The $eductress

The $eductress – Episode 44


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WRITTEN BY: Pamela James

©Youngicee stories


Chapter 44

Anastasia p.o.v

“Stay here.” I said to him as I turned away abruptly, leaving.

I rushed to the back to get my clothes and change.

There was barely anyone here, so I was going to leave quietly.

It’s not like I was making any money, and I wasn’t going to make much more even if I stay for four, five hours more.

There is no harm in leaving.

I put everything in my bag and left a note for Carlos.

He might have an aneurysm when he sees it, but he knows he can get his money from me, I’m not the type to miss my bills.

I put my bag over my shoulder and walked out and tried not to be noticeable. Arnaldo was still waiting for me, and was surprised that I had clothes on.

“We are going out to eat.” I said, before he could say he had an idea which I know will be outrageous, I cut in.

“I know a place.”

It must be nice to live the rich life, but Arnaldo has to do things that doesn’t involve putting thousands of pounds down for something that can be five pounds.

Plus, I know what his life is like, he should know what mine is like.

I am not rich.

I don’t go to fancy places like he does.

I’m sure he wouldn’t be caught in some of the places I go to.

And that’s fine, we are different.

But I have seen his side, and he should see mine.

That would be a great indicator of, if he really wants me to stay the night or not.

“You are going to have to take off your jacket.” I said as we got outside.

The whole suit thing might get us mugged.

“You aee joking.”

I pulled him with me to his car. We weren’t getting in.

I just needed to take some things from him. I got him to take off his jacket, but he still looked formal.

So I unbuttoned his collared shirt a bit, and moved my hands in his hair to mess it up a bit.

He was letting me do it, but I could tell he didn’t like it.

“Is this necessary?” he asked, and he almost attempted to fix himself again, but I grabbed his hands to stop him.

“By how uncomfortable you are, I realise you grew up with a stick up your a$s.” I said as I went in his trouser pockets to see if he had any money in them. He scoffed at the comment, but I know I’m right.

As much as I wanted to keep the money, that wasn’t the point. I found his wallet, and took the cards out of it. I put the wallet back in his jacket pocket that I took and tossed it in his car. He wasn’t going to need any of this.

“I know you didn’t grow up in New York Arnaldo. And I know you sure as hell had everything given to you, too. Let’s not show that on the street.”

“Where are we going?”

“Scared?” I smiled up at him.

“Not necessarily.” he made a face as he looked away.

I know he isn’t scared, but I can tell he doesn’t do this often.

I’m sure he has never taken the subway before, and it’s probably because he never had to.

He has never taken the bus, and probably has never walked on the sidewalk where a bunch of as$holes like to yell at people who walk slow.

That’s literally what it is.

I thought it was cute that he didn’t know about this.

Will this be a pleasant experience for him?


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