Unbreak My Heart – Episode 78

{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Finally!! I can rest after a full day of work!” Ricardo exclaimed.

“Mom, can you cook for us?” Myles asked.

“Sure!” Valentina rolled up her sleeves and walked in the kitchen.

“Tomorrow I’m gonna be the flower girl! Yay!!” Minnie exclaimed.

Ricardo chuckled and went upstairs. He entered their room and began undressing while heading to the bathroom. Once he was done, he took a cold and refreshing bath before settling in a shirt with short.

He got downstairs and walked in the dining room where Minnie and Myles were impatiently waiting for dinner to be served.

Ricardo quietly took his seat and began pressing his phone. Not too long after, he perceive a sweet aroma.

He looked up to see Valentina walking in the dining room with food. The maids helped her dress the table up..

She took her seat and they quietly began eating their dinner with Valentina and Ricardo taking turns to feed each other.

“Goodnight mom…dad” Myles said and went for his room.

Minnie waved sleepily and went to her room too. The maids came to clean up while Ricardo and Valentina went to their room.

Once they got in, Valentina went to have her bath while Ricardo laid down on the bed, pressing his phone.

Few minutes later, Valentina walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied round her body while she dried her hair with the other.

She kept the towel aside and walked to the bed. Suddenly she jumped on Ricardo, sitting straddled on his thigh.

“What?” Ricardo asked, slowly keeping his phone aside.

“I kinda feel nervous about tomorrow… Don’t you?” Valentina pouted.

“Well I kinda feel the same too but I know everything will be okay.. Especially when I think of how nervous Logan was on the eve of his marriage” Ricardo said.

Valentina couldn’t help but laugh especially the part where Ricardo told her that Logan almost forgot his wedding suit.

“See? Now you’re smiling” Ricardo pinched her cheek.

“But I still feel a tiny bit nervous” Valentina bit her lips with a smile.

“Can you help me?”

“How?” Ricardo wondered.

Valentina brought her hands to her towel and undid it, tossing it aside. She slowly ran her hand from his chest to his groin, she rubbed it gently.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean” Valentina smirked.

Ricardo smirked, seeing this naughty side of hers turns him on..

“Are you sure you’ll handle what you’re about to start? I don’t want you to be the first woman who won’t be able to walk well on her wedding day.” Ricardo said.

“I’m ready baby…” Valentina muttered and bit his earlobe.

She slowly removed Ricardo’s shirt, tossing it aside. Ricardo pulled her closer by the hair and slammed his lips hard against hers, kissing her roughly.

His other hand went down to her nether region. He rubbed it and inserted two fingers, feeling how wet she was for him..

Valentina moaned in his mouth pulling closer, making her b**bs crash against his bare chest.

Ricardo broke the kiss and kissed her chest before taking in one of her b**bs, sucking on it while his finger worked on her downer part.

“F**k yes…” Valentina pulled Ricardo closer to her by the hair.

Ricardo bit on her n*pples before releasing them. He brought out his fingers and switched their position, laying her down.

Without a wastage of time, he slipped off his short and quickly shoved his rode into Valentina, earning a gasp from her.

“Don’t pass out too soon.” Ricardo pecked her lips and lifted on her her legs, placing it on his shoulder.

He slowly began moving in and out of her and when he saw the impatient look on her face, he increased the pace.

As the minutes ticked by, his pace increased. Right now, he was pumping dangerously in and out of Valentina.

“F*vk!! Ahhh…yes!! Ouch!!” Valentina moaned loudly as he hit the right spot at each of his thrust.

Valentina grabbed the sheets really tight as she whimpered loudly…

“Have you seen it?” Iris asked nervously biting her nails.

“Calm down! You’re even more nervous than me who’s supposed to be nervous” Gavin chuckled.

He waited for his turn before looking at the notice. He searched for his name and a smile spread on his lips.

“As expected, i passed. Valedictorian” Gavin smiled.

“You’re the first!?.” Iris said and screamed loudly then jumped on Gavin.

“Congratulations Gavin!!” She said.

“Thanks baby. All thanks to my baby who kept forcing me to read” Gavin pinched her cheek.

“Wow!, I’m the salutorian… Not bad!” Luca smiled once he finished checking his results.

“That’s my baby” Riley pecked him.

“I see Maxwell, Karl, Josh passed too.” Gavin said, checking their results.

“That means you all are graduating! Yay!!” Riley exclaimed.

“Where’s Charlotte, Max and Kim?” Iris asked.

“Kim and Max must be somewhere acting all lovey dovey while Charlotte… Well she told she’s doing something with her dad…we’ll only see her at the wedding ceremony.” Riley said.

“Speaking of wedding, don’t you have to be helping your sister out?” Gavin asked.

“Oh! I forgot! Have to go…we’ll meet at the ceremony. I’m also the bridesmaid again. Yay!” Iris exclaimed and rushed away.

Gavin smiled staring at her go..

“I’m so impatient…how much time do we have left?” Valentina asked as the makeup artist did her makeup.

“About one hour” Peggy replied, checking her gown out.

“It’s so long…” Valentina whined.

“Your gown is so beautiful” Kristina exclaimed, checking it out. She already got dressed in her gown since she’ll get to be the bridesmaid.

“Thanks sis” Valentina said.

“I’m here! What did I miss!!” Iris exclaimed, rushing in the room.

“Finally you’re here. Where were you?” Peggy asked.

“Probably with her Romeo” Valentina replied.

“Well we went to check his results and he passed. My baby is the valedictorian” Iris smiled.

“Awn…that’s cute” Valentina smiled and turned to them once her makeover was over.

“Here’s your gown. Go freshen up and get dressed” Kristina said, handing her her gown..

“Thanks Kris” Iris winked and left with her gown.

Valentina smiled and looked at her engagement ring which was on the vanity table.

“Today is our day love” Valentina thought.

“Just look at how dashing you are Myles.” Logan said, checking Myles out.

Myles was wearing a black suit with a red bow tie. His hair was gelled up making him look cute and handsome.

“I don’t like suits…I prefer my jeans and jacket. But I’m wearing this for you dad” Myles said.

“Thanks champ!” Ricardo replied, coming out of the dressing room.

He was wearing his white suit, remaining his hair for him to look on point.

“Where’s my sister?” Myles asked.

“Jace took him to your mother. She insisted on going to see Valentina” Ricardo replied, settling down on the seat.

The makeup artist began their job, styling his hair and others.

“Oh okay…” Myles replied.

“Remaining 40 minutes. Need to hurry” Logan said, checking out the time.

“And done!!” Kristina said.

“Wow! I look pretty!!” Minnie smiled twirling around.

“Just like me” Valentina said, walking to her.

Minnie’s mouth suddenly dropped to floor. Valentina look completely different and more mesmerizing.

Her gown was super sparkly and so beautiful. Very long such that it was sweeping the floor, with a long sleeve but as one move to the shoulders, the sleeve was cut off.

A beautiful diamond necklace rested on her chest and she was also wearing assorted earrings. Her hair was packed neatly into a bun which was styled at the left corner where a diamond hairpin was displayed there.

Despite the transparent veil that covered her face, one could clearly see that the makeup artist clearly did their job well. Short, she looked like a fallen Cinderella.

“You look so…so…so…gosh!!” Minnie gushed

Valentina chuckled and patted her hair.

“Thanks my sweet baby.”

“It’s time” Kristina said, wearing her earrings. She took was looking so s*xy

“Let’s go”

The hall was filled to the brink with guests talking amongst themselves while others just couldn’t wait anymore.

Variety of people where there, friends, family, important figures, the press, the reporters, worker…everyone!

Ricardo was seen standing at the front of the alter, looking as handsome as ever. Many people were all over the world were watching them live!

At long last, the most awaited moment finally came to past. The door swung open, revealing the most beautiful woman in the area, a fallen angel.

Valentina looked up and time seems to have stopped for Ricardo and her.

Mr Thornton came to the side and she hugged his arm.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Ready” Valentina smiled.

The music began playing the music and both of them slowly walked through the aisle, with Minnie infront of them sprinkling flowers while the others gallantly followed behind.

Evan slowly released Valentina and gave her hand to Ricardo.

“Be happy.” He smiled and left.

The couple smiled at each other before turning to the priest. Their hearts palpitating…

“If we are here it is to….”

(Fast forward: never attended a wedding ceremony so don’t usually know how it is)

“And now, I here by pronounce you husband and wife… You may now kiss the bride.”

Valentina turned to Ricardo likewise Ricardo. He lifted his hand to her veil and lifted it before cupping her cheek..

“You look more beautiful my wife” He said and with that, he leaned forward…claiming her lips in for the sweetest kiss ever.

Valentina kissed him back as the flowers were poured on them from above. The guest and everyone present kept clapping hard for them…

Ricardo kissed her tenderly, pouring out all the feelings he had for her. Finally, this day has come to pass.

He brought the kiss and rested his forehead on Valentina’s own.

“I love you Mrs Thornton” He said

“I love you too Mr Thornton” Valentina smiled beautifully.


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  1. Congratulations to u guys…
    I ve got dis bad feelings abt Evelyn, what cud her next move be,whatever it may be,i know it wudnt be something gud!!!

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