COMPLICATED – Episode 21

Their fate


Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 21

Their fate

Throwing on some jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of Nikes, Jayden was all set to go.

He picked up his car keys along with his phone while dabbing a little perfume behind his ears, and then dashed out of his room, down the stairs and outside to the garage where he found Atarah.
She was leaning against his car and had this intense look on her face as she stared fixedly towards the building.

�What is she looking at?� Out of curiosity, Jayden followed her gaze and saw she was looking at his stepmother who was staring right back at her. �So amazing!� He scoffed at this and lightly touched her waist, causing her to jump back like a startled rabbit.

�Goodness gracious, Jayden!� Atarah clutched her chest as she turned to him, her gaze starting at his black sneakers and running up to the indigo jeans that flattered his lean build, �You scared the hell out of me, why?� She gave him a fake frown of disapproval and Jayden laughed seeing her funny facial expression.

Leaning his head close, he whispered into her ear, �Let’s go, princess,�

Atarah nodded her head in response and looked towards the balcony once again. �Your mum?� She asked, referring to Mary.

Jayden pondered the question for a few minutes before answering. �Yes.� She was his mother figure anyway.

At first, Atarah looked surprised, and then her eyes lit up like two gems, �She is drop-dead gorgeous…..� She gushed

�And so familiar,� Her subconscious mind added and she cringed at this thought, it was so absurd, too confusing

�Are you alright?� Jayden asked noticing her uneasiness.

�Yes! Yes! Yes!� She snapped out of her trance and chuckled lightly. �Hello, ma,� She greeted Mary again, this time around with a big smile and Mary couldn�t ignore her because of her stepson.

She waved her hand to her, forcing out a smile and nodded at both of them as they climbed into the car.

�Who is she? Why does she look so familiar?� Her brow furrowed in a guarded curiosity and she watched the car till it rocket out through the gate before going into her room

�Trent?� She was surprised to see her husband stretched out on their bed, hands clasped behind his head as he stared at the ceiling. She�d thought he was in the study room. �When did he get in here?� She wondered in silence as she lay on the bed beside him and put her head on his chest.

Trent didn’t react the way she�d expected, he barely even glanced at her and this made her puzzled.

She glanced up at him sharply and her lips thinned down when she noticed the worried look on his face.

�Is everything okay with you, babe?� She asked concernedly and Trent let loose a long, deep sigh before speaking out, �There is a letter that proves my suspicions have been right all along.�

�Letter? Suspicions? What are you talking about?� Mary was beginning to get rather frantic and confused.

�Matilda was poisoned,� Trent gritted his teeth in anger as he said this, �and someone was kind enough to alert her through a letter.�

�Someone?� The shocking news made Mary�s heart skip a beat, and then she shrugged it off like it was no big deal. �It will be alright, babe,� She assured her husband warmly, kissing him lightly on the lips but Trent said nothing. His mind was troubled, terribly troubled.


Atarah could hear the loud music blaring out from miles away and was not at all surprised when Jayden pulled up in front of a white building pumping with deafening music and flashing disco lights, two hefty men in black suits were standing guard at the entrance.

�Wow!� She exclaimed breathlessly at the beautiful sight before her, �This is gonna be one hell of fun,� Stepping out of the car, she closed the door behind her and giggled excitedly to herself as this was her first time partying at a club, ever.

�Let�s go in,� Jayden simply said as he alighted. With his hands in his pocket, he led the way to the building.

�Welcome, Mr Hobsons,� The hefty men immediately moved out of the way for them and Jayden pulled Atarah closer as they walked into the noisy clubhouse.

The beat was vibrating off the walls and the crowd was out in full force and ready to party.
The drinks were flowing across the table just as fast as the bartender could make them, and the music was so loud that Atarah had to shout, �Where is your friend?�

Jayden had no answer to that. He allowed his eyes to wander around at all these people and almost puked when he saw the drunk sweaty bodies on the dance floor swaying to the beat. Yuck!

He wanted them to leave, but then he caught sight of someone with blonde hair and knew it was Toby.

�D**n the idiot!� He swore at him under his breath and Atarah looked at him curiously. �What is wrong?�

�Nothing.� He interlocked his fingers with hers and with that, they squeezed their way through the crowd and to the table where Toby and Hilary sat waiting for them and sipping wine. It was a secluded corner, a Vip spot with lesser noise.

�You�re late.� Toby queried, frowning at them and Jayden scoffed at his stupidity. �Didn�t I tell him I was gonna change first?�
Acting like the gentleman that he was, he held the chair for Atarah as she sat down and slid it forward before comfortably sitting down beside her.

�So wassup,� He looked at Hilary and then at Toby, �have you guys placed an order yet?�

�Yeah, sure.�Toby nodded towards the table and Jayden�s brow lifted as he stared at the expensive alcoholic wines lined up on the table. �This is interesting!� He commented sarcastically and Toby laughed with a rich, throaty chuckle.

�The goal is to get drunk bro, feel free to drink anything whatsoever. There is diva vodka, brandy, tequila, cappuccinos…..� He suddenly stopped talking and shifted his gaze to Atarah, smiling. �Which do you prefer, miss?�

Stunned, Atarah was speechless for a brief moment as she had not expected that question. �Erm…..� She cleared her throat nervously before she began to speak, � erm…I will prefer the…..� She stretched out her hand, attempting to reach for the brandy but Jayden�s voice stopped her.

�My baby doesn’t drink alcohol.� and she shot him a grateful look.

�Alright, lover boy,� Toby teased with a jest but Jayden completely ignored him and faced Atarah instead. �Do you like this place?� He asked in whispers, �Or should we go somewhere else, just me and you?�

Before Atarah could respond, her cell phone began to ring and this startled her a little bit. She fished it out of her bag to check out the caller and saw it was�

�My mum,� She panicked silently as she received the call. Jayden watched her silently and intently.

�This is almost 9:00 pm, Tarah,� Her mum�s voice boomed from the other end, �Where in the world are you?� and she sounded really angry.

�I am�erm� in�erm�� Atarah stuttered and scratched her hair, not knowing what to say or how to respond.

�I�m talking to you, Tarah.� Her mum cut in abruptly, �Why is that place so noisy? Hun, don�t tell me you are out there partying?�

�Erm� no mum, erm�.I mean yes�� Unable to think clearly, she looked at Jayden with pleading eyes and he heaved a deep sigh before taking the phone from her.

�Hello ma,� Her spoke into it and Atarah�s mum paused in surprise

�It is me, Jayden.�

�Dr Jayden?� Her voice was now surprisedly calm.� Please bring my daughter back home to me, please.� She begged him.

Jayden glanced down at his wristwatch and saw that it was night already.

�It is late ma,� He told her his thoughts, �but you need not worry about her as she is in safe hands, I�ll bring her home in the morning.� He promised and ended the phone call before she could say anything else.

�Why did you do that?� Atarah gave him a slightly pissed-off look and he shrugged apologetically, though he didn’t feel bad at all. �Don�t be mad at me, princess.� He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead, � I�ll take you home tomorrow, okay?� His calm, soothing voice sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach and she nodded, her face turning so hot that she could feel her cheeks throb.

She wanted to do this. For once, she was going to disobey her mother and follow her heart.


Time flies by when you go clubbing, they haven’t had fun for long, but the sky was already pitched black and the moon a misty shadow.

�We need to leave now, dude,� Jayden said to Toby. �It�s past midnight already.�

Toby shook his head, and an expression of wistful and pathetic longing sobered his laughing eyes. �No man,� He was a bit tipsy, almost drunk and his speech was slurred. �The fun is just getting started, isn�t that right Hilly? �He turned to his girlfriend and she nodded her head excitedly, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. �The fun is just about to begin.� She squealed loudly, right into her boyfriend�s ear and Jayden scoffed at the crazy couple.

�Suit yourself, guys.� He told them plainly and then leaned forward to whisper softly in Atarah�s ear. �Let’s go, princess.�

�Yeah, sure.� Atarah was more than pleased to hear this as she was already bored out of her mind. Like a robot, she sprang up to her feet and Jayden watched her intently for a moment, wondering if she was alright before rising to his feet.

�Good night, Toby.�

�Good night, Hilly.� They bade their friends as they walked out through the door and into the cold night.

�Wow! I never knew it was this late.� Atarah commented as she climbed into the passenger seat.

�And now you know.� Jayden mimicked her. He closed the door behind him and when he started the car, sped down the highway leading to his home.


By the time they arrived at the mansion, it was one, banged on the dot and Atarah couldn’t contain her excitement as they alighted from the car and walked into the biggest sitting room she�d ever seen in her life.

Everything here was rich and lavish, it speaks of wealth. From the golden chandeliers to the expensive-looking sofa and the beautiful stone paintings on the walls. The floors were made of coloured tiles arranged in jagged patterns, and the walls were made of glass.

Atarah found herself awed, and envious that she had never seen a place so luxurious………

�Tarah,� Jayden�s voice interrupted her crazy thoughts and she slowly moved her head in that direction, He was standing at the bottom of the stairs and was watching her with a blank puzzled expression.

�Come on, let’s go in.� He muttered softly and only then did she realise that she�d been gawping around his sitting room like a fool. �Oh my goodness.� A wave of embarrassment rushed through her and with her head bent slightly, she followed behind him up the stairs to the second floor, through a long glassy passage and into a beautiful room filled with men’s stuff and his scent. D**n!

�Am I gonna pass the night here, with you?� She asked timidly and Jayden almost laughed seeing her fragile innocent look.

He bolted the door behind them and asked. �Are you scared of me?� His penetrating gaze made her blush and she shook her head slightly in response.

�Don�t be, I don�t bite.� With that, he firmly pulled her body against his and brushed her lips with his. Staring into her eyes, he slightly slid his tongue across her bottom lips, teasing her. She drew a deep, staggered breath in response to the wave of heat she felt flushing through her.

Jayden smiled at her. Then, he softly kissed her. He lightly swept his tongue between her lips, pressing his warm, soft lips to hers. He slid his hands up her body and cradled her face with his hand. Then, he passionately kissed her, tickling her tongue with his. He sucked her lips gently and delicately. Then, with an intense urgency, he dipped his tongue past her lips, caressing her tongue with his.
Atarah felt fluttering inside her and this made her so confused. Her body craved him, but just as she was about to get deep into the feeling, Jayden pulled out of the kiss, leaving her breathless and wanting more.

�But why?� Her voice was barely a whisper and he smirked at her.

�Go get changed, princess,� He pointed to his closet and turned his back to her as he went into the bathroom.

Atarah was still in a daze, completely stupefied. Slowly, she walked over to his closet and when she opened it, almost screamed out in disbelief at the thousands of clothes neatly arranged in it.

�Is he running a boutique?� She began to search through the stack of clothes for pyjamas, a big T-shirt, or anything comfy at all when a neck chain hidden in a corner of the closet caught her attention. It was so familiar, it looked so familiar.

With her hand trembling, she pulled it out and her breath caught in her throat.



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