A Night With Him � Episode 64


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 64


“Allysia told everyone in the cafeteria that her brother is the reason you’re in this school,he’s your sponsor and that your sister coaxed him into paying your mother’s surgery bills,your sister took advantage of his weak spot for her! That’s manipulative and unfair!” Danielle groaned and Damien went numb and pale.

Yeah… Mr Harold is sponsoring him but….his sister hadn’t coaxed him into paying their mum’s surgery bills, Irene would never do such and did this thing just said his sister is manipulative.

“Did you just say my sister is manipulative?” Damien asked, tightening his fist as he got up and he wasn’t aware his eyes had turned beast-like.
All he felt was rage.
His head spin as he tried to control himself.
He’s yet to digest everything and he’s trying to but someone just said his sister is manipulative.

“No…” Danielle shifted back, she has never seen him look this way.
His eyes shone with rage and his muscles tightened like he’s trying to restrain himself from hitting her.
“I didn’t say that. Allysia did” She said and quickly headed for her seat.

Damien badly wanted to scream and destroy everything he could lay his hands on.
He needed to vent out his anger.
If only Allysia was a male,he would have punched her till she bleeds.
He wouldn’t mind been expelled.

“Breathe in and out” Marlene’s said quietly and hearing her small voice soothe his rage a little.
She was fuming herself but she knew Damien was more angry than she was and she could see how he was trying to restrain himself and his eyes … he has never looked this way.

“Breathe in and out” She repeated,that was the only thing she could say at the time, she was lost for words.
He had told her he could be pretty violent when it comes to Irene.
She glared at Allysia who wore a triumphant smile.
She’s probably thinking she would get away with this, Marlene’s patiently waiting for Damien to be calm,then she’ll make Allysia regret what she did.

Damien slowly sat down, he had breathed in and out like Marlene said and it helped him a bit.
He never thought Allysia could be this cruel.
At first,he had wanted to tell the whole school that she wasn’t even Harold’s relative, she’s not related to him in any way,her mother was only a classy maid in his house but he wouldn’t stoop so low to do that right?

He thought she was someone who needed people’s help to change but now it seems she can never be cured.
Hatred suits her like second skin.

Marlene took his palm in hers, hoping he would look at her and he did.
His eyes were almost back to normal but she could see some traces of hurt in it, it didn’t sparkle as it used to,it was dark and grim.
He was indeed hurt by what that beast had said.
He laughed and Marlene’s face lit up.
She saw the sparkle in his eyes as quickly as it disappeared.

He had laugh, thinking she looks like a mother comforting her son for not buying him ice cream.
Her eyes looked sorry like she was the one who offended him.
He’s so glad there’s at least someone who cares for him in this school.
Someone who didn’t turn his back on him even when every other person did .

“Thank you Marl” He smiled sadly.

“I can’t believe that he is, smiling and laughing like nothing happened” Allysia thought glancing at Damien and Marl.
She wanted to make him sad like he had made her.

“I won’t let her get away with this Damien,she needs someone to speak some senses into her skull” Marlene said to Damien and he didn’t bother stopping her.

Allysia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Marlene approaching her .
She can’t possibly be scared of this sh*t..can she?
Though she can’t deny Marlene has the biggest guts she has ever seen, she’s the only to ever stood up to her and even called her a b***h to her face.

“Hey!” Marlene banged Allysia’s desk, intentionally bringing attention to them .

“If fight wasn’t prohibited in this school,i would have scratched out your eyes,grabbed your hair and slam your head on the wall!” Marlene said and everyone gasped.
Allysia glared at her like she would do the same to her if fight wasn’t prohibited.
“I once told you this..i don’t give a damn about you, you’re nothing to me though you just proved what you are, you’re a beast Allysia” Marlene said and another round of gasps echoed in the class.

“Time spent trying to diminish someone else’s value,does nothing to increase yours” Marlene said and the word hit Allysia deeply.

“And why acting like a nipper? You look more matured than you act. Mocking Damien for not being up to your standard is not necessary,any sensible person would choose him over you,not in terms of wealth but brains. You claim to be so intelligent yet he crushes you in class with his intelligence,teachers prefer to hear him speak even after you’ve spoken. That should tell you this so called wealth isn’t everything! Everyone claims he’s not up to their standard, yet no one is able to surpass him in looks and intelligence, y’all should be ashamed of yourselves,” Marlene laughed and truly they felt ashamed.

“He’s not up to your standard,yet he answer questions none of you can even attempt..wow. if anyone should be mocked,it should be you all, Damien should be the one to mock everyone of you for being so dumb! He would get a lot of opportunities and there’s a wide range of chance that he’ll be wealthy ,but there’s no hope for dumb brains like y’all” Marlene said and they all looked pissed and insulted,yet no one was able to stand up to her.
They were surprised,they always thought her to be so calm and gentle, someone they could push around.
They always mock her than they mock Damien,she doesn’t say anything but here she is putting them all in their places.

Mrs Meg smiled, she has been listening all the while, standing by the door and she isn’t even planning to interrupt Marlene until she’s done.
Those students have some wakening up to do.

“Y’all call my father an infamous safecracker” Marlene laughed as she said it.
She was sitting on Allysia’s desk by then and Allysia knew she didn’t even dare to tell her to get off.
“I feel sorry for you all cause my father might just…he might just crack into your safes and cart away with every valuable thing you have,My father is not only an infamous safecracker but a wrestler, if anyone of you dare messes with Damien again,I’ll call him to kick your asses” Marlene yelled and Damien smiled.

Marlene turned to him and winked. and one can’t help but get jealous of their relationship.

“Well..I’m done passing my message across you all” Marlene rolled her eyes and turned to Allysia.
“You really went so low with what you did,that was so petty, i liked you at first, i thought we could probably be friends but your insensitive behavior proved otherwise” Marlene said and Damien was surprised .
He never thought Marlene wanted Allysia to be her friend.
Allysia was surprised also.

“What did you gain from exposing it to everyone? Nothing! you only made a fool of yourself, i think you allowed your looks and intelligence get into your head. Allysia,you have to become a better person before it’s too late. You’re happy to have people surround you, people are ready to worship you but watch them all turn away when you have nothing. You’re beautiful, intelligent and of course wealthy,who wouldn’t want to associate with you? Excluding me though after watching your behavior. I’m not always impressed with job title, social status,things you can buy,I’m always impressed by way someone treats others. I’m not easily triggered by wealth,maybe it’s because i have more than enough..i mean you all know my father is an infamous safecracker so we’re kinda wealthy” Marlene grinned.
“I want you to snap out of your oblivion Ally and get a good life” Marlene said and headed towards her seat.

Damien felt so proud of her that he hugged her before she sat down.
He was almost close to tears when she defended him.
She stood up for him and defended him when he couldn’t do anything.
“How was it?” Marlene asked Damien, looking gleeful.
“Perfect! You should be an actress” He said and they both laughed.
“Thanks for standing up for me” Damien took her hand in his.
“It’s the least i can do for you, you stood up for me the first day without even knowing me” Marlene said and Damien smiled.
“Turns out we both stood up for each other during our weak moments” Damien said and Marlene nodded.
“Is your father really a wrestler?” Damien asked and Marlene laughed out loud.

Allysia picked at her fingers, almost in tears.
Marlene’s word really got to her, she regretted doing what she did to Damien,she regretted being rude to Irene,she regretted every bad thing she did to the innocent lady.
How could she have been so unfair.
Shouldn’t she be glad her brother is helping people? When did she turn this?
When did she turned into a monster!

Marlene’s words repeated in her head and she finally let out her tears.
She looked over at Damien and really felt bad.
She so ashamed to even apologise to him.
She had went ahead to carry out her plans even after he apologized to her, twice.

She feels so remorseful that she wished she hadn’t done that in the first place.
–snap out of your oblivion Ally and get a good life– Marlene’s words rang in her ears.
She totally felt like a new person after Marlene spoke to her.
Her words opened another side of her that she didn’t knew existed.

Marlene glanced at her..
“Did i say too much to her” She asked Damien who shook his head.
“You said enough to snap her out of her oblivion, you helped her Marl.”
“Are you sure? But she’s in tears” Marlene said worriedly.
She likes Allysia right from the first time but her behavior had put her off.
“No,she’s being remorseful. ” Damien glanced at Allysia too.
“We should be hoping for a better Allysia from now” Marl said and Damien nodded.

“I..i there’s something i want to say” Allysia suddenly said loudly.
Everyone turned to her .
Hey eyes were red and Damien felt sorry for her.
She seems like a very soft hearted person but with a harsh facade.

“You all know Harold Marshall as my brother..” Allysia started.
“Harold Marshall is her brother?” Marlene was surprised and Damien nodded.
“And she acts like this, he was very humble when he came for dinner at the palace” Marlene said,not realising what she just said .
“Dinner? Palace?” Damien asked and Marl was lost for words for a moment.
“Yeah,i mean palace, my mum works there so i go with her most times” Marl lied.
“Ohh…your mum must be working as a cook,no wonder you bring delicious meals ” Damien said and Marlene nodded, smiling faintly .

She almost spilled her identity.

“Harold Marshall is not my brother, we’re not related in any way” Allysia said and there was a loud uproar in the class.
“He accommodated my mum and i when my mum helped him find his lost puppy, i was still very little then and i grew up to know him as my brother,he told me to still call him brother even after my mum told me we’re not blood related, he’s sponsoring my education just like he’s sponsoring Damien’s and so many other people’s”
They all stared at Allysia in shock.
Damien was surprised also, he never thought Allysia would reveal this to them herself.

The students look of shock later turned to disgust and they stared at her just like they had always stared at Damien and Marlene.
“How dare you deceive everyone for years that you’re Harold Marshall’s sister!” A girl said aloud and everyone nodded in approval.
“You must be such a fool to have being deceived, does their last names correlate? Shouldn’t you have figured it yourselves since all these years,i can’t believe you all are dumb to that extent” Marlene said, shutting the girl up.

“Anyway..i said what i said, I’m not related to Harold Marshall in any way, we were only accommodated” Allysia said and sat down.
“I’m done with this friendship! I was only with you cause i believed you were Harold Marshall’s sister. Liar!” Jane yelled and Allysia was shocked to the bone.
J..jane was her best friend.

She placed her head on the desk,she couldn’t cope with the dozens of eyes glaring at her like she’s thrash.
It looked like everyone suddenly turned their back on her.
She couldn’t cry anymore,she only wanted to scream in disbelief.
No this is not happening to her.

–You’re happy to have people surround you, people are ready to worship you but watch them turn away when you have nothing–
“No!” She sighed.
She hoped Jane hadn’t meant what she said.

“I feel so sorry for her cause most of her friends are going to desert her, i hope she’ll be able to cope with the pain” Marlene said.
“I hope so too” Damien glanced at Allysia worriedly.
Her head was still on her desk.
“That’s the reason i never wanted to have friends, it’s so rare to see one that’ll stick with you during a hard time. It’s better off being alone” Marlene said.

“Good day class” Mrs Meg walked in.


Irene was in the living room when Allysia walked in.
Her eyes were red and she looked so sad.
Irene wondered what must have gone wrong.
Allysia never returned home looking this way, her shoulders were slumped and not only does her eyes look sad,she looks scared too.

Irene was worried as she watched Allysia walked to the stairs, though she doesn’t like it when Allysia glare at her, she prefers it to this her present look.
Irene headed to the kitchen immediately Allysia was out of sight.

She met Nola slicing cabbage.

“Nola, i think there’s something wrong with Allysia” Irene said.
“She’s back?” Nola asked.
“Yeah” Irene said and Nola knew something was indeed wrong.
Allysia comes to greet her first immediately she’s back from school.
“Her eyes looked so red like she has been crying and she looked really sad, she didn’t even glare at me” Irene said.

Mrs Nola dropped the knife,rinsed her hands and headed for Allysia’s room with Irene behind her.


Damien and Mrs Neave ate steaming pizza rolls as they watched a movie.
He just finished completing his home work.
He couldn’t help but think about what happened in class today.
He wasn’t even concentrating on the movie and Mrs Neave noticed it.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Something happened in the class today” He said drily.
“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked and he shook his head.
“Everything will be fine” She rubbed his back.

They heard a knock on the door and wondered who it was.
“I’ll go get it” Damien said,he got up and headed to the door.
He pulled it open and saw a guy about his age at the door, with a basketball in hand .

“Hi, I’m Blaine” He smiled.
“I’m Damien”
“I’m your neighbor and i was just aware recently that there’s a guy my age. I’ve been so bored all along” Blaine said.
“Ohh” Damien smiled,even though he has never seen him before.
He only goes to school and come back in.
“I want to go play basketball, will you come with me?” Blaine asked and Damien’s face lit up.
“Of course, I’ll be back,i want to inform my mum”
“Okay” Blaine said and waited.


Allysia changed into a lambswool sweater and pale green linen shorts after she finished freshening up.
She sat on her bed and stared blankly at the door.
Her mum had come but she had refused to open the door.

Her heart was not only broken but shattered.
Everyone avoided her till school was over and Jane and Paris hadn’t even waited for her after school.
Chandler had told her he wasn’t interested in her anymore and that she should go to hell.
Almost everyone had shut her out of their lives and it seems they were friends with her because they thought she was Harold’s sister .

That was how Damien must have felt when people didn’t want to associate with him, she was even part of those people that mocked him.
She was part of those that didn’t want to associate with him because he’s poor.
Serves her right to feel the same pain he had felt.

‘George’ She thought and picked up her phone.
She placed a call across George,her boyfriend in Paris.

?Ally…how are you?” He asked and Allysia knew he has been drinking.
?Let’s break up” She said curtly.
?Wh..why? Did i offend you,I’m so sorry if i did Ally. I’m sorry, I love you so much”
?You did nothing George but..i..I’m not Harold Marshall’s sister as you thought, we’re not related in any way. He only accommodated my mum and i.
?Wh..what! Are you joking?”
?I’m serious G.

?Ohh..i guess we should really break up then. Have a nice life’ George disconnected the call.

‘Is that really how people are?’ She thought and laughed at the sad reality of life.

How come everything changed in just less than a day.
She had been so happy to get to school this morning and tarnish Damien’s image not knowing hers will be tarnished along.
And he hadn’t even told the world Harold Marshall is not her brother even after she embarrassed him deeply.

Marlene was right and Allysia is so grateful she snapped her out of her oblivion.
She made her realise she has no friends after all.
None at all.

How can she cope without Jane and Paris?
Not when Harold told her she’ll be staying permanently in San Francisco.

This is a dream right?
“Can someone wake me up already!” She screamed in tears.


Allysia staggered into the dining room for dinner.
She was weak, she had cried so much that she couldn’t even cry anymore.
She was too weak to cry.
She felt helpless.

Her hair looked disheveled and some of it stuck to her face,her eyes were red and swollen and her whole face was pale,like she would pass out anytime soon .
She looked like she was hit by a truck.
She felt miserable…she had never knew what betrayal felt like.

“Oh..my.. God!” They all rushed to her as they saw her.
She fell into Harold’s arms immediately, her legs were shaking already.
“Call Doc Fern! ” Harold almost yelled at Alex.

“I..i wa..nt water” She said and Mrs Nola was in tears as she quickly poured her water.

“What in the world went wrong!” Mrs Marshall panicked as they made Allysia drink the water.
“Everyone left me” Allysia said, after drinking water, she felt a bit better.
Her eyes ached terribly as another round of tears threatened to stream down her face.
“We’re here for you Allysia” Irene said, trying to fight back her own tears.
Ivory was crying uncontrollably already, Allysia has never looked so horrible.

She looked pale and thin all of a sudden.
“Everyone left me” She repeated as Harold carried her to her room.

He really hoped whatever is wrong with her right now won’t affect her mental health.

“Everyone left me”




  1. Now you feel what it's like to downgrade someone. I hope you come out of this to become a better and changed person.
    I'm happy Marlene stood up for Damien, though she nearly gave out her identity
    Thanks Zeemah
    Next please

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