A Night With Him � Episode 87


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 87


?I can’t wait” Irene said.
?I just hope it’s not what’s on my mind” Tom said.
?Are you.. thinking what I’m thinking?” Irene asked.
?About Alex..yes but then there are hundreds of Alex in the world”
?Yeah..i can’t wait though” Irene said.
?Irene, after today, we just have four days left,you need to hasten Ethan to introduce you to the accomplices.
?Yeah but he’s being careful because of Carrle though. I pray she goes out tomorrow,then I’ll make him invite them over.

?Good and don’t you think Ethan was about to reveal something important,that was why Carrle had lied about having a brother named Alex.
?Exactly! Should i ask Ethan about it?
?No, he’s going to get suspicious,i still think we should wait till you finally meet the accomplices.
?Okay then.

? Alright, gotta go now.
?Bye Tom.

She walked back into her room..
Carrle had lied about having a brother named Alex.
Because she doesn’t want the identity of the so called Alex revealed.
Who is he?
And what was Ethan about to say?

Her head is spinning with unanswered questions.
This is just so hard.

Well..she should wait till she meet the accomplices like Tom had said.

?Ivy Royals?

Allysia smiled as Jane and Paris yelled at each other.

“You’re a b***h!” Jane shouted.
“You are too! I regret ever making friends with you” Paris yelled and everyone watched them with keen interest.

“I’m surprised they haven’t started pulling each other’s hair yet” Marl laughed.
“Looks like they’re going to do that soon” Damien smiled,he was holding her hand,he’s fond of holding her these days and she likes when he does that.
They’re both aware of each other’s feelings and holding hands is the way they can express it for now.

“I wonder the reason they’re yelling at each other though” Marlene said.
“Chandler asked me out first! How dare you go behind my back to date him” Jane screamed and started pulling Paris hair.
“Wow” Allysia smiled.
“They just answered your question” Damien said to Marlene.
“Isn’t Chandler the d**k that was head over heels with Allysia?” Marl asked and Damien nodded.
“And that was because he thought Ally was Mr Harold’s sibling” Damien corrected.
“Yeah, he’s such a d**k” Marl sighed and looked over at Allysia.

She looks like she was enjoying the drama between her two ex friends.
Damien glanced at her also and smiled.
“Im glad she stopped being friends with them” He said.
“And I’m glad she didn’t even fall into Chandler’s hands” Marlene said.

“He asked me out first!” Paris shouted and started pulling Jane hair also.
“I hate you!” Jane screamed.
They sent their laptops flying to the floor and the class monitor quickly called the security.
They were both pulled away few minutes later with blood dripping from their nostrils.

“Wow!” Marlene sighed.
“That was fun to watch” She
“And to think the so called Chandler is even laughing” Damien said,irritated by Chandler’s behavior.
“I told you he’s a d**k” Marl scoffed.
“He sure is” Damien said.

“Blaine is planning to ask Ally out” Damien said.
“Oh..my, really?” Marl smiled.
“Yeah,he said he can’t hold it any longer. Even the blind could tell they really love each other” Damien said.
“I’m so happy for Ally, Blaine’s such a nice guy and i like the fact that he’s bold enough to want to spill his feelings” Marl said.
“I wish I’m that bold too” Damien said.
“Huh?” Marlene asked.
“Nevermind” Damien said.

“Dam, there’s something i want to tell you” Marlene said.
“Ohh…what’s that?” Damien asked.
“It’s not a big deal though,i just feel i shouldn’t hide it any longer..I’m going to tell you soon,i don’t think I’m ready to tell you now” Marlene said.
“I’m going to wait Marl till whenever you’re ready” Damien said and Marlene nodded.

“How’s Irene?” She asked, smiling.
“She should be fine,she’s not home at the moment” Damien said.
“She’s at Mr Harold’s then” Marl said.
“No,she’s somewhere no one would ever thought she’ll be but i know she’s up to something and i hope she’ll scale through it” Damien said.
“Uhh…i hope so too” Marlene said.


Harold walked into the living room,all smiles.
He had spoken to Irene and hearing her voice after some days lifted his spirit and she had told him to be patient which means something good is coming.
He knew she would never leave him for Ethan without a reason and he’ll really be patient like she said.
“Oh my God, what happened to your forehead?” Mrs Marshall asked, getting to her feet.
Mr Marshall looked worried too.

“Ohh..this?” Harold asked, rubbing the small bandaid on his forehead.
“Carrle did it” He said.
“What! Has she gone crazy again!” Mrs Marshall yelled.
“I guess so” Harold said, looking thoughtful.
“I hope you got her arrested?” Mr Marshall asked.
“Nope! I guess she was really touched by my advice that she threw her purse in my face” Harold laughed.
“b***h!” Mrs Marshall swore at Carrle.
“But why are you smiling?” She asked suspiciously.
He has been in a rotten mood since Irene left.. or..

“Is this about Irene? Did you contacted her?” Mrs Marshall asked.
Harold shook his butt in response and then laughed before walking to his room.
“It’s about her, i guess he contacted her. I wonder what Irene did to him and Ivory to make them love her this much” Mrs Marshall sighed.

“You also can’t deny the fact that Irene has a natural charm, we both fell for her charm too” Mr Marshall said.
“Not anymore” Mrs Marshall frowned.
She can’t forgive anyone who makes her son sad, though she really likes Irene but she’s so pissed at her.

“I still don’t think Irene would do that” Mr Marshall said.
“But she did! ”
“She might have a reason though,she seems too nice to break Harold’s heart”
“There you go again” Mrs Marshall groaned.
“Aren’t you going to the spa anymore?” He asked.
“I will, I’m waiting for Ivory to be back,i need to take care of her before going” Mrs Marshall said.
“Don’t you think it’s time we employ another nanny?” She asked.
“Ivory would never allow you to and i don’t think it’s necessary either”
“You’re also thinking Irene will be back right?”
Mr Marshall nodded.

“Well…i hope so too” Mrs Marshall said and her husband smiled.
He knew she still likes Irene and want her back.


“I’ll be leaving for Mexico tomorrow” Carrle said to Ethan and Irene focused her gaze on the TV.
“You’ll be spending how many days ?” Ethan asked.
“Two or more” Carrle said.

Irene noticed Carrle looked upset, does that means meeting with Harold hadn’t gone well?
Of course it hadn’t,or she would have been excited and popping round the house by now.

“Are you going to Mexico for a business trip?” Irene decided to ask.
“To clear my head” Carrle said.
“Did anything happen?”
“Nothing you should know of” Carrle said.
“Ohh..okay,I’m sorry if I’m intruding” Irene said.
“Yes you are!” Carrle yelled before getting up and walking to her room.
“I guess the meeting with Harold hadn’t gone well?” She asked Ethan who nodded.
“He ended up telling her to dress more decently” Ethan said and Irene nearly laughed.
Harold can be savage at times.

“And she slammed her purse in his face before leaving his office”
“What! Why would she do that!” Irene almost yelled, looking pissed but she quickly got herself together.
“Do you still care about him?” Ethan asked.
“Care? Hell no, im just surprised Carrle could do that, i thought she really loved him” Irene said.
“She would have shot him if she had a gun with her” Ethan said.
“Uh..he must have really provoked her” Irene said.
“Of course,she even gave me the go ahead to ki*ll him,she doesn’t care anymore” Ethan smiled.

“Ohh,she doesn’t know yet that I’m involved right?” Irene asked in a whisper.
“She doesn’t and she mustn’t” Ethan said and Irene nodded.
“She’s leaving for Mexico tomorrow,will you please invite our accomplices over so we can all discuss the plan” Irene said.
“Of course I’m going to invite them over tomorrow” Ethan said.
“I can’t wait” Irene smiled.
“You seem so interested in all these” Ethan said.
“That should tell you how much i hate Harold now, i want him gone,he disgusts me..damn” She rolled her eyes and Ethan drew her close with a smile.


Irene got in bed,clad in her pajamas ready to sleep when her phone started ringing.
She picked it up and smiled.

?Black a$$” She grinned happily into the phone.


?Next morning?

“I asked you to tell me what the hell you picked from the floor and gave to Irene,the last night you were here and you’re saying you can’t disclose that to me? Have you gone insane?” Carrle asked Christiana who have her head bowed in front of her.
She was just returning and she couldn’t even believe Carrle was waiting for her in the living room already.

“Will you speak up!” Carrle yelled at her.
“I..I’m sorry ma’am, i can’t disclose that” Christiana said, she had promised Irene not to tell anyone and she’s not going to!
After all Irene is her boss now and she should obey her by keeping to the promise.

“I’m not to disclose anything that transpired between my boss and i. I’m so sorry madam Carrle” Christiana said.
“This is crazy!” Carrle shouted, getting on her feet.
“Go pack your things and leave my house now” She said to Christiana who quickly got on her knees, pleading.
“Tell me what you gave to her or leave my house” Carrle said, threateningly.
“I..i ca.. can’t Madam Carrle, please” Christiana said,her eyes already laced with tears.

“She gave me the necklace Ethan gifted me. It fell off my hands and she picked it up for me” Irene said, walking into the living room.
“Why then is she refusing to say that? What’s so hard in saying that?” Carrle asked,she was fully dressed,ready to leave for Mexico,her bag was packed already but she had waited for Christiana, she really needed to confirm if it was truly the necklace.

“She’s only trying to respect me as her boss by not disclosing what happened between us. Get up Tiana” Irene said and Tiana rose to her feet.
“I’m glad you got to confirm it was really the necklace i gifted Irene” Ethan said.
“Whatever” Carrle said,staring suspiciously at Christiana.

She still has some explanations to do.

She glanced at her wrist watch.
“I’ll be leaving”
“Yeah,you shouldn’t miss your flight” Ethan said.
“Do you want me to come with you to the airport?” Ethan asked.
“You don’t have to” She said kissing Ethan on both cheeks.
“Bye” She said and Ethan followed her to the car while one of her escorts held her bag.

“How did she know about it?” Irene asked Christiana.
“There’s a camera in the hallway” Christiana said.
“Really?” Irene gasped, she never knew.
“Yes.. you didn’t know about it?”
“I didn’t” Irene said.
“You should be very careful ma’am, camera is installed in almost every part of this house” Christiana said.

“Thanks Tiana” Irene said,a bit shaken.
“How’s Sabrina and Gemma?” She asked.
“They are doing great, Gemma said to greet you” Christiana smiled.
“Ohh,you told her about me?” Irene asked with a smile and Christiana nodded.

“I should go freshen up so I’ll get you your strawberry juice” Christiana smiled.
“Quickly do so” Irene smiled and Christiana walked away.

Irene was about to sit when a bodyguard approached her.
“Come to the garden now and don’t make it obvious you’re following me” He whispered and quickly walked away.
Irene blinked in confusion and wondered what was going on,she followed him anyway.

She met him waiting for her in the garden.
“Wh.. is anything wrong?” She asked.
“This is the only part of the house that there’s no camera, please I’d advise you not to drink any of the strawberry juice you’re served from now, they’re all poisoned. Carrle injected all the strawberry juice in the kitchen with a slow but efficient poison, it’ll ki*ll your cells slowly till you end up dieing,i shouldn’t tell you this but Mr Harold has been very nice to me, he asked me to protect you and that’s what I’m doing. Please be very careful, you’re not safe here.” The bodyguard said and left quickly.

Irene’s legs shook and cold sweat broke out of her forehead.



  1. This Carrle is so mean. But Irene is also smart with the necklace issue
    I know that bodyguard will still be of help to Harold.
    Now we have spies everywhere. It's getting more interesting
    Next please

  2. Am pretty sure it's the bodyguard Harold gave money to at his office the other time
    Truly One Good turn deserves another
    But Carrle is heartless for wanting to ki*ll Irene for no reason

    Am glad Irene found out about her schemes on time

  3. The bodyguard isn't a spy. He was the one whom Harold gave money to the other time. He's only reciprocating Harold's good deed to him.

  4. Omg! Thank you for letting irene know of carle plan, she's truely serious about eliminating irene and ethan. Be careful irene.

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