IS THIS LOVE – Episode 62



Episode 62

A story by Kennedy C Katongo





“What’s wrong with you!” I sat in the corner of my room, fear had hugged me tightly, with no words to answer my boyfriend, I just kept quiet.

“Didn’t I warn you about that Chileshe? And then you even have the guts to hold his hand in public? What the heck is wrong with you?” His voice was like a double-edged sword, every echoing word that came from him created a sore on the surface of my emotions.

“Are you going to just sit there? Damn!” He hit his fist against the wall, without another word he got his jacket and left.

The last sound I heard was of the door banging.

LYDIA: ‘Can you please come home, am afraid of spending the night alone.’

I had not told Chileshe about what was going on with my boyfriend, as far as he knew _ my relationship was perfect and most likely on the high-way to marry lane. After all, the moves that my boyfriend had been making were indeed questionable; introducing me to his family and all.

Despite his claim (seeing me with Chileshe in town) I was very sure it was a lie. Nevertheless, the possibility of being spotted by one of his many friends was very high. My conclusion, one of them must have told him.

After what had taken place, I was ready to leave the relationship. His behavior was just unforgivable and out of order. His thought of being the head of a home was based on subduing his partner to a level no greater than that of a slave. My relationship with him was now totally ran on fear, it was one warning after the other. Every time we met, he had something to complain about.

CHILESHE: ‘I don’t know if I can make it, isn’t it possible to change the day?’

LYDIA: ‘If you are busy, it’s fine. Don’t worry.’

@@ @@ CHILESHE @@ @@

“Did you try to bring up that subject?” Mwenda asked me. He had just called to check on me and see how things were going between me and the ladies.

“You talking as if you don’t know how stubborn Lydia can be when she doesn’t want to talk about something. I feel ashamed of myself bro… Suggesting such a thing made me feel filthy.” I told him.

“Don’t be had on yourself for nothing. People do crazy things for love…”

“That’s enough about me. Last time you said your girl came around… So how far have you guys gone?” I asked Mwenda.

“We are not yet back together. But we communicate on a daily basis. She suggested that we revisit and start our relationship afresh.” He told me.

“That’s wonderful. I think I need to do the same with my life. I’ve been trying to meet up with Matimba but eh, she’s ever busy or attending some meeting. It’s not like her. Not only that, but we rarely communicate _ it’s like we no longer have anything to talk about with each other.” I explained to my friend.

“It seems like the infatuation phase has run out. Reality has now kicked in, if that isn’t the reason then someone but have stolen her attention from you.” He said.

“I don’t care if she’s seeing someone. I just want to have a mature talk with her, I don’t want to end the relationship hasty. She’s really done a lot for me and making an enemy ain’t an option.” I went ahead to explain to him.

“You will be lucky if she’s over you. On the other hand, it will be a different story if she still has a thing for you. The best you can do is just text her and express how argent the matter is… Am sure she will take things seriously.” Mwenda told me.

After my phone call with him, I had one persons, I had to link up with for consultation purposes on the matter that I was about to take.


“Aaah! Look at you!” Chef exclaimed the moment he saw me.

“You’re making me feel guilty now…” I responded, seeing him was pleasant and brought forth an outburst of joy and happiness from within me.

“Those guys are taking good care of you… You’ve even gained.” He added as we exchanged fist bumps.

“That’s not fire bro, you making it sound like I was skinny.”

“Am just saying. Okay how much are you weighing now?” He asked me.

I had met up with old timer Chef, he was the only person I trusted enough to disclose what I had been doing, and I was certain he would have some solution or way in which I would best handle the fire that I had set ablaze.

He insisted that we watch a movie tomorrow, the new Spider Man had just come out, and he wanted to see it again, apparently he had seen the premiere and wanted to watch it again on the big screen.

“Last I checked I weighed 74:10KG.” I knew he would say he was right about me gaining. After all, I weighed about 72KG when I was working for M&B.

“You see… So how’s life been?” He asked me.

“Life has been okay. Truthfully it’s been bad, that’s why I really wanted to have a talk with you.” I told him.

“Hope you didn’t get someone pregnant.” He jumped to conclude.

“Seriously, why would you even think of such a thing Chef?”

“Am just saying _ us guys have a tendency of changing when we start having a lot of money. We all know how it is, the more money a guy has _ the number of ladies also begin to increasingly pop up out of nowhere.” He told me, “So what’s up? I haven’t bought the tickets yet. Maybe we can just have a meal and talk…” He suggested.

“I think that’s much better.”

@@ @@ MATIMBA @@ @@

“You’re getting dressed. Thought you said you ain’t going anywhere?” My cousin asked me.

“Am not taking long. I want to meet up with Ben.”

“Am not a kid. Dad said he would be coming home with his female friend, he asked us to cook a big meal and there you are trying to run away. What’s going on?” She asked me, “Don’t tell me you are still bitter about the whole thing.” She added, my cousin had put up a strong vicious look.

“It’s not that. Am okay with Dad doing what he thinks is right for him. In fact am happy for him. My going out for 39 minutes has nothing to do with all that. I will be back, I promise.” I told her.

“Am not going to hold you back from doing what you want to do. But I want you to understand that this… This means a lot to dad. He needs our support. So, you can go out and do whatever you up too. Just make sure you are back in time.” She said strongly.

My cousin was always joyous. Seeing her that serious was scary and intimidating. Because of that, I sent a text to Ben that I wasn’t going to be able to meet up with him.

The best part was he never made a big deal about me changing the program at the last minute.


To be continued…

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