A Night With Him � Episode 94


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 94


“What! She..did?” Ethan asked, trying to believe he had heard wrongly.
“Of course, while in your house” Harold grinned, enjoying the look of despair in Ethan’s eyes without realizing what he just did.

There was silence for some seconds and that was when Harold sensed he had said something wrong.
Perhaps, Irene doesn’t want Ethan to know she contacted him and now he has spilled it just to prove he still has a stand in her life.
Damnit.. Irene might be so pissed.
When did he turn a blabbermouth?

“Well…she contacted me to remind me of how much she hates me now..i was so hurt” Harold feigned a pained expression and Ethan smiled.
“I knew she would never contact you for any other reason, She hates you so much now,with passion and it’s so great to tell you she’s now in love with me” Ethan grinned.
“Wow, congratulation Ethan” Harold said.
“I wish you mean it” Ethan smirked.
“And i hope you know we’ll be visiting the hospital in two days time for the result” Ethan said.
“Of course” Harold nodded.
“Well..i should warn you beforehand to be prepared for the worst news of your life” Ethan said.
“Why did you say that?” Harold said.
“Cause the baby is mine”
“Why don’t we wait till the doctor confirms that” Harold said.
“Exactly! Till the doctor confirms it” Ethan laughed and Harold thought he had gone crazy.

“I can see you’re done with what you came here for, can you kindly leave now,there’s so much work to do” Harold said.
“I can’t believe a billionaire like you is still alternating shifts in his companies and working hard like a pauper” Ethan groaned.
“You can get people to do this shits for you,you don’t have to work everyday” He added.
Harold shrugged “I can’t get people to do run my companies for me when im still so strong to and of course i have managers in each of my companies and they do their works,that doesn’t mean i should sit at home idly knowing how much my effort would contribute to the success of my companies. And you should know i like doing things myself..only then am i satisfied” Harold explained.

“Everything you stated is nothing but a silly excuse…You’re just used to working hard like a nobody!”
“Wow..that’s a huge compliment ” Harold smiled.
“You should tend to things yourself if you really want to succeed” Harold added.
“As much as i hate to admit it you’ve succeeded already” Ethan scoffed.
“No,this is just the beginning” Harold said much to Ethan chagrin.

Hearing the wealthiest man in San Francisco say ‘this is just the beginning’ pissed him off.
Does he want to take over the world!
He’s glad he had made plans to clear him off this Earth!
So,there’s nothing to worry about.
Harold is going to continue his hard work in hell…the thought alone brought a smile to Ethan’s face.

“Are you done?” Harold asked.
“Of course and it’s a pleasure to easily rob you of the two women you’ve ever loved” Ethan said with a smirk before strolling out of Harold’s office.
“Dunderhead” Harold said under his breath.

He quickly picked his phone and texted Irene.


?Hi..i kinda spilled it to Ethan that you contacted me, i don’t know what’s going on but from the look on his face, i guess he’s not so pleased to hear that.

Knowing he would get home and probably confront you about it, i gave him an excuse that you only contacted me to remind me of how much you now hate me.

I hope you’re safe over there? And I’m being patient like you told me to. I miss you so much.

? Harold.

Irene sighed and smiled after she was done reading the message.
Her heart was almost in her throat when she read the part Harold told Ethan that she contacted him but then she felt relieved seeing the excuse Harold gave Ethan, who’s so dumb to believe everything.

She’s so glad Harold had messaged her to inform her beforehand or she would have given Ethan a different excuse and he would suspect something was off and try to dig into it.
Harold acts like he knows of her plans, could Tom have told him? No, Tom wouldn’t do that without informing her first.
Harold might just be comforted by the fact that she had told him to be patient,he definitely knew she’s coming back to him and she’s glad he’s being patient like she wants.
He’s so understanding and terrific! and she wouldn’t deny the fact that he’s so lucky to have his heart..she’s damn lucky and she isn’t gonna ditch him for anything in the world.

“Get the hell out of here!” Carrle yelled at one of the maids and that brought Irene back to reality.
She was still seated with Carrle in the living room who kept changing channels to offend her but she didn’t mind at all cause she wasn’t even focused on the TV.
Her mind and thoughts were far away.
Christiana stood beside her,she dared not sit because Carrle was there.

“Do you want water ?” Tiana asked and Irene nodded.
Tiana quickly left to get water for her.

The close relationship between Irene and Christiana was noticeable and that pissed Carrle off, though she feels there’s still a bit of hope to know what Irene does through Christiana.
She’s so sure Christiana knows something they do not know about Irene and she’s going to ask her about it later.

She watched Irene with great dislike as she gulped the water Christiana poured for her.
She’s so angry that Irene who was nothing than a maid in Harold’s mansion now order her own workers around, she’s even about to take her place!
She would never allow that.
She so much regret she had made Irene feel welcome the first time she stepped her feet in here.

Shouldn’t she have a miscarriage already?
Why is the poison taking so long to work!

They heard cars screech to halts and they knew Ethan was back.
Carrle sat upright, bracing herself.
She sipped a little from the wine in front of her and cleared her throat.

Ethan walked in with bodyguards as usual and he told everyone of them to leave..
“I hope you didn’t make him see how desperate you are for the contract?” Carrle popped the first question.
“No, but obviously i made him take his hands off the contract” Ethan smiled.
‘indeed’ Irene said inwardly.
“So…the contract is yours now?” Irene asked.
“Automatically” Ethan grinned..” Harold refused to sign it so..I’ll be the next it’ll be awarded to”

“Did you cared to know the reason Harold rejected the contract?” Irene asked.
“He claimed it seems illegal and he even dared advised me not to accept it so i won’t get myself in a deep sh*t..he wants me to reject it cause he also did. What a joker” Ethan sighed.
“I would also advise you don’t accept the contract.. Harold wouldn’t have hesitated in signing it if it was legal” Irene said.
“Just shut up! What do you know about contracts? You’re just a school drop out and a nanny!” Carrle laughed mockingly.
“C’mon Carrle” Ethan scolded.
“I’m sorry about that Irene” Ethan turned to her.
“It’s fine, I’m just a school drop out and a nanny like she said.”

“I’ll be going to my room” Irene stood up.
“Are you…upset over what Carrle said?” Ethan asked.
“Not at all..i just need a nap” Irene said.
“Alright,will you be fine?”
“Of course” Irene nodded.
“And Harold said you contacted him..” Ethan said.
“What!” Carrle exclaimed. “I told you she’s not to be trusted!” She added,prepared to get on her feet.
“Yeah i did,to remind him of how much i now hate him and to erase his thoughts of me ever coming back to him.”
“Lies! You’re a liar” Carrle shouted.
“She’s not, Harold said the same thing” Ethan smiled, Irene had proved trustworthy once again.
Carrle breathed heavily and glared hard at Irene.

“Can i go take my nap now?” Irene asked.
“Of course dearest” Ethan smiled.


Harold walked into his living room and Ivory jumped on his body immediately.
“Hi Dad” She smiled and Harold picked her up.
“How are you princess?” He kissed her cheeks.
“Very fine” She said.

“Hey brother, how was work?” Allysia asked with a smile, walking into the living room.
“It was great” Harold smiled at her.
That bright smile is still plastered all over her face.
He dropped Ivory gently on the couch and turned to her.
“Come to my room later and tell me the reason you’re looking so bright these days” He teased and Allysia laughed.
“I got some macaroons and cakes on the way, you both can have it” Harold said and motioned Alex to give it to them.

Allysia and Ivory squealed over it while Harold smiled and walked to his room to freshen up.

“Hey brother” Allysia walked into Harold’s room while he was blow-drying his hair.
“Little Sis” Harold said, handing the dryer to her to help him continue with it.
She collected it and stood behind him and then continued from where he stopped.
Harold stared at her happy face in the mirror and smiled.

“What’s with the glow on your face recently?” He asked.
“Well…” Allysia smiled shyly.
“Hmm…are you up to something nasty?” Harold teased.
“No, well..you know Blaine,you met with him when you were at Damien’s apartment” Allysia said.
“Ohh..yeah,the smart guy” Harold said.
“I’m dating him” Allysia said without hesitating.
“Uh..ohh” Harold nodded and smiled.
“Do you like him?” He asked.
“So much” Allysia’s face was beaming with love.
“He’s a good guy..from the little i know about him,he’s smart,good looking and ambitious. Good for you” Harold winked and gave her thumb up.
Allysia grinned.

“But..i don’t want you both doing things you’re not meant to do okay?” Harold said, sounding a bit stern.
Allysia nodded.. “Trust me brother,i won’t do such”
“I trust you Ally” Harold smiled.

“Geez! I still can’t believe that’s the reason you’re glowing happily. You’re a nasty girl, aren’t you” Harold dragged her nose playfully and they both laughed.


Irene laughed hard at the joke Damien just cracked.
She was on a video call with him and Mrs Neave.
And Damien has been making her laugh all along.
She really missed him and can’t wait to see him again.

//When are you coming home?” Damien asked with a frown.
//Soon, Dam.
//That’s what you keep saying, i don’t like the fact that you’re in that house,he’s a dangerous man and you’re not safe.” Mrs Neave expressed worriedly.
“I’ll be fine Mum and I’ll be home soon” Irene assured them.
They sighed.

“Irene,you know i like Marl right?” Damien asked.
“Of course,I’m glad you finally admitted it” Irene smiled.

“I’m waiting to make sure you’re back safe in the house before…asking her out because i don’t think I’ll want to continue with the relationship if anything happens to you and she’ll be hurt, i really like her Irene and it seems she likes me too,i don’t want to wait anymore,i don’t want to loose her to anyone” Damien said and both Irene and Mrs Neave could tell he was serious.
Irene felt bad to have being the one delaying him.
“Damien,im so sorry,i promise to be back home soon and safe. Trust me Dam..I’ll be back home soon” Irene said.
“Okay Sis,i know you’ll be back soon,I’m only worried about your safety in that house” Damien said.
“I have people protecting me” Irene whispered,only to their ears.
“Really?” Mrs Neave and Damien asked in unison, and they looked relieved when Irene nodded.

“Now,I’m relieved” Damien sighed.
“Nevertheless,we want you back home soon” Mrs Neave said.
“Okay ma'” Irene saluted and they laughed.

“Irene,you won’t believe Damien keeps downing your strawberry juice everyday” Mrs Neave said.
“Geez! I’m so going to ki*ll you!” Irene said and felt like dragging his ears from the screen.
Damien pouted and hid behind Mrs Neave,who was laughing.

“Hey Irene” Irene heard and turned to see Ethan, standing behind her.
She’s a bit pissed he hadn’t knocked before coming in but she didn’t question him about it anyway, it’s his house.
“Hey” She said to him.
“Isn’t that your Mum and brother? Can i speak to them?” Ethan smiled .
“Ohh.. yeah” Irene turned back to her phone and noticed they had disconnected the call.
“I can’t ever talk to that wench!” Mrs Neave hissed.
“Same here” Damien groaned.



  1. I can't believe Ethan's sudden love for Irene turned him to a dummy,???, because I don't expect him to believe Harold that quickly. But thank God Harold was able to cover up
    Next please

  2. Ethan thanks so much for been Dis Mumu to make Irene task easier ?I pray u won't be free from her love wen till she's done with her mission ??

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