COMPLICATED – Episode 23

His mum�s murderer


Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 23

His mum�s murderer

Atarah’s eyebrows jerked up, surprised to see Jayden�s mum standing at the door, �what is she doing here?� She was completely bewildered.

She looked from her to her mother, studying their faces intently, her emotion masked, wondering why they were staring at each other in that way, unmoving. It was like a predator watching her prey in readiness to pounce on her and her mother looked so scared, almost terrified.

�What is going on here?� She opened her mouth to ask, but then her mother turned around abruptly, shutting her up.

�Don�t leave this room, Tarah.�She shot her a warning glare that was full of suspicion and muttered something inaudible to Mary before walking out through the front door.

Mary was so furious she clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. �How dare this low life order me around.� With one quick look at Atarah, she forced out a smile and followed behind her mother around the house to the side where her car was parked, fuming mad.

�How dare you, Maria!� She attacked her immediately, her veins standing out on her neck. �How dare you make a fool out of me.� And before Atarah�s mum, Maria could say anything, she gave her a hot slap across the face which sent her reeling backwards in fear.

�I�m so sorry, madam Mary.� She struggled in vain to hold back her tears

�It is Mrs Hobsons now.� Mary did not move. She stared coldly at her with a bronzed face.

�Oh! I�m sorry, Mrs Hobsons,� Maria quickly corrected herself. She held unto the affected cheek, panicking silently. �I�m so sorry for everything,� Her eyes were filling with tears as she begged profusely and bitterly.

�Sorry?� Mary scoffed aloud. She could feel the irritation rising within her and it didn�t seem righteous at all. �For what exactly, if I may ask?� She withered her in derision. �Tell me, can it pay for all of your betrayal?� She screamed piercingly and Maria throat tightened in unshed tears of sorrow and anger.

�I didn�t betray you ma�� She began to argue but Mary reached forward and slapped her hard across her face again and again, cutting her off.

�Don�t you dare deny it, Maria!� She warned, icily, �I�m no fool. I saw what you did, I know what you did.� She dropped her voice to a scratchy whisper and smiled a faintly wicked smile. �I know you sneaked your precious daughter out of that hospital, I know you sent that stupid letter to Matilda in an attempt to warn her……..�

Maria grew pale with fright on hearing that. �How in the world did she know about the letter?� She shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other, her mind vividly replaying those heart-wrenching scenes from twelve years ago, how she�d put the letter into the Hobson�s mailbox hoping for it to get to Matilda on time, how she�d sneaked her unconscious daughter out of the hospital with the help of her younger brother-Banoy and how she�d sent her daughter off to the Philippines just to protect her from the demoness standing in front of her.

�……And I also know you tried to escape from me.� Mary�s penetrating gaze prowled over her face and pounced on her eyes, making her blood run cold. �But look at what fate has in store for us. Your little precious daughter whom you hid away from me is the very same person who led me to you.� She said mockingly and this infuriated Maria.

Her hands dropped to her side and she looked up at her with raw anger burning in her eyes. �Don�t you dare drag my daughter into this mess,� She warned sternly.

�And what if I do?� Mary slitted her eyes and glared at her. �Hun! Tell me. Your daughter has always been involved in this and you need to get that into your thick skull. She is the reason why you made the deal with me in the first place, right? And then you decided to break it all off when she became alright and after I had settled all the bills.�

�You did nothing of such, madam Mary.� Maria heard herself scream, almost like she wasn�t the one talking. She could hardly recognise her own voice as it was filled with pain and regret. �Everything you told me was a lie. You didn�t keep to your promise and just used me to do all of your evil bidding.�

�What?� Mary was completely shocked by her sudden outburst.

�Yes, Mary.� Maria glared into her blue, soulless eyes without blinking. �I learnt the truth recently, I know all of the truth,� She screamed at her. �The same family I�d hurt saved my daughter’s life, the little boy who I�d hurt donated his blood to her…..� Tears of pain and hurt welled up in her eyes and she felt her throat closing up. �You are nothing but a bloody liar, Mary and I hate you so much for destroying my life, for destroying my daughter�s life.� She looked at her with eyes that spat venom and that was it, Mary couldn�t take the insult any longer.

�What insolence!� She raised her hand to slap her again, but Maria caught her in mid-air and shoved her aside roughly. For the third time, hell no! She wasn�t gonna accept the bullsh*t again.

Mary staggered a little before regaining her balance. �I can see you have grown wings, a stubborn one at that but don’t you forget that I have evidence against you, that I have…….�Her voice trailed off into silence when she noticed Atarah was hiding behind a random tree and eavesdropping on their conversation. �Your daughter is behind you.� She whispered a warning and Maria turned around, startled

�I thought I warned you to stay inside,� She glowered at her daughter disapprovingly and Atarah was left with no option but to come out of hiding and face her.

�What evidence is she talking about, mum?� That was the only sentence she�d picked out from their conversation and she was curious about it, curious to know the truth. �Did you do something bad?� Her voice was barely a whisper and she looked at her mother, conflicted.

�No…No…No, darling.� Maria shook her head rather too sharply and this made Atarah more suspicious of her.

�Why then were you both arguing?� She couldn’t understand her mother.

Maria opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out as she was completely speechless. She tried her voice again, and this time something weak and strangled came out.

Mary laughed, unable to help it. �You should tell her the truth.� She whispered in her ear and Maria looked at her in disbelief, studying her face with a puzzled expression. �is she insane?�

�Tell her that her mum is a murderer,� Mary mocked and with that, climbed into her car and sped off down the dirt road with a look of satisfaction on her face.

Maria was perplexed. She stood there without moving and watch the car fishtail around a corner, her mind was filled with confused thoughts she couldn’t process.

�What in heaven’s name just happened here?� Her daughter�s loud voice interrupted her thoughts and she said a silent prayer before turning around to look at her

�Let’s go in.� She said softly, acting as if nothing happened but Atarah would hear nothing of it.

�Not until you tell me what is happening, mum,� She said this with a serious expression and her mother swallowed nervously. She could feel her knees shaking with fear but she put on a bold front and frowned at her daughter.

�Did you just talk back at me?�

�Yes.� Atarah screamed in anger, catching her off-guard. She flinched at the acidity in her daughter�s voice. �And I will do it again and again. Gosh, mum! I don’t even know you anymore, I can�t even understand you anymore. You became everything you said you wouldn�t be–a selfish mother, a lying mother and a mother who doesn’t give a hoot about her child�s feelings.� Hot, big tears rolled down her face and she ran into the house, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably.

�Wait, Tarah,� She heard her mother�s voice behind her. She completely ignored her and picked up her luggages and hurried into her room slamming the door shut.

There, she changed into a short pink gown and put on a white fluffy slippers.
She needed to clear her head and breathe in some fresh air, she couldn�t stay in the house any longer as it was so stuffy for her.

Feeling down and disoriented, she grabbed her handbag and dashed out of the room to the sitting room where she found her mother pacing up and down restlessly, trying to put her thoughts in order.

�I�m going out.�She grunted her words and her mother paused in her pacing to stare at her.

�And where are you going?� She spoke in such a hushed tone she was barely audible.

�To meet the only person I trust.� Atarah stepped out of the house and without waiting for a response, ran to the bus station and took a taxi to the Hobson�s hospital.


After what seemed like an eternity to her, the taxi skidded to a halt in front of the hospital building and she alighted after paying the driver.

With short quick strides, she walked into the reception and hurried down the long hallway leading to Jayden�s office without greeting anyone, even though she was aware of the fact that they were all staring at her. Perhaps! They were wondering why she came to work looking like a barbie doll princess and that is their headache.

She paused for a moment at the door to collect herself before knocking twice.

�Come in,� Jayden�s deep baritone voice echoed in her ear. A light smile escaped from her lips as she pushed the door open and walked in to see him sitting behind his desk, with his head buried in a big book.

�Jayden,� She breathe out his name and his head snapped up in surprise on hearing the familiar voice.

�Tarah?� His eyes slowly travelled down her body, taking in her childish-looking outfit and her delicate features, �Why are you here?� He questioned her, �I mean I thought you�d wanted to take the day off.�

�I am…I am…erm….� Not knowing how to put the words, Atarah lowered her head and was ready to burst into tears, that was the only thing she could think about at that moment-crying.

�Hey! Hey! Hey!� Jayden cooed, tiredly. He rose from his seat and moved closer to her, all the while wondering why she was acting so strange. �What is it, babe?� Gently, he lifted her chin with a curled index finger, forcing her to look into his eyes and Atarah blinked rapidly under his steady gaze.

�I�m not happy, Jayden.� She voiced out her concern and Jayden raised his eyebrow at her curiously, waiting…..

�Your mum had a big quarrel with my mum today and I�m scared it is because of us, I�m scared she is trying…to…to…separate….us.� Her fear, pain and sorrow choked her and she leaned forward and began to cry softly on his shoulder. �I am scared for us, Jayden,� She spoke through her tears.

Jayden put his arm around her as he comforted her in an absentminded way. His mind was blank, and his brain was trying to process what she�d just said.
�Her mum and my step-mum had a quarrel, but why?� He was completely puzzled.

�Do they even know each other?� He wanted to ask but then he remembered Greg telling him that she was once their maid. �D**n!� He gnawed on his lower lip, finally understanding her fears, or so he thought.

�She is not my mother,� His voice was so calm that Atarah wasn�t sure she heard him right. �What?� Her eyes widened in stunned surprise.

�My mum died on the day I first met you……�He whispered close to her ear

�No, she was murdered.� His subconscious mind corrected and he clenched his fist angrily, vowing to destroy whoever is responsible for her death.



  1. Atarah's mum definitely knows something and is somehow complicating due to love entangle between Jay and Tarah. Huuuun

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