(dangerous romance) rated ?

�Written by- authoress Victoria


� � � � �BLADE POV

� � �”This’s absolutely cool dad” Garrett said, checking himself out in front of the full length mirror

� � � �”Hmm�it’s cool” I answered, trying to tighten my tie. Today’s the scheduled day for the party n’ I’m already dressed in a Blue suit. Garrett was supposed to wear a Blue suit too but just like he’ll always say, ‘ ion’ like looking formal’. He decided to dress himself up with a blue baggy trouser, white t-shirt n’ a Blue pullover jacket which got feathers designed on the collar, wrist and edges�honestly, he looks absolutely cute in that.

� � � � “Let’s go” I picked my car keys from the dressing table, took Garrett’s left palm in mine and we walked out of the room. He kept playing with his phone until we reached the living room

� � � � �”Looking cool as usual” Denzel smiled on seeing us

� � � � “And you don’t look bad yourself” I said and his smile broadened. I mean, complimenting Denzel is not my thing. So whenever I do that, you’ll see him smiling all through that day.

� � � � “Bob�” I called and he immediately turned to me, I threw the car keys at him and he caught it.

� � � �”I, Garrett and Denzel will go with the limo then you and the others will come with three station wagons ok?” I said

� � � � “Yes boss” he bowed

� � � � “Remember your trainings, be vigilant and if any sh*t should come up, make sure the guests are safe ok” I instructed the guys

� � � � “Yes boss” they chorused

� � � � “Now get to work” they bowed before going separate ways

� � � � “Shall we?” Denzel said, bowing slightly.

� � � � � �”When did you learn how to respect people?” I asked

� � � � � �”Are you trying to say I don’t have respect?” He asked n’ I nodded

� � � � � “You and I know that” I answered

� � � � �”Dad is my baby sitter coming?” Garrett asked

� � � � “Yes she’ll go with the guards, you’ll see her when we get there” Denzel answered before I could say a thing

� � � � �”Alright let’s go” Garrett smiled, grabbing my palm.

� � � � � � �? APHRODITE POV?

� � � �This friend of mine won’t let me be unless she adds makeup to my face, gooodiva!

� � � “I can swear it, I look like a vampire right now” I said as Godiva applied the eye liner.

� � � �”You will not be able to recognize yourself when I’m done “she Said.

� � � �” Of course how would I be able to recognise myself when you’re turning me to a Siren? ” I asked and she giggled. She picked up the eye shadow and slowly applied the silver colored paint. She thereafter applied mascara on my eyelashes n’ for the final touch, she rubbed a little quantity of rosy pink lips Vaseline as a layering on my lips before topping it with a red lip gloss.

� � � � “Here we go�ta-da!” She stepped back so I can have a clear view of myself, I was amazed at what I saw n’ my lips literally went WOW!!!

� � � � “You can thank me later, just hurry up n’ put on the wedge, it’ll fit perfectly” she said, I picked up the wedge and put it on.

� � � � “So I don’t look bad at all?” I asked standing up to get my purse.

� � � � �”Come on girl, you look so pretty even I myself am envious of you. The makeup suits you perfectly” Godiva said as she stepped into her heels. The door burst open n’ Nicole came in. Immediately she saw me, she became glued to a spot. From the shape of her lips, she was going to say something before but now, I guess her words are stuck in her throat.

� � � � “Do I look so horrible that you have to stare like that?” I asked and Nicole gulped

� � � � � “You look ama�zing” Nicole said, making sure she stresses the last word.

� � � � � “Thank�”

� � � � �”Let’s go, I’m done” Godiva interrupted.

� � � � �We went to the party in Godiva’s car and, do I need to say, Godiva is one heck of a rough driver. We got to the hotel in not less than 30 minutes, thanks to her terrible driving skills.

� � � � �”This place got even prettier than the last time I came” Godiva said as we walked through the quiet and beautiful hallway.

� � � � “You’ve visited this place before?” I asked

� � � � “When I was 16” she said

� � � � “You came with your parents I guess” Nicole said

� � � � “No� it was with my runaway boyfriend” Godiva said

� � � � “Runaway boyfriend? Tell us about him” Nicole requested.

� � � � �”Ion’ wanna talk about that” Godiva answered with sadness in her voice. Godiva loves talking n’ would always look for something to talk about but now, she has something to talk about, she’s sad. Whatever must have happened between her n’ that boyfriend of hers must’ve been really saddening�maybe I’m going to bring that up later.

� � � �After walking for some minutes, we finally saw two men on black suits.

� � � � “You must be one of the guests?” One of them asked

� � � �”Yes sir�I’m Aphrodite Madyson as an intern in blenkings” I said n’ gave him my ID. After looking at it for a while, he nodded and gave it back to me.

� � � � “Follow me” he asked n’ we followed. He led us through another hallway which has a gigantic door at the other end. He got to the door, opened it and gestured us to go in.

� � � � “Thank you” we chorused as we walked in.

� � � � � “You’re welcome” he said, taking a slight bow.

� � � � � �”Wow!” My inner woman screamed immediately.

� � � � � �”This place rocks” Nicole said as she ran her eyes around. The hall was beautifully decorated, with dim red and blue lights and thick red curtains to blend. The people in here are going to be up to a thousand if I’m not mistaking yet it accommodated everyone�how perfect!

� � � � �”I suppose you’re miss Aphrodite Madyson right?” A female voice broke through my line of thoughts

� � � � � �”Yes ma’am” I answered

� � � � �”Oh�come with me” she said n’ I followed. Nicole and Godiva also walked behind me.

� � � � � � � �? BLADE POV ?

� � � � I took a long sip from my champagne glass n’ kept it back. My eyes scanned through the place like who was looking for someone n’ hell yes! I’m looking for someone.

� � � �”Why hasn’t she shown up yet?” I asked no one in particular, as I kept looking restlessly

� � � � “Your intern?” Denzel asked but I didn’t answer. Answering him would mean invitation to ask more questions.

� � � � � “Miss pretty pretty wow!” Garrett exclaimed and jumped off his chair. I looked behind me to see what made him so excited�APHRODITE! What the actual f**k! I found myself gulping down nothing.

� � � � � �”She’s damn gorgeous” Denzel said

� � � �”You better take your eyes off her” I warned in a whispering tone

� � � � “Why would I have my eyes on your son’s future mother?” He asked sarcastically n’ I smiled�hmm.. my son’s future mother� how interesting!

� � � � �”Good evening sir” Aphrodite greeted as she sat beside Denzel.

� � � � � “No�you shouldn’t be sitting there” I pulled her up n’ made her sit beside me, her face held a surprise look all through

� � � � � �”Hmm�” she nervously cleared her throat

� � � � �”Sir�meet my friends Nicole and�” she trailed off immediately.

� � � � � “Where’s Godiva?” She asked the girl sitting beside Denzel.

� � � � � �”She left us even before we got here” the girl said

� � � � � � “Oh” Aphrodite looked around for sometime before resting her gaze on the girl

� � � � � � “I hope she doesn’t get drunk tonight” she said

� � � � � “You know, that’s unlike Nicole” the girl said.

� �To be continued!

� � Ok guys! It’s party time.

Sorry for being away for long guys, my studies really tied me down…but I’ll try my best to start posting again. Thanks for your patience!!!


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