Anything that happens,just take it as part of life okay?”
Harold nodded, he quickly gulped the coffee Mrs Nola prepared for him.
He thanked them and then headed out.

He’s having a hunch things will turn out good but he can’t rely on that.
It’s just a hunch.
The test result will show the reality of the whole thing.
He somehow felt nervous to be seeing Irene again after a week and he’s somehow mad he’ll be seeing her with Ethan.


Irene walked into the hospital with Carrle and Ethan accompanied by some bodyguards.
She darted her eyes everywhere for Tom as they moved to the doctor’s office,she sighted him and Cory and two other unknown men at the far edge of the hospital reception.
Tom winked at her and she tried to hide her smile,she quickly removed her gaze not wanting Ethan to suspect anything.

The thought of seeing Harold again after a week made her a bit nervous and she couldn’t believe she had taken extra time in getting dressed up.
She’s putting on a short black leather skirt,a red sweater and thigh-high boots,her hair was styled in her favorite style but with extra effort this time and it looked more beautiful.
As usual,her beautiful face glowed with no make up and even Carrle had to admit to herself that Irene looked more beautiful today.
Carrle wore a black satin gown that showed off her figure with black high-heeled shoes and an alligator bag.
‘so bad she’ll be going to detention dressed so beautifully’ Irene thought inwardly.
Christiana had told her about the meeting she had with Carrle yesternight.
She admire Carrle’s smartness,so bad.. it’s too late already.

Ethan rocked one of his expensive tuxedo with great black shoes,a killer sunglass and grey face cap, he was all smiles as they walked on.

They got to Doctor Cyril office and the bodyguards stayed behind while they walked in.
Irene grew more nervous, wondering if Harold was there already.

He wasn’t.

Could he have decided not to come?.. She thought.

They exchanged greetings with Doc Cyril who smiled warmly at them.
Irene noticed the broad smile exchange between Cyril and Ethan and wondered what was going on.
They all sat and Ethan suggested they wait for Harold before getting the result.

Irene has never felt so anxious.

“How can he be so late on a day like this? This shows he doesn’t even care about the baby” Ethan scoffed and they were surprised when Carrle requested the doctor to make a baby scan.
“Why?” Doc Cyril asked.
“Well..to know the baby’s state” Carrle said, feigning a caring smile.
“We would do that once we’re done here” Doc Cyril said.
“Great” Carrle said…it doesn’t matter to her who owns the baby,the baby would be dead anyway.

They all raised their head when they heard the door open. Harold stepped in and Irene felt her heart stopped for a moment before it started beating again.
He’s here and her feelings for him hasn’t even wavered a bit.
Her whole body stood at alert and screamed his name.

He was simply dressed in a black sweatshirt and blue jeans,his hair was just brushed back and it seems he came here in a rush,yet he looked so painfully handsome.
He held his face cap and sunglass in one hand.
“I’m sorry for keeping everyone waiting” He said humbly and Irene fell in love with him all over again.
Damn! She missed that voice,the humbleness that emanate from Harold’s voice could make even a day old baby fall in love with him.
He stood tall and broad in front of Doc Cyril, backing her .
She wondered if he was avoiding meeting her eyes.

She caught Carrle almost drooling over his back view.
Who wouldn’t? Harold is attractive in every way.

“It’s fine Mr Harold,you can have your seat” Doc Cyril said to him and that was when he turned to her.
Their eyes met and it felt like tiny gymnasts were dancing in her stomach,her heart responded to the familiarity of his beautiful eyes.
She was so glad he looked at her the same way he always did, there’s this sparkle in his whenever he gazes at her and it’s still there.
Harold still loved her.

Anyone would notice how deep their love for each other was as they stared at each other without even flinching.
Ethan felt so jealous realising Irene has never looked at him that way.

Harold felt like hugging her to his chest.
His heart which seemed to have stopped working started racing at her sight.
He missed her so much and can’t deny the magic her eyes were doing to his body.
Only her eyes are capable of making him feel this way.
She looked more beautiful than ever and he ached to hold her.

Ethan cleared his throat and draped his arm over Irene’s shoulder to show Harold he own her now.
He enjoyed the look on Harold’s face as he sat down, he looked mad.

Harold turned to the doctor and refused staring at them, he doesn’t trust himself enough not to hit Ethan seeing his arm over Irene’s shoulder.

“The result of the test is ready” Doc Cyril said and Harold won’t deny his heart started thumping fast.
Doctor Cyril made to hand them the copy of the result but Ethan stopped him.
“Why don’t you just read it out to us, who owns the baby?” Ethan asked.
“Do you also want that Mr Harold?” Doc Cyril asked and Harold nodded numbly.
His stomach rumbled as he prepared himself for the news.
He has never felt this anxious.

“Okay, According to the result of the test, we discovered Mr. Ethan Weston’s blood matched with the baby’s with a range of ninety nine percent which means…” Doc Cyril paused and sighed.
“Mr Ethan Weston owns the baby” Doctor Cyril said and Harold felt all the blood drain from his system.



  1. Let another result be consulted, whereas ethan weston will be staying behind bar for the rest of his life with his accomplice.

  2. ???….. I can't believe this result. But I'm consoling myself with the fact that Ethan will be in jail and won't get to see the baby
    Next please

  3. No comment. The worst has happened. It's going to give the story another twist.

    The truth will later come out that Ethan bribed the Doctor to alter the result.

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