Trouble in Heels – Episode 61

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“Need a hand?” An unfamiliar voice spoke by the door.

She turned around to stared at the unfamiliar lady who was grinning from ear to ear.

She could tell this person doesn’t have good intentions towards her..

“Who are you?” Anna managed to ask as she tried to keep her eyes open..

“Oh you don’t have to know who I’m but promise to take good care of you.” The said while staring at her fingers nonchalantly..

Anna held to the sink to support herself..

Her legs had become jelly and she could barely keep her eyes open..

The lady in front of her snapped his fingers and two hefty men walked inside the bathroom..

She was already having bad feelings about the whole thing..

“Make sure there are no loose ends. She’s all yours tonight, enjoy as much as you want.” The strange lady informed them and her heart skipped a beat..

What was happening to her?

“Stay away from me!” Anna tried to put up a brave front but she couldn’t barely make a sound and couldn’t stand straight as. The drug was slowly taking effect..

The men were slowly coming closer to her and couldn’t do anything to defend herself because her limbs had become weak..

Who would dare drug her in such a place? Ain’t they afraid of being caught?

“Don’t come any closer!!” She waved her clutch Infront of them but she looked like a joke to them and this aroused them even more..

They held her hands and dragged her away while the unfamiliar lady watched in amusement..

“There’s no point resisting, okay? This guys have also taken something to keep them active so they won’t listen to your pleas.” The lady was having so much fun seeing her in so much pain.


Anna face had become pale as white as sheet and her hands began to tremble..

“Let me go please!”she half yelled but it came out as a whisper and they didn’t listen to her as they dragged her towards the backdoor and led to a private elevator.

She saw it as her chance to escape and she knew she needed to get away from them before the unthinkable happens..

She was beginning to wonder if Lucas already knew she was missing..

Once they got the elevator, she used up her all her strength and kicked the one holding onto her on the groin and ran into the elevator before the door could close..

She kept pressing all the elevator and Didn’t care where she was going.

All she wanted was to get away from them..

The thought of letting other men touch her body made her skin crawl..

Just when she thought she finally got away from them another tragedy struck.

She almost lost her balance when the elevator shook violently and dropped with a loud bang..

The lights went out immediately..

It seems she’d caused the elevator to malfunction after pressing all the buttons simultaneously…


Meanwhile Lucas who was being surrounded by so many businessmen who wanted to broaden their network was starting to get uncomfortable..

He looked around for his wife and couldn’t find her..

He couldn’t help the uneasiness building inside of him..

“Excuse me, I need to look for my wife.” He said walked away from the crowd without waiting for them to say whatever they wanted to say…

He went to the spot he saw her earlier but there was no sign of her..

He rushed towards the bathroom and began checking all the restroom and was becoming uneasy at each passing second…

He was about to leave the bathroom when he caught sight of something..

He squats Infront of the clutch on the floor..

Of course it recognized the clutch because if belongs to his wife..

“F*ck!” He cursed and stood up immediately and rushed outta the bathroom while dialing Sebastian’s cell phone number.

“Check all the CCTV cameras of the building right now! ”



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